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The Origin Of Civilization

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  • The Origin Of Civilization

    The ancients are coming to take your hand, And lead you to a history before Sumeria's land.

    At least a 100,000 years of civilization, Flourished on the Mu Continent, The "Mother of all Nations,"

    Atlantis, Nagas, Uighurs, Mayans, and Hopis, Were some of Mu's children, who now hold the keys,

    The Naacal tablets hold for deciphering eyes, "The Empire of the Sun" before her demise.

    CHORUS: 12,000 years ago, She sank into a sea of fire below, 12,000 years ago,
    She melted into legend... The song of the ancients, Is calling you to remember.

    80,000 years ago she started to colonize, Until the whole world saw, The glory of the sunrise.

    Science and Technology came to full bloom, Airplanes and Helicopters started to loom.

    Atlantis got the idea to take over the world, The Ramayana records, Show a nuclear world war.

    God told Noah to build an arc up high, To stand the mighty waters, So His children would survive.


    The nations born from Mu's ashes, Were forewarned, To live for others, God's kingdom would be born.

    Now we are faced with proof of this land, Underwater pyramids the time is at hand.

    The bankers think they got it made, But Creator has a plan, A great storm will cleanse the earth, The dawn of a holy land.



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    Who were the NAACALS?

    The "Rosetta Stone" unlocking true ancient history comes from India. At the end of the nineteenth century, Churchward and an extremely learned temple priest found and deciphered these tablets. These tablets reveal to us the existence of a super-ancient, super-advanced civilization that is the origin of those found in India, Babylonia, Persia, and Yucatan. Missionaries of the original civilization, called Naacals wrote these tablets. Who were these Naacals? In the Hindu epic, the Ramayana, it states: The Maya adepts, the Naacals or Holy Brothers, started from the land of their birth in the East as missionaries of the religion and learning of the Motherland. They first went to Burma where they taught the Nagas. From Burma they established themselves in the Deccan, India, from whence they carried their religion and learning to the colonies of Babylonia and Egypt.

    These Naacals came from East of Burma, where today only the Pacific Ocean lies. However, during their time this was not only ocean. It was a vast continent called Mu, whose civilization enlightened the world through the advanced teachings of these missionaries, the Naacals.

    "These tablets were written either in Burma or in Mu, the lost continent, and their extreme age is attested by the fact that legendary history states that the Naacals left Burma more than fifteen thousand years ago". Specialization, writing, and higher learning are all the attributes of culture and civilization. Yet here we find evidence of these criteria that are AT LEAST fifteen thousand years old, completely exiting the domain of historical myths.

    The dawn of human existence was on the continent of Mu. According to the Naacal tablets, man was created in full and perfect form from the beginning. They chose the symbol of the Keh leaping deer for man, the one who symbolically leaped into existence. To the Naacals, humans were a special creation. To symbolize the place where man leaped, a few symbols were employed. First, is the rectangle: "This is the geometrical symbol that was assigned by the ancients to Mu. It is also the hieratic letter M and reads: Moo, Ma, mother, land field, country, and mouth". Second is the lotus flower: "Tradition says that the lotus flower was the first flower to appear upon the earth, and for that reason it was adopted as the symbolical flower of the motherland". The third symbol for the continent of Mu is the numeral three: "This was because the continent consisted of three separate areas of land divided from each other by narrow channels or seas". Inscribed in immortal stone, a Naacal vignette shows the Keh deer leaping onto a water-bound rectangle which has three pieces of flora on it, including a lotus. The Naacals are saying that man's leap into being was on the land of Mu. Endowed by the creator with the power to rule the earth, the growth of civilization soon commenced upon this pacific continent.

    Mu developed a highly advanced civilization that eventually enfolded the whole world in its bounty. The Troano Manuscript is a Mayan text that speaks of Mu using the same symbols the Naacals used. According to this manuscript, 64,000,000 people lived on this continent, and were divided into ten distinct peoples but were all ruled by one government. "In Plato's 'Timeus Critias' we find this reference to the lost continent: 'The land of Mu had ten peoples.' Proclus wrote: 'The Lands of the West had ten peoples". In the Ramayana it states:

    "The ancient people of Mu were great navigators and sailors who took their ships all over the world, from the eastern to the western oceans and from the northern to the southern seas…They were also learned architects, building great temples and palaces of stone".

    The Naacals



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      Hails Sandy
      Always with an eye for odd stuff. Aside from being busy i am back for a time.

      This stuff is pretty insane sounding to be honest. Not that that discredits it at all. You ever read Genesis Revisited by Stichin? Not quite the same thing but all together that insane. One would wonder to their self where they managed to find this Naascal tablet. And better yet how do you translate something which should be on that level of intelligence and founding? Just curious.

      For it is He before Whom the Sky Shakes- Set



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        ok upon further review and reading that entire website and looking at his references; that is scary. What an awesome field to be in though underwater archeology. if you find anything more on this let me know.

        For it is He before Whom the Sky Shakes- Set



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          Hi Bratu
          Yes I agree, it would indeed be awesome to be in the field of underwater archeology.

          Known through tradition and handed down from the earliest inhabitants of the Hawaiian Archipelago is the knowledge of a lost continent. The vast body of which was once above the surface of the South Pacific is referred to as the lost continent of Mu or Lemuria by European scholars.

          The ancient Hawaiians knew it as KA LUA.

          It submerged following a cataclysmic upheaval thousands of years ago. All that remains of MU is the northernmost cluster of mountain heights known to the modern world as Hawaii.