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Things that are Perfect and things that were Perfect

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  • Things that are Perfect and things that were Perfect

    God first

    Things that are Perfect and things that were Perfect

    wrote 10-05-2006

    Here I sat Roy William Perry III known as year2027 on the world wide internet sat as I began to share with you that which I have perceive to be true.

    Acts 10:34 “Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:” Now in this verse we see that others over the years have perceive things and were willing to share them as I am.

    The creation of the heaven and earth created perfectly by God in the beginning but with reason and purpose until God gave the heavens and earth reason and purpose. (Genesis 1:-1-31)

    So this heaven and earth were created perfect with a perfect reason and perfect purpose but they did not stay this way because man and all life kind took it on their selves to go out and changed things other than the way God had set it up.

    A Great Whale called the devil play god because when man was made he no longer was the greatest that had a soul life that is in the blood. (Leviticus 17:11) But man had a soul life alone with a spiritual life.

    The Great Whale got Eve the first woman to play she was just a animal and she began to think like a animal and Adam the first man follower her direction and play animal too.

    Once Adam and Eve have tasted the fruit of being a animal like thinking it began a battle within themself the left side pulling for the flesh to rule and the right side pulling for spirit to rule but once this battle begin sickness of the flesh begin .

    Because Adam walk out of the light of truth into the darkness of what he was not created to be he became that darkness were he was once greater than the Great Whales the Angels he became less than.

    And because light from above cast out darkness from shining upon the earth but not into the caves of the earth the light of God could only over shower Adam and his children and not inner into the heart of them.

    But Jesus the Christ came to begin the re-creation of all things from that which was once perfect to that which is being made perfect again when his work is done after the last enemy has been destroy death. (1 Corinthians 15:26)

    Death begin with Adam killing his rulership over animal life by playing a animal and the devil playing god which cause one third of all animals to lose their purpose and reason in the heaven which the earth is in.

    Weeds begin because sickness was brought into the world and plants there were a great value began of no value so the sick attacks the plants that keep their value. So man and animals had to have food had to help the plants in their war.

    Even some animals lost their value and began to attack the animals of value and a war began over time until man had to step in and help in this war too.

    After many years of sin in the heaven and earth and its many members fighting one another trying to gain that which was not their’s Christ came to begin to put things in order again.

    Like the flood it was part of that war the good dust and the good water trying to wash away the bad and give time for a re-creation that was promise.

    Now after showing that everything of the heaven and earth was created perfect and that sin made all things a mess, then comes Christ to begin the re-creation of all things so one day all things will be perfect again.

    So I will name the perfect things we have now God, Jesus the Christ, the Christ in us our beginning of new birth, the coming finish re-creation of the heaven and earth with perfect reason and perfect purpose.

    The things that were perfect are now being re-created. But I know some will say what about the devil and all the evil people they are burn in the lake of fire and the ashes will become perfect dust to walk on.

    Let me add when words from above are received they are received perfect but when they are put into words and put on paper and translated from one language to another they can lose part of their true meaning.

    Thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.