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The body is the SERVANT of the mind.

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  • LucySmith
    a change of mind beliefs, a change of body conditions

    I guess the worst thing is to think we KNOW, when we are ignorant.
    It is all AN ILLUSION.

    however... BY His Grace He will............................let us KNOW, so we are no longer DELUDED.

    here is the 1st step.. .
    To overcome death believers must alter their attitude from one of submission to one of resistance towards it.Unless we cast off our passive approach we will not be able to overthrow death but will be mocked by it instead and finally come to an untimely end.

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  • LucySmith
    our body has to be BLAMELESS at His appearing

    The whole bible contains a spiritual message JUST FOR OUR SPIRITUAL MAN.
    The NT tells us to WALK IN THE SPIRIT. { roms 8 v 1] it is only in this walking we find, there is NOW, NO CONDEMNATION... so it is in our best interests to find out HOW TO WALK in this Spirit called....Life.

    The whole bible is speaking about 2 becoming as ONE...
    it is a divine romance of the Spritual man within each of us, WOOING his bride, our deceived eve, back to her rightfull postion as his helpmeet = that's the plot.

    The bible tells us stories/parables of this happening in people in the natural but also a hidden truth runs thru each character, that only the Holy Spirit shall reveal to us. WE ARE NOT... to have the story of these ancients in our heart BUT THE DIVINE PRINCIPLE of the Truth showing out from their lives.
    look now at
    Samson and Deliah....
    dont read, from it's 'just a story' point of view
    from the view of 'DIVINE principles at work within us all'.

    Do u see how Samson was nagged by Deliah.. eventually she won over him and he gave in to her powers....he was falling asleep.
    THE SPIRITUAL MAN, has to WAX '''''STRONG''''', in the Spirit, not give into that harlot inside that is called, deception.

    Have you got a nagging harlot-wife living inside you? telling you how to think?

    WELL if so, darlings, ITS TIME.. she got saved.
    Our personal Deliah will do anything to stop our Spiritual man CHRIST, from maturing and she will go to any lengths to deceive.....
    as an example... now.
    let us look at a mass deception from the spirit of Jambres and Jannes Ministry..
    People are fooled and find this religious person perfectly acceptable and fully believe he is walking in the Spirit.

    site deleted mistake.....
    i have deleted this site, i had submitted, as i have just re-looked at their adds
    these are too nasty
    HOWEVER was a video of a well known usa church man A famous evangelist, slaying everyone-IN THE spirit with A Jesus Jacket,[his own jacket] and the crowds lapping it up.
    i did not like the thought of young ones seeing the nasty sorry...but i just had to do it .
    IS THIS person walking the the spirit... yes... it is THE SPIRIT OF WITCHCRAFT.
    his ''deliah''' is showing., and she is very attractive to many.

    look at these grown church men, falling for lies and loving it
    thinking they are so special in their falling down '''spiritual''' experiences..
    they fall backwards [at first,] yet in the bible people fell forewards when met with divine power
    only the ones who died fall backwards.. .

    lady readers Plx consider this question..........

    would u like one of these religious church men as your husband in the natural?
    would you OBEY and submit to these church deceived men?

    oh... the corruption...[puke]

    would the great Apostle Paul, consider this ministry true?

    there are millions and millions of deceived people who love their Deliahs and will not depart from her soulish fleshy religious ways.
    now ask
    HOW CAN THESE PEOPLE BE...............BLAMELESS in their body at His appearing?


    the Spirit of LIFE needs to train us up to be BOLD AND FILLED WITH GREAT COURAGE so that we can tell our horrible, inner, Deliah's... ''BACK OFF babe, and back off fast''.

    can u be this bold?...
    PRAISE ABBA if u are. amen
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  • LucySmith
    performance of duty

    if we look at this word ''performance'' and divide it up a little we can find buried within this word....

    a faultless LOVE OF DUTY.

    then again we can see.
    perform - the act of
    perform a faultless love of duty.
    the act of loving duty.

    ummm.... a nurseryman who works for me can create a garden out from a concrete backyard and make it like a tropical garden in one week.
    It is a wonderfull sight.

    He actually ''lives'' for this one week , once a year, as his work of creating goes on display for thousands and thousands of people to see.
    he is faultless at this work, as he puts so much of his energy into his garden-creation and it shows., and what's more as each year passes he gets better at it.

    Our Messiah, places in us His LOVE of duty i am sure of our mind is slowly re-programmed back into His belief system.
    When we get to this point, this LOVE OF DUTY, radiates out like a covering to others. I guess, i should say that TRUTH is having an affect upon others.

    IF i daily, overcome all things in Christ i am performing ''a faultless love of duty to Him''.

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  • LucySmith
    learning to think for a purpose

    LEARNING to think WITH a purpose.

    2 ways THAT sum up an indomitable spirit, that new spirit within a saint is ''DIFFERENT'' and never gives up.

    God says we can do it.
    We can.
    Let's go!

    i was reading an article today that said this of a person

    ''he put forth a faultless performance of duty, no matter how insignificant his task may have appeared''.

    do you think Joshua and Caleb put out ...a faultless performance of duty?
    do you think Messiah did this?
    and what of Apostle Paul?

    if we had our eye refocused ONLY upon the Kingdom of heaven, [that is within] do you think we would give this ''faultless performance of duty TO IT''?

    DO U THINK we need to be more ONE eyed and even more determinded to succeed to the fullness of Christ? Romans 2 v 7.
    I do~~~~~~~
    now here is another interesting point.

    Joshua and Caleb had a ''different Spirit'' from the rest of their nation.
    they KNEW how to cross over.

    the NT warns of a ''DIFFERENT Gospel''....that means there are counterfeit Gospels and we are to PROVE what Gospel is the correct one.......2 tim.1 v.10

    if your'e not understanding 2 tim 1 v 10... your'e hearing another gospel and believing it.

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  • LucySmith
    hello Euty

    thanx for your info, i did not know that
    There comes a time to enter into TRANSFORMATION,
    I know our walk was always leading us to that stage as the divine foundations where being laid In us. However the time arrives where CHRIST activates OUR MIND... so we can BELIEVE AND THINK AS HIMSELF.
    [Math 18 v 12 says ''what think ye''?
    I have been longing to say ''THE SAME AS YOU, MESSIAH'' ]

    My time as come for this....
    i wished it had been sooner [much sooner] rather than later. I am ashamed that it took so long to realise that THE MIND OF CHRIST makes me come alive unto Him. I knew of it, but, till recently i did not daily practice this new way of thinking..... .phil 4 v 8.
    Coming into this place, takes us into our final change as our old heaven and our old earth [In us] passes away and a NEW HEAVEN AND A NEW EARTH [In us] come to pass .

    Ephesians 6:12 as follows: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”
    it is rather interesting to see ''wrestle''.... we do this IN our mind.
    Didn't Jacob do this 'wrestle'' TOO
    got a name change into ISRAEL - PRINCE OF GOD.

    once we get our mind settled and understand WRESTLING, everything else falls into place amen AND WHEN MESSIAH SAID '' I SAW SATAN fall like lightening'' THIS word TAKES ON A WHOLE NEW MEANING He does fall when we have our mind stayed upon Messiah.

    morning has broken.
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  • eutychus
    hello lucy.

    in the movie "down the rabbit hole"

    it talks of how the mind can rewire its self after a period of changed thinking patterns,

    hence renewing our minds daily and bringing all thoughts captive to the mind of Christ.


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  • LucySmith
    started a topic The body is the SERVANT of the mind.

    The body is the SERVANT of the mind.

    i once read where everything visible and made is produced for the comfort for our body.
    Nothing is made, that does not affect our body somehow and in someway.
    if u think i am joking tell your body it is IN for a fast.



    i have been learning such a lot of info on our THOUGHT LIFE.... i never knew before.

    I now find it so amazing we are basically SO IGNORANT and so INSANE to keep on tarrying with this poor adamic dimension we are birthed into.

    1] as we allow thoughts of evil to become like a dirty library within us.... we decay.
    2] disease,
    health are ROOTED in our thought life.
    3] thoughts of fear can kill a man faster than a bullet.

    a comment i found.
    Anxiety quickly demoralizes the whole body, and lays it open to the entrance of disease; while impure thoughts, even if not physically indulged, will sooner shatter the nervous system.
    no wonder we are told to PUT ON THE MIND OF CHRIST.

    i was thinking today, I wonder why the divine advice is not more explicate with a detailed description of its commands..?.
    as example, it could have said this perhaps

    ''please get trained up by the Holy Spirit to PUT ON THE MIND OF CHRIST [like a robe] for if u fail to achieve this, death and disease and destruction awaits you cuz you have been programmed to self destruct
    if you perservere getting dressed in the wedding garment your shall be changed, and a new way of thinking shall lead you out from all calamity and strife and destructions.''