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  • Morning has Broken...

    ''the morning has broken''.... is perhaps when our spiritual man FINALLY can dominate over our soulish eve,.....or.... the veil of OUR carnality [eve the deceive soul] is rent allowing our spiritual man to be seen.

    MORNING HAS BROKEN, with each new dawn as Abba reveals His wisdom into our heart... the dew of the morning.

    MORNING HAS BROKEN, when we can face our day knowing HE IS WALKING WITH US, holding onto us and making His decissions for us.

    MORNING HAS BROKEN, when we listen and the obey, Just as Messiah did.

    MORNING IS BROKEN, when i no longer am afraid,
    when i am free from my chaos thInking,
    when i KNOW that path He has me on LEADS INTO His IMMORTALITY.

    has your morning broken?
    Mine IS THE SUNLIGHT....

    that is one beautifull song by Cat Stevens....

    do you like beautifull songs?
    i do

    but EVEN MORE...I love that BEAUTIFULL LIFE of His Morning Stars.

    Rev 2:28 And I will give him the morning star.
    bible No 2 - witness
    bible No 28- eternal life.
    Abba shall teach us thru all manner of ways, Just to get our attention.
    Songs are one such a method.
    I once read when a whale makes a noise, the sound travels right around the world....
    this song probably did the same...MORNING SONG.... went out to the World....


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    who hears, the Message of the Morning Stars?

    who hears how to

    BEGIN A NEW DAY, how to become alive and grow up into our 'new' day.

    Who listens to the NEW rain?.... those divine restoring revelations that fill us with understanding and wisdom so we never lack.

    Who reconciles the Morning stars back to the Sons of God?
    so they sing and shout together again over all creation!!!
    God's recreation of a NEW DAY....

    a new day birthed out where all old things from yesterday have vanished.
    a new day, bringing a new life and that new life is unlimited and unchained from the fetters of Adam's day.

    ABBA, begin in me your NEW DAY,
    teach me about the dew of the morning, and show me how to walk in His steps correctly.
    Show me how to lack no good thing, Today,
    show me how to walk in His health, Today
    show me how to walk in His needs, Today
    show me how to walk in His Life. Today

    Morning has Broken, means
    our dark night has passed away.
    That night of ignorance and death and wanting.
    That night of fears and unknowing has been exposed by Messiah's LIFE AND LIGHT into us.

    We are being re-membered.


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      cont... WE ARE being Re-membered back.

      from out of the Morning and into THE NEW DAY...

      THE DAY STAR IS ARISING in our heart....

      The Daystar is the revelation of HOW TO WALK IN LOVE.

      1] LOVE
      AND being
      2] INLOVE.

      "Again, a new commandment I write unto you, which thing is true in Him and in you: because the darkness is past (Lit. ‘is passing away’), and the true light now shineth" (I John. 2 v 8).
      from that verses No's we get, ''union, to witness, new resurrection life''

      RECONCILED back to DIVINE HARMONY and reconciled back to walk together in perfected love.
      "He that loveth his brother abideth in the LIGHT.. . ."
      His Sons and His Morning Stars, the male and the female from Gen 1 v 27 - or - spiritual beings having a human experience
      Jesus said,
      ''If the flesh came into existence because of the spirit,
      it is a marvel.
      But if the spirit came into existence because of the body,
      it is a marvel of marvels.
      But as for Me, I wonder at this;
      how this great wealth has come to dwell in this poverty''.
      Thomas 29

      the NEW DAY, BEGINNING WITH MORNING, BEGINS A NEW LOVE.... not as this world understands it, Nay... but as Abba forms the greatest gift '''IN''' us.

      ''Mine is the sunlight,
      mine is the morning
      Born of the one light''
      When we enter into THE perfect love we enter into THE LAW OF LIFE.
      WHEN we enter into the Law of Life, we shed our ''law of self ''.


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        cont/cont.-When we enter into THE perfect love we enter into THE LAW OF LIFE

        When we enter into THE perfect love we enter into THE LAW OF LIFE.
        ''Mine is the sunlight,
        mine is the morning
        Born of the one light''
        ''Morning has broken''....
        LIGHT HAS COME... we move out from our darkness of the graves of ignorance and death and into the LIFE OF THE SON OF PERFECT LOVE.

        It was said, Jesus went up to the temple IN SECRET [ Jn 7 v 10] then in v 14 - HE TAUGHT......
        His temple now - is His saint = He teaches His saints in secret for they are His temple...
        so what does He teach?
        He teaches, how to be LIFE and how to be FREE as He was free.

        Have u ever read the book COCOON by David Saperstein from 1985?
        It is a story of senior citizens, who find a future that is an adventure of grandeur. They COME OUT from their cocoon of old age and into an undreamed of NEW LIFE of youth and plenty.
        Abba has placed a truth in a story millions have read...
        It is about metamoorphoo.......... A NEW LIFE....transformed into a NEW BEING.

        Abba HAS A COCOON PEOPLE today.... changing from a worm [of adamic natures] into a butterfly [the divine glory].... to fly into the divine yet, dizzy heights to be Co-heirs IN Christ.
        MORNING HAS BROKEN for these saints...

        [i have to go now I have an appointment...
        cont.. this is so good.. I FEEL A SERMON COMING ON]


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          praise for the Morning....

          We could have stayed in our darkened state but Mercy and Grace has birthed us into LIGHT and LIFE.
          I was once IN an underground set of caves, the guide turned out the lights for a few seconds, and it is totally impossible to see is full on blackness and no one could ever find their way out from this situation and only THE LIGHT TURNED ON, would deliver people from sure death.
          It is an ALL ENCOMPASING blackness and it consumed.
          Blackness is the absence of LIGHT, that is why WHEN THE MORNING BREAKS we begin our freedom walk into FULL SUNLIGHT.

          sunlight is ... understanding how to walk strong in the Spirit and in the power of His might amen How to overcome all emcompasing darkness [our unholy nature of disobedience] and allow the revelation [wisdom in knowing exactly what to do correctly] to work in us...called THE TRUTH shall set us free.

          there is a people learning how to walk into full SONLIGHT...
          I like to find such people, for fellowship, i am seeking out such people, i go from here to there, seeking, ever seeking for His Brethren.
          Frankly, It is like finding a needle in a haystack, but that's OK, for it is part of this Wilderness walk of ''patiently enduring to the end''.....the end of what?
          ahhh!!!!. It is knowing how to walk in total victory. The Holy Spirit has taught us how to be free atlast. THOSE shackles of limitedness have been broken and unlimited as been achieved.
          Now, i have a feeling, that the more we become free from our adamic nature the more saints we shall find to fellowship with IN Truth.
          but to continue.
          ''One generation passeth away, another generation cometh'' according to the bible, but i am looking for the ''generation of His seed''.
          = His people of change, growth and transformation.
          These saints DO not live out their life in futility, NO, they learn how to walk into the UNHINDERED union with their Creator forever.
          Truth is a Person
          Truth is a PROCESS of RESTORATION.....a returning to first principles, to the original foundations.
          So we are to notice this....
          When sin comes in and manifests in any unholy action thru us - we not on our original foundation.....the Truth has been lost and so we are destroyed.
          Messiah is BUILDING HIS TEMPLE, back TO THE PATTERN.
          "Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert" (Is. 43:18,19).
          The ''Morning is breaking''
          a new day, begins to move a people back into divine restoration of original foundations called Truth.
          He is making PILLARS OF TRUTH,[saints] that hold up His temple.
          Great SENTINALS and warriors for THE TRUTH who shall stand in this NEW day.

          are you one of these people?


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            CONT... praises of the Morning...

            The bible is a book that is filled with natural advice PLUS spiritual Advice.
            It contains instructions of HOW TO BUILD a temple so that OUR CREATOR can dwell IN this Temple.

            Jesus said...''destroy THIS ''TEMPLE'' and in 3 days I WILL raise it up.''
            meaning = HIS LIFE, HIS PERSONA WAS ''THIS TEMPLE''.
            HE WAS A SHOWPIECE of THE DIVINE TEMPLE. John 2 v 18-21
            His life was a manifestation of the true TEMPLE OF GOD - found in the body of the man Jesus.

            WHEN we read the bible it has basic truth in the natural for our eye to see,
            [ alas, most people stay on this level],
            but the Holy Spirit has to reveal the gems, the veins of all the HIDDEN MANNA, to His saints, so that their temple [their persona and body] is the same as Messiah's Temple [His persona and body].
            Now, Jesus went into the temple IN SECRET [John 7 v 10] AND 'taught''. John 7 v 14

            Judging from the bible No's no 7 and 14..Jesus shall teach In secret His TEMPLE people, of His perfection [no 7] and double it [no 14]....double perfection... the double anointing of the completed temple.

            The double anointing is LIKENED to Elisha ministry... over Elijah ministry....
            Elisha was able to go into the realm of Kingdom of Life disappearing in the Midst of... then come back out from and MINISTER IN the power of the Double anointing meaning [see 2 King. 2.v.9]
            going into and learning the Kingdom, then coming back out from and ministering here in this sad and perishing world.

            i once read an inspired article that said '' HOW MUCH WOULD YOU GIVE FOR an ELISHA bone.'' - even in death he was able to resurrect.
            2 Kings 13:20-21

            how much would wordly people pay, to come in contact with an Elisha's bone?
            ''and when the dying, dead man touched Elisha's bone he was revived and stood up on his feet'' v 21.

            An aquaintance of mine, has just returned from a trip to France, [they bought a house there and have hols there] and this time they visited Lourdes, FOR the day and so he was telling me about the hundreds of bus loads of sick and dying and crippled people who visit this RC place daily to be 'healed' or just to sight see......his story made me upset for the tragic world we live in and how darkness is so dark and LIGHT so rare.

            to be Be BURIED WITH CHRIST,
            to KNOW of His suffering
            to understand THE POWER OF HIS RESURRECTION = is the hidden manna taught in secret to the temple people.[John 7]... so they can MANIFEST HiS POWER AND LIFE into a dead and corrupted world of dying perishing people.

            do u think we are here to please ourselves, by RUSHIN TO AND FRO, spewing out devilish doo doo's of corruption all over the place, by wrong thinking and bad religious attitudes?
            do you think, we are to KNOW how THE DIVINE MINISTRY OF CHRIST WORKS, so we can DOVETAIL our own lives into LIVING HIS LIFE AS His living temple arising on the 3rd day. i like the latter more than the former.
            TO LIVE IN spew, is always unpleasant and makes for very unhappy people.

            find out, how much $'s this world spends per yr. on anti-depressant pills.... of a life... that has been given over to wrong choices and worry from them...
            you shall be SHOCKED!...
            i was also thinking, if people did not have this type of pill to take away their sorrows and woes it would be a far different world, of maybe mass killings or one like lemmings who throw themselves into destruction just to get away from 'who' they are.

            figure out this...
            is it best to live in spew like most men
            is it better to go thru tribulation anyways and to end up AS A LIVING STONE in the TEMPLE of God?

            both ways... there is a form of spew.... but atleast one has a happy ending.
            now are U eating this hidden manna
            To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna. (Rev.2:17b):

            Did you know there are four dimensions of scripture?
            There is milk for babes, bread for children, meat for those whose spiritual senses have been exercised, and hidden manna for overcomers.
            Is your spiritual diet balanced, consisting of all four dimensions?
            I am learning how to OVERCOME ALL THINGS.
            It is extraordinarly difficult path for my flesh soulish eve, but I rejoice as my spiritual man LOVES that highway into the Life of Messiah
            It is a path of choices.... of
            shall i go this,
            shall i do that...or....
            shall I use His wisdom, even of i dont understand it and simply allow His will do be done in me.
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              so! what are we going to learn from MORNING HAS BROKEN?

              what IS THE CORE.... THE CENTRAL feature.... THE MAJOR LEARNING PROGRAMME?

              seek ye 1st THE Kingdom of Heaven and ALL ELSE shall be added unto you''....but where is the KINGDOM?
              SEE Luke 17 v 20-21 and 1 Thes 5 v 23.... it is INSIDE US...
              and when we are in the dark we dont know it, but when we come into the morning light SUDDENLY IN A TWINKLING OF AN EYE.. we are changed to
              ''OH !!! HEAVEN IS WITHIN ME" so, how do i manifest this wonder?
              It is then the Holy Spirit begins our re-membering back and re-programmes us back INTO THE PRINCIPLE OF TRUTH...MEANING.... A LOVE THAT IS made perfect.

              THE christian objective is TO MANIFEST HEAVEN...the saint is to become A SHOWPIECE of heavenly manifestations and a deliverer from darkness, that hold men captive to their true identity as ''children of God''.

              OUR MISSION
              IS - to awaken our family of the brotherhood of man, that is yet sleeping in the graves of darkness, destruction and death.
              No man can do this, with religion, and paid hirelings are useless, only the Holy Spirit can do this thru His power manifesting outwards In His saints.

              The OBJECT of His saint is to learn HOW TO MANIFEST..HEAVEN... out from their inner being.
              1] by their Life on display before all men as a witness.
              2] by how much they are willing to die to their carnal mind and 5 adamic senses.

              dying to their carnal thinking is going to MAKE THEIR spirit, their soul and their BODY BLAMELESS at His coming [in them who are His temple]

              to MANIFEST HEAVEN, is to MANIFEST a NEW WAY of thinking about everything to do with our lives.

              no 1 - we cannot lean on our own understanding... first off.
              THIS EVIL REASONING has to fade from us and then we HEAR the Holy Spirit give us HIS WISDOM on overcoming all our problems, woes, situations that will cuz us unhappiness and grief.

              can u do this?
              can u do this?
              CAN YOU?
              cuz unless u learn this, all that will happen is a big head, full, of scriptures and NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT...
              Those verses have to travel 18" down to our heart to become TRUTH IN A LIFE EXPERIENCE.

              first off..... THE CORE IS...THIS....
              repeat it till it becomes TATOOED into your brains..

              TAKE NO THOUGHT...

              we are continually INJECTED with evil style of thinking and then go out and worry over them or act upon them, so, sooner or later WE WILL MANIFEST OUT the devil's wiles to hurt and attack others or hurt ourself somehow.
              WHEN that type of thinking enters in
              TAKE NO THOUGHT... DONT TAKE IT... REJECT IT... and say
              ''NO i will not take that thought''.
              ''You, devil, will NOT TELL ME WHAT TO DO, to hurt and abuse others and myself in any way ever again''. I reject you.

              Are we thinking what the devil wants us to manifest OR DO WE ALLOW THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN WITHIN US, to rule and manifest out to others with His Love, that is being perfected IN us.

              think.... before you accept your thinking ''IS THIS ACCORDING TO the bible and what IT tells me ''

              if not... REJECT.


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                now, for a MAJOR revelation from the Holy Spirit [John 7 v 14]

                TO BE carnally minded is DEATH [ Roms 8v 6.....v 7... v8 ] when we continually thinking and manifest the devil we cannot please Father..
                do u understand this?
                this CARNAL MINDEDNESS is what causes our death... WE ARE KILLED BY OUR THOUGHT LIFE. [Roms 8 v 6 ]

                what does our thought life have to do with anything, most of it we never do anyways.

       we think AFFECTS our glands and body functions...OUR THINKING POISONS our body, a drip at a time for as we think injected devilish thoughts they make us a ''woman [soulish eve] of adultery ''
                because we should have obeyed Our True Father first,[our original foundation] rather than that other 'father'' we all are influenced by... that is why we have become a harlot.... WRONG THINKING makes us that false father's harlot.

                so let us look into the OT for some proof here.
                There is an illustration of this in Numbers 5:12-14,
                here is a story of a woman who lies with another man, other than her husband [who is OUR HUSBAND?} so the story has to prove if this woman is guilty or not guilty.

                Numbers 5:18-19, "And the priest shall set the woman before the LORD, and uncover the woman's head, and put the offering of memorial in her hands, which is the jealousy offering: and the priest shall have in his hand the bitter water that causeth the curse: and the priest shall charge her by an oath, and say unto the woman, If no man have lain with thee," in other words, if you are pure and clean,"and if thou hast not gone aside to uncleanness with another instead of thy husband, be thou free from this bitter water that causeth the curse: But if thou hast gone aside to another instead of thy husband, and if thou be defiled, and some man have lain with thee beside thine husband:
                Then the priest shall charge the woman with an oath of cursing, and the priest shall say unto the woman, The LORD make thee a curse and an oath among thy people, when the LORD doth make thy thigh to rot, and thy belly to swell;" and in verse 28 it says, "And if the woman be not defiled, but be clean; then she shall be free, and shall conceive seed."

                while this is speaking of a natural event, it is also teaching of a spiritual event of WRONG IDLE EVIL THINKING,[ our stupid carnal mindedness] when we are told to '' TAKE NO THOUGHT, GIVE THEM TO CHRIST SO THAT He will TAKE EACH THOUGHT CAPTIVE''
                if we look at this story from a different angle we see what happens to this woman ... and the AFFECT OF THESE BITTER WATERS
                It says in verse 22, "And this water that causeth the curse shall go into thy bowels, to make thy belly to swell, and thy thigh to rot: And the woman shall say, Amen, amen."

                Can you imagine standing there?
                You have been brought before the Lord, and set before Him., OVER YOUR CRAZY THOUGHT LIFE?
                SO this quilty carnal minded woman [ our soulish eve in deception] is rotting and swelling within her being from the CURSE of adamic -mindedness.

                but now... look at that woman who has REJECTED our soul's evil mindedness, and is IN practice to THE MIND OF CHRIST [metamoorphoo]

                23, "And the priest shall write these curses in a book, and he shall blot them out with the bitter water [the law]." There is the power behind this thing. When you throw that thing into the mix, it says, "And he shall cause the woman to drink the bitter water." What would happen if she were innocent?
                Death would be swallowed, but in victory. Death would be entered into but it would not be able to take hold because of innocence and purity.
                NOW... WHAT DOES IT SAY ...
                if we live after the flesh , our carnal minded thinking we die..Rom 8 v 13.. but if
                here is the let out...
                but if
                we do mortify the deeds of our body [ put off our carnal mindedness] it shall quicken our moral body [ no longer subjected to the poison of our carnality thinking that poisons us daily] and ye shall live.

                that is why I teach on OUR CHANGED ways of THINKING...
                you can have all the bible memorized in your mind and still have death of the carnal mind breeding within you.
                THE CARNAL MIND HAS BEEN STOPPED FROM POISONING US.... or put another way
                THE devil has been stopped from spiritually raping us and we have TURNED, to receive our True Husband ...the mind of Christ.

                we have to realise that we have to SOLVE the problems first in our own inner man, before we can carry the strength of Messiah to heal the world.
                Having HIS MIND, is the only solution. amen


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                  praise every Morning....

                  The lamb was to be sacrificed before the FOUNDATION of the world.
                  This plan, began BEFORE, the foundation of the World.
                  Creation was MADE subject to vanity.

                  a plan was put into action even before the foundations of the world.

                  therefore 'something' was to be MADE ''wrong'' for a purpose [roms 8 v 21].
                  otherwise VANITY would not exist.
                  CREATION WAS ''MADE'' subjected to vanity.

                  vanity - futile, worthless, empty, idle, excessively proud of oneself, disappointing, misery.
                  creation was MADE in these conditions NOT WILLINGLY. [ROMS 8 V 20]

                  MADE SUBJECT TO VANITY...
                  The Vanity of All Worldy Things

                  subject - to be placed under., one who is under the control of, under the power of another.
                  the king of the creation is vanity.

                  but there is an EXPECTATION, and EARNEST EXPECTATION of the creature subjected to vanity, for the MANIFESTATION of the sons of God.
                  [Roms 8 v 19]
                  The firstfruits of the Spirit......the redemption of our body [Roms 8.v.23]
                  bible no 8 -new beginning/resurrection life
                  bible no 23 - death.

                  vanity - subjected to death and decay.
                  vanity - subjected to corruption.
                  suffering vanity, for a purpose.
                  to be GLORIFIED [ roms 8 v 17 ]
                  bible no 8 - new beginning /resurrection life
                  bible no 17 - VICTORY

                  to be GLORIFIED, one must leave the realm of all vanity and no longer be a subject of vanity, this adventure is one of suffering, [Phil 3 v 10-14] the passover from vanity/death into the LIFE AND GLORY, that is uncomparable.

                  to be DELIVERED from the bondage of the KEY to our escape...saved by HOPE, [v 24]...saved by the thing NO SEEN.
                  saved by FAITH
                  what is faith = an absolute dependence upon, and a reliance upon, the Word of God. Fully surrendered up to The Word of God, giving oneself over to a NEW WAY of life, trusting wholly in the faithfullness of God.

                  when the MORNING COMES into our lives, THIS IS TAUGHT TO US...= we begin to cut the aprons strings of our ruler for those things not seen.
                  The Holy Spirit shall bring us to that place where we discover our own vanity and in that place WE HATE IT... for our eyes have been opened to our own personal futility. THAT IS WHY WE GROAN...waiting for what? the redemption of our body.

                  the redemption of our body.... see Math 17 v 1-2 for the description of our REAL BODY, not subjected to vanity.
                  this body is THE MAN JESUS, showing forth the power of CHRIST within

                  therefore we ask....
                  how do i become Math 17 v 1-2? how do i walk as my Master?

                  by taking no thought...
                  taking IN no thoughts in that causes our death from the poison of auto-sugestion of the devil. These thoughts DRIP into our system, withering us up daily. withering us up, withering us up, withering us up by vanity thinking.

                  Jesus THE MAN, NEVER allowed Himself to be worthless, futile, proud, and idle.
                  He LEARNT BY SUFFERING how to manifest CHRIST THE POWER OF GOD thru Himself.
                  JESUS, the man, learnt how to MANIFEST CHRIST, by NOT BEING subjected to the devil's power injected into His thinking.

                  well.... ''thats ok for Jesus some can say, but what about me''...
                  GIVE EACH THOUGHT, that is not worthy of expression to JESUS,MESSIAH CHRIST, GIVE IT TO HIM, so that He can take it captive for u.
                  BEGIN TODAY in faith... and do not stop till that evil thinking fades away...
                  you will suffer badly.... it is a battle..... the battle for our mind....
                  He never shall give us more than we can bear.

                  CAN U DO IT?....
                  can u determined this in your heart...
                  ''NO MORE wrong thoughts that destroy me and my body and radiate out to help destroy others too''.

                  if u can, this is how we become PERFECTED IN LOVE.
                  PERFECTED IN LOVE MEANS.... to love others more than ourselves and in turn LOVE overflows back to us, so we are made perfectly inlove.

                  the whole process is to WALK OUT FROM ALL VANITY AND INTO THE GLORIOUS EXECTATION.... of....passing over from death into life.

                  that is why YOUR'E HERE in the first place.
                  this world is like some PROVING ground... if u say ''I love you Jesus ..well prove it'' ummmm
                  you were not birthed here to live like a mass of Paris Hiltons....
                  a world of Paris Hiltons.....skipping thu the tulips, smelling the roses.

                  THE PURPOSE of birth, is THE BATTLE for your mind and its auto-suggestive evil,
                  to battle and to win by FAITH in the WORD OF YOUR CREATOR
                  and so
                  by doing that YOU BECOME THE FIRST FRUITS OF HIS Glory amen

                  now can u do this?
                  it takes an indomitable spirit - that spirit that just shall never give up.= or THAT SAME SPIRIT, ''A DIFFERENT SPIRIT'' THAT CALEB AND JOSHUA HAD.
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                    escaping of vanity....................................

                    Ps 110- v 1-4.
                    1 A psalm of David.
                    The LORD says to you, my lord: "Take your throne at my right hand, while I make your enemies your footstool."
                    The scepter of your sovereign might the LORD will extend from Zion.
                    The LORD says: "Rule over your enemies!

                    3 Yours is princely power from the day of your birth.
                    In holy splendor before the daystar, like the dew I begot you."

                    4 The LORD has sworn and will not waver: "Like Melchizedek you are a priest forever."
                    If this Priest IN THIS ORDER OF ENDLESS LIFE knew how to RULE OVER THE ENEMIES of His mind,
                    HE WOULD a.u.t.o.m.a.t.i.c.a.l.l.y. KNOW how to rule over all these enemies in his natural situations..
                    SO, can WE FIND THIS EVIDENCE.


                    11 times it was recorded in the NT ''they tried to kill Jesus Christ, but HE DISAPPEARED from their midst'' [PARAPHRASED]

                    NOW... If, we are His temple, and a living stone, dont u think HE WOULD TELL US HOW TO DO THIS TOO~!~!~!~!~!~! so we are LIKE Him IN all things.?

                    WHO IS ZION mentioned there in v 2 to RULE OVER THEIR ENEMY?

                    Zion is the city of God.... or ...a people who basically knew HOW TO DISAPPEAR IN THE MIDST OF THEIR ENEMY.... THIS MADE the enemy powerless...
                    because THESE ZIONITES... LEARNT HOW TO DISAPPEAR INTO THE POWER OF CHRIST...''it is no longer I who live BUT CHRIST [ the power of God] who lives in me''. and it is ONLY IN THIS PLACE, the enemy is powerless TO DESTROY.

                    this is what this whole earthy experience is all about darlings...
                    it is not about living the good life,
                    being a pauper or having wealth
                    endlessly mating and having children,
                    fighting and working and waring, then dying and being forgotten in the grave.... that's vanity and all it's miserable payment.

                    The TRUE EARTHLY experience for us............ is to ''BE'' A CITY divinely wrought/MADE CALLED ZION..
                    a living temple of people who shall AUTOMATICALLY manifest CHRIST - the power of God, into all situations.

                    THAT IS YOUR REASONABLE RESPONSIBILITY.... otherwise your'e DEAD useless and a wart and a blight to the rest of groaning creation and of no possible use.

                    Zion is a people of His Right Hand
                    Zion is a people FILLED with the POWER OF GOD.

                    AND U WILL NEVER HAVE A PART OF THIS POWER LIFE WHILE YOUR MIND IS A STUFF UP of devilish desires and tempations and the wretched muck of insane Adamic thinking.

                    your'e CALLED out, TO PUT ON THE MIND OF CHRIST~!~!
                    your'e NOT CALLED, to have and partake of our own mind.~!~
                    remember this truth

                    while ye walk in your own mind ye are a WEIGHT and never a BLESSING
                    about these things. GROW UP and LEARN OF HIM, and unlearn your religion.


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                      our mind...our new mind

                      holds the key...
                      to our CHRISTLIKE manifestation.

                      CAN U BELIEVE THAT?

                      U CAN SIT THERE ALL DAY, being religiously raped by satan and u will die.

                      U CAN SIT THERE ALL DAY, and be formed into CHRISTLIKENESS and MANIFEST HIS LIFE, by the way your'e taught to think correctly by being led by the Holy Spirit.



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                        Beth - El

                        Today as I was practicing putting on THE mind of Christ, i came to the conclusion that when this mind is IN US correctly..perfect PEACE becomes ALIVE in our lives.

                        WE BECOME

                        BETH-EL....the house of God.

                        many PEOPLE have different ideas on the Sabbath, and they are right..the bible tells of a sabbath and of A REST etc.
                        I HAVE FOUND my rest and my Sabbath in practicing having my mind STAYED upon Him.
                        I ACTUALLY FIND REST for my soul.
                        I wish these words would JUMP OUT from this forum page and jump right into your mind too... so U could find YOUR SABBATH REST...beth-el like I have PRAISE HIS NAME forever.
                        The foundation for ALL our Peace is daily practicing the removal of our carnal mind.
                        You are God's earthly dwelling place (1Kings 8:13).
                        I am now learning HOW to remain in this house and find my peace and rest, by allowing HIM to care for me.

                        see these words here...

                        ''TO CARE FOR ME''....
                        is an answer to our carnal problems as we cannot care for ourselves.
                        When you LOVE someone you actually care for them....not as in 'care'-emotionally, but as in LOOKING AFTER set aside alot of time just to CARE for them.

                        like OVERSHADOWING THEM with caring...amen


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                          our existance is to be BETH -EL cont,

                          "But there is a spirit in man, and the breath of the Almighty gives him understanding. NKJV Job 32:8"
                          bible no 8 - new beginnings/resurrection life
                          bible no 32- covenant
                          [ a covenant of resurrection life from the BREATH of the Almighty]

                          that Spirit has to awaken and BECOME ACTIVE AND ALIVE so that our soul [mind will and emotions] are removed from their deception and TRUE LIFE comes as a BREATH into us.

                          ''and Jesus BREATHED upon them''....the HOLY Spirit.
                          now, most 'church' people understand this.... but... once I saw that this spirit is HOLY and if this Spirit was BREATHED INTO ME... i would become HOLY too as I learned from HIM and stayed in His classes.
                          things that would be Unholy in me, would cease as the Spirit gained dominion over my soul.
                          ok...if this is so...
                          where would the Holy Spirit begin HIS WORK..... in my leg, in my arm, on my foot....?
                          WOULD HE... BEGIN with MY MIND...................
                          my mind would be HIS FIRST POINT OF ENTRY, for when my mind is metamoorphooed i am transformed into LIGHT AND
                          RE-turned back
                          and RE- newed back
                          and RE-membered back
                          to my original foundations. [Job 38 v. 7]

                          If Messiah, cares for me as a lover of my soul, each day He shall be BREATHING AND OVERSHADOWING me.
                          ''MORNING HAS BROKEN'' over us, is when this happens... or... that NEW DAY IS APPEARING IN US.
                          Praise for the singing, praise for the morning
                          Praise for them springing fresh from the world
                          see those words... ''SPRINGING FRESH, FROM THE WORLD''... see that....

                          the Holy Spirit TAKES US OUT FROM this world and makes us ''FRESH'' from this a jump into FRESHNESS.
                          A whole new world is being revealed to us, and it is, an adventure of a 'LIFE' time as BETH-EL is being established, IN us


                          THIS divine breath RELEASES His power.
                          We are not to just to believe and be powerless but BELIEVE AND FILLED with the power of God, as HE TRUSTS US, to do His work.

                          To do His work I have to have His mind.
                          To have His mind FULLY implanted in me, I have to loose my old form of an unstable mind.

                          When we use our UNSTABLE MIND, we produce UNSTABLE THINGS.
                          LOOK around at the Instabality of man.....this mess is produced by the Unsound mind of man.

                          I can no longer afford to have this mind, the mind of AN unstable worldly person
                          if you want to move into heavenly dimensions, you CANNOT afford to hold onto your old mind EITHER.
                          THAT MIND is imperfect and its a LOOSER.
                          That OLD mind kills US and makes US perish.
                          I want to be with a people who are stable and not rooted in evil unstableness.
                          These people only, CAN PRODUCE the divine fruit
                          I know there are a people [born of the ONE LIGHT] who are being released in the day of His power amen.


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                            ok.. here is a question...

                            how did devils KNOW Messiah, was THE SON OF GOD?
                            how did they KNOW OF HIS POWER to be against them and He had come before their time was up?

                            what IF our DAILY thoughts could be SEEN in the realm of the Spirit AS WITNESS of who we are and whom we belong too?
                            [just as our acts can be ''seen'' by others in this world.]

                            ooooch~!~!~! and groan.....

                            what if those thoughts could be 'seen in the spirit' and so really reveal the person within us all , despite what our mouth spoke out.

                            Everyone has their own private THOUGHT WORLD and it is another world.

                            How did CHRIST THINK?
                            - could it be that His thought life REVEALED Him, [the inner man] into the 'seen' thinking in the realm of the spirit?
                            because He thought no evil, devils KNEW HIM because of clean and pure thoughts, as THE SON of God?
                            YET, hang on, the bible records
                            He was tempted as all men

                            ... tempted.... but did not sin.

                            how would Christ STOP any impure thoughts He had....????? and stop them from BEING SEEN in the spirit world?

                            by TAKING THEM CAPTIVE....
                            by TAKING THEM CAPTIVE.....
                            by TAKING THEM CAPTIVE.....

                            IF we can realise this...
                            WE MUST, let Christ take each impure/unholy thought of our adamic nature CAPTIVE for us...
                            SO!!!! it would be put into a ''spiritual jail''... like a captive in a jail cell, where it could do NO harm as it was ''locked up'' and not seen in the realm of the Spirit.

                            i really believe we all SHOULD CONCENTRATE on PUTTING ON THE MIND OF CHRIST... as this ONE act, shall reveal ''WHO WE ARE, AND TO WHOM WE BELONG AND IT SHALL BE AS A WITNESS OF truth to ''WHO'' WE ARE...

                            ummmm. what say ye?
                            do u think that's a mad question?

                            btw and PS
                            I SAW the timing of this post...
                            and for what it is worth 2 -51pm.
                            bible no 2 - a witness
                            bible no 51 - divine revelation.

                            perhaps it is not such a mad question?


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                              At daybreak, there is this lovely smell in the air....



                              IS when the Lord Jesus Christ reveals to a saint HIS personal BELIEVING mixed with HIS confidence,
                              and then
                              a saint BELIEVES exactly what He is teaching and preaching! and has the same confidence as Christ~!~! formed within them.

                              Many people ''wait'' for ''the appearing'' of Jesus Christ as some distant event
                              [ and I am sure there are levels of appearing, and understanding here,] BUT, HE appears in His saints.
                              by being FORMED [ a progressive word] within their mind, so much so, our mind is CHANGED to BELIEVE exactly LIKE Jesus.

                              This is NOT a belief system set in place, and put there, by ''angels of light'' that are adored and totally believed and adhered to by all manner of religious-people.


                              OUR Daybreak! , comes forth, then our mind realises the deception of evil, and breaks away from it, in true repentance,and transfers over into the realm of a divine life in Christ, that is now attached to us like an umbilical cord so that we are surviving UPON the living lifestream called Jesus Christ, The Word of God.

                              As example,
                              sin,... many say this word, ''repent'' from a certain sin affecting their life,
                              REPENT means to TURN AWAY FROM, or turn back off and reverse direction.
                              So, lets ask?
                              is this sin of mine, cast off and thrown out, strickened from me, and given up post-haste by me,
                              Is it still ''a hobby of mine'' even after years of repenting about it, like a parrot?

                              Does this word ''repent'' become a substitute for ''the believing action of turning away from''.?

                              Daybreak! comes when at last, a real living revelation from the Holy Spirit is shined upon the true condition of our awefull adamic life and the saint SHRINKS from its horror, and begs for righteous deliverance in Christ.

                              A birthing out comes forth into His righteouness so that TRUE LOVE can be seen.

                              True love is! = When Jesus Heart finds a home atlast.

                              Daybreak comes,!
                              when that still small voice is heard, believed and then acted upon, with all the great dignity of Jesus Christ.
                              The Word of God is to be believed over and above our circumstance, over our tests and trial and over our 5 senses,
                              Cuz The word of God is to be PARAMOUNT in our life and that is when real DAYBREAK comes.

                              Did you know that
                              VICTIMS, are people of WRONG ADVISE!
                              VICTIMS come forth from the wrong gospel and the wrong instructions

                              How many ''believe'' from the mind of others RATHER than finding out FACTS for themself.

                              Perhaps some People put more thought into planning their new home, than to their real-life belief system.

                              However why not FIND THE FACTS FOR YOURSELF.
                              Don't just take another's word for it!
                              search and find, seek and discover this whole new Kingdom for yourself and
                              NOT from the mouth of any man BUT from your own mind and thought under the Lordship of the Holy Spirit.

                              THEN, FACE THEM [ the real facts of truth] squarely and repent and made whole in Christ.

                              WIPE OUT mistaken thinking, erase it and start again.
                              The Lord HONOURS His servants thats why He Gives them a vision that NEVER lacks real knowledge
                              that vision is KNOWING CHRIST and How to overcome all things by His power.

                              Jacob, wrestled till DAYBREAK and it was then his mind got changed and he BECAME A PRINCE of God.

                              This same thing happens to a saint, all that deceived thinking vanishes and a NEW way of thinking happens that MAKES us a PRINCE with the Lord of the royal Household of the Kingdom of God.

                              Wrong hearing makes for a Wrong thinking, or Wrong thinking makes for Wrong hearing.

                              Do not have a ''hope deferred'' of never coming into a divine maturity that bears fruit of a Holy God.

                              Stop having your 'hope' deferred and allow HOPE TO REIGN SO THAT FAITH AND LOVE BLOSSOM IN YOUR LIFE TOO.

                              Daybreaking rips off the veil of our darkness and lacking knowledge that will destroy us PLUS shreds to pieces the works of the devil.

                              i loved that study....''morning has broken''.
                              As i did it, I found that i was released from some of my ''rooms of darkness'' that were in my life. - meaning those FAULT LINES, that keep getting wider......
                              or put another way
                              our cracks and crevices that split us up and make our soul divided and a waverer.
                              We cannot wave to and fro but learn to be STALWART and never be intimidated by evil.
                              If we are intimidated we cannot MINISTER out His word effectly...because evil has to SEE, CHRIST in us, - meaning that confidence in the power of God.