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  • We did not do it!

    The Americans killed Abraham Lincoln. Such a statement infers guilt to all Americans. By such a statement, the American people are slandered. For the American people to be guilty, there must be an element of choice given to them. The sin and the righteousness of a people is found in the choices they make. How does one repent of what they are not guilty of? I want to tell (****), that I did not kill Abraham Lincoln, nor did any member of my family. We are tired of being accused of what we are not guilty off. How do I tell (****), that we were not there. Yet (****) accuses me and my family by name. All of us are innocent of this crime. None of us was present at the time of the crime. Because he accuses our name, others follow him and accuse our name also. Because he slanders our name, our enemies reproach us all the day. They are mad against us, They are sworn against us. We have eaten ashes as bread and mingled our drink with weeping. Because of their indignation and their wrath, they have lifted us up and cast us down. Because they slander our name, our days are like a shadow that declineth; and we are withered like grass. No, we did not crucify Abraham Lincoln! Though not one in ten thousands of us was present, we still are all accused by name. They will not cease assaulting our name. We do not crucify our own. No, this is what gentiles do.