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  • Image of the Wild Thing

    God first

    Image of the Wild Thing

    wrote 09-20-2006

    Here I am thinking about images we may have and the very image we came from. In the beginning a male and a woman had a ideal to do the wild thing either for fun, to make a child, or many of the other reasons.

    The reason does not matter at this point but the ideal was there and this ideal is what made you has a cell in a shell of dirt and water your mother. You grow bigger and bigger until there was no more room to grow.

    Out you push the opening was small but with help from your mother because you had a ideal to get out of the shell you came out and your whole life changed when you took your first breath.

    You turn from side to side then you craw around, then you began to walk, and then you begin to run here and there. Later in life you had a ideal to believe in God and his son Jesus the Christ.

    The ideal like a seed was planted in you a shell of dirt and water and it began to grow within you. While you are called flesh it is called spirit but both are you just like the cell in your mother was you.

    After time you can only walk because you have grown old and your spirit in the shell of you is running out of run. Your flesh dies and your shell because of death no longer feeds the spiritual life within you.

    The spirit which is you as must as your body was you looks for a way to push out and with help of Christ your spirit comes out and takes its first spiritual light in.

    This is how in a you are fleshly conceived, fleshly born, spiritually conceived, fleshly death, and spiritual born. A action of grace my dear friends and it all came by the grace of another.

    Thank you

    with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy