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  • 09-18-2006

    God first

    wrote 09-18-2006

    Here I sat reaching up to God by the way of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior for what to write unto you by the spirit within me. May grace and peace come together as one within your heart my friends.

    In the beginning the two sides of God came together as one the motherly side and the fatherly side became one being known God the Creator of all we know. Together as one which they were in the beginning and before.

    God the grace giving and God of peace are one of the same the very two sides of God mother grace and father peace. The mother side of God forgives us because of her grace and the father side of God makes peace with us.

    All of this is done out of the love God has for us and his - her sides of God. While we have a light side and a dark side to us. The light is our spiritual desires and our dark sides is our fleshly soul desires.

    God is of two sides part fatherly and part motherly but out of the seed of God came a son Jesus the Christ who made God a family of three but that was not the end.

    Christ gave his fleshly life freely by the will of God and rose from the death so he could bring back to God Adam and Adam’s children that lived reaching for sin to be wash away by the blood of Christ.

    As Jesus the Christ had to do works to make a way, they of old had to do works by reaching for Christ first coming by following to there best God’s laws and we born after or them still living at the time Jesus was on the earth have to reach for the second coming of Christ and live by the laws of Christ and that is to live love.

    As we have talk about God is one of two parts as a man and woman can become one in marriage out of love for one another. Two becoming one is a law to make offspring that God set in motion.

    Like water its takes hydrogen and oxygen to come together to make a child oxygen and they become a family that we call water but they can make up a child of hydrogen and then there family name it can be called too.

    But how do hydrogen and oxygen have sex there are three ways the first being plants take air in they use the hydrogen and cast off the oxygen offspring of the two a girl child or we animal life take in air we use the oxygen and cast off hydrogen offspring a male child.

    And the last way is how we get water and gases the sun heats up the hydrogen and oxygen in air or in water and changes them to a gas form that is draw up to the clouds that cool them down were sex is done and they become a form of water, rain, ice, snow, or dew.

    But this is done with every element known to man but in differ ways like hydrogen and oxygen are of the same kind just one male and one female all the elements work in the same way.

    In the beginning God created basic element life the dust that grown into stars and planets which are still growing today. Our earth grows by the dust that falls from the sun and our sun grows from dust that fall from other stars.

    I know some say this took a lot of time but I say the time does not matter because there was no way to measure time as we know it until the sun was set to fire and the earth begin to rotate because of this fire on the sun.

    Like a light draws bugs to come the sun draws the earth to move around it which cause the earth to turn away and towards which we call rotation of the earth which gave us night and day a way to measure days.

    Without a way to measure days, hours, and years time as no meaning to us. Put a person in a dark room that does not know how to count for four hours and ask the person how long was he there and he might say a day.

    But the person answer would only be a guess but you know because you had a clock and can count. For the time it took the heavens and earth to grow so that God could turn light on and have the first day does not matter.

    But what does matter is that God loved us enough to created us and all that we needed to live here in the flesh until we can put on immortality and lived forever with God and his son Jesus the Christ.

    I know you heard that we are on the second earth and the third is coming but I tell you the first earth was the side of earth the way its was created without sin the male side, and the second earth is the earth with sin the female but both came together for sex at the first coming of Christ and there child earth the third earth will be born at the return of Christ.

    I must rest for now because I can not get focus long because my flesh is weak while my spiritual seed is still a child yet to be born but the birth is coming as the return of Christ is coming soon I will have a body of immortality as will are that have received the seed of Christ in their heart.

    Thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.