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the PRINCIPALITY of fear.

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  • the PRINCIPALITY of fear.

    this stronghold in all our lives has to erradicated.
    FEAR strangles God's BEST for our lives.
    How many times does it say in the bible
    ''DO NOT BE AFRAID?'' i read once were it was 365 times, so it is one truth for each day of the year.

    This is a massive problem for us all and only as we practice the joy and strength of Messiah in our lives do our fears vanish.
    As our fears/worries/anxiety vanish we can come into



    we have to ask this
    why are we all so fearfilled and so AFRAID of everything?

    the answer is, we all live in the land of the lie, so that this influences us and furthermore
    OUR ''TRUST'' BUTTON has been smashed.

    our real goal is~~~~~~~
    we have to PRESS FOREWARDS into


    This is our END OBJECTIVE
    This is the TERMINAL POINT and END RESULT of a race wherein only
    "ONE receiveth THE PRIZE."1Cor.9:24 ..

    WHO IS ''THE ONE''.....
    we can see this thru the 1st movie Matrix...
    this film is a spiritual explanation of how it all is
    NEO was termed THE ONE...
    did u see Neo STOP THE BULLETS [ fears and lack of trust] from Mr Smith's Gun at the end of the 1st movie?
    DID U SEE Mr Smith turn and run...defeated and busted?
    well Littl' darlings, this has to be us ...meaning= OUR LIFE HAS TO BE MADE INTO Messiah's image AND NOT A COUNTERFEIT life of the devil in us playing religion.
    ask to be DELIVERED from all of your fears... BEG FOR RELEASE and do not stop till that curse from Adam is gone.

    now here is something that helps me overcome.
    It was ADAM who sinned and gave me ALL his PROBLEMS.
    so why do i have to suffer from his mistake and be intimidated by his sins, when I KNOW i have been born again into a new creature.
    WHERE IS MY GUTS TO SAY '''''no'''''.
    Jesus SAID ''GET THEE BEHIND ME satan '' and IT WORKED for HIM, so why dont we do the same. WE DONT HAVE TO ALLOW another person to inflict their sin upon our life =JESUS CHRIST DID NOT, JESUS CHRIST DID NOT, copy HIM.

    Take a stand today
    TRUST no matter what

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    i didnt watch the matrix for a long time because i dont like keneu reeves.(as an actor)

    be that as it may after i finnaly watched it i like it and saw some good stuff.

    the main thing that hits home is what we see and think is real is not.

    the unseen particals are EL.

    there is more inner space than outer space.

    cant wait


    love is real the most powerfull force ever.

    18 at our not noting what is being observed, but what is not being observed, for what is being observed is temporary, yet what is not being observed is eonian.

    12 For at present we are observing by means of a mirror, in an enigma, yet then, face to face. At present I know out of an instalment, yet then I shall recognize according as I am recognized also.
    13 Yet now are remaining faith, expectation, love -- these three. Yet the greatest of these is love.
    Happy are those who are not perceiving and believe."


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      love and luv

      hello Euty.. thanx for the reply.
      human beings luv
      new creatures LOVE.
      Neo and Trinity and the others knew LOVE, for they were in ONE SPIRIT and produced the LOVE OF ONE ACCORD BRETHREN.
      SO! there is such a difference and it is only when true LOVE COMES the old LUV of adam fades away.
      i am feisty [ on fire] today over this huge Principality called fear.
      Did you read where King David said ''He DELIVERED me, from all of my fears''
      what a blessing
      what a relief
      what a miracle

      but this can be all ours...
      so i thought i would spend some time opening this up, so i can understand as well as readers.
      The thought came to me today about some people, [in the natural,] who are born on ''the wrong side of the tracks'' and how most of them continue to live there being on that wrong side and accepting this postition.
      others rebel at this style of life and hate it and so gather enough courage to move out from this realm and into a new realm they have always wished for.
      We can read of their life stories in any news paper and how ''they they made it to the big time''
      taking this example to its limit... consider this Plx
      we were all born on the wrong side of the tracks, born into a family who suffers the sins of their original parents Adam and Eve.
      a deformed family.
      a rebellous family
      a withered family
      a family of death.
      I have to ask questions....
      WHY DO I [ an unique person in my own rights,] have to be intimidated by ancients feuds i was never apart of?
      WHY DO I have to be intimidated by a controller that i dont need.?
      WHY DO I, have to be a puppet to something i no longer believe in as i have been BORN AGAIN of incorruptable seed...
      THIS MAKES ME HAVE A NEW PARENT.... one who loved me so much HE DIED TO MAKE ME FREE.
      THESE NEW PARENTS say to me ''Lucy dont be afraid.''
      why do i have to still worry or, be nervy, have fears about all manner of things, when i have left the wrong side of the tracks and no longer wish to ''look back''?

      ummmm I DONT.
      do you remember Jesus warning for us to ''REMEMBER LOT'S WIFE''.
      now ofcourse
      we can place Mrs Lot in all manner of unveilings, but i do believe Mrs Lot could not move forewards by FAITH.
      SHE looked back = meaning SHE was still LOCKED into her old Adamic former style of life.
      SHE WAS TRAPPED, LIKE A PUPPET ON A STRING TO ALL HER OLD FEARS AND CIRCUMSTANCES.... and was unable to escape from her own corruptable thinking.



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        being subjected to fear is tyranny

        F = false
        E = evidence
        A = appearing
        R = real.

        false evidence.
        appearing real.

        Perhaps the greatest explanation of this fact is to understand 2 kings 6 v 17.
        seeing into the UNSEEN.
        consider this question Plx.
        can U see into the UNseen?
        Then ask~!
        why do we ALLOW the blinded eyes of ancient Adam to STILL DICTATE to our persona,?

        Do you ALLOW, the deception to make you its slave?

        If i am born again, would i not have the eyes of MY NEW FATHER?
        WHAT PART of an incorruptable seed do i not understand?

        fear makes people paralysed, and the fearfull were the first to be sent home, when Gideon was choosing his army.

        We have to loose our fears [no matter what their name is] and TRUST IN HIM.
        TRUST IN THE UNseen.


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          changed into light!

          our fears shall shop this exchange,
          all fears shall cause our death.

          what is your fears?
          take time to write them down, then deliver them to CHRIST
          as per Math 11 v 28-30.....let HIM carry them for you. I do!

          I once had many fears.
          I was a FEARFILLED Lucy.

          But by Grace alone, one by one Father is taking them away, but the PAIN has been terrible for 'my old adam man', as he wreathes and struggles and dies,
          finally he is being laid to rest as CHRIST IN ME, overtakes my killer mind.

          As we walk into the LIGHT [ revelations of understandings how to escape] then suffer this contradiction, we become that LIGHT.
          You see TRUE WISDOM, is always knowing what to do correctly.

          Christ saves me, as I die to my former ways.

          Can u die too with me?
          Can u willing give up all your fears and be in fellowship with me, so that we have unity of Spirit and ONE accord?


          I dont have unity of Spirit because i believe the same way as you [ even the JW's etc's. believe IN the same things...] I am in one accord because CHRIST is IN me and IN you and we MANIFEST His presence thru suffering the death of our old man and this allows us to be trained up by the Holy Spirit, to walk IN HIS resurrection power that is NOW appearing in our life.

          ''but what is this resurrection power Lucy'', some shall ask !

          BASICALLY, it is the STRENGTH OF CHRIST TO BE ABLE TO SAY ..........NO!!! to all vanity AND MEAN IT.

          We have to come to that place where vanity NO LONGER affects us. Only in that PLACE is His power of Life


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            vanity, vanity, vanity, vanity

            all of creation was subjected to such a plan we are told.[roms 8]
            fears are all a part of vanity.
            however frankly~!~!~!
            I DONT WISH TO BE A SUBJECT TO VANITY, to tell the truth, i think it stinks and i shall do anything to remove myself from such a programme.
            I have to BE-come a son of God i am told.
            if this is what it takes

            i am going to beg HIM, to re-programme me, to be well outside the cursed realm of vanity.

            i want to pass thru ''that rent veil'' and slip thru its grasp.

            ''pray to be WORTHY TO ESCAPE'', takes on a whole new meaning for me.

            Come on, why not escape with me?
            It takes guts u know to do this, as it is a pathway into the unknown and it has this command that goes with escaping = of
            ''lean not on your own understanding''.

            yes... thats the core rule.
            and it is very hard to overcome the devil's rule of control over us of ''seeing is believing''.

            u know
            as i type this POST my grand-daughter has discovered a curtain and she is pulling this across to divide 2 rooms AND WALKING THRU... she is here now and so excited that she has discovered this new trick.. but... think about it.

            FATHER IS SHOWING US ALL....
            WE CAN WALK THRU THAT VEIL because, it has been rent by Christ....
            And the fruit we bear now can be fearfilled or delivered.

            Its all IN THE FOCUS WE HAVE for our lives and how much we want our freedom. AMEN

            Are u as desperate as I am?


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              Are u, as desperate as me?

              in wanting to be set free?
              We do not value freedom, untill someone tells us ''we are in chains''.
              fear chains us to the system of evil.

              Do u know That story of the baby elephant who always had a chain around its leg, tried to a tree. .....................well
              One day the owner took the chain off and the elephant still stood there, was free to come and go, but, this elephant still thought the chain was there.

              Messiah said THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE....
              are you free from all of your fears, or are u chained to them, like that elephant.
              chained to false evidence.
              chained by a programme of evil.
              NOW IS THE TIME TO................................... break free.


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                vanity in people, vanity in thinking

                When we get baptised in the fire.... we are really being baptised into His Presence where NO FLESH can live.
                We can ask this question
                ''what is our flesh''............. It is our soul that rebels at the disciplines of Our Creator.

                fear is an intimidating thing....
                fear controls people and it is a PEOPLE CONTROLLER.

                Messiah WAS NEVER controlled by fears.

                There is one area fear comes and that is in relationships.

                fear/intimidation CAN make relationships very unpleasant as one person dominates over another.

                When this ''fear system'' is revealed to us by the Holy Spirit, we ''see'' just how much so many people are dominated, by their husbands/wives/children/employers/pastors/governments = with all manner of power controls.
                intimidation is rampant around us.
                this post is to explain HOW TO CONTROL the intimidating fears and controls of others, cuz IF we dont learn, we are NO good for any heavenly ministry.

                we learn by the POWER of the HOLY TAKE NO NOTICE OF THESE CONTROLLERS.... THEY HATE BEING IGNORED.... SO REMAIN SILENT~! AND YOU WILL BEGIN TO live above THEIR POWER, that is an evil manipulation.

                I have had to learn this and it is an extremely heard lesson and our flesh has to be SUBDUED so it will NOT RETALIATE BACK.....
                THIS method is the only way we can escape from our tormentors.


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                  all this world is VANITY... the Matrix of Vanity.............

                  we have to learn, how to rule in the MIDST of all vanity.
                  Jesus KNEW HOW.
                  notice this Plx.
                  Fear and Messiah....
                  11 times we are told in the Gospels ''the religious they of the day'' tried to KILL HIM.
                  VANITY DOES THIS, vanity tries to KILL the witness for Truth.
                  If your heart is free of guilt and others are standing there shouting abuse at you, and accussing you to your face of some ''crime'' your'e supposed to be guilty of, fear comes in and we have to suddenly justify ourself....why....?
                  Why do i have to suddenly justify myself, when i am not guilty of any crime?
                  And so the Holy Spirit teaches us, that fear and intimidation no longer matter when it is puked out from the mouths of others in condemnantion.
                  When we ''stand'' against our accusers, having a clean conscious, we stand WITH MESSIAH and we suffer with Him. This is all part of the training to understand and to KNOW...............THE POWER OF HIS RESURRECTION in us.
                  I have often wondered how some person can say ' I love you'' and not long afterwards have some type of evil spasm at you, that originated in the pit of hell.

                  what a funny lover....what a funny child.... or mother.... or dad?
                  I can do without this ''lover''...............but.................. I have to learn to live above that lover's vanity

                  can u do this~!
                  you have to~!
                  you have to learn how to pass thru the HOLY fire and then STAND IN HIS PRESENCE, and your flesh burnt to a crisp!

                  it is NO use getting huffy, all stewed up, resentfull and negative, that's just adding to the enemies power.
                  Learn how to control; the enemy powers. THE HOLY SPIRIT shall teach you. amen


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                    daaaang slow down
                    Happy are those who are not perceiving and believe."


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                      fear of Loss...written by Debi, an old pal from S. of the morning forum

                      The World Wide Web

                      We are going to paint a picture.
                      It is going to be a picture of a web, a giant spider web.
                      Within the walls of this web in each seeming block we are going to name each area that is surrounded by each wall of the thread by a name.
                      One name is grief and another pain and another we will call suffering.
                      There are many areas that each wall of the web surrounds that you can name yourself.
                      Perhaps strife.
                      Well, the list can go on for some time.
                      If I were to tell you that within this web there is one single strand, only one, that by removing this strand would completely break the web and release the contents therein would you consider it.
                      Even if at first it seemed an utter impossibility would the thought of all these things being removed from your mindset, and hence what you see and experience, be worth taking a moment and considering the seemingly impossible.

                      The very one thread that supports all these seemingly constructed walls is the word loss.

                      All strife and suffering is firmly believed by the single thought that loss is possible.
                      Loss is indeed an impossibility.
                      We cannot gain nor can we loose.
                      But what is gain but the idea that one can loose to begin with.
                      Once the idea of loss entered our minds it exploded into the world wide web. Life insurance,
                      alarm systems,
                      fear of losing a job but indeed the very idea of loss brought fear itself.
                      Think of the whole economy of the world we see. It is all founded on the fear of loss.
                      That loss is even a possibility and thus merchandise was made of all things. Once the idea of loss entered the world, the moment it happened, the idea of ownership followed.
                      It is in the idea of ownership, gain, that loss perpetuates and rightfully so. We did not create ourselves and therefore do not own what was not ours to begin with.
                      It is taking ownership of what is not ours that we became thieves.
                      But not rightfully so, for we can never own what was not our to begin with so loss was the just answer to the problem.
                      Theft and loss are of the same nature.
                      Once ownership is returned to the owner, though it never left the owners hand, the fear of loss and belief of loss are also rightfully restored and peace is the result.

                      Ownership is a mindset for it cannot be achieved.
                      It is impossible to rightfully take what does not belong to you.
                      For example, one may take your car, steal it, but does this give ownership to the one whom took it, no. You are still the owner of the car, illustratively speaking. So no matter how near or far the car is it is still yours by law.
                      Once the idea is removed that you own anything the mindset of peace follows by nature.
                      The fear of loss is no longer experienced.
                      Once this is seen then what is realized is that~ all things are to you an inheritance by the owner.
                      Until you give up your idea of ownership the idea and experience of loss will continue to perpetuate in all aspects of your thinking and life.
                      Loss is an impossibility for ownership is an impossibility.
                      Though we will experience loss we can remove the fear of loss by returning what does not belong to us back to the rightful owner, though it never left His hands.
                      It is a mindset.
                      Loss is truly impossible for you will never take ownership of what did not belong to you to begin with.
                      There are no words that can express what you will find, it is too far beyond language, but you can apply this idea to all aspects of your life.
                      If the simple task of relinquishing ownership as a mindset can remove the web and restore all things, your joy, to you would it be worth just considering that true loss is an impossibility, for true ownership of the things made including yourself have never left the owners hand.
                      In a mindset the world was made and likewise is removed.

                      Many have said that it is loss and pain that shapes who we are, and in word alone this is true, but keep in mind that all phrases have but two contexts that can be applied.
                      If one is in the mindset of loss then the context of loss will follow suite.
                      One sees that pain and loss shapes them in the context of changes them. Again, gain and loss.
                      In the mindset where loss and gain are no longer seen as such then it can be understood that it only exposes who we are already.
                      We are only formed up from what was already placed there to begin with. For example, when you put your hand into a flame it causes pain so you remove your hand.
                      So did the fire define who you are or simply expose that you are made of water. Such is redemption.

                      For freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.

                      Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. (2 Cor. 3:17)

                      this WORK maybe kinda complicated...but nonetheless a truth.
                      perhaps some could see this post as nonsense.. I dont.

                      I REALIZED THIS............... I WAS NEVER ''MINE'' TO LOOSE....


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                        that den of Lions.!!!!

                        sometimes, THE people that surround us are like a den of lions....always roaring their intimidation about us.

                        THEY ROAR, as lions...
                        this can be fearfilled as they have the lion nature, or, that beast manifesting .

                        When they ''roar'' it is a ''trick'', to DESTROY the Christlike nature IN you, that is being developed.......

                        We have to remember, none of us shall escape these hard lessons of confronting that beast nature within others.

                        Did you ever notice in the story of Daniel= NOT too many liked him, yet, he was a man who walked in the authority of God.

                        I dont know explain this correctly
                        but i do believe other people [with that beast nature] SEE Christ forming IN His saints, and then ROAR, because of jealousy.
                        It is as if their spirit can see your Holy spirit dwelling and abiding richly in you and this makes them roar with jealousy at their own lack.

                        but, people in One Accord abide together in Harmony and nothing breaks their ranks.

                        Father, shall mix us up, with these people so that ''the lion can lay down with the lamb''

                        I have had to learn this lesson over and over and over. It has been very hard for me to do this as I have ''many lions'' that roar in my day.
                        Father, has to TAME those lions thru you. but GRACE and Mercy does happen and we do pass thru these tests holding upon the Word of God... it is called long suffering.


                        one day they roar and it no longer affects your peace of mind. That beast nature, in all men, that once intimidated you so badly, is no longer effective
                        do u live, work or have a relation/friends like a lion.... well be happy... their days of roaring are numbered as you learn to be that lamb who tames that lion. amen.


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                          a full house.

                          last night i had a dream.
                          It was so vivid, it was like i was there in my dream playing poker. The dealer dealt me 3, sevens and then 2 kings.... so i won the game, with a FULL HOUSE. While i was in this dream i said out aloud, ''Thank you Abba, My Father, for showing me, your FULL HOUSE.''
                          Then it WOKE ME UP, and i was still amazed i had a ''full house''.
                          3 sevens
                          2 kings.

                          where is a FULL HOUSE especially mentioned together in the bible ?....
                          i looked and i saw this verse...

                          Eze 10:4 Then the glory of the LORD went up from the cherub, [and stood] over the threshold of the house; and the house was filled with the cloud, and the court was full of the brightness of the LORD'S glory.
                          IF we are to be like a spiritual FULL HOUSE, nothing must BE in us that is an abomination....FEAR .... or rather all fears.... are an abomination
                          because it is really saying this from our heart '' I dont Trust IN You Father''.


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                            DIS-harmony is found in fear.

                            i DIS-like DIS-harmony, it DIS-turbs me,

                            yesterday, I was visiting a shopping warehouse, and 2 young married people were infront of me walking with their baby.
                            He was ''going'' mad on her for buying shoes.... and she looked pinched and white at this verbal lashing.

                            Fear was manifesting and florishing there in that little family and causing DIS-tress,....
                            i wondered over this, cuz i guess this young couple if they were asked would say ''yes, we love each other''.... but.....
                            i do wonder why such 'love' is so cruel and dominating.

                            fear does this
                            fear of loosing ones 'power' over another.
                            Can u even imaging such a thing?
                            but this is satan's weapon in billions of homes...a fear tactic for families that shall cause DIS-harmony.
                            i have asked Abba to show me in the past this horrible problem of mankind and He said ''THEY ARE NOT ON THE SAME ENERGY LEVEL...................not tuned into the same frequency''.

                            as example
                            have u noticed a wife shall go to ''church'' but her husband does not...
                            [not that i agree as a whole with church,] but it is a common custom in our nations.
                            The wife goes because she is on a different energy level... or.... a different light level, than her husband or visa versa.
                            This difference makes for fear and abuse to manifest out from the LESSER energy levelled person.

                            satan is fear.
                            he FEARS THE LIFE AND THE LIGHT of his creator, so when he sees a family coming out from such fears, he turns it on, to make DIS-EASE manifest.

                            do u live in a house like this?
                            most people do.

                            to turn away such fears and IF this wife is not an excessive shoe purchaser ... this wife should have said

                            '' I needed new shoes and i am so gratefull my Saviour supplies all of our needs. You have shown lack of Faith in His divine provision, why not repent of your sins''.

                            are u learning how to be an EXPERT at turning away all of your fears?
                            does fear dwell in your homes?
                            it will cause DIS-harmony and DIS- ease.


                            go out and buy some wind chimes, put them in a breeze and then sit and listen to their sweet sounds...
                            listen to the harmony as one touches the other in sweet tinkles.... then while you are listening


                            ''Abba, make my home, my family, all of my relationship as these soft wind chimes... Please take away DIS-ease and teach us ALL TO DWELL in the presence and harmony of MESSIAH, I ask thru the blood of the lamb'' amen.

                            I have had to learn this lesson.
                            In shops [my work] many disharmonous things can happen that will cause strife in a family.
                            Money is No. is a root of evil.
                            cut off that root and allow Ps 23 to take up practice in your home. You shall be rather surprised.


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                              David and Goliath

                              is a story of 2 men and how fear was conquered.

                              David said ''HE delivered me, from all of my fears''.

                              what a statement
                              what a miracle.
                              we don't understand how much fear and all our personal fears limit us.

                              to be FEARLESS... and to learn to FEAR GOD..... is a great blessing.
                              can my fears be removed, by FEARING GOD?


                              Do you think King David prayed to Abba more than you do?
                              Do you think King David was more special to God than you?

                              yet ABBA ANSWERED David's prayer of deliverance from ALL OF his FEARS

                              well then he met Goliath but did u see that 40,000 men could not meet with Goliath.They were Afraid.
                              in the story we see Goilath was defeated by a stone flung at the head. Killed outright never to be effective again.

                              We have to have the revelation that FEAR cannot harm us, Just as David did, cuz fear is a lesser negative energy power than FAITH IN THE SON OF GOD.

                              you see
                              IT IS ALL ABOUT.......... POWER.....
                              who will control you by their POWER.

                              let us try to understand this another way

                              it is like we are always '''the ham''' in the sandwich.
                              fear = controlled by the devil - one side of the bread
                              faith = controlled by God Our Creator - the other side of the bread

                              we seem to have no say as we are ''the ham'' between the 2 slices.
                              as our ''postion'' is one of BEING ''THE HAM'' and cannot be altered...... let us then say.. ''if i am this ''HAM'', who will be my greater controller''.

                              that is ''the ham's'' only decission....

                              remember, ''a life that is filled with fears, is only a life, that is 1/2 lived''.
                              another quote from the word says
                              ''perfect love, casts out all fear''
                              perhaps David prayed for this PERFECT LOVE~! why dont we?
                              can u ever imagine living in this realm of
                              PERFECT LOVE.
                              i DONT KNOW ABOUT YOU, but I can..................................i have been to that place, a few times for a second or two but, that place is right here...the only difference is no evil is present and it is hushed.
                              Everything is exactly the same only evil has gone and u know it.
                              You never want to leave this place, it is like ''you have come home'' but it is right here.
                              It is just a realm change of life in the Spirit where all evil has been overcome. amen
                              Messiah, must have walked in perfect love... HE WAS NEVER AFRAID....
                              He must have KNOWN his Father would be ''there'' for Him.
                              let us KNOW THIS TOO.. amen

                              ''being in the world but NOT of the world''
                              takes on a whole new meaning.
                              it is strange u know.............................................................................................
                              we say words, thinking we understand the meaning..but we dont....the true meaning of words can only be altered as the Holy Spirit unveils HIS WORDS into our mind as we can live in that place [Ps 91]...

                              being of the world..... is like all men
                              NOT of the world...... means we can enter into that place, right here and right now, TODAY, where all evil has been overcome. This place has to be the heaven within us that Messiah spoke about.
                              Perhaps it is like a secret gate, not many shall know about.
                              That ''secret gate'' is our unveiling into the truth of knowledge about our LIFE IN THE SPIRIT.
                              We don't want a ''little'' of this life but A FULL HOUSE.