God first

wrote 08-14-2006

Here I Roy William Perry III known to many as year2027 come to you to share that which is being share with me from above in the very realm Jesus the Christ sits on the right hand of glory of our heavenly Father the only true God the Creator of all things known to us and not known to us yet.

God is the Great Light of lights or the father of many children by love that he gave to us by sending his only begotten son Jesus the Christ to save us from our-self the very lust of the flesh, the very greet of the flesh and many others natural things of the flesh that are really not natural but lies from the creator of lies the devil the god of this world the god that has lost the war between flesh and spirit because the work of Christ.

While many of this world worship this false god the devil by his many names like money, sex, power, and many others but we reach for the only true God the father of Jesus the Christ which gave us new birth in due season .

I make this a short prophecy because my fleshly mind is weak but my spiritual mind is strong but one must be peaceful while the others guides me into the right words to write so God bless your heart.

Thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy

God is great here we are peaceful again the weather has clear up some and I am peaceful again ready to hear more from above of the things the seed of Christ can share with my fleshly heart from my heavenly father my beloved God who has gave all to me.

My God gave me my very Mother Bessie Elizabeth Duff Perry Jr and my Father Roy William Perry Jr who placed my seed in my mother so my mother could make me. My God gave us as a family all that was needed to raised me right and just with love and the list is endless of all God gave me.

Its by the work of Jesus Christ that the seed of spirit was planted in me but it was by my own believing that this seed was watered. The seed broke open into a image that look like Christ that grow in my heart the very gift of holy spirit.

This gift of holy spirit took in the milk of the written word of God as most call the bible until the child like image could eat the very meat of the word of God. First meat I received was Faith and then years later I spoke in tongues and gave word of prophecy but all of these came as I believe the truth of the written word of God and acted on it with love,

God is the great Light and we are a small part of his light rays the very lights of this world because of the gift of holy spirit Christ in us the hope of glory that life kind we will put on the new body for at the returns of Christ that very day we see the great light of God with the great light ray Christ coming to lead up were we will ever be.

Some worry about what tomorrow will bring but I say do not worry only trust God because with God the end is better than the beginning and the end is just another beginning one that can not end because that is the way God set it up to be.

O how long I wish I could see you face to face but there are things that hold me back at times. For I have the same weakness of flesh that you have but thank God I have the power of Christ in me if I would just lean on it more and more.

For I tell you there are many names for God and Jesus the Christ but we know the ones that are our God and our Christ bye whether they teach love but if they teach hate be careful for all things of truth teach only love and that we are to love even them that hate us.

For it has been said that Jesus the Christ is the compassionate one and this needs to be said about us. I have heard some being called the person who loves all and this needs to be said about us. For years back I was in a cult that seem to think they were better than others churches but in truth they were puff up my knowledge.

I saw this happen many places and in many churches and it breaks my heart when so many worry more about there personal church doctrines than loving others because you can not make another believe as you do but you can love them to the point they reach out to believe as you do.

Lets learn out to live love together as we reach for truth from above then our beloved God and his son can have joy in our walking in love as we should do anyway my dear friends the lights of the Great Light our God the Father of Jesus Christ.

Thank you, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy