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  • 08-02-2006

    God first

    wrote 08-02-2006

    Apostle Paul sat written with ink and pen to the children of God of his time and I Roy William Perry III known as year2027 write by use of my keyboard to the children of God of my time.

    Grace, joy, peace and hope be unto you my friends from my God the creator of all things, the father of Jesus Christ, the being of love, and the Holy Spirit the giver of all things.

    Grace, joy, peace and hope be unto you my friends from my Lord our Savior, our Lord, our brother, our joint heir, the son of God, the gift of holy spirit, and the very hope we reach for.

    The love of God plus the love of Christ is love times two and when we love them back it becomes a complete circle of love.

    This love is a love that is one on one or a very personal love to each person who reaches for this love of God in their lives.

    Love begins as a natural love the desire for a feeling of true love, the seeing the desire others have or had for the truth whether in written form or in recorded form or in a personal form one on one.

    But this loves ends as a spiritual love, a love that can not be seen with the natural eyes but the spiritual eyes show the natural in part by examples of fleshly pictures in the mind of the body by the flow of life of the soul.

    The life of the soul passes from

    one part of the body to the next until its been changed into a part the body no longer needs and is past out in a form that can not be seen, nor is it seen when it begins.

    Each person receives the life of the soul personally as they breath in which helps the life of the body grow until this life is breath out to give life to our brother plants.

    For plants are kin to us because they are a creation of God as we and all things of the heaven and earth are our kin.

    The very reason east and west never meet is because our earth alone with the heavens are still growing, each are getting bigger and bigger as time goes bye.

    As dust falls to the earth the earth grows in size and as new stars, planets, and other things of the heaven are born and die the heaven grows in size.

    But like a balloon that is blown up there is a point it pops the earth will grow to a point of being to heavy for the sun to hold in its orbit.

    Its was God who has balance the earth and the heavens but its was sin that cast everything out of its spiritual balance and it will be Christ that re-creations everything in perfect balance again.

    God created the first heaven and earth, the devil brought about the second heaven and earth, and it will be Christ who will created the third heaven and earth.

    The first was created with only a possibility of death, but this death that came by sin brought about the second and the third will be created without a possibility of death.

    For Jesus Christ will have destroy death as he re-creates all things in a form that can not die for ever more.

    This is the love we have reach to be born into a being of pure love one that can not die because we have become the very love we have reach for.

    The seed of Christ was not planted in us by our father or mother but by our desire for spiritual love which comes with spiritual truth from above.

    Many think they must work the bible to understand it but I say we must reach for things above for Christ to guide us into this great love.

    While the bible is needed for it is the light that guides us to Christ the very milk we drink as a babe in Christ but once we have been guided to Christ, Christ will teach us one on one as a good brother and this is the meat we long for.

    While the milk of the bible is still needed to wash down the meat of Christ or to help us understand what Christ is sharing to us as we reach for the hope by the gift of Christ in us the hope of glory.

    Never forget your first desire to reach for the love of God and keep reaching for it your whole fleshly lives and you will be changed in the due season.

    I will end here my dear friends, with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.