[by yolland ballard]

We read God's Word, but do we really see what it says?
The enemy has blinded us to the truth for so long that it has become a way of life - the only way we know how to live. We have accepted a mixture of truth and error, because it has been passed down from generation to generation.
God's perfect will is in His Word, and the Early Church has been our example.
But are we willing to receive the truth - the undefiled Word of God?

A greater amount of God's power would be flowing through the body of Christ if we were willing to die to our ways and walk in Truth.
The devil knows this, so he sends out many types of spiritual cancers to destroy the faith in our hearts.
Fear and deception run rampant throughout the camps of God's people.
Not many are willing to stand on His Word alone, because they were taught that God supplies needs by other means.
We must be careful that we are not turning to Egypt - the flesh (Acts 7:39, Phil 3:3, Jer 17:5).
It is so important to know the Lord's will for our lives and not give into the enticements of the world.

The testing of our faith through our trials is not just to see the Lord provide all our needs, but to do a deep work in our spirits.
That work is to teach us of the Lord's faithfulness and help share it with others.
Through deception the enemy causes us to escape the purging power of the Holy Spirit, tempting us to leave the Lord's will for our lives and to follow after the ways of the world.
These are easy paths, but they are all in vanity.

Believe me, God's ways are not our ways for they are so much higher (Isa 55:9).

I know if we truly seek after Truth, the Lord will reveal it to us and cause it to transform us into His image.
We should be willing to change so that God's perfect will is fulfilled.
I am not saying it won't be painful; that's why this walk is referred to as living the crucified life (Gal 2:20).
We serve a Holy God and holiness is our calling.

The closer we come to the Father, the more His light shines through the darkness in us
Change should be considered normal, just like an ever-flowing river.
We must press in for Truth because the Church is not where it needs to be.
The enemy has dammed up the river of God's Spirit.
We need to press through by faith, and bring down every stronghold in our lives.
So many distractions are taking precedence over the Lord's perfect will.

We need to be willing to pierce through the darkness to receive the revelation of God's Truth.
lots of Truth there amen