God first

What shall be shall be!

Wrote 06-19-2006

1. In the beginning of the End I write unto you my dear friends of the world wide web with love from my God the creator of all things know to mankind and not known to men of flesh.

2. Jesus Christ speaks to us with pure love to help us learn to walk in the spirit path while we put off the world of flesh and put on more and more the true world the world of the spirit the third heaven and earth.

3. Many look for the war between Hezbollah in Lebanon and Israel to be the one called Armageddon but it is not but it is coming but not yet. While any war is bad for the people that will live and die because of it.

4. While the war called Armageddon is not many years off it is not here yet but this war will come and the two great witnesses Israel the first children of God and the Gentiles the second children of which America is part of.

5. Both America and Israel will fall as dead and the world will cheer but because of the great bombs the sun will fall out of its orbit and the earth will burn as a great ball of fire all children of God will met Christ in the air while others will see hell.

6. Its is sad that not all will hear the truth of the coming of Christ and the truth of the coming new heaven and earth one that can not die and be ready.

7. For all things must changed to be of value but you say what about the most sinful man that man most be changed to a form that can not sin even if its dust to grow the plant life bigger and bigger in.

8. While there can not be death there can be changing from one form to another in a way I do not understand because its above what my little mind can understand so until I know in full.

9. I look for the signs of the end and reach out to help all that will come join me as spiritual brothers and sisters. The children of God the join heirs with Christ of life without end.

10. Thank you with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy