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    God first

    States of Consciousness

    Here I sat looking up while looking down at my self at the same. As I reach for answers about the consciousness of the seed in the womb of flesh I all so ask about the seed of Christ in the womb of our hearts.

    But we must begin with the consciousness of the flesh as blood life or DNA life but let me make this as simple as I can. The consciousness of the male DNA knows what to do to fix with the consciousness of the woman DNA making a seed of two in the woman.

    Then there consciousness of the seed as it knows how to grow into a child in the womb of the mother. This consciousness is known as growth consciousness of flesh the same consciousness that plants have.

    Then there the birth of this child in the fleshly womb of the mother and the second the child takes his or her first breath soul consciousness has begin and we know the child has consciousness because he or she cry out for love and this we the same consciousness as animals have.

    This is the consciousness of what some may call think and reacting with others my crying to get one way or crying to get help in the beginning and later talking out loud to us of wants, needs, loves, and many other things.

    While the body grows in size by growth consciousness the soul grows in fleshly understanding with fleshly health by soul consciousness with its life in the blood the very oxygen we breath in. Our soul life can be called our breath life consciousness.

    While our spirit consciousness has not life until we received Christ in our heart and believed the words he share and the things we did for us. Then the Fleshly consciousness of our soul consciousness mixes with the consciousness of Christ making a seed in the womb of our hearts.

    With out the mixture of soul consciousness with Christ consciousness we are trap to only to live by fleshly consciousness but with the mixture we become a seed that is growing into a child but not a fleshly child but a spiritual child like God and Christ but very younger in age.

    Like the fleshly child in the womb of his or her fleshly mother the spiritual child in the womb of our hearts depends on Christ and God to give the child its needs to grow the truth and love from above.

    But at the great day of birth the last trump of fleshly breath out of the heart comes you the child of spiritual growth life to take your spiritual breath of light and with this body of knowing you shall live alone side of God.

    Now I know some will say there many levers of fleshly consciousness and there are and just too name a few there wide awake, half asleep, deep sleep, and dead but all of these still have some consciousness until its finish and the body of flesh is dust again.

    You see there consciousness after soul death in the body but just not in the blood were the life of the soul is. For there consciousness in knowing how to decay back to dust in the fleshly state but thanks to God that our spirit is not limit to the body of flesh and the life of breath.

    For our spirit life consciousness is a new creation created by the works of Christ so that we can join him in the air as lights of God. For I will end now I hope others can add insight to this.

    Thank you with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy