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How are we under the Law?

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  • How are we under the Law?

    God first

    How are we under the Law?

    Wrote 06-27-2006

    Beloved friends

    God loves us all my dear friend

    Rom 10:4 For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to every one that believeth.

    But was that the end to the Law? I say No because the law is still needed but we are no longer bond to it but we reach to learn it and live by it out of love but as a free child.

    Matt 22:37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. 38 This is the first and great commandment. 39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. 40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.

    We must search the scriptures to see what these two commandments cover and learn what it means to love God with all our heart, soul, and spirit the mind and what it is to love our neighbor.

    Now there are things in the books of old that we do in our heart like the outward cleaning for sins or touching a dead body the burn offerings. Christ was the last outward offering all others are done in the heart as is circumcision it is no more of the outward flesh but of the inward heart.

    Gal 3:24 Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith. 25 But after that faith is come, we are no longer under a schoolmaster.

    The outward actions getting them to live by the law as become a inward action in our hearts but we need the schoolmaster to teach our hearts or the mind of our hearts what is right and just.

    There is a end of commandments and it is love.

    1 Ti 1:5 Now the end of the commandment is charity out of a pure heart, and of a good conscience, and of faith unfeigned:

    Just like the commandments of what not to eat we are to do what is best for our bodies not out of bond to the law but out of love to the truth.

    Gal 4:23 But he who was of the bondwoman was born after the flesh; but he of the freewoman was by promise.

    The one born after the freewoman were still bond to the law but they were to be free by the coming promise of the coming Christ.

    Heb 6:18 That by two immutable things, in which it was impossible for God to lie, we might have a strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us:

    Heb 6:17 Wherein God, willing more abundantly to show unto the heirs of promise the immutability of his counsel, confirmed it by an oath:

    These two verses show there is no immutable laws so we learn by all laws from the beginning and we look to see which ones to do within our hearts and which one’s to all so do in a outward action like loving one another.

    We are either bond to the flesh or free to live by the heart of the spirit of Christ in us.

    I will stop here and wait to see what you say.

    Thank you

    with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy

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    Hands Upon Our Offering?

    Hi Year2027,

    Our ELOHIM is an ELOHIM of Torah, and our ELOHIM lives by HIS WORD so all the WORD of ELOHIM carries the force of Torah!

    The Torah itself is a marriage contract between ELOHIM and HIS Bride, Israel. ELOHIM lives, and if anyone should keep the marriage contract as agreed (Exodus 19:8), such a one has life in himself (Leviticus 18:5, John 5:27).

    This one is Messiah Yahushua. Messiah is the man who lives by every Word from the mouth of ELOHIM (Deuteronomy 8:3)! So both the Bridegroom (YAHWEH ELOHIM) and the Bride (Messiah Yahushua) have LIFE NOW!

    The Torah itself is a plan of action that creates and molds this Bride as a fit helpmate or partner to YAHWEH. Lucy Smith has been writing about this love story, and I am thrilled by her words.

    What I am asking of you here, Year2027, is that you begin to look at the Torah or Law from a different perspective. Begin to think of the Torah as a tool in the hand of ELOHIM, an instrument by which ELOHIM is creating the woman of HIS dreams. How so? How can this be so when we also know that the Torah worketh wrath (Romans 4:15)?

    The ELOHIM are seeking a permanent enduring relationship, indeed, an eternal relationship. The marriage is to last forever, and the Torah shows us the nature of the relationship, and how the relationship is to survive on and on eternally.

    Will this enduring relationship be a perfect relationship in which no one amongst the ELOHIM ever does anyone wrong? Not at all! Will this enduring relationship be completely harmonious in which none of the parties ever change their minds? Not at all! There will be problems amongst the ELOHIM, but the Torah teaches us how these problems are always to be solved!

    The Torah commands sacrifice! Why? The very command to sacrifice is itself an indictment against all. The command to sacrifice takes for granted the existence of the sinner and his sin, and through sacrifice the Law shows us what must occur before the sinner can become a saint:
    Leviticus 1:4
    4 And he shall put his hand upon the head of the burnt offering; and it shall be accepted for him to make atonement for him. (KJV)
    So how do you and I apprehend this acceptance and kaphar?

    Christianity teaches that Jesus is the offering whose substitutional death brings them acceptance and atonement before ELOHIM. Christians maintain that this offering is according to the grace of ELOHIM, or, in other words, Christians themselves do not have anything at all to do with this fulfillment of the Law which is accomplished in their stead by Jesus, and this belief contains the precise reason why no Christian has been able to overcome death and live. All Christians have died, and all Christians will continue to die unless they learn to take seriously the Torah. Remember, it is by every Word that we live. Obviously, if we don't live, if we get sick and die, something has gone wrong, has it not?

    So what does it mean that we are commanded to do something here? What does it mean that we should put our hand upon the head of our offering?

    Sincerely, Ab
    The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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      Identification Or Transference. Which?

      Hi Year2027,

      I am quoting here from the Additional Notes on Leviticus found in Pentateuch And Haftorahs, page 562:
      Alongside the symbolic interpretation of sacrifice is the so-called juridical. It is advocated by Ibn Ezra and to some extent by Nachmanides. Its essence is: As a sinner, the offender's life is forfeit to God; but by gracious provision he is permitted to substitute a faultless victim, to which his guilt is, as it were, transferred by the imposition of hands. Many Christian exegetes adopted this interpretation, and built the whole theological foundation of their Church upon it.
      So in this view, the laying on of hands transfers my sin and guilt to the sacrificial victim which is offered in my place to pay my penalty before ELOHIM. Indeed, in NT times the laying on of hands does seem to transfer or communicate the spirit to new converts, so who is to say that sin and guilt is not transferred by the laying on of hands in ritual sacrifice? I myself most assuredly say that transference is not meant by ELOHIM!

      Christians have been believing in such nonsense for almost two thousand years, and you can here see that Judaism believed in the same nonsense prior to Christianity, only they used animals instead of a man-god as their means of atonement, and death and the grave is their reward.

      What did ELOHIM really intend by the command to lay on hands? ELOHIM desired that we identify completely with the sacrificial victim. ELOHIM wanted us to understand that when the victim was slaughtered, we actually were being slaughtered. Why? We can only have a chance to live if the sin and the sinner in us dies. We can only cheat death and the grave if we truly repent, and true repentance is the only sacrifice with which ELOHIM is pleased!

      So, if Messiah Yahushua is the end (goal or point aimed at) of the Law unto righteousness, does this mean that Messiah laid hands on his own head? No! Messiah is my sacrifice. I laid my hands on him, and I did kill him through my sin so that I could later understand the horrible consequence of my sin and, in belief, repent and change.

      You know, this world is filled with good Christians and good Jews who do not believe that they can really change. They do not believe that they can overcome death. I am here to tell you and Lucy Smith is here to tell you that we can overcome death through faith in Messiah.

      We believe in identification with HIM! We believe that we are one with HIM! We believe that we truly died with HIM as required by the true intent of the Law of sacrifice.

      If we died with him, what further power does death have over us? None whatsoever as long as sin and the sinner in us remains dead and buried. If not, we must surely die.

      How do I know that I will live? I know in the same manner that I have learned that I have already died. It is required by the Torah! The man that doeth them shall live in them. Oh, how I love the grace of Law keeping made my own through Messiah's love for me.

      Sincerely, Ab
      The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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        amen Ab

        I am here to tell you and Lucy Smith is here to tell you that we can overcome death through faith in Messiah.
        can we ask this for interest sake?

        why does the NT say this.......................

        '' the last enemy to be overcome/defeated is death''......

        IF death cannot be overcome/defeated in this life why put that sentence there at all.?

        when we read the NT and see that verse.... dont u think the reader would ask

        But most readers eyes NEVER 'SEE' the revelation, so that they may find the KEY TO OVERCOMING AND DEFEATING.
        It is like this key of knowledge is not available to them.

        so now comes that next question for interests sake...

        why dont they ask?

        THEY DONT ASK, because they are under a strong delusion but, this blindness is sent to them from their very own creator....that is the BIGGEST tragic thing possible.

        ONCE ACCORDING TO THE NT =The disciples were in a tragic condition too... they were sinking and going to die, YET.. Messiah was sleeping undisturbed....notice HE KNEW ALREADY NO FORM OF DEATH could kill Him.[till it was time for His SACRIFICE ofcourse]
        but notice this..... THEY WENT to AWAKEN HIM to save them from their own personal death....

        a spiritual hint................ hint hint hint....

        GO WAKE THE MAN~!~!~!~!

        let US POUND on the door of HIS HEART with love and passion TO AWAKEN HIM TO OUR DIRE NEED that our last enemy needs to be defeated.

        Again notice Plx
        He is now sitting at the right hand of The Father...
        dont u think this ''sitting position'' is a type of rest and kinda non-active ?
        HE HAS... the key.... to hell and death.
        keys lock and unlock
        HE has to turn the key on our behalf....=....the unlocking key of His WISDOM AND His UNDERSTANDING and give it to HIS BELOVED or THE ONE WHO HAS AROUSED HIM TO ACT on their behalf.

        i keep on saying this like a parrot.... over and over i will repeat this

        IT IS A LOVE play.

        this world plays the same love game but filled with discord and disharmony.
        The story is written in the most simple terms for us to watch and observe daily LOVE IS IN THE AIR... if only we can grasp its full significence.

        you know the carnal mind makes us lazy.
        THE NEW MIND, makes us PASSIONATE for the Kingdom of Our Saviour.
        when HE hears us, HE turns the KEY into his ''House of Knowledge'' and then HE teachs us wisdom on how to overcome death and what it takes to abolish our own death.............answer.... learn to WALK IN THE SPIRIT OF LIFE.


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          cont... the opening up of the HOUSE OF KNOWLEDGE

          needs the KEY...
          and once we have the KEY, it is to make us succeed/GRADUATE into our CONVERSION.

          WHAT are we to be CONVERTED too?
          am i to be converted to the Pope?
          the local pastor?
          the Queen of England?
          AM I CONVERTED to accept then adjust to the same style of LIFE AS MY SAVIOUR called THE MAN, JESUS CHRIST MESSIAH?
          let us ask again.
          do u think CONVERTED is 1/2 hearted AFFAIRE ....
          or ...
          do u think ''BE YE CONVERTED'' actually means TO BE THE SAME AS the CONVERTER, AND DO NOT RETURN BACK TO YOUR FORMER uncoverted SELF.

          OK NOW ASK THIS..
          IF I AM THE SAME TYPE OF BEING AS MY 'CONVERTER' where does 'death' now live in me.?

          when u have found this answer THE KEY has been turned and u can now enter into THE HOUSE OF KNOWLEDGE. amen
          so let us enter in....
          we are to remember this very important fact..
          The Kingdom of God is a ruling government.
          So you are going to learn ALL ABOUT RULERSHIP and how NOT TO RULE the earthly way.. but in GODLINESS AND HOLINESS of LOVE MERCY AND JUSTICE.

          THIS RULING government is made up of kings and priests/lords... UNDER THE KING of kings and under THE LORD of lords.
          THE KEY OR the authority to rule is taught by the Holy Spirit and this teaching comes in under the Order of Melchedezic... the ORDER OF ENDLESS LIFE.
          we are taught how to rule and dwell INSIDE the order of ENDLESS LIFE.
          NO DEATH is in this group, they have learnt to be deathless...they are learning how to put off their own personal mortals and put on the incorruptable life of immortality = that is their wedding dress and no-one can ever be ON THE THRONE sharing and caring IN CHRIST without it.
          overcoming ~!~! means
          ceasing to be bound to our weakness that causes us to be a slave to sin and death.
          we have stopped worshipping the tricky god of this world...WE are NO longer BOUND to him..

          this word BOUND.... is very interesting.
          do a study on the meaning of ''BOUND TO''.... or.... BEING BOUND TO
          and it shall be the beginnings of our FREEDOM in Christ, WHEN WE UNDERSTAND what 'bound' REALLY MEANS
          MESSIAH said to the devil '' you have NOTHING ON ME''....meaning you have NO HOLD over Me.... NO SLAVISH SIN that will bind u to Me... DEVIL YOU DONT HAVE IT....
          see this?....
          we are to be the same as Messiah NOT BOUND too~!


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   more bondages

            bondages to adamic weakness create our death...
            so let us turn some more keys..
            remembering THE KINGDOM OF GOD is one of rulership.. so.... our bondages to the devil cancels out our rulership rights.

            ''BE YE CONVERTED'' means...

            to turn and to obey another RULER than the one who your'e now under and give up your weakness to the LORDSHIP OF MESSIAH.
            see MATH 11 v 28-30 ... understand this ok?
            do not move out from this spot till u have done this and do it daily... give away your burden and dont carry it yourself and once u give it over DONT PICK IT UP AGAIN .
            it is good to SELF INSPECT our souls sometimes and to actually SEE if we have Jesus Christ as OUR LORD OVER our lives.

            lordship means RULERSHIP in very possible way.

            LORD OVER ME... means HIS RULERSHIP OVER ME no matter what~!~!
            after all
            HE IS..........THE MAN, WITH THE PLAN... IF WE dont obey THE RULES OF THE PLAN, we dont have THE MAN.


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              to DISCOVER the RULES of rulership

              now we can hunt everywhere for this but UNLESS we find the KEY it is too bad and we never get the chance cuz we are only an ever learner but not an arriver AT TRUTHS DOORWAY...
              so let us proceed with THE KEY to divine rulership.
              it is found in rev 3 v 18...
              unless we uderstand this verse, the throne room and the THRONE shall never be ours.

              MESSIAH IS C.O.U.N.S.E.L.L.I.N.G. = giving the overcomer divine wisdom on what to do...
              buy gold
              get eye salve
              wear white raiment

              spiritually our EMPLOYMENT is to find out about these 3 objects,
              WHAT THEY DO


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                Wake Up!

                Hi Lucy Smith,

                He is now sitting at the right hand of The Father...
                dont u think this ''sitting position'' is a type of rest and kinda non-active ?
                Yes, I surely do! Messiah, our High Priest, is in the Holy of Holies sitting on the mercy seat for two days, and sleep has come to him on this the third day. This sleep comes from the peace and security of YAHWEH:
                Psalms 4:8
                8 I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, YAHWEH, only makest me dwell in safety. (KJV)
                because YAHWEH has said that Messiah's enemies will be made a footstool!

                You and I and others blessed with LIFE NOW have a wonderful opportunity to participate in the work of YAHWEH ELOHIM to make certain that this peaceful rest of Messiah is not disturbed until death is overcome! So, I am not for arousing Messiah from HIS deep sleep at the present time. Let's let HIM rest until we have properly completed our job! His Bride is making herself ready. When the time comes, we will give him the most soft, and sweet, and loving kiss to awaken HIM!

                To be in a position to deliver this kiss requires that we have the capacity to enter the Holy of Holies ourselves. Only the High Priest can enter the Holiest, and sinners dare not enter. Messiah is separate from sinners (Hebrews 7:26) so how do we even contemplate daring to enter?

                Through these two things:
                • By eating HIS flesh!
                • And by drinking HIS blood!
                As it is indicated here:
                Hebrews 10:19-20
                19 Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Yahushua,
                20 By a new and living way, which he hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, his flesh; (KJV)
                By Law, these two things must be consumed separately. We cannot eat the flesh with its blood!

                According to our discussion on the Whom do you feed Thread, eating the Flesh of Messiah seems to me to be the process of overcoming our carnal nature. Drinking HIS LIFE'S Blood is an entirely different matter. The life is in the blood, and it seems to me that the life of YAHWEH ELOHIM is LOVE, and what have we been told that LOVE is?:
                Romans 13:10
                10 Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.
                Physically and spiritually fulfilling Torah is LIFE NOW! This is the Cup of Blessing left by Messiah for us to drink and then enter. This is according to the words of Joel:
                Joel 2:14
                14 Who knoweth if he will return and repent, and leave a blessing behind him; even a meat offering (His Flesh) and a drink offering (His blood) unto YAHWEH your ELOHIM? (KJV)
                Both of these have been left for us by Messiah.

                Now, we need to awaken, do we not! I desire to enter with you, Lucy, and with my former wife, and with my Children, and with my parents, and with my friends, and with my Brothers and Sisters in Messiah.

                So, wake up, Thummim, wake up, Jon, wake up, Hyssop, wake up everyone! It is time to eat and drink! It is time to overcome and love!

                Keep blowing the trumpet, my Lady!

                Sincerely, Ab
                The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                  hello Spying

                  i did love your comment ''the bride made herself ready''

                  not all people who come to a wedding are THE BRIDE..
                  the story of THE BRIDE is found out in the Book of Esther.... her preparation and how much the King loved her over all other virgins.
                  We know there were many virgins.... but only ONE FOUND HIS HEART.
                  This one virgin is likened to Esther.
                  and if we study Esther we get the GIST of why the King fell inlove.

                  Jon, referred in another post to ''angels of light'' and seems to have failed in discernment that the act of an angel of light is too mislead, SO in that case ''the church'' is filled with these ''angels''... as are all earth-based religions.

                  but one thing ''angles of light'' NEVER DO...

                  is to tell others how to OVERCOME AND TEACH ON OVERCOMING TO SHOW people THE WAYS OF ESCAPE.

                  THE BRIDE ESCAPES....
                  THE BRIDE KNOWS THE ESCAPE route.

                  Noe and Lot, can also be pictured as the bride, they escaped so great a corruption... Enoch and Elijah can be pictures as ESCAPEES too....

                  they knew what to do....the way out from all vanity

                  to escape
                  to understand how
                  to gain wisdom to MOVE OUTSIDE THE CELLS OF VANITY... This fact is never taught by ''angels of light''....
                  how can they know of escape when they are trapped themselves in this web?

                  let us move now into eye salve... one of 3 elements needed... Jesus says so.

                  eye salve is spiritual eye sight, to be able to see and in this seeing understand what is going on.
                  2 Kings 6 v 17....

                  Our eyes have scales upon them and these scales need to be removed.
                  there are a few forms of seeing.

                  spiritual eyes see spiritual things and one is taught that spiritual eyes sight is far greater than human eye sight.
                  Spiritual eyes see A VISION and so people walk that vision out in their lives as they advance further into the spiritual Kingdom.

                  ''OPEN HIS EYES FATHER''...
                  was the plea from Elisha.

                  and what did the servant see.?
                  horses on mountains is what he saw.
                  horses are a symbol of strength
                  mountains are heights of spiritual attainment.
                  to sum up

                  The eye is opened to grasp hold of a world no longer in vanity.
                  Our eye is seeing the human and natural elements and is able to turn this into spiritual understanding of what is going on,....=....The veil between the 2 realms becomes rent and the spiritual overtakes the natural.

                  IN this place of the rent veil we come into THE CONTRADICTION....
                  and this is a place where most canot pass thru.
                  the contradiction is this

                  what we see with our eye has to cease as we ALLOW THE WORD OF GOD TO OVERTAKE OUR CIRCUMSTANCES and deliver us.
                  see 2 king 6 v 17...
                  here is the eye salve working as Jesus Rev 3 v 18

                  the overcomer has to be here in this place to be able to sit on the Throne and Rule... NO flesh rules from His throne.

                  therefore in 2 Kings 6 v 17 these people were placed in an IMPOSSIBLE POSITION and had NO way of escape.
                  the spiritual eye was opened to see HOW TO ESCAPE.... THAT IS... ALLOWING THE WORD FILLED WITH ABBA'S PROMISES OVER HIS PEOPLE to simply DOMINATE OUR SITUATION.

                  the Word of God~!~! manifesting
                  who is the WORD OF GOD?...... JESUS CHRIST IS....
                  THE WORD OF GOD[written] AND THE WORD OF GOD [the person].... has to RULE OVER OUR LIVES AS lord.

                  the eye salve allows us to ALLOW the WORD to rule over us.
                  IFwe aint got the eye salve, we aint got HIS LORDSHIP, no matter how many times we say '' i love you jesus''.

                  that's hard testing
                  who can stand in the evil day?
                  ONLY THE BRIDE CAN..
                  SHE SEES HER HUSBAND... AND LONGS FOR HIM SO MUCH... AND HER VISION IS ON HER HUSBAND ONLY. His vision IS ONLY UPON HER. THAT IS WHY, she is never tested more than she can endure. amen

                  see... it is all about love.
                  ''do u love Me,'' Jesus asks from Peter 3 times.[John 21]

                  church people make up all fancy storys on this...

                  ''DO U LOVE ME''.....[john 14 v 21-24]

                  TO FEED.....

                  JESUS FED....
                  HIS SUPPLY OF FOOD for others CAME OUT FROM HIMSELF.

                  the overcomer feeds UPON HIS LOVE ONLY...the same principle of laying down their lives as MESSIAH DID.

                  when we do this...we can feed others, great spiritual truths that allow them to escape too from the land of vanity.

                  ''get eye salve, to rule with Me on MY Throne''... is this Godly advice
                  get the new mind, put it on, ~!!
                  this is how our death is removed from us. amen

                  now it is our turn...2006
                  to ESCAPE AS THE BRIDE, we are to overcome our own death !
                  WE ARE TRAINED UP in this overcoming by His Holy Spirit and unless your'e an overcomer in training mode.... no-one could understand, it would be nonsense to them.. for OVERCOMING GOES OPPOSITE to all CARNAL REASONINGS....

                  the NEW FOOD to be consumed IS CALLED THE HIDDEN MANNA.
                  Not all people get to eat the hidden manna cuz it is hidden from eyes that are blinded.

                  therefore let each of us GET our full supply OF HOLY EYE-SALVE...and ''see'' how to escape and learn spiritually how to rule In Christ over all impossible situations.

                  the carnal mind, with the carnal eye-sight, has to be removed and replaced with eye sight that will ONLY EVER OBEY the Word of God, by putting it first over all of our impossible situations. amen

                  i once saw a comment i found very helpfull to gain overcoming strength over my woe it went like this...

                  ''if your football team was getting trashed at 1/2 time, would you be anxious and upset, when you already knew they would WIN the game''


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                    what is death~!

                    In Romans 8:6-9 read:

                    For to be carnally minded is death;

                    - the carnal/flesh mind is one that contains ABNORMAL THINKING, THE MIND of MAN - IS AN ABOMINATION...
                    example...take a note book with you today and take time to write down each ''abominal'' thought.... also write down HOW U ACTED upon that thought and how it manifested out from your that what is going to KILL YOU..

                    but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.
                    = this is putting on THE SAME MIND, CALLED THE MIND OF CHRIST,upon you.
                    also called METAMOORPHOO IN THE BIBLE.... or...... a changed form of thinking so that when death walks into your mind in the form of abnormal thinking of that old man within.. stricken it and hand it over to Jesus Christ to be CAPTURED....
                    that is LIFE NOW. LEARNING TO BE HEAVENLY MINDED.

                    Because the carnal mind [fleshly mind] is enmity [hostile] against God:

                    for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be.
                    So then they that are in the flesh [fleshly minded] cannot please God.
                    But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the spirit of God dwell in you.
                    Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of His
                    WE are to learn HOW to walk in the Spirit only in this place /realm DEATH IS NO MORE FOR US..
                    CUZ now there is no condemnation... SEE Roms 8 v1.
                    learn how to walk this way THE SPIRITUAL WAY, so that our carnal thinking is totally errased from our life...OUR FORMER 'WIFE' is no more.....

                    we have become NEW... OLD THINGS... THAT OLD WIFE WHO CONTROLLED US CALLED 'EVE', is no longer in control.

                    she died.

                    to walk in the Spirit means we learn to stand on the Word of Abba over all things pertaining to our lives.
                    WE BECOME
                    Psalm 23
                    WE BECOME
                    Psalm 91

                    these 'living psalm-people' are HIDDEN FROM THE EVIL DAY...

                    WE ARE TO LEARN this fact

                    MESSIAH [THE POWER of God ] IS LORD OF ALL
                    NOT [by having no power] LORD AT ALL.

                    understand, the power of Messiah
                    understand, the power of Adam

                    2 powers
                    the greater
                    the lesser

                    The Lord Dances

                    By Sylvia Deall

                    May 22, 2006

                    God gave me this word picture this morning.

                    I saw the Mighty One dancing in the midst of His people, but it wasn’t a love dance.
                    It is a war dance and He is trampling down His enemies, the enemies that have invaded His bride, that have come against her.
                    He is dancing and the bride is dancing with Him and the enemy is under our feet!
                    For the Lord Most High dances and leads His beloved in the dance. He is dancing on what is in us too so we are made pure; dances on that which is trying to be over our lives so it has to go!

                    He dances on the works of the enemy, dances on the works of the flesh, dances on all that is not holy.
                    How beautiful are His feet and the feet of His bride as they dance and take ground in Him.
                    Dancing over all the works of the evil one.

                    Dance, dance, dance!

                    And there are shouts of victory and joy in the tents of the righteous for the Lord has gone to battle on behalf of His bride. And walls will crumble, and strongholds will fall for the feet of the Lord make nothing of them.

                    Mountains fall away and become level ground.
                    And the veils fall off the eyes of those He is calling to see. The kingdom is come.
                    Shout aloud for the kingdom of God is come. The kingdom is here. Let the gates be flung wide. Let the hungry and the thirsty and the crippled and the blind come to the feast. Dance, dance, dance.

                    The dance that took You to the cross, the dance that brought us to salvation.
                    You dance us into freedom. We call to the north and the south and the east and the west, we call to the nations of the earth, we call them into the Lord Jesus. Carry them on Your winds.

                    Let Your winds carry the sound of the call of the bride saying come! Come, come, come.
                    Come while there’s time.

                    For the Lord is coming soon. Come eat and drink and live. Come feast on the riches the Father has prepared for you. It is time, time to come, time to live, time to know the Lord, time to allow Him to touch your hearts, time to repent, time to turn.

                    As the seasons change…time for new life to rise up, for death to loose its grip, for resurrection to take place, for new men to rise and serve the King, for the old to fall away.

                    Time for the bride to let go of what is old and what is not His heart for now, time for His kingdom to be built, time to die to self, time to live for Him, time for His plans and purposes to be revealed and fulfilled.

                    King of glory enter in!
                    All the walls falling as You dance, the path being made smooth and straight, the highway of holiness being laid plain before your bride. You shine through Your bride, You shine through the dance.

                    The light increases and the darkness flees away.
                    Sparks fly from Your feet as You dance the war dance over us.
                    You dance with fire. You set fires everywhere Your feet tread.

                    Dance Lord dance. Holy fire burn! Dance, dance, dance.

                    The Lord dances and the bride dances with Him.

                    Last edited by LucySmith; 07-04-2006, 06:27 PM.


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                      death , our death is that last enemy to overcome

                      hello Friend Spying...
                      u say
                      You know, this world is filled with good Christians and good Jews who do not believe that they can really change. They do not believe that they can overcome death.
                      I am here to tell you and Lucy Smith is here to tell you that we can overcome death through faith in Messiah
                      that is the truth...
                      still all men around us are dropping like flies into their pre-paid plots...
                      i heard once 2,OOO people die very 12 mins.

                      DEATH IS AN INDUSTRY...
                      DEATH HAS WAGES...

                      death IS THE BIGEST EMPLOYER in the world...
                      are you... EMPLOYED BY DEATH, THE WORLDS BIGGEST Inc?
                      if... a person has wages...that generally means THEY WORK FOR AN EMPLOYER, so they receive their wages from that employer...

                      consider this
                      DO YOU WORK FOR the worlds biggest employer called YOUR OWN DEATH?
                      have you considered being u can seek another who can give you a better future?
                      you can work for another boss... called the Good Shepherd...
                      who gives you full time work, called LIFE ABUNDANT~! and lists His employment benefits in a book called NT and your work contract can relate to a section there in 2 Tim 1 v 10.

                      i actually became UN-employed about 5yrs ago...
                      I swapped Bosses, i developed this great adversion for my former employer..
                      it came to a stage we are did not get along, and he began to get very angry with me, cuz i was no longer following his orders, like all his other employees who were so reliable and so faithfull to his work-ethic and the power of his wages to them.
                      I have to admit i became a red-neck revolutionary, i told him off, in no uncertain terms...i verbally cursed him and his work and pay packet.
                      I was brave i admit as I threw my job back into his face right there and then,
                      Everything this employer had done to me I renounced him and his influences over me.

                      Ofcourse all the other employees nearby, where gob-shocked over this and whispered
                      ''lucy's wrong, what a ding, look at her and just who does she think she is tell him off like that, no one will ever employ her again in this world thats for sure''.

                      Well i walked out from those gates with my head held high let me tell you, all the while the sniggers from the employees grew weaker as my freedom grew greater. OH.. it felt so great~!~!
                      The next day, ofcourse i need wages to live so I went to a little known employer called the good shepherd aka LIFE IN THE SPIRIT and he took me in with opened arms and taught me a new work ethic called RESURRECTION life and all the benefits i would received if i worked well and obeyed his just instructions..

                      Well i do admit,though,
                      it was hard to change over from years of working for that old boss, BUT my new Master was so kind for he already had an inkling of my former life where i had been so abused and misused, so he comforted me and took my hand and showed me a special new style of work i needed to do for him.
                      Infact he actually told me that his workforce was growing and very soon his whole work force shall overtake the opposition.
                      This is GOOD NEWS for sure.
                      I am so pleased i left my former employer.
                      everyday i go to my work-place alive and full of excitement about what work he shall have for me today.....

                      As the seasons change…time for new life to rise up, for death to loose its grip, for resurrection to take place, for new men to rise and serve the King, for the old to fall away.
                      so plx
                      let me show you my new work new work new employer
                      and how much i enjoy this new form of work and my working conditions under him.....
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                        God first

                        Beloved Spying, and LucySmith

                        God loves you all my dear friends

                        Yes I look at Torah and the bible as a tool

                        That we should be lead my Christ and when it comes that we take our last fleshly breath we can begin our spiritual breaths

                        death is overcome by birth into a being like Christ is now

                        The last enemy is defeated by new birth

                        Yes we are not bound by law but by love

                        We do the law of love because our natural as changed from flesh to spirit or temp to life ever-after

                        Yes lets be about our heavenly father business

                        Yes its all about love

                        Yes fleshly minded is death but spiritual minded is life

                        yes dance in the love of God

                        Yes it is time to repent and be a new creation

                        Yes lets overcome death

                        a great work place we have

                        I enjoy reading all the replies sorry I took so long to answer

                        your words have blessed my heart I try to point to a few highlights

                        thank you

                        with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy


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                          hello Roy .....................cont...

                          in my new employment, it has rather a creative flavour about it and so my NEW Boss, oversees my creative flare.

                          today i found the 13th immortal...

                          have u ever stopped and let your mind roam to imagine what the NT says...

                          1Cr 2:9 But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.
                          how do we live?
                          how do we love?
                          so many wonders in store................ hey? and we have only just begun.


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                            God first

                            Beloved LucySmith

                            God loves you my dear friend

                            Yes I have let my "mind roam to imagine what the NT says"

                            the spiritual view the truth between the lines

                            the spirit of the words

                            the spirit of the patters

                            but I still have a lot to see spiritually

                            thank you

                            with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy


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                              pauper living conditions is the adamic life.

                              hello Roy...

                              this morning i saw this wonderfull aspect from a Pauline Statement and i would like to share it.
                              before i do this, i wanted to lay a foundation of a ''pauper''
                              [an old fashioned word i know]...
                              but... this pauper- word was on my mind too...
                              so pauper
                              and the verse i 'saw' this morning were co-joined in my mind....

                              but firstly the word definition of pauper...
                              a person who is very poor
                              a person who is destitute
                              poverty, beggery, in want and need = describe a pauper.

                              now... here is this statement from Apostle Paul

                              ''This favour and privilege was granted and graciously entrusted to me to proclaim to the Gentiles
                              the unending,
                              incalculable and exhaustless riches of Christ''
                              why do we stay IN a pauper's postion?
                              why do we stay IN poverty of spirit?
                              why are we found IN need and want?

                              becuase we have never understood.... the BENEFITS OF CHRIST AND HIS DIVINE LIFE....

                              HE CONTAINS all those factors TO GIVE TO US...
                              in SHARING AND CARING.

                              IN ALL OF THESE EXHAUSTLESS RICHES
                              ask this
                              where is fear and panic,
                              sickness and spiritual blindness,
                              where is poverty and want and distress and death...
                              they are NOT found IN HIM are they..............................

                              people have all these abovementioned curses, falling all over them, because of their ungodly ignorance.
                              people are withered.
                              and these
                              withered people have a form of life being sucked out from them
                              withered.... word meaning
                              to dry, to shrivel up, to wilt, to weaken, to decline, to languish away,

                              Ignorance = being devoid of divine wisdom....withers all PEOPLE and kills them. The carnal mind of death like thinking destroys....the mind of gloom and doom, the slave mind, controlled by the devil...the mind that is too lazy to get out from its mode of self destruction.

                              this is a comment i have from Laurence Lilley who is an 80+yrs old man from Australia.
                              The first time “Church” is mentioned, of course is when Jesus told Peter that he would ‘build his church” and that -

                              King James - the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

                              RSV - the powers of death shall not prevail against it.

                              Phillips - the powers of death shall never prevail against it.

                              ANT - the gates of Hades - the powers of the infernal regions - shall not overpower it - or be strong to it’s detriment or hold out against it.

                              The Message - I will put together my church, a church so expansive with energy that not even the gates of hell will be able to keep it out.

                              Put all that together and it can be seen that right from the outset, Jesus intended that his group of “called out people” were going to have an impact on the forces of darkness that would virtually render them useless.
                              can i simply ask y'all

                              why do u need your will,
                              your funeral planned out
                              your pre-paid plot of death purchased IF YOU ARE '''''IN''''' Christ, the power of God?
                              where in THE POWER OF GOD... DO WE FIND DEATH?

                              THE POWER LIFE ABOLISHES DEATH.