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I desire true friends

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  • I desire true friends

    This was sent to me.

    In grief most times I watch My people making claims of holiness and righteousness, yet walking according to their own understanding, not leaning upon My wisdom to sustain them, nor even seeking Me for it.

    As if they desire a handout once or twice a week, but the rest of the time is their own to do what they want...
    To grasp onto My hand and to walk with Me takes too much time and effort, and if things run smoothly for them, they go on their way, not even in remembrance of Me.

    I desire friends who want to talk to Me.
    Sadly, so many only brace themselves and come to frantic prayer when things don't go well for them; in other words, not as they desired.

    Behold, I am no genie in a lamp, to be rubbed only for favors now and then, but thou art to have a continuous relationship with Me, ever acknowledging My Holy Presence with and in thee.

    To not be aware of Me is to walk alone as far as you are concerned and to make thine own decisions and plans.

    Seek Me for hearing, ye who cannot hear Me.
    Surely were you to consider it, ye give Me no real time to speak to you, your life being a busy myriad of your own thoughts and deeds.

    My people, if indeed you would hear Me, then ye must spend some time seeking to hear Me or at least feeling My influence.

    You say your desire is insignificant?

    Pray for greater desire for My things and words and wisdom.

    Ye must first respect Me as your Creator and wiser than you, if you will come to know Me.

    My heart aches for true friends willing to spend real quality time with Me.

    Sadly, so few are willing to do this, being caught up in family life, work and their own form of play.

    Behold, spend your time however you will but understand your need for what I hold out unto thee and the lateness of the hour.

    Jobs, possessions and even family will all seem insignificant as well as the time you wasted being caught up in all the trivia when My shaking of all begins.

    Realize your situation, My People, and what be most important, for so many while away the hours wastefully when they could be becoming solidly founded in Me.

    Though it hurts Me deeply that you can spare no time for Me in your busy schedules, yet understand that I yet hold out hope of your returning.

    Good will shall be shown you yet a little while, then disasters will strike you relentlessly and you will then wish you'd paid attention and found your place of peace and security under the shadow of My wings.

    Too late for you who wait until then to prepare, for then My wrath shall strike and your "house of cards" dreams shall all be shattered.
    Awake! Awake!
    O My people to the sound of My Trumpets sounding and heed the alarm and the call to be ready, the time is at hand. Saith the Almighty.

    Behold the Kingdom of God is Within You

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    God first

    Beloved LucySmith

    God loves you my dear friend

    You have wrote the word of God by dear friend

    One can see you are a true friend to God

    thank you for sharing these great words of Love and Truth

    thank you

    with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy


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      thank you Roy.... it is a nice post to share.

      i loved this sentence that reads...

      My heart aches for true friends willing to spend real quality time with Me.
      true brethren feel the same way.

      I do believe their hearts ACHE for each other and true fellowship.

      Divine fellowship is definately
      thats for sure.
      It is like, coming home to people who actually understand you.