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who? is that standing beside your bed~!

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  • who? is that standing beside your bed~!

    little story i read many years ago
    hope y'all blessed by its message as I was
    There was a man who had Jesus Christ as saviour, BUT never as LORD.
    ONE DAY he was so sad and down in the heart, everything was too much for him and he was in great despair.

    His friend came for a visit and noticed how sad this man really was, so he asked him
    "what is wrong''
    and ofcourse the man emptied his heart out filled with sad things and all manner of sin and evil poured out.

    His friend, cried over him and prayed for him and left.

    That night, the sad man had a vision /a dream.

    He was laying in the bed and as he looked up 1/2 awake he saw a huge, limp man..dressed in grey and looking so sad...standing near his bed.

    the sad man got such a fright and said ''who are u please''
    This weak and limp huge man said

    ''i am your angel that is to minister to you''.

    said the sad man, ''well do something for i am in a bad way here''...

    the huge grey man said '' i cannot, you will not let me, you have made me powerless''

    ''َh how''? said the sad man...

    ''well'', said his angel, ''you never ask me to fight nor do anything for you'' have tired my hands, by your inactivity.
    ''why dont you sing and praise the Lord for your blessings and then pray and thank Him for his great mercy towards you''.

    ''well i shall do this'' said the sad man.

    he turned and look at the angel and said '' goes''.

    well the sad man started to pray and after this he started to sing... he went and got his bible and quoted ps.149.. and he was so involved with this... he looked up...
    what did he see.?

    The huge limp and weak angel, had become a glowing golden light,
    his sword was raised up and he was dressed in battle array.
    he was swishing the sword and in full fight and he was magnificient...

    The man no longer felt sad...he felt inspired..he was like a giant iside, he felt like David did after he had killed old Goliath.

    the no longer sad man, said to the angel...'' I never knew praises and prayer to Almighty God worked so well and made u so happy and so activated''.

    ''well said the angel...'' thats my job BUT you have to act, so i can act for you''.

    now this is a vision a man had... and we know JESUS CHRIST is the captain of all our battles..
    BUT! it is UP TO US to act and to win by overcoming everything that is NOT according to His word inside of us.

    it is His new creature learning how to do NEW THINGS ,
    we all have to learn THE NEW WAY and the path to walk on.

    ''seek ye 1st the Kingdom of heaven and ALL else shall be added to you.''

    SO why not have a ''different spirit'' called an indomitable one.....this really means a SPIRIT INSIDE OF US THAT never gives up... so we are like a bull-dog over a bone... that's the Spirit GOD LOVES....


    not easily discouraged
    not easily defeated
    having great courage.

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    looking to understand

    we can be grey and boring
    we can be negative and dead

    we can BECOME positively ALIVE.~!



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      a few years ago i was thinking about Angels and how they can see us and help us and i thought '' i am being watched over, that so great, BUT I am also being watched..''

      that revelation gave me a real jerk.... to think i was being watched by another being.

      i felt as if my whole life was being lived in a show case or like a shop window of a department store.... i was on ''display'' and did not know it.
      i could not handle that to tell the truth I felt ''invaded and all my privacy was gone''.
      so i thought
      ''now i have to live my life as if i am viewed by others who are looking at my behaviour and studying me.

      that is a wake up call.
      we are continually open to inspection by other beings.

      if u think about this correctly and with great understanding here
      you will modify......accordingly.

      ''Angels watching over me, every move I make,
      Angels watching over me!
      Angels watching over me, every step I take,
      Angels watching over me!''