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    God first

    Here I sat Roy William Perry III the man of flesh with the seed of Christ in me year2027 as the name I am call by many. I reach up tp the open heaven of the most high God the creator of the heavens and the earth that can be seen and that can not be seem.

    For I tell you there is a inner heaven and there is a outer heaven the one you see when you look up is just the outer heaven but the one you look into the space between the space is a clue of the inner heaven.

    The inner heaven is were God and Christ sat to reach out of to help us with our every need of the flesh and of the spirit and this were you shall meet Christ in the air in the space between the space a place that fleshly eyes look past like it is not even there.

    But what can I tell you about the inner earth? Ok! But I must first tell you about the outer earth that which was clean by water in the days of Noah when God clean the evil of the earth from the outside in with water.

    The part of the earth we walk on the part of the earth that we see with our eyes but the inner earth is the space below what we can see and above what we can see with our eyes it the space in-between the two.

    From the inner earth God will clean the earth with fire from the inside out will come the cleaning with fire to clean the earth. The first cleaning was from outside in of mankind and the earth and the second cleaning is from inside out of mankind and the earth .

    In the earth was the seed of Christ planted and this seed will break out into the earth of Christ a spiritual earth one that is spiritual and can not die and will be the day of re-birth for the earth.

    But we too can and many have received the seed of Christ within our inner self our hearts of our minds the part that makes us what we are. Then at our last trump we will be born from the inside out unto a being of spiritual light to sat in the inner space of heaven with God and Christ.

    The great day of birth is coming were all inner seeds will shine as the lights of spiritual rays they are but not like rays from the sun.

    For the sun is a light which as rays that can be turn off but the true light we will become rays of it is God and that light can not be turn off nor will it ever be.

    I tell you that mankind thinks they are powerful but they have not even to make anything close to the power that a stars gives off and its our God that lights the stars and has the power to turn off any or all stars at any given moment.

    For I hear the race for mankind to quite the many voices of God but what fools are they because my God will not be quite nor will I because in life I speak and in death my words wrote will speak on and the words of God have travel space and time and are still here.

    The words of God will all ways be around because the inner heaven will all ways be here but the time is getting closer the outer heaven and earth will be gone and the spiritual heaven and earth will grow out from within as many of us will do too.

    I will stop here as I tell you watch and be ready for that day is growing nearer each hour we walk on this outer earth. Thank you with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.