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  • 06-15-2006

    God first
    wrote 06-15-2006
    Here I sat Roy William Perry III a man of flesh and blood that is reaching to hear the spirit of Christ the seed within my heart tell me what to write unto you my dear friends.

    Grace be unto us all from God the Father who created all things and to Jesus the Christ who gave up his life for us to bring us from hope of life after death to a fact that there is life after death.

    For at the last trump of Jesus fleshly breath he became the Christ by wining over death something God had plan from the beginning and at that very second or moment of time.

    Christ went down to where the imprint of the dead conscience is stored and by God’s help using God’s knowledge of each person Christ restored the consciences of our elders to a new body.

    Then the dead began to raised and this is why the apostles of old saw Moses and Elias standing in the clouds with Jesus the Christ because they have rose first.

    Now God knows that many of you want to read pass things like this in the bible but they are there and we must face the truth.

    For I tell you there are many last trumps for when each person dies fleshly that has the seed of Christ in them this is there last trump the day they see the light of Christ and are led up to heaven with there new body of light and truth.

    I tell you this because so many people have been mislead by lack of spiritual knowledge and only receiving a fleshly understanding of truth.

    But the bible was wrote by man of God that received the words from above by the spirit over showering them or in them from spiritual image to fleshly image.

    This bible was wrote with fleshly hands but it was given unto them from a spiritual voice the voice of God or the voice of Christ.

    So to see the heart of the words we must reach for the spirit within us to help us understand what the spiritual voice told the fleshly hands to write.

    And yes the hands to not hear or do they. For the image of spirit tells the image of flesh and the image of flesh tells the mind and the mind tells the hears and the hears tells the hand by way of many parts in-between the ears and the hand.

    O I am getting tired but Christ has more to tell you so I will moved on my dear friends. For our flesh are weak but the Christ in us is strong.

    The day is coming that more and more we will see what sin has brought unto this old earth. Because of the lust for money we dig away the earth taking away the natural way the oceans and dry land kept there balance.

    We shot things into space to show the world that we are all powerful but we are only upsetting the balance of things in space.

    For everything was created to take care of itself but when we destroy the balance we see in time what our lust for power and creed has brought.

    The time is here this old earth is dying because we have poison it with sin just like we have done the first layer of fleshly heaven but Christ will recreated every thing.

    But first the first layer of fleshly heaven and earth will roll up into a ball of fire and Christ will re-created it in a spiritual form so there will be no more death.

    For all things will be in the form of spirit but what this form will be I can not put into words because I can only write with my small mind.

    I will end here my dear friends, thank you with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy

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    Hello ROY...
    THAT IS an interesting POST....

    from your post

    For at the last trump of Jesus fleshly breath he became the Christ by winning over death something God had plan from the beginning and at that very second or moment of time.
    Messiah destroyed death - PAST TENSE.

    destroyed death!!!!!! death is sin of ignorance.... ''My people PERISH'' from LACK of knowledge''....
    death is sin and
    sin is mark missing and
    is not knowing. the real truth

    Most people dont seem to understand this.
    cuz they see the sin of death in operation daily

    . death is acceptable to most men, YET, death has been destroyed.

    have u ever noticed that


    its a mind game called ''smoke and mirrors''
    an illusion that inserts itself daily into our mind as a Truth.
    so the mass consciousness creates death as a truth... like a chain of pain.... that is self-inflicted.

    it seems as if 'the lie' is only an illusion, but this illusion is real to the people INside of it.

    What is THE illusion - ignorance of the true situation, or a perception that kills most men.
    so ask this
    what is the real truth the undeniable truth.................death is past tense and has been destroyed


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      God first

      Beloved LucySmith

      God loves you my dear friend

      Yes "DEATH IS NEWSWORTHY?" or so they like it to be

      I like to look at death as a birth from flesh being to a spiritual being

      thank you

      with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy


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        newspower- newsworthy - news....

        death is NEWS and it forever keeps ITS BAD NEWS BEFORE US..
        like it is BREEDING DEATH, the mind is made conscious of LIVING DEATH that is always a newsworthy death.

        how death is news?

        Death is strategically placed before us as an ''item'' for our attention.
        that when a saint tells another person THE GOODNEWS
        they hold their sides laughting....

        iT IS LIKE 'age'... people say how old are you?
        age and death seem to hold hands.

        that is PROGRAMMING....
        SUBTLE HEY


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          God first

          Beloved Lucy Smith

          God loves you my dear friend

          Yes age and death seem to hold hands

          yes it is interesting

          thank you

          with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy


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            eating manna is chewing over, rather like chewing the cud,

            hello Roy,

            do u chew the cud spiritually i mean?
            i do
            the hidden manna needs to be chewed over....
            because IF WE REMEMBER our scriptures we find that evil is subtle = cunning, crafty, wily, designed to deceive.
            [Gen 3 v.1]

            to mediate upon this cunning trickery is to understand - IT IS NOT A sudden impacting awareness upon us
            ... but.....
            it gradually comes into our awareness, so that by the time we become really aware we are hooked.

            so, our trick is to become UNHOOKED

            see most people are addicted to a programme of
            CUNNING TRICKERY, that diverts them all AWAY from truth.
            the evil trick/deception is a form of subtle indoctrination and this vast network of indoctrination is a world wide conception of an ILLUSION - this is why ''the lie'' ..lives....

            the evil plan is,
            you have to be indoctrinated into the system of THE LIE~!
            THE KING OF LIES WISHES HIS SUBJECTS TO BE LIED TOO! and they believe his lie, as they cannot believe their real Father, Abba and HIS TRUTH.

            IF, we discover the lie and the vastness of it, we then BEGIN TO BELIEVE THE TRUTH! and as Abba REVEALS more truth to us, we can see the world wide lie clearer.

            to eat of the hidden manna, is to be shown the lie and be able to overcome it IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST...
            Rev 12 v 11]

            this is how WE spiritually CHEW THE CUD,
            = we find pieces of the TRUTH, like pieces of a giant jigsaw puzzle as ABBA BEGINS TO REVEAL THE REAL WORLD TO US.
            then we chew over them, look at them, examine them, SO we REACH THE VERDICT OF TRUTH~!
            we understand correctly and use it for our advantage...................
            namely to be set free.

            the Truth is

            Jesus Christ said - ''I am the way, the Truth and the LIFE''
            IF He is ''the life'' HE IS ALSO THE TRUTH..
            we cannot have life without the truth, nor can we have THE TRUTH, WITHOUT THE LIFE.


            do u believe it

            most people CANNOT AS the power of the lie is too strong for them.


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              God first

              Beloved LucySmith

              God loves you my dear friend

              "Yes I chew the cud spiritually i mean?"

              I mediate on things I read as God spoon feeds me the word of truth

              For I believe the bible can be understood with the spirit of Christ working in us to love each other with the love of God

              thank you

              with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy


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                what we all need Roy

                is a MIND, that LIVES ABOVE, ALL media brainwashing

                ASK this question

                ''who is your baby-sitter''?

                Would Messiah's mind been brainwashed by the Media of His day?
                the scriptures say evil is in the power of the air...
                ofcourse 'it' uses the AIR WAVES,.....
                WHO IS OUR BABY-SITTER? OOCH!

                IT IS NOT SO MUCH ''MIND OVER MATTER''
                mind over MEDIA


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                  God first

                  Beloved LucySmith

                  God loves you my dear friend

                  Yes Christ Christ Jesus is my baby sitter

                  thank you

                  with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy