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Opening up the Scriptures for Abba's Generals

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  • Opening up the Scriptures for Abba's Generals

    God's Generals.

    DO NOT...dwell under the cloud of unknowing`~!

    "Do not cease seeking day or night, and do not let yourselves relax until you have found all the Mysteries of the Kingdom of Light, which will purify you and make you into Pure Light and lead you into the Kingdom of Light."

    Pistis Sophia (Faith-Wisdom):

    "Then opened He their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures." Luke 24:45

    in bible numerics..
    no 24 - the elect of God-The Priesthood
    no 45 -preservation.

    a sentence could read
    opened scriptures, is for our understanding of the transcendent Christ`~!

    God's Generals..
    perceive these holy things as their understanding is opened up to the scriptures.

    1]= Now when He was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come,
    He answered them and said, "The kingdom of God does not come with observation;
    "nor will they say, 'See here!' or 'See there!' For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you."
    (Luke 17:20-21 NKJ)

    GOd's Generals LEARN all about the KINGDOM WTHIN the spirit of the real world has to dominate over their carnal mind and the body.
    The Kingdom of God being within us, is indeed the treasure that is hidden in the field of our body/mind.
    And the Kingdom can only be found by those who are "...seeking beautiful pearls" and are prepared to sell all that they have in this world in order to acquire it.
    2]=Those Who Profess To Believe
    "Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it."
    (Matt 7:13-14 NKJ)

    God's Generals, UNDERSTAND the Kingdom and how to enter in.
    ONLY MESSIAH can open the scriptures for them amen~!

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    cont God's Generals.

    Paradise Road !

    - a poem of the End-Time.

    A relay race!
    The final leg is just about to start.
    The epic journey coming to an end.
    Through the mist the pathway narrows,
    And then plunges down the hill
    Into a dark and awesome valley of decision.

    And there the Remnant congregation
    Finds the Paradise Road.
    A highway up the mountain through the flowers.
    Then at last, the vision splendid!
    Out across the overflow, comes the Breaker!
    And His sheep are pressing in!

    So when the trumpet sounds the warning
    From Zion's holy hill,
    You will remember those long lost ancient paths.
    Because the saints who ran before you.
    Will be calling out your name.
    And passing the baton on to you.

    . . . . . . . . . Will you run?

    A devotional and exhortational poem from Hebrews 11:1-12:2
    by Gavin Finley

    God's Generals are NOT forgetting the GREAT crowd of witnesses . waiting to be perfected.

    let us HASTEN the day amen


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      God's end of time Generals.

      i loved this Pic.. amen

      it shows spiritually our purified soul stopping the mouth of the serpent-beast.
      she [our redeemed soul] is is no longer harmed...she is the General~!
      the serpent's mouth is stopped.
      She is the victor.
      She [our new creature Eve] is not longer impressed by the words of the devil beast.

      Are you being trained up to be master over that beast within u?
      by taking full advantage of scriptures and Messiah's sacrifice. amen

      Thats WHAT Messiah DESIRES MOST... and not lilly-livid people ...or people who are always afraid...
      NO MORE...
      HOW MANY TIMES IN THE Word DOES IT TELL US... ''do not be afraid.' ummm.
      open up and count.. how many times the TRUTH tells us....193 times.

      DO NOT BE AFRAID....193 times
      DO NOT FEAR...193 times

      Go see for yourself...193 times so it is TATOOED into the mind 193 times DO NOT FEAR~!~!~!~!

      this pic spiritually shows..
      TIME IS NO MORE....
      The real world is NOW OUR PERSONAL INHERITANCE AND we are no longer afraid. AMEN.

      HIS LIVING STONE.. HIS GENERALS are being trained up TO HOLD His omnipotent power


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        193 times

        dont u think,
        if u were told something 193 times you would be safe and understand and know?

        imagine Our Father telling us 193 times- MEANING by taking the time and effort to show us all HIS examples IN words and IN lives that held His standards of DO NOT FEAR...

        WELL God's generals are trained up TO HAVE NO FEAR for fear takes away the power of Messiah from us.

        Pray to be DELIVERED from your fears.....

        When you do this and some 'fear' comes to attack you, it seems as if a big hand is placed upon our head and we cannot think fearfilled thoughts.... as if our mind goes into a blank and we are stopped in our tracks... and when this happens... His thoughts suddenly become our thoughts... and fear goes.

        How did Daniel sit in the lion's den?
        How did David kill Goliath?

        These men where trained up not to be afraid of anything we can find here in this shadow realm of earthy standards.
        Even though this world is real to us, sometimes i think it is only a shadow and an illusion.
        We DONT SEE correctly everything that we need to see.

        [see 2 kings 6 v 17]
        here are some thoughts on this verse

        2 witness
        kings - People of authority
        no 6 - man
        no 17 - victory.

        this verse is speaking about fears and having our eyes opened, so we are NO longer afraid, even in 2006AD.
        NOTHING shall make us afraid ever again
        we get understanding upon what is happening here~!

        let us break this verse down again.
        in this verse we ''see'' two worlds
        1] the earthy realm where the 2 men are surrounded and can be killed
        2] the spiritual realm where the two men can suddenly 'see into' and in this realm all things are taken care of for these men.

        it all depends on which one we see into that shall kill us or save us.

        could we make us a sentence to say this.
        2 witness
        kings - People of authority
        no 6 - man
        no 17 - victory.

        ''His Kings, can see into the 2 realms and witness the victory walk so that they are no longer afraid.
        These Kings are people of authority.''

        when we begin to practice this walk, all our FEARS ARE REMOVED, as King David said ''HE delivered me from all of my fears'' our fears are fading too, as we learn how to grow up understanding the real realm more than this realm.

        Go over and over this BIBLE scene in your mind...
        get this living reality TATOO-ED into the carnal mindset of ''seeing is believing''...rubbish!
        WALK AWAY alast understanding that divine instruction of 193 times- HAVE NO FEAR.

        my time is 7-27 am tues morning...
        when i posted this on your time it was 2-22pm MON,

        2 IS A WITNESS...
        2 x 2 x 2 is a witness to the power of 3


        also see.



        again... some interesting facts for our understanding... if u can plough thru this work it sure is interesting info!
        well i found it so...take a bit at a time and digest it....

        I liked this revelation here for Ps 42
        Psalm 42:7 "All thy waves and thy billows are gone over me"
        Science measures waves at 10^42 power; 10^42hz or 10^42 power frequency of light waves (photons) coming from 1 kilogram of mass.
        The word wave, in all forms: waved, waves etc.. appears in exactly 42 verses of the Old Testament.

        i know 'waves' cuz i have had a glimmer of them and how they work....waves are like ripples in the atmosphere and they move out and 'touch people' or 'situations'.... truth is a wave too... speak it out and its waves carries its words OUTWARDS. THEN, these waves touch.... touch....touch... to change, amen

        also a different site but with the same info

        to continue
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          this is so fasinating... [opening our understanding]

          to cont. tues. 8-55 am

          THE OPENING UP.

          GEMS of the Truth can be found scattered around...Abba will show us where to look so lets open up some gems so we are changed by simply knowing these truths.
          This info comes from a book called ''UNBROKEN WHOLENESS''...
          [WHAT AN AWESOME TITLE] = that's what we are becoming, we are walking into UNBRLOKEN WHOLENESS amen

          did u see this ?
          The words "sun and light" appear together within 19 scriptures of the Bible.
          The words "earth and sun" appear in 8 scriptures of the Bible together and the earth is 8 minutes from the sun at light speed.
          see with 'new' eyes.... that
          no 8 means New beginnings and Resurrection life.... this goodnews is STAMPED upon the time it takes sunlight to shine upon earth.Everyday this divine message goes out.
          again another gem of Truth says

          The sun is 152,000,000 kilometers away at it's longest distance and the word "sun" appears 152 times in the Bible.
          The Psalms are the 19th book of the Bible.
          Talking about "power and 10^19"; Luke 10:19 "Behold I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy."
          but lets us open further...
          no 10 in bible numerics means- Responsibility for the Word of God
          no 19 in bible numerics means- faith.
          so this verse works on RESPONSIBLE FAITH. We are growing up into this amazing fact of Truth as Messiah had RESPONSIBLE FAITH during His walk here.

          the next gem is no 24 which is the mirror reverse of 42....
          bible numerics for 24 - the royal priesthood - the elect.
          Could King Solomon be likened to the wisdom His saints are receiving?
          He asked Father for this divine wisdom so he could rule the Kingdom, father had given him.... is this not responsible faith in action...[well we know the story of Solomon, but it does not take away the strength of the wisdom he once possessed. ]

          I liked the passage where it says

          ''But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin''.
          can we investigate this ...
          by opening it up.

          IF -
          we walk in light [ LIGHT IS revelation/understanding of a truth, so that ''the gates of hell shall not prevail against us'' and is given to us from Abba! our own daddy]...
          ONLY IN THIS STATE[of divine revelation] do we have FELLOWSHIP one with another.
          Like Peter and the other disciples had that day with Jesus Christ [math 16 v 17 = this type of revealed knowledge]- leads to that type of fellowship.

          can u see this?

          That is why we fellowship successfully cuz 'LIFE NOW' bonds us like cement [no wonder u are a worker of concrete ]
          so amen for His abounding grace over us.


          IT IS ONLY in this state [ revelations of defeating death and understanding the real Gospel] that the Blood of Christ cleanses us from all our sin.

          NOW..............THAT is a revelation for sure.

          that is why church fails to work~! hell/grave does prevail against them as their church stands mostly next to the grave yard.

          I dont know of anyone who has had this revelation...?
          I have never even read about this before.

          When we are IN such a fellowship with other 'life now' saints we are being cleansed from our sin.

          OFCOURSE WE ARE...


          cuz 'life now' is the same life power Messiah walked inside of.
          This same life has to have NO sin within it.
          So as we fellowship together we receive revelations from Abba so that hell/grave cannot over take us [the last enemy is overcome] and in this way we can copy the same walk as Messiah. amen

          oh this is good...
          It cannot get any better...
          Now i know why i keep telling u , ''your'e a blessing to me''....

          to cont investigations
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            i have come to realise this!

            True Brethren Fellowship can only come when death is walking away.

            Death is ignorance and ignorance makes us perish.

            When we really fellowship in Christ, one to another, the power of that fellowship makes His whole LIFE INTENSIFY as TRUTH INVADES the group.

            If we look at the school of Christ for 3 odd years under Messiah, we see Truth in action.
            WE HAVE TO REMEMBER THAT TRUTH is a person.

            therefore to successfully fellowship in the love, that OUR Messiah expects means = TRUTH WALKS with us as He did 2000yrs with others.

            WHEN TRUTH, THE PERSON, walked with the disciples 2000yrs ago did death walk in His presence or did HIS LIFE RULE OVER ALL DEATH.

            ofcourse we know the answer.
            DEATH WAS MADE A subject TO HIS LIFE.

            WRITE THAT 1000 TIMES ON THE CHALK BOARD so it is tatooed into our minds.

            ''DEATH [our ignorance]
            WAS MADE A SUBJECT [ruled over by]

            death was made a subject to His LIFE.

            NOW! have you got this life?....
            for if u have, you have NOT got death.

            the Truth LIFTS US OUT FROM OUR IGNORANCE, and places us into the KNOWLEDGE OF HIS LIFE.

            as you read these words they have to lift you up and place you IN THE WAY OF TRUTH, so that you understand that position, meaning, THE TRUTH PLACES YOU ARE ABOVE, the law of death.

            can u do it?
            will your mind allow you to do it?
            will you revert back to the carnal ways oF a trapped mind?

            consider this plx.
            '''THE NAME'''
            i dearly wish u to understand this NAME business and the ''expectation' of the name and how THE 'name' creates.
            today, in the world soccer cup Brazil has to play Croatia

            now BRAZIL IS GOOD.
            THEIR NAME went before them...Brazil Brazil will win BRAZIL IS GREAT,etc.
            THEY ARE EXPECTED TO WIN cuz THEIR NAME, went before them and they won.

            if u can see this as an example.... DEATH the NAME goes before all men and is EXPECTED TO WIN.... death is the CREATION OF IGNORANCE.

            BUT ONCE THAT IGNORANCE has been discovered... death wilts in the presence of THE TRUTH.

            again consider this.

            IF WE COULD SEE MESSIAH WALKING WITH US, AND BEING INVOLVED WITH US DAILY, LIKE A LOVER, AS HE INTENSELY DESIRES US.. would we be afraid of death, or would we all understand that HE IS LIFE AND WHERE HE IS death is now HIS subject...

            NOW, THAT'S THE TRUTH, but but but.... if we all could just simply ''see'' we would not worry and be a subject to anything ONLY HIM and we would know death could not harm us.
            the law of this divine game is....

            non-seeing but simply believing.

            This is how Father has allowed our walk before HIM..
            it has to be ONE OF FAITH IN HIM, To RELY UPON HIM, TRUST IN HIM and NOT seeing anything but the printed promises from His word.

            thats hard
            thats hard
            thats hard

            but WHO TOLD YOU.............IT WAS EASY?

            is not 'death' a tyrant.?
            what happens to all tryants....
            "I remember that all through history, the way of truth and love has always won;
            there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible,
            but in the end they always fall."
            ~ Mahatma Gandhi

            Abba General's teach HOW to overcome the war and the MADNESS OF DEATH.


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              to express the above post thru scriptures [cont]

              i have come to realise this!

              True Brethren Fellowship can only come when death is walking away.

              Death is ignorance and ignorance makes us perish.
              to expand upon this thought let us consider the true FELLOWSHIP of Daniel's 3 brethren in the Firey furnace

              [Dan 3 tells their TRUE STORY and the result of true fellowship ONLY HAVING HIS LIFE as our standards and belief]

              do you
              SEE ...
              SEE ...
              SEE ...
              SEE ... this chapter opening up and the 4th man [THE POWER OF GOD-MESSIAH] ENTERING INTO THEIR FELLOWSHIP so DEATH WILTED AND CHANGED CHANGED CHANGED the king's mind....

              CHANGE CAME
              CHANGE CAME
              CHANGE CAME
              as death moved backwards. amen

              how I love this teaching...
              how i love truth
              how i adore His presence so that MY ignorance is removed.
              how i love telling and caring and sharing, even when death looks like the winner...
              NO WAY HOSEA ...
              I have Life john 10 v 10
              I have Life and i fellowship IN LIFE AND HIS LIFE FLOWS out like a ripple so that whosoever receives -receives the revelation of HIS LIFE DIVINE appearing in men amen


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                the 4th man

                Daniel 3 v 24...
                here is a revelation.. plx understand so our hearts shall rejoice over our freedom ---- IF---- we are not ignorant but wise UNTO OUR GLORIOUS SALVATION...

                today, I WAS LOOKING AT BLINDS, and all the while i was doing this i was thinking about THE 4TH MAN.

                SHALL we look into a truth seldoM seen here.
                Dan 3 v 24 -25
                this is SO GOOD amen and i praise Abba for this glorious TRUTH amen

                bible no 3 - divine completeness.
                bible no 24 - the royal priesthood/the elect.
                bible no 25 - forgiveness of sins.
                so here we see men = in divine completeness, + of the royal priesthood = the forgiven elect IN A TRIBULATION SITUATION...
                FIRST notice they are of the same kind , the same frequency, the same type of people JOINED together IN LIFE NOW union, perfected and completed ....
                they come into tribulation !
                so they can escape so great a corruption = the 4th man appears.
                let us read v 24-25
                '' Then Nebuchadnezzar, the King, WAS ASTONISHED, and rose up in haste, and spake, and said unto his counsellors, ''did not we cast 3 men bound into the midst of the fire?'' they answered and said unto the king ''True oh King''
                v 25
                He answered and said, ''lo! i see 4 men LOOSE,walking in the midst of the fire and they are NOT hurt, and the form of the 4th is like the son of God''.
                do you think that this 4th man 'like the son of God' could be the same man as Romans 8 v 19... that corporate man = meaning those saints who fellowship under the anointing of 'life now'" or - THE resurrection life - the same type of Life Messiah walks in so that ALL TRIBULATION/VANITY is removed and THE REALM CALLED THE TRUTH, evicts tribulations.

                the 4th man

                bible no 4 - relates to earth, this world, creation.
                the son of God OVERCAME this world of wicked flesh didn't He?
                what of US...... see 1 John 2 v.13-14!

                The 4th man - ie the living stones joined together in harmony and unity of thought.
                The 4th man - ie The habitation of God, the dwelling place of the Most High.
                The 4th man - ie The temple not made with hands
                The 4th man - ie The city of Zion....His overcomers amen...
                The 4th man - ie The POWER FROM ON HIGH, MANFESTING in man. amen

                what does Ps 104 . v 4 say..
                let is compare notes here.... Ps 104 to Roms 8.

                ''who maketh His angels spirits, His ministers a flaming fire.''

                His ministers = have u ever consider these people or these messengers, as His angels ? OFCOURSE.~!~!
                they are astonishing = His ministers, as flames of Fire...

                they are so filled with zeal, and the anointing power of the Spirit
                that nothing can stand in their path.
                These Gospel ministers who have absolute authority and power over all the works of the devil amen... is 'death' the works of the devil = ofcourse it was

                here are
                some verses to tell us the situation and the true facts
                with many reassuring words..
                math 18 v18
                mark 16 v 17-18
                luke 10 v 19




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                  Our Comforter?

                  Hi Lucy Smith,

                  Indeed, this revelation was rather good!

                  Concerning these words:
                  Does this mean that we are to learn how to use the ROD, that is, the Comforter, to have dominion over the Matrix?

                  Sincerely, Ab
                  The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                    ''STOP CRYING, out to Me as USE THE ROD'' ex 14.v15

                    oops... ''
                    ''STOP CRYING, out to Me and USE THE ROD'' ex 14.v.15 .....[my spelling is off]

                    Hello Spying.

                    the rod = the authority

                    Abba shall not give His authority over to vain men.

                    who was Moses ?= a deliverer of a nation.

                    we have to work at understanding our great salvation so that OUR VANITY is removed, so we can DELIVER creation.[Rom. 8 v 19]

                    if we read Ex 14 v 13 - 18 we see creation being delivered by a deliverer.
                    All it took as ONE MAN filled with the mighty power of Elohim....
                    one man + Abba = is a majority
                    There comes a time in our lives where we give up our vanity as we discover we are useless and our 'how to fix it'' no longer works, and it is ONLY at this point, we begin to WALK BY FAITH and not by sight.
                    In romans 8 v 19 we can see/understand from these bible numbers that 8 = new beginnings /resurrection life and no 19 - faith.
                    Therefore just from this verses numbering we see resurrection life is taken in faith, as we come to the end of our own carnality.

                    Moses was tested and tried over and over for 40 yrs as the world was taken out from Moses and a NEW kingdom of life entered in.
                    bible no 40 is for trials and tests = Moses did this... then came the job of DELIVERING....and he had to use the rod or the divine authority.
                    Abba now could TRUST Moses with great power to remove all darkness., for this delivering situation. amen

                    It is NOT 'our' power we can fling around, willy nilly as we see fit, but a DIVINE EXPLOSION OF ULTIMATE POWER THAT EXPLODES OVER all VANITY AND REMOVES IT.
                    Jesus Spoke = His authority removed the darkness,
                    we have to learn how to walk into such power, for this is ''BEING ABOUT MY FATHER'S BUSINESS''...
                    it is the required equipment FOR THE divine WORKPLACE AGREEMENT.

                    our walk has to produce the divine rod of authority, otherwise we waste our time. It is a process OF TAKING OUR WORLD OUT, AND PUTTING HIS WORLD IN to us, as we learn how to relax into HIS WORD FILLED WITH PROMISES over our lives and simply do as HE ASKS... amen.


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                      layers of the is one.!

                      i thought i will share.
                      I had it today and I loved it and i hope u shall too, as I ask the Holy Spirit to help me explain.

                      called ''THE HEM OF HIS GARMENT!''

                      ''If I could just touch the hem of HIS garment''.
                      is my cry~!
                      the 'hem' is generally the STRONGEST part of a garment.
                      To reach ''the hem'' a person has to bow over.
                      Jesus wore the robe of righteousness and the robe of praise. Messiah's robe shone on the Mt of Transfiguration.
                      3 words
                      shinning, praise, righteousness....were the strength of His hem
                      I bow over FOR HIS STRENGTH...
                      and HE SAYS
                      ''who touched Me''?
                      who TOUCHED MY GARMENT OF LIGHT?

                      But Jesus said, 'Someone touched me; I know that power has gone out from me.' " [ LUKE 8:45 ]
                      WHAT i found was interesting was this
                      bible no 8 - new beginnings/resurrection life
                      bible no 45 - preservation.

                      Jesus KNOWS when WE 'TOUCH' HIM, for the power of His life is ''touched'' and this ''touching'' flows out FROM HIM and is our preservative.
                      when we bow down to the hem, we are bowing down TO HIS STRENGTH OF LIGHT AND LIFE AND HE IS 'TOUCHED' AND THIS PRESERVES US!
                      cuz Messiah FELT the virtue SUDDENLY go out from Him! WHERE DID IT GO...
                      into the woman.
                      now, this woman, who touched Him was UNCLEAN, according to their custom + she had been UNCLEAN for 12 years.
                      why is 12 mentioned... cuz it is IMPORTANT we understand..
                      bible no 12 is DIVINE GOVERNMENT.

                      THERE IS A POINT OF CONTACT... it is at ''the hem''.
                      the revelation is

                      The bowing in submission and yielded up BY HIS SAINT, CRYING out FOR HIS STRENGTH IN FAITH means, = He can heal and preserve His divine government.
                      that people would have been shoving and pushing and touching as Peter said to Christ ''people throng Thee'',
                      MESSIAH KNEW, WHEN ONE OF HIS GOVERNMENT PEOPLE 'TOUCHED' Him IN NEED, He was able to share His power with them amen.


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                        to conta dream last night

                        and Jesus said
                        '' notice this Lucy how all the people thronged Me but My virtue did not go out from Me it was only when I WAS TOUCHED on the HEM OF MY GARMENT, suddenly i felt My virtue go out'

                        the only person who touched Him was the unclean woman - or - eve the deceived soul, unable to divinely rule as a help-meet, feels the urgent need to BOW DOWN for her healing from His strength.
                        see Romans 8 v 29
                        '' for whom He did foreknow, He also did pre-destinate, to be, conformed to the image of His son, that He might be the first born among many brethren''.
                        Could this unclean woman who TOUCHED HIM, BE A pre-destinated SOUL, who bows down her will and HE FEELS HER TOUCH, as HIS VIRTUE IS IMPARTED to her....the others who ''thronged around Him'' remained unaffected.

                        word description of VIRTUE

                        now let us consider these 6 descriptive words for VIRTUE.

                        those attributes that WENT OUT FROM MESSIAH, into this woman.....
                        dont u think that these 6 descriptive words would be SEEN in the divine Government of Abba?
                        so now
                        let us all consider our own governments....
                        are these virtues apparent?
                        ofcourse not.

                        we can only have divine fellowship with the souls who are being trained up in the ways of divine government.
                        THE LIFE... government people
                        understand this.
                        the 'throngs' do not touch Messiah therefore HE IS UNABLE to release ''His virtue upon them''
                        if we remain
                        with the THRONGS, of the religious we cannot ''touch'' HIM. why? we are a part of ''the throng'' and not needing to bow low IN DIRE need.
                        Rev 3 v 17 - self explanatory.

                        to cont there is heaps more to know.
                        i have to go to a flower expo now....i shall return smelling like a rose..i hope..[smiles]


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                          SEEKING truth we can connect the dots........cont

                          here we have the unclean woman [ our eve soul] touching MESSIAH as she was bowing down for the His Strength to meet HER NEEDS.
                          to learn how to be in the divine government....[His VIRTUE]-touched her.

                          then we have the 2 nd group called the mass/throng, that did not touched Messiah.

                          2 groups.. notice this
                          only ONE woman verses the massed throngs.....
                          [ Abba works thru a small remnant]
                          let us proceed...
                          can we connect up the woman bowing to His garment of light/revelation. meeting her needs to rulership and reigning?
                          yes yes~!~!~!
                          we go to Rev 3 v 17...
                          we see the mass/throng NOT touched by Messiah, and have NO need of messiah, doing their own thing in Laodicea.
                          see Rev 3 v 17..''THEY HAVE NEED OF NOTHING'' - just like the mass/throngs people.. they had NO need BUT THE WOMAN did... SHE WAS UNCLEAN AND NEEDED HELP TO BE HEALED.
                          Back to Laodicea.
                          the command here is BUY FROM ME
                          white raiment
                          eye salve
                          = 3 needy items - necessary..
                          what for
                          read v 21.
                          ''to him that overcometh [ their unclean soul now redeemed] I will grant TO SIT WITH ME IN MY THRONE [divine government] even as I overcometh
                          [ the help needed when the woman ''touched '' Him] and set down with My Father in His Throne.''

                          this unclean woman who ''touched'' messiah by bowing low to Him, for His strength to meet her need..... learns to rule and reign with HIM, all becuase HIS VIRTUE has gone out from HIM [to preserve her]....
                          When He says to buy gold and white raiment and eye salve she does [she hears His knock]this because it is the ONLY METHOD a saint has, to RULE AND REIGN with HIM upon His throne.
                          no other way is opened.
                          what we are to learn is how to be a ruler under the appointing and anointing of Messiah that is what the graduation class is all about.... to be a just and faithfull ruler.... to all men


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                            out from the Laodicean throng come some who

                            bowed to Jesus Christ and heard HIM say
                            ''buy gold, get eye salve, and wear white raiment. ''[rev 3 v 18]

                            white RAIMENT is found here on the Mt of Transfiguration in Math 17 v 2
                            see it is POSSIBLE, to have His life and His righteousness
                            INFACT MESSIAH ADVISES, all of His people to be as HE IS and have His white raiment.

                            "That the shame of thy nakedness may not be made manifest"

                            unless we POSSESS HIS SAME KIND OF LIFE POWER, we are considered as naked.

                            let us ask this
                            why does Messiah COUNSEL Laodicea to BUY Gold.

                            [The 1st time we find something in Scripture it is always a basic indication of its significance.... Gold is found here for the 1st time in the garden of eden....where we find four rivers, the first of which "compasseth the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold" Gen 2] Gold was found in the idealic state.... what is Gold? faith and redemption.

                            eye salve
                            ''eyes'' is used 100+ just in the NT.
                            "The Son can do nothing of Himself save whatever He sees the Father doing: for whatever things He does, these things also the Son does in like manner" (John 5:19).

                            We are to see in a new way that brings us into the same type of Faith as the Son of God has so that we shall be able to be transformed into a 'being of light.'
                            transformed and transfigured.... this is the real life power Messiah brought to man-kind.
                            Only these 'type' of people shall be a ruler and a reigner.
                            well because they have BECOME LIKE HIM.
                            OR THE BRIDE WHO MADE HERSELF READY~!~!~


                            when we BOW we loose something, namely our pride of ''i can fix it myself''

                            Pls now notice
                            These 'throng-people' dont need HIM

                            the BOWING woman need HIM desperately.
                            when a person is DESPERATE, all their pride lays in ruins.

                            it is like when a woman is birthing out her baby....
                            she becomes so desperate to end her pain, her pride and self help exit from her... she is unable to help herself in the end.

                            This unclean woman was such a case.
                            She had tried every available course and all had ended in a dead-end.... so she was DESPERATE and she bowed.

                            ''WHO TOUCHED ME'', CRIES THE MESSIAH, AS HE FEELS THIS TOUCH OF DESPERATION AND HIS VIRTUE goes out from HIm TO HEAL all desperate cases.. amen

                            The woman, found no help in Laodicea.
                            The woman, did not need self help and self riches..

                            She needed a MESSIAH FOR HER ADVICE and in her desperate seeking she hears His knock and comes out to HIM.
                            She no longer needs to be wretched, naked , miserable and blind.
                            and so
                            HE TOUCHES HER IN REVELATION TO all all all of HER NEEDS amen

                            another point of interest is
                            because this woman was unclean she was unable to have children
                            the real children of Abba are his Sons [ see Roms 8] so in her unclean state she could not have reproduced.
                            she [this woman eve- deceived soul ] is described as................................................
                            Eve simply lacks the intelligence to withstand Satan's corruptive logic
                            cannot reproduce children for THE KINGDOM.
                            i rather liked this Picture, as Abba ministers to us thru Art...
                            the lighthouse

                            the ships...
                            FELLOWS IN SHIPS
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                              Gathering Of the Generals

                              Gathering Of the Generals

                              "You have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles' wings and brought you to myself." Ex 19:4

                              I sense that the eagles are once again stirring their nests.
                              They have remained aloof… separated unto God, dwelling upon the Rock and soaring in the High Places.
                              From the high places they have seen from God’s perspective …from these heights, they could see the enemy well in advance. They have plunged so close to the camp they could hear their enemies whispering …they have overheard both the strategies and weaknesses of those who oppose the Kingdom.
                              During the journey, the Generals pressed in close to God’s heart to hear His battle plans.

                              The prophetic watchman soars to greater heights; seeing from a different perspective as “seated with Christ in Heavenly places”. Yet, they see in part and prophesy in part. At this junction in time, God wants to gather these Generals as a functioning-focused victorious army.

                              Jointly and severally, generals around the world have been given end-time strategies.
                              At the appointed time, they shall mount upon His command.
                              As in the natural, during war or threats to peace and safety, the generals are summoned.
                              They gather to compare notes …to bring fresh-different perspectives to “the strategy table.
                              We find two kinds of generals in God’s military, those who see the plan, and those who implement it.

                              In times of war, the generals in the various branches of the Armed Forces come together to consider data gathered internationally.
                              They consider “how” the plan, the timing …even the most insignificant actions will affect the picture globally.
                              How much more should we employ strategy, and understanding in governing in the spirit realm?

                              Timing is the most important element in times of war.
                              The time/seasons, the weapons, the provision, and the troops …all the components and essentials must be in place before the strategy can work.

                              The word says. “The Lord goes before you; He shall fight for you”. (Duet 1:30)

                              A fire goes before Him, and burns up his enemies round about. (Psa 97:3)

                              If we wait upon Him the path –the conditions will be favorable for victory.
                              The troops will never suffer battle fatigue if all is prepared beforehand.
                              The word also says that the battle belongs to the Lord.

                              Throughout the word, the Lord chose the battle.

                              The word also says that the battle is the Lord’s; He is called the Lord of Hosts and a man of war. (Exo 15:3)

                              He is also known as the God of Peace. In 1 Chron 12:22, David gathered the Generals –the chiefs –the sons of Issachar who understood the times.

                              A key point in the next passage is that they came together in unity and undivided loyalty to the cause –not of double heart or purpose, but stable and trustworthy.

                              Isa 54:16- Behold, I have created the smith that blows the coals in the fire, and that bring forth an instrument for his work; and I have created the waster to destroy.

                              I have always found this to be a curious scripture.

                              Matthew Henry’s comments bring clarification He says, “Military men value themselves on their splendid titles, but God calls them, “Wasters made to destroy”, for they make wasting and destruction their business.
                              He created them, therefore he will serve his own designs by them” To his own He says in verse 17, no weapon formed against you shall prosper. This holds true if we go into the battle at His bidding and timing.

                              In December 1999, a great man said God revealed to him that the two wings on an eagle represented the foundational ministries of the 'Apostles and Prophets …providing the two basic principles of flight, namely Lift, and Thrust.
                              The Prophet provides the ability to Lift the Church
                              (into Spiritual, or Heavenly things),
                              and the Apostle
                              (the 'Sent' One) provides the Thrust (or the Ability to quickly advance the Church forward into the things of God.

                              For years, great leaders have longed for the gathering of the generals.

                              Ruth Ward Heflin along with many others waited in great expectation for a time when they would gather. However, this generation will see that which the patriarchs were only able to dream about

                              Their gathering will be a remarkable sight!
                              They have learned discipline, the discipline of silence - solitude - and the seemingly endless waiting, waiting, waiting.
                              The Generals have endured and observed the massive onslaughts of the enemy …but they have been restrained until such a time as this.
                              See them gathering for “summit talks” in a position of humility …at the watering hole of God’s spirit.
                              In that place the end-time battle plan will be set in motion and consummated.
                              There will be unity …their hearts will beat as one, their vision is the freedom, victory, and advancement of the Kingdom.