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  • Put to the TEST~!

    Job the first book written of the bible [so 'they' say] has lots of info for an ordinary saint who has been called out and drawn into the Heart of the FATHER OF ALL.
    Abba TESTED Job... all the way... inc. allowing him to have a rather nasty wife....
    at the end of his tests of faith Job, came thru with flying colours + REAPED the double anointing and had a new wife and a new family all DOUBLY BLESSED - which is O.T. for the N.T. = Phil 3 v 10-14.
    well we basically know this
    it's the TESTING i want to chat about, cuz it is important to understand tests, cuz when we are IN THEM, we don't feel so ignorant and frustrated....

    so let us consider this scene ok?

    a plank of wood 10" across is put between 2 small step ladders and we are asked to walk across this short distance...OFCOURSE it is easy, we see the size of the plank and the smallness of the drop WE CAN DO IT
    ... however....
    to be tested by Father Abba, all the carnal conditions change

    The plank is 10" across
    we are put on the edge of a 20 story building and we have to cross over from one building to the other building across the street .... We have to walk over THE GULF.... so we look down = we cannot do it, we are too afraid of falling.

    what changed?...
    only the DEPTH OF THE FALL....
    when it was a little fall we could so it but when it was a massive fall....NOPE...
    testing has something to do with ''the fall''
    now that is what testing is all about.... ABBA'S WAY....
    He tests us and our plank is the WORD OF GOD only....
    there are NO carnal safety nets to catch our falling We only have HOPE~! and the power of His caring over us.[Ps 91]

    WE HAVE TO TRUST IN THE POWER OF HIS LOVE... to provide for us.

    consider this scene
    IF you had a huge family, and you loved each child to pieces but you have a problem

    what child will you choose to lead your family after you have gone?

    who would rule over your family with loving care and consideration?
    The only way you could choose was to test LOVE....
    and so
    I firmly belief it is all A TEST OF LOVE....
    do u think we escape such tests too?
    ofcourse not.

    and when we pass each test THE TRUTH FROM THOSE TESTS WILL MAKE US SET FREE.

    UMMM...what is the ULTIMATE SIN?
    i dont mean any unforgiven no no!
    just the ULTIMATE sin...
    well i believe it is the sin of being UNABLE TO LOVE like Elohim's.....
    MEANING... UNABLE TO HAVE HIS DIVINE AGAPE LOVE placed inside our heart...
    now i may well be wrong... BUT LOVE CHANGES cuz LOVE IS...

    i found Boris's painting showing this ultimate sin
    [not unforgiven sin NO... i dont mean that]

    take a look
    it is ''SELF'' manifesting to simply please SELF.

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    our tests are very important for our growth

    tests are NOT just there TO BE USED UPON US by an ANGRY GOD...
    they are to REFINE US and RE-MOVE our carnal form of thinking....
    remember When Messiah said ''I count it joy to go to the cross'' paraphrased..
    now we would think THATS ONE CRAZY DUDE....well.... we think this because we are still carnal minded... Jesus did NOT, NEVER , EVER....use his carnal mind.




    WE CAN, as long as we remain FOCUSED....
    one eyed and not deterred by our horrible situation.
    that ''horrid situation'' we count it as JOY.




    what happens then
    Messiah is beside Himself with loving JOY over you because HE LOOKS AT YOU and knows you will make it thru.
    because HE never allows anything happening to us MORE THAN WE CAN STAND.
    Many many times I HAVE BEEN THERE in that hard place and there has been NO way of escape....but...HE WAS AND IS THERE.....RIGHT TILL THE 11TH hour.. He waits...then HE ACTS AND A MIRACLE HAPPENS amen

    it is IN the waiting...PERFECTION IS FORMED

    When i tell people, i tell FROM what I HAVE EXPERIENCED ! = HIS LIFE transforming my life into His life.

    When i sit down to write i never have any pre-conceived ideas on what to write, i just flow and tell YET somewhere and somehow Father Abba uses this to heal and mend and bind up the broken hearted, just as I have been healed and mended so many times from my broken-heartedness. I am learning how to walk on that 10" plank 20 story's up and not fall off and fear anything... and o do this TAKES SUFFERING.

    MYSELF AND MY WILL has to cease, so i can ''walk the plank'' and make it to the other side i.e the realm of the Kingdom of heaven

    Think of your tests as FEATS of courage, given to YOU by Messiah cuz that is what they really are....
    When we walk on this path, it is like seeing a tiny chick, breaking thru the egg shell.... well... these tests make us RENT THE VEIL and BREAKTHRU so that the heaven within us can shine out amen

    see this pic..
    breakthrough..........see these 3 people?
    a symbol of our spirit
    our soul and our body.... pressing thru....into...the hope of Glory of the very nature of OUR Father....

    after a time of tests we graduate..



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      We are told we are to FIGHT, the good fight of Faith...
      Messiah must have fought this battle for us ofcourse, BUT, we are to play our role too... Remembering HE IS THE DOOR... but we have to walk thru this door..
      I used to hate this word faith~!
      I never understood it and my adamic man would not let me go.
      One day i found that FAITH COMES.... so it is a ''coming'' thing...
      So i thought , How can i hear?
      I had a sore hip from a fall on some moss and i heard ''by My stripes ye are healed''...
      SO i heard,
      then i knew cuz i had heard, my wrecked hip was a test-time for healing...
      so i had ABSOLUTE TRUST AND ABSOLUTE DEPENDANCE upon Messiah and His Word. After a time my hip was healed amen.
      But what i learnt here was this

      When we allow the WORD OF GOD, to manifest in our lives, AND, IF we could see into the realm of real life - the realm of the Spirit, we would see THE WORD = MESSIAH, defending our cause. THAT IS WHY, we are healed for the Truth is standing in our lives and nothing can come against the WORD OF GOD THAT ENDURES FOREVER.

      WHEN WE STAND ON something THAT ENDURES FOREVER, we cannot be overcome, that is impossible.
      what we have to learn is how to stand...
      so pray ''Abba make me stand in my evil day-teach me how Plx''
      And He shall be delighted to, for not only do we become free....

      When Eve [the soul] was 'tested' she was seduced away from the WORD OF GOD and DOUBTED
      HERE IS WHAT HAPPENED = can u see Eve [our soul in males and females] IS seduced away.
      see our PROBLEM?
      this picture highlights what we are to OVERCOME AS MESSIAH OVERCAME.
      [A PIC IS WORTH A 1,000 WORDS]
      the main reason all of us find it so hard to obey, is that we are seduced away too and we doubt too. BUT HIS LOVE, SHALL CARRY US OVER OUR DOUBTING long as we stand HE SHALL DO THE REST.
      STANDING IS THIS......
      fully surrender up our will into the WORD OF GOD
      yield up ourself and rest ON HIS PRESENCE FOUND IN HIS WORD....
      trust wholly and unreservedly IN THE FAITHFULLNESS OF ABBA,
      THATS THE KERNEL of the whole in the faithfullness of Abba.

      somehow someone took this all away from us.

      someone STOLE OUR TRUST IN HIM

      something ROBBED us all of trust and faith in OUR FATHER FORGOODNESSSAKES...
      and in their place put in wavering doubts AGAINST HIM.............
      OUR FATHER....
      OUR FATHER....
      OUR FATHER... our divine darling Father
      OUR DADDY, has been deliberately removed and HIS FATHERHOOD taken away from our rememberance and we appear as ORPHANS....

      WE NEED OUR DADDY....we need to hear HIM alone~!
      however we have hope
      as our MESSIAH prayed over us...
      what did He say and ask for
      John 17 v 13- 26
      A LOVE PRAYER....
      do you think this prayer is not heard?
      do you think this prayer is not answered?

      that someone that stole our trust in our FATHER, has to have the axe laid to his root.
      CAN U LOVE enough to stand in faith over your woe?
      that's the test....
      it is never a one time thing, but a daily stand on choices that are presented to us....can u make the right choice.

      well if you cannot there is a way of escaping.

      come with me and i will show you our escape route.

      turn to Psalm 119 v 35... and what does it say

      ''''make me, [MAKE ME, make me, make me, make me,] to go in the ways of YOUR commandments for herein do i delight''............see these 2 words saying MAKE ME....

      i pray this...
      cuz i find i have a hard time... but... this prayer works.
      HE SEES we are so feeble BUT HE KNOWS OUR HEARTS...

      set your heart BEFORE HIM.... AND HE WILL COMFORT YOU amen

      I dont know why but i always think of ''faith'' as female element/spirit/fact...
      i have no idea why but to have true faith is to be a beautifull female...
      our soul is female so maybe when she is fully redeemed we all become as a beautifull female no male can resist,....but perhaps i am getting carried away here.

      i FOUND THIS...
      SEE how she is coming into our world... our world of dust. See how there are 4 worlds in the painting
      no 4 - earth and man.
      the world of dust has to be overcome by THE WORD OF FAITH...

      i know, THESE ARE ONLY PICS, drawn by a clever artist, but Father Abba will use anything to convey His thinking into our thoughts,so WE GET THE PICTURE AND NO LONGER BE SO AFRAID.
      this post was posted at USA time
      here in Oz it is 8-23 am saturday morning.

      bible no 3 - perfect unity in completeness
      bible no 19- FAITH.

      can u believe that?
      i think it amazing truly i do. I am so happy to be so amazed. amen


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        cont, our faith walk, our trusting IN our Father walk

        we walk by faith, the same faith as Messiah walks in - has to be ours... so...we practice till perfected in this area.
        cuz we do this, we learn to TRUST so that faith and trust are like fully developed twins inside our inner spiritual man.
        The people who live in the world cannot trust another human being very well...
        YES, they all can for a time, but somehow and in some way TRUST is eroded and all people somehow become UNTRUSTWORTHY... this is all because our carnal soul feeds from the womb/sperm of evil... but evil is always
        subtle, so that it is a gradualism...i.e. the frog in the boiling water syndrome.
        The frog is placed in a saucepan of water, the water is slowely heated till boiling but the poor frog could not jump out.
        that is subtle evil gradualism.


        to HAVE TRUST AND FAITH holding hands in our lives, is a miracle given to us from MESSIAH, with His love.

        My children trust me with their very lives.
        i trained them up from a young age to be like this as i ''mothered'' them into Godly wisdom. YES i think i missed in some areas, but Father has been very gracious in correcting the spots for HE sees THE INTENT OF our HEART.
        I tried to to be a mother but ALSO a friend to my children.

        today it sure seems
        Most children rather dislike their Mums even as they grow up....
        i used to be so upset to think this would be so with my children for i love them so much.... so... i went out of my way to learn in a godly way HOW be a friend and develop a friend's relationship as well as a mother's to them.

        No matter what i say, they believe it.
        I do think this is a BENEFIT from practicing faith IN OUR FATHER'S WORD, AS TRUST COMES IN AS A SHINING LIGHT too and dwells in us.
        FAITH AND TRUST IS A MUST, as we progress into His Kingdom.

        Do u have small children...
        take time with them..
        teach them to DO AS U SAY, and u shall never have any trouble when they are 20yrs old...
        they shall always respect your wishes.... but... we have to take time and be there for them.

        hugs to all mothers~! and especially FATHERS..
        I LOVE FATHERS...
        A WISH OF MINE IS TO TEACH FATHERS HOW TO BE BEAUTIFULL...for himselves first and then for their family.



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          The Advent Of FREEDOM!

          Hi Lucy Smith,

          Lady, you are simply amazing! If an Immortal walked into my home right now, I doubt if He or She would be much different than You!

          I have walked the plank several times, with fear and trembling, and you are absolutely correct. There is always a way of escape, and nothing is too hard for us!

          The tears that I shed are a mixture of sadness and joy. I tell ABBA all the time: I am not complaining with my tears, oh maybe, just a little! Thank YOU for my circumstance! YOU are too kind and gracious towards me! YOU know exactly what I need (please remember that I am a man)! How long my howling? I wait on THEE!

          I think that we can all see ourselves in the Book of Job. It is our story! To be more exact, it is the story of ABBA, HIS loss and HIS renewal!

          How much faith does it take to become a man? How much faith does it take to walk the plank of nonexistence for the good of all? How much faith does it take to give up all power and control knowing that it all comes doubly back?

          Faith is totally a matter of knowledge! Faith is knowing that you know! Faith is having it all together so that all things work out when YOU are not!

          ABBA'S Helpmate was indeed nasty! In the Kingdom, within the Family of ELOHIM, we were all Helpmates to each other. We were all part of ABBA! We were all part of MOTHER! We shared all existence with each other! A rather significant part of us rebelled against our existence. Thus, HaSatan and Company became ABBA'S nasty wife, only HaSatan did much more than just advise death. He by His rebellion killed the relationship, and ABBA was thus slain.

          ABBA hates divorce or putting away because it happened in HIS relationship! ABBA is the original Currahee (Stand Alone Together), and HaSatan and Company are no longer a part of that relationship! HaSatan and Company cannot Stand Alone Together! They are too selfish to be Currahee. They simply Stand Alone!

          So we are first made to Stand Alone so that we might indeed learn to Stand Alone Together!

          Amongst men, everything is in the making as you do realize! So when does FREEDOM come knocking on my door? I really love Her Picture! Thank You!

          Sincerely, Ab
          The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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            The Golden Key

            Your posts open up doors for me to look into and thanks for your reply...
            doors need keys ofcourse and special keys are to be used.

            The mightiest KEY is called FAITH, that same type of Truth that allowed Messiah to be as He was and Is, has to become ours. amen.

            Faith comes by hearing...
            Can Faith come from seeing.....nope... that is a carnal mindset... faith comes as we walk our planks and as we become expert plank walkers, we begin to see the invisible becoming visible.

            Well, regarding the golden key....
            This key ONLY unlocks the door into THE HOUSE OF KNOWLEDGE....
            what key?
            The key of FAITH, unlocks the door INTO THE VAST DIVINE LIBRARY.
            Inside this 'house' are sacred secrets, and as we enter into this divine library we begin to understand how HIS KINGDOM FUNCTIONS upon His rules and law called the Spirit of LIFE.

            We begin at the entrance and work down thru each room filled with books.
            We cannot simply walk in and take over reading.. nope... we are to show FAITH TO ENTER INTO THE NEXT LEVEL of undertanding.
            faith is our GRADE TESTINGS.. we pass... we move up..pass again... another step higher~! etc
            Faith means a battle and the battle means KNOWLEDGE GAINED on HOW TO WIN, and knowledge gained REALLY DOES NOT ALLOW US,
            to go back into defeated living and misunderstandings.

            Each faith -test passed allows us more understanding.

            thats why we have tests, to gain understanding
            thats why we have tests, to walk in the victory of the cross that brings HIM all the glory
            thats why we have tests, to reach up higher and enter into our true position within His Temple.

            We have a saying ''falling in love''.. we say ''Oh that sweet couple fell in love''.

            falling and love go together... falling is a process.
            but why do we say ''FALLING in love''.
            Perhaps it is a ''mass Physic'' thought, that all people have from the beginning of time'' saying...TO BE IN LOVE, ONE MUST FALL
            ask this?

            Could this saying be a constant sub- consciously reminder to us all.....
            saying this.....................

            we [ as human beings] need to fall [ from our lofty carnal ego's] to be truly INLOVE [ willing to obey OUR FATHER].

            we say things, never even understanding where the words come from... but OUR FATHER IS EVERYWHERE, constantly reminding us of HIS VALUES, if only our eyes can 'see' amen

            Spying here is a door for us to open and look at..let us learn together
            from your comment
            The tears that I shed are a mixture of sadness and joy.
            I tell ABBA all the time: I am not complaining with my tears, oh maybe, just a little! Thank YOU for my circumstance! YOU are too kind and gracious towards me! YOU know exactly what I need (please remember that I am a man)!

            How long my howling? I wait on THEE!
            lucy says
            the door.... how long must i wait... this is a cry from all His saints Spying we all do this, none are exempt from our cries...
            I am a crier too Spying... tears all over till one day Father took me to see brother Moses's words there in Exodus.
            Brother moses THE DELIVERER of that nation Israel, was standing there crying and praying, crying and prayer cuz the Hebrews where there screaming, the red sea infront of them and the mighty Egyptians howling down upon them all.
            but notice this


            Father said to Moses
            ''STOP YOUR praying and stop CRYING AND USE THE ROD''

            from then on....I heard this secret of success
            thats what I do....
            i use the rod = revelation 12 v 11... is ours.

            WE HAVE TO MAKE
            THE FIRST MOVE....
            WE ARE TO MAKE THE FIRST MOVE...... thats the standard process.

            SPYING remember Neo and the wall jump and how he fell....
            all saints fall just as Neo did.... but...
            WE HEAR...

            THIS IS a free mind... a mind that HAS HEARD INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE THRONE and so by FAITH we stop crying, stop waiting, even stop praying and we DO SOMETHING.

            we have to make the first move out IN FAITH... THATS THE RULE.


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              Stop praying and DO something said Abba to Moses

              IMAGINE THAT.... there must be A TIME that shall come where it all gets so hard to win...
              Moses was between a rock and a hard place ..
              HE HAD NO PLACE TO GO... so he was praying....


              it seems that there actually comes a time for our praying to stop and DO SOMETHING....

              SO WHAT SHALL WE DO?

              use the rod..
              use the rod
              use the rod..

              the rod is the AUTHORITY to remove our situation....

              IF we are being trained up to DELIVER like Moses... Like Roms8 sons of God...
              WE HAVE TO PRACTICE...this stop praying and DO SOMETHING BY FAITH, that it works.
              Faith IN Him is the deliverance for others, just as we have been delivered, we can have authority IN MESSIAH TO DELIVER OTHERS from all bondages.
              the modern pentecostal deliverance ministry IS NOT what i am talking about.

              no way no way no way...

              there is a difference...they are a counterfeit for 'she is part of the harlot's daughters' with THE paid hirelings in charge.
              Remember it was 'judas' that carried the purse.
              never forget this tell tale sign of the counterfeit... the money-changers.

              People who have been DELIVERED themselves, take up the rod of Messiah's authority to DELIVER others....


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                the Godly tests are 4 us.... not for others..

                we HAVE TO SAY TO OURSELF,
                ''it is ONLY EVER about me and Abba,''
                Abba is not interested in how other men perform around us...
                IT IS HOW WE [WE WE WE] perform with HIM, under His tutoring.

                can u understand this? cuz it is so important we do...

                it is NOT about all of them out there and what they all do...

                the quest is... ABOUT U AND HIM TOGETHER just LIKE A HUSBAND AND WIFE TEAM.

                Father will put us in all types of situations....
                all are tailor-made just for us - they are our tribulation.....................
                HE WILL SIT BACK AND WATCH HOW WE learn to rule and reign over that particular woe. = let us get this true fact into our heads.

                See the object of the holy class is to learn to DELIVER others from their groanings/vanity!
                HE WATCHES US AND HEARS OUR PRAYERS AND SEES HOW WE BECOME compassionate and just under His own lordship! and
                We are to learn how to be well abled to be about His business of delivering.

                It is not just to deliver a person but even nations with compassion and justice.

                IF we rule with HIM
                we are to be like Him.....
                and what of the 100 sheep and the one who went missing...
                did He not leave those 99 and go after that ONE....
                that one....
                that unlovely one
                that black one
                that one who will not listen...
                Yes THATS THE ONE..
                He puts us with that one.................

                all those UNLOVELY TRIBULATIONS do come in people and in situations and are for our learning...
                All those 'giants' who stand there at the gate of the Kingdom, just waiting to discourage us
                Father Abba staring at us willing us TO HAVE HIS COURAGE TO GO FOREWARD REGARDLESS of
                ''how it all looks in the natural''.
                STOP PRAYING and DO SOMETHING! is HIS CRY to us.

                HIS GENERALS are now learning [how to use the rod] & to KNOW WHAT TO DO AND HOW TO DO IT HOLY AND CORRECTLY


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                  put to the test

                  to root out all our weakness....
                  that is what testing is for...
                  to learn patience as patience perfects.

                  today i was thinking about tests...
                  i never find them pleasant,
                  however, there is joy in testing.... so that is why we find tests hard as it is a battle of wills.
                  Most of us would rather be ''left in peace''... just simply 'doing our own thing' quietly. BUT if this was so we would never mature into THE HOPE OF GLORY.

                  when the test come..... what i am learning is SURRENDER INTO THE TEST, SIMPLY TRUSTING IN ABBA AND HIS DIVINE STRENGTH.
                  dont ROCK THE BOAT....
                  shut up and just TRUST...
                  because unless we learn and trust and obey Abba in the same way as Our Messiah did... THE TESTS GETS HARDER AND MORE the battle rages and the more the suffering

                  in other words.... at the first sign of a daily test................ surrended into it and DONT MAKE IT ANY WORSE.

                  '''ABBA, in the glorious Name of Jesus Christ, let this test be passed thru as I SURRENDER my will to it and simply TRUST IN YOU, as a small child trusts in their father. amen''

                  DONT ALLOW YOUR TESTING TO GET WORSE..... Ok?
                  He will allow applied pressure.... if we squirm and fail to understand that our weakness HAS TO GO.

                  we have to come into an understanding that we have to pass those tests... WE CAN sooner rather than later
                  We have to LEARN to use ''THE DIVINE EQUIPPMENT.''
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