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    God first
    Small Things
    Here I sat getting ready to have Christ help me write about what I would call “Small Things.” But before I begin let me say God loves you, Christ love you, and I love you no matter who you are or what you believe to be true.

    Before one can see what is small to God they must see what is big to God. I tell you with great boldest that the Love of God is the first big thing, and the second is the love of God’s son Jesus the Christ, and the third and last big thing is loving each other whether we believe as you or not.

    Look I love the Pope not because he loves God but because he is there to love. While I may not like everything he may teach I love him as a brother. I see things he may teach that I do not like as small things next to his love for his people and me.

    To me doctrine truths are very small next to a person love they give to us. I heard men of God say the wrong thing doctrinally but their heart was to help. So I over look the small thing the wrong words and was thankful for the love that was there.

    I been to many differ kinds of churches and I heard the bible cut up to teach a point but most the time its done for one of two reasons. The first reason would be to help out of love and the second is to get your money.

    But most of the time its too help out of love for the people who go to that church. I have many Catholic friends, Baptism friends, Ex Jehovah's Witnesses friends, Mormons friends, Church of Christ friends, and from many other churches in and out.

    I used to judge these people by what they taught or what truths they knew but now I just love them with the love of God. I all so forgiven all that have said things I did not like out of lack of Knowledge.

    I ask myself why I did not look for their love and not judge them because I judged them because of small things like lack of knowledge I may of lost friends.

    I am thankful that I do not judge as fast as I did in the Way Ministry but I still fall short at times as we all do. So I say walk in love and forgive others for their shortcoming’s as you are forgiven for your shortcoming’s.

    We are all flesh and we all walk by flesh at times but we are to walk by the love of God my dear friends. Thank you with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.