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The Art of Being born

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  • The Art of Being born

    God first
    The Art of being born

    Here I Roy William Perry III sat reaching to write a paper on the art of being born but to understand the second birth we must understand the art of being born as a fleshly being then we can look into the art of being born as a spiritual being.

    First let me state that God loves us all my dear friend. Now we all know the act of fleshly making love. And we know how DNA of the male is fix with DNA of the female in her womb.

    This fixture is call a seed and the seed of the child that may be born after what. This child in the womb of the mother grows from one cell that is a mixture of two cells half from the child’s mother and the other half from the child’s father.

    This one cell grows to two cells then three, four, and so on until we with help of science can see the form of a baby in the womb. Now I do not know how many weeks or days the child must grow until he or she can be seem but I do know the form is the same from the first cell.

    But we only see the shape of the cell but in the cell is the form of the baby. Now the mother gives the cell of the child oxygen because the child is connected to the mother at this time but its not just oxygen the child gets from being connection to the mother the child gets food and water from this connection.

    All the things this child needs to grow to be a complete baby ready to be born to live no longer by growth life but to move to a greater life breath life. The child is born the second the child takes his or her first breath the child is cut free from the mother and no longer lives in the womb.

    This child has moved from a life more like plant life to a life greater than plant life. Before the child he or she lost their connection to the mother they may die unless connection another way to keep them alive.

    But lets move on to spiritual birth but before one can be born spiritually a seed must be planted. This seed as two parts. Part one like the DNA of the father but this cell must be a mixture of two DNA’s.

    The spirit DNA of spirit pass alone by the acts and love of God by letting Jesus the Christ do what he did for us. The gift of holy spirit the Christ in us the hope of glory.

    But that only one part we make the other part by believing that Christ did what the word of God reads he did in our hearts. The DNA of the spirit can not been seem but it’s the image of God and the DNA of believing can not be seem which makes it a image like God’s image.

    The two mix making a cell in your heart which your heart is in God making it the womb were the spiritual child grows until the day of birth. Now we are connected to God by Jesus the Christ in us the gift of holy spirit.

    By this connection God gives us spiritual oxygen, spiritual food, spiritual water, and all our spiritual needs. But in this womb we only have growth life until we growth to the complete size of a spiritual baby.

    Then we will be born to take our first breath of spiritual oxygen and no longer need the connection to God because we will walk alone side of God as his beloved children.

    Until that great day growth in truth my dear friends, thank you with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.