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for 'the beast's day'? 6/6/06

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  • for 'the beast's day'? 6/6/06

    here is a site that is far from 'Messiah based'' thats for sure however it does contains lots of imaginations and facts with a question mark...???

    that will lead too..............

    also i have only ''skimmed'' this 1 below

    ummm I like that site as it has heaps of info.. maybe not all dots dotted .... but so what~! nuggets STILL can be found. amen

    there are many hours of reading here and some ''up to date news'' only on this earthy plane...[to be taken as ''interesting'' only not as gospel]

    while the beast may thrive on earth, AND HAVE ITS 666 DAY
    HIS SONS [Roms 8] ARE MATURING IN THEIR HEAVENS... AMEN and will have their 777 day....7/7/07
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