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Practice................. LETTING GO

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  • Practice................. LETTING GO

    ... all thru-out OUR LIVES, we have suffered loss.... some people suffer very badly, others fair a little better... but we all know all about SUFFERING LOSS.~!

    ...In the end of everything, We even have to suffer the loss of ourselves

    Have you ever learnt HOW TO LET GO~!
    for instance.
    many of us clutch things to us.
    This type of 'clutching' will form our security blanket as we gather all our ''MINE'' things together.

    We have to learn to let go, so that MESSIAH CAN hold onto everything and care for everything about us HIS WAY.... this is THE WAY WE GAIN but the 'pain of giving up' is shocking and comes at a very high price.

    do you know, that IF WE GIVE THEM UP, all our ''clutching things''.... it is best, for then WE GAIN them back as HIS THINGS
    Messiah becomes Our health and wealth and Home our family etc
    Messiah becomes Our family and Everything He has HE SHARES, CUZ HE CARES.

    ''greater love hath no man, than to lay down HIS LIFE, for His friends''.

    those things we clutch to our bossom so tightly seem to be OURS and never HIS.... but when we learn to release our clutchings... HIS THINGS BECOME OURS... amen
    let us all practice giving UP our clutching-things......just surrender them all away inot His keeping and let us take our hands off them all so then we can be walking into HIS FULL SECURITY~!

    Think of Enoch....
    he gave up everything....
    Father controlled everything else around this man... lots of good lessons there for us to ponder over amen

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    TESTIMONY... of......letting go

    Rev 12 v 11
    is the middle verse of all of the Book of revelation, therefore it would worthy of inspection.
    BWT.... the middle verse of the entire bible is Ps 118 v 8..
    again worthy of inspection.

    we see in Revelation 12 v 11 some interesting facts..
    1] the blood of the Lamb
    2] The Word of their testimony
    3] the loving not their lives unto the death.

    ofcourse this group is HIS OVERCOMERS.
    they OVERCAME... meaning got the better of their enemy.
    I looked at this word TESTIMONY, and it literally means to bear witness to a fact.
    TESTIMONY.... then i saw this

    and it looked like TEST I MANY....testimony
    or a sentence could be written that said
    '' i have many tests to overcome''
    ''to overcome~!, I HAVE MANY TESTS''.

    to testify on my overcoming is my TESTIMONY.


    I noticed in the first movie of the Matrix,[that contains many great spiritual truths to see] Neo is CAPTURED by Mr Smith and Co.... and while he is under Interrogation [ methodology employed during the interview of a person, referred to as a "source", to obtain information that the source would not otherwise willingly disclose] his mouth is covered over, he cannot speak FOR HE HAS NO MOUTH~!....
    NEO HAS NO TESTIMONY. He was dumb. He was UNABLE to speak., infact the enemy had him so bound it was impossible for Neo to say one word.

    Neo had never learnt at this time, HOW TO OVERCOME and gain power thru overcoming so that he HAD A TESTIMONY!.
    why did Neo have no testimony?
    if we look at this word TESTI MONY, we see the word ''testi''.. what is this?
    testi- testis - the male sexual organ holding spermatozoa, to reproduce.

    if we consider this very wisely we shall see this...

    without any testimony we cannot reproduce
    If we are still bound up and in the hands of the enemy and have failed to overcome, we cannot reproduce His kingdom.

    what is YOUR test-i-mony?
    has the enemy got your mouth so bound you have none?

    would Jesus say to you ''why didn't you give them YOUR TESTIMONY?''

    ummm something to think over.
    I have a testimony of ''letting go'' I have found IT WORKS beautifully. amen

    testimony is very important....there is a huge power force in TESTIMONY.... THAT CREATES.


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      cont~!~! do u sit there like a dummy?

      DO you have a TESTI-MONY, of a person who walks in victory of the Lamb?

      satan shall have us tied in knots, agruing about this trivial thing and that misunderstood doctrine... he keeps people occupied with these trivial matters cuz he hates the DOCTRINE OF KNOWING how to overcome all things TO THE FULL GLORY OF CHRIST.
      His power leaves him, when we begin to undersand this FANTASTIC TRUTH~!

      reproducing the Kingdom of Heaven takes DIVINE TESTI....and cowards need not apply....
      it is interesting to consider that it is a 'male' testi, that carries the sperm not the female...... YET... overcomers are considered ''they''.... so it is BOTH the male and the female genders with this 'testi,' that BIRTHS out the overcoming testimony of His Kingdom.
      Their spiritual man has awakened and found work to do ,namely being responsible for the Kingdom of Heaven or being about their Father's business.

      The secret lays in this TRUTH...

      OVERCOMERS stop their own personal religious-eve-deceived-soul from functioning in her 'powers' . She is DENIED her pleasures of playing the whore. Her soul is purified....[James 4 v 8] to become a bride then a wife WHO IS 100% FAITHFULL.
      Overcoming STOPS double-mindedness. amen. because our mind now only CONSIDERS THE VICTORY walk.

      the woe
      the trail into overcoming
      the praise for victory won......................KINGDOM LIVING.

      but....i have kept the best news till last.....

      ready......................AIM........................ FIRE..............................

      We NO LONGER have drag this earthen vessel,[ MEANING our OLD MAN.] around like a snail's shell.

      HURRAH~!we can be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
      by learning how to overcome IN Messiah... after all IT'S ORDERS~!~!~!


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        We are to place our "own" cares on HIM.
        My "own" baggage gets in the way of HIS WORKS through me.

        By placing my "own" cares on HIM,
        HE IS GIVEN FULL ACCESS, through me,
        to BE GOD, through me.

        HE IS GOD.

        "and I WILL BE GOD, through you."

        LOVE, RICOEL
        The BODY of MESSIAH Ministry

        I did not CREATE YOU for a certain time.
        I CREATED YOU for ME.
        That is why I SAVED YOU.
        For ME.