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  • you misunderstand Thummin

    You christians, just go ahead and damn us JEWs
    Thummin to be a christian is to be like our Messiah...
    And these people have the same attitude as Messiah as they are trained up by their Holy Spirit to be HIS IMAGE.

    now this ''image'' means
    the same likeness
    the same realm of Life
    the same as THE PRINCE OF PEACE...
    on the other hand we have the Romish church and her ugle daughters who make a mockery of THE TRUTH. and are rebels just as Jews are lost and rebellious too..
    somewhere i did read it was actually a man/ a magician called Simon Magnus, who wished to steal the Gifts of the Gospel for $$$ and this horrid fake was the first person to call the Holy people ''christians''...
    now if this is so...
    perhaps it is best for Spying and I to abdicate from such a name = ''christian'' and simply say '' I AM A BELIEVER IN THE LIFE AND WAYS OF MESSIAH AND SAVIOUR''.......
    here is an article from a man who no longer wishes to be known as ''a christian''
    while we may not agree on everything written there, it sure does make interesting reading.

    the true people of Messiah those trained up in His image NEVER 'damn' the Jews...
    why would they,
    when the Jew goes on the divine record of actually damned himself and willing asked for the curse of the blood of Messiah to be not only upon themselves for that generation but for all generations and that is exactly what has happened as History will prove.
    The Old Testament has told us of certain children of Abraham who did not believe.
    "He did not call them Abraham's children, but a 'brood of vipers' [Matt. 3:7].
    'If you were Abraham's children ye would do what Abraham did . . . You are of your father the devil.'
    It was intolerable to them to hear that they were not Abraham's but the devil's children, nor can they bear to hear this today."
    why not read about your fatal choice in the NT
    'Crucify Him, crucify Him.' Scream more: 'His blood come upon us and our children.' (Matthew 27:25)
    Spying and I
    are no longer a part of this whole carnal spiritually man made up defunct system of men.
    We have been MADE WILLING, to be in... ''the day of His power.''
    Ps 110.v.1-4
    5 times in Spying's last post here He wrote Lucy and I... Spying and I are joined in a group of people who have had the revelation of living a life FROM ABOVE, as we are taught to overcome all things IN CHRIST THE DIVINE POWER OF OUR SAVIOUR.
    He and I relate to each other and even though i have no knowledge of Spying as a person I KNOW HIS HEART as he knows mine.... it is like an invisible thread a string of pearls joined together in a necklace of brotherhood.....THIS IS A divine school and u have NO part of this [at this time] Holy Education, yet Thummin u think your'e wise and know it all.
    at this time in real reality you are a walking dead man who is dull deaf and blinded by his own religious greatness.
    You are eating from dusty messages of a man made law and rules your'e unable to keep.
    dont tell us about your dead religion Thummin that has cursed men and women for thousands of years TELL US ABOUT ''LIFE'' meaning.. that life that stops your death from staring us in the face..
    'If you were Abraham's children ye would do what Abraham did . . .
    You are of your father the devil.'

    It was intolerable to them to hear that they were not Abraham's but the devil's children, nor can they bear to hear this today."

    YOUR'E OWN Saviour whom ye refused SAID these very words about y'all.


    • An if I won't confess {Jesus} as christ? The evidence suggests otherwise!

      ...Spying posts;

      Lucy and I are talking about LIFE NOW, not LIFE later! We are talking about LIVING and not dying, and we are not leaving ourselves a back door as do Christians and Jews. Can I say it more clearly than what I have just expressed?


      ...I'll put my money down on the side of your graves. But how do I get paid? Rather how do you get paid if you succeed in living forever in your wearing out bodies? I'll just wait untill forever passes you by to pay you. Can you show me this in the texts of the tanakh? Where does it say that those who die and do not have any sins attributable to them dwell with GD in his own dwelling place?



      • The NT, an unauthorized text that doesn't support the Name of YaHu{W}daH

        ...Lucy smith, throwing the new testement's texts at me will not get you anywhere with me. No permission exists to write such a book anywhere in the tanakh and YHWH wouldn't give such a permission to anything that didn't honor his Name and that wasn't built upon his own Name. All but one book of the tanakh uses the Name of "YHWH" in it except for the book that has as its subject the attempted extermination of the JEWish people.


        6 And whoso falleth not down and worshippeth shall the same hour be cast into the midst of a burning fiery furnace. Dan. 3: 6

        ...Sounds like this to me;

        6 If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned. Jn. 15: 16

        ...It all burns JEWs like the ovens of the holocaust do!

        ...But to damn me and my people is to damn GD's own Name. GD has promised a curse for a curse here. Damnation for Damnation. But we still will bear the Name of our Eloheem. "Curse the Name of YHWH and die", that is what it says in the book of Job.

        ...But congratulations on You and Ab's figuring out how to live forever without going to the grave at anytime.

        ...This is JEWish life returning to YHWH when the image of GD gives up its Name to the spirit that breathed it into us in the first place.

        Y...H...W...H, Zech. 14: 9, one Name only!


        ...I think that the authors who wrote of {Jesus} didn't realize that the Name of "YHWH" came from the name of Judah, its fourth letter removed.

        Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart: for I am called by thy Name, YHWH God of hosts. Jer. 15: 16


        Who can count the dust of Jacob, and the number of the fourth part of Israel? Let me die the death of the righteous, and let my last end be like his! Nu. 23: 10


        And I will make thy seed as the dust of the earth: so that if a man can number the dust of the earth, then shall thy seed also be numbered. Gen. 13: 16

        ...Lets see, there is Reuben, Simeon, Levi, and "Judah/Yahudah".

        ...It helps to have a good Name.


        ...And this is the end of our {JEWish} sins, those that are founded by the words of the tanakh.

        22 I have blotted out, as a thick cloud, thy transgressions, and, as a cloud, thy sins: return unto me; for I have redeemed thee.

        23 Sing, O ye heavens; for YHWH hath done it: shout, ye lower parts of the earth: break forth into singing, ye mountains, O forest, and every tree therein: for YHWH hath redeemed Jacob, and glorified himself in Israel. Isa. 44: 22, 23

        --> This text is connected to the time of Cyrus in verse 28 of this same chapter of Isaiah.




        • your religion does not hold water Thummin

          Lucy smith, throwing the new testement's texts at me will not get you anywhere with me. No permission exists to write such a book anywhere in the tanakh and YHWH wouldn't give such a permission to anything that didn't honor his Name and that wasn't built upon his own Name
          people guided by the Holy Spirit have proven you wrong.....Abba raises up such people to prove ''the wise'' as mere fools in His eyes.

          Dr Panin issued a challenge throughout leading newspapers of the world asking for a natural explanation or rebuttal of the facts. Not a single person accepted.
          Where were your famous Jewish academia - they were SILENT hey not one great learned Rabbi came to condemn this man's work and try to prove him wrong.....
          Your blindness has been allowed for good reason.....and is from the devil.
          When u walk in, so does the devil.
          That is why u cannot understand sane discussion
          The devil HATES the Messiah just as u do and so controls your thinking
          His time is running out Thummin, what shall u do when your'e religious hoax has been exposed?
          How many tears shall ye weep at your devil-inspired stubborness?

          Spying and I [plus others out there] are being formed into His New Creation made in His Image
          Moulded into a new creation to carry His own perfection
          Abba watches over our training to see how we treat other people, to see how we judge others as He would.
          You have already been judged Thummin as a child of the devil, by the very God you claim to love.

          When u write you write from ''death's perspective'' but when
          Spying writes His very words on this forum bring LIFE.
          LIFE FLOWS ALL AROUND SPYING, death flows all around u.
          things wilt and die when you appear....
          because you carry death in your heart in the form of a dead Hoax of a religion that was berift of power 2,000 yrs ago.... burnt down... destroyed.... scattered and maimed.... all u have left is pieces of death and what men have gathered together as ''their form of religion'' and u believe this.

          as exmple
          When Spying and I write about LIFE on this forum [that is NOW dedicated to LIFE NOW lessons in overcoming to the Glory of Our Messiah] many many people came to read
          i have noticed since u came back, THIS PAST 2-3 WEEKS many have stopped reading!
          [People are sick of hearing your nations self inflicted woes, that could be instantly abolished with a true repentance and a turning away from your sins, and welcoming your true Messiah into your hearts]
          you bring death with you [like a nest of vipers] TO A PLACE MARKED WITH ''''''THE LIFE OF MESSIAH'''''''

          i NOTICED THIS AND WAS SO AMAZED by this rather interesting fact that your DEATH-Like Belief scatters others...
          death is an enemy to LIFE and sane people never welcome the enemy in any form into their lives.
          people hate death and they can sense it in your posts, it has a corrupt smell to it and people dont like it's presence.
          thummin even if u are a very nice sincere person, your'e still from darkness and you are spoiling this forum for others who NEED TO BREATH IN
          THE LIFE
          THE WAY
          THE TRUTH.
          the sacred Truth and revelations of how even to overcome death, our last enemy.

          You actually remind me of Mr Smith, from the Matrix first film, how he was able to walk into and out from the Matrix dropping his ''doo-doos'' till one day, his evil was exposed and exploded him to pieces by the true People called Zion the city of the Living God.
          Right now even here on this forum
          [perhaps the ONLY forum in the world to express REVELATION LIFE - or-THE SAME LIFE TO BE LIVED IN now AS OUR SAVIOUR DIED TO GIVE US [2 tim 1 v 10]
          this is happening your'e being exposed as a religious fraud or a product of a man made up version of religion that tries to deceive others.
          The Truth is we are all witnessing your utter deception... what a joy it shall be to see your utter redemption.

          i came back to show a site that is so interesting on what is the underbelly of this world's happenings...
          u shall enjoy all the complex in's and outs of this world and the plans it runs on
          Plx enjoy the workings behind the scenes most can never see

          Last edited by LucySmith; 07-20-2006, 08:33 PM.


          • cont. thinking.....6.30pm Friday evening

            to all readers left

            My accountant once told me
            ''if you have an employee who is a dissenter, [one who is disagreeable and declares his disagreement] FIRE them, as they affect the whole staff''.


            you have come here to be DISAGREEABLE AND BE A DISSENTER about the NT and the wonderfull freedom that has been given to mankind by OUR Saviour.
            You hate HIM
            You dispise HIM and try to pull HIS GLORIOUS CROSS DOWN.... as your people did 2000years.


            i love HIM
            so now.
            I come to make a stand FOR HIM AND HIS GLORIOUS SACRIFICE.
            you go
            i go
            i will walk away from this forum [that i love] and leave it IN death's hands as u have brought death and leaven to this place in your hatred and mockery of MY KING and MY Salvation

            EVERYTHING U STAND for RELATES TO DEATH.. and I am told BY my King...
            ''walk away from such people as a little leaven spoils the lump''
            YOUR ARE that LEAVEN....
            your religion is leaven and the whole atmosphere of evil leaven is spoiling LIFE revelation on this forum.
            Spying AND I have explained to you over and over our Standard and you have been purposely dull of hearing and continue in your tyranny like one who is brain dead.
            You are being obtrusive.

            obtrusive = intruded into a place where u don't belong

            I have taken this standard for MY KING and HIS GOSPEL in Godly courage.
            so be it, I am in the divine army of the King of Glory and no longer a mouth piece of devilish discontent.
            I have been trained up in NO OMPROMISING POSITION, under the Orders of my KING~!
            IF i suffer rejection for my stand so be it.

            you walk Thummin
            and be banned by Spying from forum posting
            banned from your continual posts condemning of MY KING.= MESSIAH JESUS CHRIST, THE WORD OF living GOD.
            i leave



            The devil has sent you as ''his child'' to bring leaven into this forum with
            your MALCONTENT and scoffing and malignacy....
            i can see thru this trickery as you make out your'e only ''a sincere and gentle but misunderstood friendly jew, fighting for his rights of expressing his belief in Pharisee religious practices''...

            BALOONY..your'e here to cause great mischief + bring a death warrant to this forum....

            I will not sucker up to 'a devil's child' {according to the NT} and reap their harvest of death.

            you go
            i go

            i will not stand by without shouting BEWARE BEWARE, as death tries to take a foot hold here in this place.

            Abba tests His people to see if there are any ''would be traitors'' IN-hiding = those LURKERS that try to kill the True Witness.
            I do not intend By His Grace alone to be ANY TYPE OF A JUDAS...and ''kiss'' the cheek of any man.
            Last edited by LucySmith; 07-21-2006, 05:47 AM.


            • ...Okay Ab, which of your friends will you shoot?

              ...Lucysmith posts;

              you walk Thummin
              and be banned by Spying from forum posting
              banned from your continual posts condemning of MY KING.= MESSIAH JESUS CHRIST, THE WORD OF living GOD.
              i leave



              ...You do not know spying at all I must assume. My posts are based upon the tanakh's texts that I both post and give chapter and verse to, supporting what I have to say. You do not. You just seem to gossip to me on this forum. Making a textual argument must be foreign to you. You just ramble on giving your opinion indefinately without using a substantiating text from the tanakh. The way that I see it, if christianity were such a righteous faith, its history wouldn't be as bad as it is. There is just too much unatoned for blood under the heels of christianity which christians refuse to take the responsibility for. But these same christians do not mind dumping upon us JEWs our own recorded history. You are a good example.

              ...You should know that you are putting Spying in a bad place since he believes in giving people their say, even if he doesn't agree with it. You need to withdrawl your threat to Spying {you or me} since either way he looses a friend that he likes to trade words with. I never really left this site, but have been very busy on another site, and have also addressed Ricoel's website at his own request. If you did a little research here, you will see that I was here debating the proper use of GD's Name, which Spying was accused of misusing. I made an argument for allowing the use of the term "god/gawd" which is commonly used here. I am accused of being a sacred Namer often, but I am not, though I hold Hashem to be sacred. I was clearly on the side of Spying and others who post here. Lucy, me and Spying {Ab} have a little history between us that neither of us will want to give up. That is why you shouldn't force upon Spying such a choice. Suck it in and swallow. You will have many oportunities to defend {Jesus} and the faith of christianity to come to you. I know that christians like to pat each other on the back and agree with each other on their opinions about their faith, but using an open forum will not gaurantee this level of comfort for you ever.


              ...This mornings post {on the other website}

              ...the list presents christian history as it relates to JEWs. You can research these events separately using a search engine. But this evil is only a small part of the evil that belongs to christian history. In the desire to convert the "savages" and rob them of anything that they had of value while they underwent convertion, christianity became accountably for the deaths of millions of other people in this world. The christian faith heaped up its due reward. If GD were to judge christianity by its own history as christians have always judged the JEWish people by our history as published in the tanakh, then by your own "christian" history, your own due furnaces are in front of you. Christianity presents the damnation of the worlds people in the texts of the NT, but disquises this with the salvation of a few worthy christians.

              ...My GD does not curse the worlds people, but only curses those who curse his own people and his own sacred Name.


              And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse. Mal. 4: 6


              ...If the world was cursed already then this warning of Malachi's pen would mean nothing. This is a request for peace to prevail and for honor to have a place in this world. You and christianity rest upon a rather wicked christian history to save yourselves while we JEWs rest in the Name of our Eloheem, trusting in his own salvation as promised us.

              ...Then you christians tell us that the Name of Hashem cannot save, that salvation belongs to {Jesus}. We've seen what the faith of this man does to JEWish flesh already by watching the heels of his own followers as they trample those they oppress. Either free us JEWs of our history, or stand guilty of your own history. I've heard that you will be judged as you yourselves judge others. Just wait until someone compiles a book chronicling christian history.



              • Yes Thummin u r right

                I have placed Spying in a bad position of choices and for this i am awefully Sorry and I do apologise to him over this .
                I am sorry Ab
                however I still take the stand that u represent death Thummin = a dead man rejecting LIFE.
                Spying wrote to me [a PM] to say YOUR A GENTILE forgoodness sakes who converted to Jewish religion... I just knew u were a fraud for there is NOT one drop of Jewish blood within your veins.
                I am even more Jewish than you, my heritage is from the Jewish name called Snow...
                U GIVE THE IMPRESSION YOU ARE A BORN JEWISH MAN...a false impression and i knew you were deceived and like to decieve others.
                now for such a person as yourself here is our godly Advice from Our Messiah

                Shake the Dust from Your Feet - Luke 9:3-5
                He said to the apostles,
                "When you travel, don't take a walking stick.
                Also, don't carry a bag, food, or money.
                Take for your trip only the clothes you are wearing.
                When you go into a house, stay there until it is time to leave.

                If the people in the town will not welcome you, go outside the town and shake their dust off of your feet. This will be a warning to them
                you go Thummin or I go
                Cause you bring death to this forum and have MASSIVE SPIRITUAL HANG UPS.


                SPYING has spent time with you but Spying cannot change your heart, he can only tell you about the GLORIOUS GOSPEL, that u have time and time again REJECTED., but u are cunning Thummin u ''use a type of friendship'' to bait Spying not to have u banned!
                as for Ricoel I am never impressed with a person who admires war and killing, and claims to be '' a christian'' they are from the church AND have a church mentality that is an abomination.
                Spying has told me he does not like banning people...that is his standard
                well thats all ok after all it is his house/forum...he makes up the rules.

                i ban myself
                [so i will not take anything away from Spying's word, as I have the highest regard for Spying and so i disappear] till you are gone from the LIFE NOW FORUM, or become converted.

                looks like death won for now hey....congratulations Thummin..... u r an imposter.
                Thank you Spying
                for having me post here...
                plx tell me when this imposter has gone and i will be very pleased to know you have shut up the mouth of death and this leavened lump has been removed.
                We are to remember the laws of sin and death are fatal.

                It is rather ironic that i began with a post about ''a dust eater'' and ending seeing '' that dust eater '' walk in victory all over this forum..that is sad.
                Too many times death wins, we are to learn HOW TO MAKE OUR STAND against everything that is death.
                i have peace with my decission as i take the stand for Truth over death any day. I am always so greatly blessed when i do this I must admit.

                When we choose His life, we are to live in that life, withour fear nor favour nor compromise with our enemy
                YES we are to love our enemy but ask.. WHO LOVES DEATH,?

                There is a quote found in 2 Tim 3 v 5 telling of people who ''creep in unawares'' thinking they are right, but only have a form of Godliness, but deny the POWER THEREOF..... from such TURN AWAY~!
                can we then ask
                is this person this creepy person ''our enemy we are supposed to luv?"" when we are commanded TO TURN AWAY from this powerless puppet, who wants to convert us to his death?!

                to choose death is a dreadfull thing and no one really understands just how dreadfull this state is... as the human mind cannot handle such evil REPROCUSSIONS that shall come upon themselves, so they make up myths about something so terrible it cannot be comphrended.
                OH! i came back to post a PS
                an interesting talking point hey


                This story now confirmed!!!
                July 20, 2006 9:47 PM EDT

                UPDATED AGAIN JULY 21, 2006

                ALL of the civilian dead in Lebanon ARE CHRISTIANS!
                true or false?
                did u ever see that photo [ in 2004 world news brief] of that little girl carried by her grandfather to get some type of help.
                She had her little leg blown off but it was not completely off as the bone was hanging loose....
                She was not crying, she was just craddled in her grandfathers arms.... I wonder what happened to this little mite?

                sigh i guess i am just a DEATH HATER AT HEART hey.
                Take care Spying OK..
                PERHAPS WE BOTH NEED to visit Morpheus.
                Last edited by LucySmith; 07-22-2006, 05:14 AM.


                • A Bad Place!

                  Hi Thummim,
                  You should know that you are putting Spying in a bad place since he believes in giving people their say
                  You do know me well, Thummim! You do know that I established this forum for the outcasts, for all those who do not fit the mold, for Spying, for Asmorpheus, for Thummim, for Lady Lucy, for a safe place where we can get to know each other in mutual respect without fear of reprisal and banning. So I need you to do me a favor, my Friend, I need you to watch over Lo Ammi while I go with Lucy to confirm her word. She is very important to me, but you are important to me also!

                  I am placing you in charge of Lo Ammi during our absence. This is not a bad place. Lo Ammi is a safe place. Watch over her until we are able to return, and please watch over those we may be blessed to send your way!

                  Sincerely, Ab
                  The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


                  • The worshipers of Death believe in the death of all people but themselves!

                    ...Lucysmith, you believe more in death than I do. With your own faith you damn to death almost all of the world's people, we JEWs being included. You make this strange belief in everybodies death to be your own belief. Death surrounds you on every side and you pet it willingly like it is your own pet. This is your own faith, not mine! To you YHWH {our Name} exists to kill all unrepentant spirits {since you seem not to be talking about the death of bodies} of all people who will not bow to the death of {Jesus}, your god now. This is your chosen faith allowing you to believing more in death then you actually believe in life. Just weigh the conclusions of your own faith on a just scale. You will see that death is much heavier than life to you. You will not conceed that YHWH also saves the sinners of this world, even those among his own people. You denigh us JEWs our own repentance, instead choosing your own path that requires that all JEWs bow to {Jesus} own death or die ourselves {spiritually?}, so simular this is to the third chapter of Danial as it presents the same choice to all JEWs who also will not bow to its new god. The furnaces await those who will not bow. Isn't this the same choice that you give to us JEWs as well as to all non-christians?

                    ...The NT's own words are at fault with GD's will for his own people, following only him. Rome canonized the NT's words itself, rejecting more texts then it kept. The Roman canonized NT keeps a requirement that a JEW worships {Jesus} to be saved. All other JEWs are damned according to the NT. This requirement is expressed in many different places within the NT's texts. All other JEWs not converted to christianity includes almost all JEWs that have ever existed. This sets up an {us and them} relationship between JEWs and christians which has been the trampling of JEWish flesh throughout the ages. Most christians I believe, think that JEWs who will not acknowledge {Jesus} as the christ are damned {unsaved}. But all JEWs who did convert and choose {Jesus} as their savior became christians as I see it. Their JEWish identities perished in only a few short centuries. Their childrens children were swallowed up by the world's people in their newly chosen christian faith. There are only JEWs left because most of the JEWish people refused to become christians {or the followers of any other faith}. Becoming something else other then a JEW doesn't "save" JEWs, but rather distroys JEWs. That means that the NT must be wrong in its christians only principal, or GD now has another people as his own people, {perhaps yourselves?}, discluding his original people for you. And that would not in anyway reflect what this text says of YHWH wanting his own people in this world to be distinguished from any other people in it.


                    For thou art an holy people unto YHWH thy God, and YHWH hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto himself, above all the nations that are upon the earth. Deut. 14: 2


                    ...We bear the Name of YHWH because we refused any other name or faith.


                    ...We are Yahudah/Judah, the Yahud'im, and are attached to our Eloheem through his own Name, the tribe of "Judah" that he chose as the vessel of his own presence {Deut. 12: 5/Ps. 78: 67 - 69}. Why can't our own GD take to himself his own people into his own Name?

                    ...The exclusivity that we have as the JEWish people doesn't come with the damnation of all who are not the same as "us". That would be Rome's own faith and yours.

                    ...There is a JEWish faith, but I am not sure what you mean by "JEWish blood". Is there really such a thing? It seems to me that the ability for the surrounding people of Babylon's many different communities that it dominated, could pass for JEWs, tells us something about JEWish blood {Esther 8: 17}. These people sought safety in saying that they were JEWs which they could easily pass for even then. So much for JEWish blood. Now add 2500 years of inter-marriage to the mix and you end up with your own blood in JEWish veins. It is my faith that is JEWish, not my blood. But this I hold in common with all JEWs. Next time that you are around a JEW, open your eyes and look.


                    ...Do you recognize your own children in these faces? And to think, your own faith damns these or at least their parents for rejecting {Jesus} as their deliverer, something that {Jesus} never did. His people slaughtered such as these for being JEWish. Yes, this is the face of YHW{d}H {our own Name} and what it looks like. The face of YHWH looks like the face of his own people {and a whole lot like your own face}.



                    • The Name of "YHWH" is the only life vest that will hold a JEW afloat.

                      ...Spying, you post;

                      You do know me well, Thummim! You do know that I established this forum for the outcasts, for all those who do not fit the mold, for Spying, for Asmorpheus, for Thummim, for Lady Lucy, for a safe place where we can get to know each other in mutual respect without fear of reprisal and banning. So I need you to do me a favor, my Friend, I need you to watch over Lo Ammi while I go with Lucy to confirm her word. She is very important to me, but you are important to me also!

                      I am placing you in charge of Lo Ammi during our absence. This is not a bad place. Lo Ammi is a safe place. Watch over her until we are able to return, and please watch over those we may be blessed to send your way!


                      ...Here's hoping that you and Lucy are not contemplating suicide to prove your own faith in gaining life with your own deaths. You already have life, even it you will not acknowledge it.

                      ...My interest is in saving the JEWish people, whose spiritual deaths you and Lucy so much believe in, from ever happening. My boat of salvation here is the Name of "YHWH" which all JEWs fit in comfortably. I ask all JEWs not to jump out of this Name. My GD does not damn the worlds people to death by his own faith as your faith does {ref. to Mal. 4: 6}. This leaves the world's people without any damnation to overcome. The law for them all is to "be good" {the law of all children}. But choosing death for themselves or anyone else will leave them a debt of innocent blood to repay at a rather hefty price. The blood, along withn the life in it belongs to YHWH. While both of you keeps yelling out to the JEWish people in our own boat of salvation, "jump and swim, {Jesus} will save you!", I must say to these same JEWs, safety is to be found in not leaping from the boat into the chilly waters that surround it. Trust in the Name of "YHWH" rather then in Rome's christian faith built upon the slaughter of a JEW. YHWH doesn't require innocent blood to save anyone. He puts a steep price on this commodity.

                      ...If you put me in charge here, many will be directed to choose "life" rather then death as the chief pillar of their faith. Believing in life is much better then believing in everybodies elses death as you and Lucy so loudly do. The slaughter of {Jesus}, a JEW really saved no one, not even himself. But conversion to the faith of christianity of all JEWs will empty the boat of Judah's own namesake which is the name that our own lives are lived in, in this world of ours. Can you show me a picture of saved gentiles filling GD's {heaven?} in the tanakh? I thought that this is what GD created the earth for. Don't be afraid to inherit it.

                      ...I would rather debate what texts actually say and mean with those willing to learn the truth about such matters. But oh the winding road to understanding that one must travel in doing this. Everyone seems to have a very different idea in how to get there from here. This exchange is preferable to me rather then being in charge of this forum. Of coarse, this is one of your spiritually derived tactics for me to reason out. But don't let it leave me without you to converse with on this forum.

                      ...Lucy is hurt because you wouldn't tell her that she is more important to you then your other children who use this forum, and disclude one of them from being here. But I can remember one of these children that you wouldn't disclude, but almost did anyway. Your wiser self prevailed even here. It is best not to be offended in conflicting opinions {even if you are}.