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    Hello Spying {Ab}

    ...Spying writes;

    So, you do have a choice! You can continue to be like paint drying in your opposition, or you can let her know that you do understand what she is saying, NAMELY: Everyone here has an opportunity to live and not die in their own sin . Everyone here has an opportunity for LIFE NOW through Messiah Yahushua! Take into account the colors that I have used here, Lucy, my spiritual LSD, LUCY SMITH DEFENDER!


    ...Is this really GD's plan, that I can skip the grave? I already have YHWH's forgiveness deeded to all JEWs in Isaiah 44: 22, 23. After this there is no other charge by YHWH levied against his peoples for us to overcome. You know or should know that there has never been a kaphar'im that exists for individual sins except in a very few mentioned instances. There is not a single case of anyone brionging a lamb to a priest because he has sinned in the entire tanakh. We have had our discusions on this, but perhaps Lucy doesn't know yet of this part of the law. If {Jesus} were to emulate an offering that doesn't exist that freed one from the consequences of their own sins, he would be doing so against YHWH's will and not fulfilling any law but the law that the guilty wished existed. The new covenant of Jeremiah backs me up in saying that the children cannot be guilty of their fathers sins. It says that he who sins will die for having committed them {unless forgiven by YHWH of the breach against him} But this death is the death that effects flesh only. Flesh is dust and the earth takes back its own. The spirit returns always to whom we got it from originally {Eccl. 12: 7}.

    ..In keeping with the law {Nu, 15: 24 - 31}, Jeremiah shows us that all of Israel's sins can be forgiven even though there are still people who have sinned and continue to sin among Israel's numbers at the same time. Compare Jer. 31: 30 with Jer. 31: 34. Both of these situations underlying guilt exist at the same time. Forgiving Israel's sins is not forgiving the sins of an individual. Also righteous men sin and always have sinned {consider Aaron, Moses and David}. Making the guilty out as innocent before GD is the way of Rome's faith which would have long died out if not for Rome deciding on what would be the Roman/christian faith and canonizing it. Already at the time of Constantine the faith of christianity had gone in many different dirrections. There are a host of different written document that clearly show this.

    ...In that YHWH has always kept with himself the ability and right to forgive ones sins at any time without a sacrifice or a {Jesus}, He is the final arbitor of ones end. In any case there are no promises given by YHWH to the spirits of mankind. All promises belong to "seed" {zera, ie: flesh}. Understanding this is a big step to take for anyone who has always hoped to own one day own a piece YHWH's heaven as their own property. But there are really no golden streets or jeweled mansions in heaven. only YHWH's spirit, the Name of "YHWH" which fits all JEWs.


    ..To breath the Name of "YHWH" into the image of YHWH is really what the tanakh is all about. This is extended life for a JEW. I bear the Name of YHWH, so why should Lucy be concerned about my eternal life?



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      ...Lucy writes;

      give up that used by out dated death study on your religion... it has NO value.
      LEARN to understand real LIFE, so that you can walk in such divine VICTORY, you will bypass your own grave.
      THIS IS THE BEST ADVICE, you will ever receive., and i am only too happy to tell you how it is done . I do not boast that i am perfected nor that have am the sole provider to Truth, I too am under the divine hammer.... but.... I can freely tell u what i am learning and how i can care and share with you amen


      ...outdated death study? Are you saying that evil can visit your children one night and it wont matter to you? Or are you saying that the tanakh is a death study? What do you mean about "real life"? Can I live any other kind of life here? You give me advice but you word it very badly, like you don't want me to really understand your advice. "Real life" isn't {Jesus} to a JEW. Click on the link that I posted for Jon above {simple to understand/JEWish persecution} that belongs to christianity and its faithful, as their JEWish/christian history. Is it better remembered or forgotten?



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        Closed eyes can avoid the light of understanding.

        ...Jon writes;

        Jesus did not come to expose the nakedness of His people, Rather He is our covering. He layed down His life. He was the one who was hung naked on a cross , with a crown of thorns on His head. While they cast lots for His clothes. He did not fight for His throne through rebellion. Did David take the life of Saul to establish his throne? No he laid down his life while Saul hunted him. Do you remember what Jesus Christ said while dying on the cross? Father forgive them, for they know not what they do. Does He sound like one who came to destroy. He put your life Michael, before His own.


        ...After the Romans executed {Jesus}, they went on to excecute millions of his people {not a very messianic tribute to {Jesus} at all}. The man that Rome executed they made a curse to all JEWry. Rome was about to die, but Constantine saw a way for it to continue. He made a god out of {Jesus} for all to worship. The Roman faith had an effect upon JEWish lives and its footprints are forever laid down upon the earth for all to see in the way that christians have persecuted the JEWish people. If you cut off Rome's part in your christian history, you also cut off all christianity for over a thousand years for which christianuity had no other christianity to be. Christianity is not the faith that the tanakh presents, and never has been. It violates all of the tanakh's words in what it tries to be in freeing the guilty from their sins and giving them eternal life. This power belongs to YHWH alone according to the tanakh, and not to any man. Even a burnt offering cannot bring forgiveness for deliberate and willful sin without YHWH's own forgiveness {Ex. 34: 7} being included. Thus christians write their own spiritual equivilent to the tanakh which allows the faith of Rome to go on even though it has led an assault upon the Name of "YHWH", {YaHu{W}daH/Judah} throughout all of its real history. What you need to learn is that when you distroy a peoples name by making them guilty of killing a messiah, a son of a god, or a god being manefested in the flesh, it has dire consequences for the people of the assaulted name. Those who read these words did what they reasoned to be just to do upon their own faith.


        ...What do these words say about those who do not worship {Jesus} as their messiah?

        He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God. Jn. 3: 18


        If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned. Jn. 15: 36


        He came unto his own, and his own received him not. Jn. 1: 11 {???}


        Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence. Jn. 18: 36


        He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. Mk. 16: 16


        10 Be it known unto you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom ye crucified, whom God raised from the dead, even by him doth this man stand here before you whole.

        11 This is the stone which was set at nought of you builders, which is become the head of the corner.

        12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. {including the Name of "YHWH" that we JEWs bear as our own Name}? Acts 4: 10 - 12


        ...It looks like someone slipped in during the night and planted some seeds that shouldn't be growing in your garden!

        ...How are these texts not like these in Dan. chapter 3?


        6 And whoso falleth not down and worshippeth shall the same hour be cast into the midst of a burning fiery furnace. Dan. 3: 6

        ...Perhaps this tale has its purpose.



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          I just want to make one final point to Michael and then I'm done.


          When talking about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, I have to point the finger at myself first. As we all do. Jew and Gentile alike. We all have to die to the lie of Satan, that we are our own gods.

          I can assure you that I have nothing to do with the religion of Rome. For me the dividing wall has been torn down. You claim the seat of Judah, Rome claims the seat of Peter. I guess that is between you and them. My Lord and King is Jesus Christ. Who is seated at the right hand of the Father.

          I choose not to walk with a victim mentality anymore, because if I walk that path, at the end of it I will turn around and see all of my victims.



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            I rebuke your words Thummin to me publically in the Name of Messiah Jesus Christ, they are words of total ignorance, and from a very carnal-minded religion THAT THINKS IT IS ''RIGHT''.... but i also forgive your blusterings.

            but i have to say this. VERY SINCERELY..

            i have often wondered what is ''THE'' sin people commit that is so brutish that they are SENT a strong delusion by their Creator.

            Could it possibly be the sin of the Pharisee?

            false religion and pharisee behaviours hold hands and are from the devil.

            ''Jesus said ''your father is the devil'' to such hyprocrites... this was to a people who considered themselves ''right''.

            can we ask.................
            is this THE sin that is worthy of such delusive insanity?= this carnal self righteousness that causes DEATH to mankind, yet pretends
            'all is well'.'

            'follow us '' they say ''we are right, as we study and learn''...
            but I say
            '' the wages for your study is death''....

            religious study + death sit at your table conferring together, as those blind eyes remain shut.

            can't U EVEN ''SEE'' THIS? - ofcourse not and that is the great tragedy of most of mankind.

            BTW the ''christianity'' u speak about and that has been displayed from thousands of years possesses the wrong name it is CHURCHIANITY AND JUST AS DELUDED as the rest of all earthy religions....death and the grave belong to them too.
            they say ''follow us'' as well.... the religious carnal mind never realizes it is deluded too and filled with vanity....

            THAT STRONG DELUSION sure works.

            NOW Spying and I have a Mission... it is this.

            the 'churchian system' or present church connections are all willing to teach you a religion about Jesus.

            but our special mission is to help you in your search to find the religion OF Jesus.

            there is a huge difference. amen
            His religion is DISPLAYED IN HIS 'LIFE'.... HIS 'LIFE' IS HIS RELIGION.[math 17 transfiguration experience]
            your dont have HIS 'LIFE', you cannot have His religion.

            I have discovered something very simple
            it is this!~!~
            death religion HAS A STINK to it.

            WE FIND real LIFE, WE SMELL LIKE LIFE..or.. LIKE A GARDEN OF LIFE...where no rotten stink stinketh up.

            people TURN AWAY from stinking things....even in the natural.... stink is repulsive to us.

            death religion smells of death.....
            self is death...
            self oozes the odour of death.
            MESSIAH NEVER SMELT OF DEATH, but the religion of the Pharisee did.
            Last edited by LucySmith; 07-02-2006, 05:35 PM.


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              Spying and Lucy,

              You said that you wanted to only talk about life now.

              My brother died last June, and I don't in any way look at him or his life here as a failure. He had a battle for over 5 years with a horrendous disease. And he suffered through alot. And I believe that he has eternal life in Jesus Christ.

              I have to question your message, because I have noticed that you do not consider Jesus Christ to be the Son of God. And yet you quote His words in your message. But the name that you seem to lift up, is the name of "life now".

              There was a message that claimed "life now" a long time ago. It was in the Garden of Eden. The serpent said to the woman, that if she ate of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, that she would not die. That she would be as god.

              Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that has come in the flesh?



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                Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that has come in the flesh?
                The Son of God and the Son of man are His titles.
                yes...the bible tells us so~!~!

                BTW just to clean the air of lies...
                IF I DID NOT..
                HE would never share His overcomers secrets with such a person as myself... I also believe in rest of the NT and the godly advices it contains to help me overcome all things inc my own death.
                now most religious people really do not bother to go this far and win the race [phil; 3 v 10-14] and as for ''eternal life'' this simplY means NO DEATH IS FOUND INSIDE THAT LIFE....ETERNAL LIFE~!

                but I am sorry for our sadness Jon... DEATH IS AN ENEMY.
                death is always a sad affaire and MOST people DIE IN SIN...
                disease doesn't kill them S.I.N. DOES....
                all disease is just a manifestion of the true spiritual condition.

                the death certificate should say ''this man died from sin''.
                the laws of sin and death were lived in and ruled over him
                now that's the unsavoury man likes to hear.

                the challenge is to all men

                1] die in sin

                2] die to sin

                ASK THIS
                why is the GODLY request put before us all
                choose life
                choose death this day.....
                is this some joke~ or is it SERIOUS BUSINESS OF LIFE AND DEATH CHOICES WE ARE TO FACE UP TO in our personal lives
                choices most carnally minded people failed to recognise!

                i am not a convincer only a teller... IT IS MY JOB TO TELL about the best kept secret [to use Ab's saying, under divine inspiration]not to convince, but just to tell it like it is.

                What you need is the Holy Spirit to open up the scriptures and prove HIS understanding into your heart... for i cannot.

                HE IS THE CONVERTER...

                as for the OT analogy of our soul eve and her deception and the lie of the devil.....
                consider this...

                what of the NEW COVENANT statement where it tells believers MESSIAH CAME TO abolish death? 2 tim 1 v 10

                abolish = means ... to remove, to delete, to erradicate~!

                we cannot pick and choose what these verses say... WE ARE TO CORRECTLY search and study and divide scriptures and FIND OUT the TRUTH OF THIS WHOLE MATTER....

                we are to know WHAT DISPENSATION we are alive IN 2006...
                it is not the dispensation OF THE GARDEN OF EDEN~!~!

                WHY NOT cry out to the Saviour, BEGIN dying to your sin, overcome them and be made whole by the Blood of the lamb, who died for the sins of the World and then be converted and changed... WHY NOT PASS OVER from your death into HIS ONLY REAL TRUE LIFE.

                now i dont go into weird scripture wars with others I ALLOW THE TRUTH TO SPEAK FOR ITSELF...
                so WHEN
                u gain UNDERSTANDING OF THE BEST KEPT SECRET, come back and tell me and we shall rejoice at SUCH A GREAT salvation.
                MAY Abba grant you His grace to understand Eph 1 v 17-19. amen


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                  cont...and as for your comment Jon

                  I have to question your message, because I have noticed that you do not consider Jesus Christ to be the Son of God. And yet you quote His words in your message. But the name that you seem to lift up, is the name of "life now".

                  LIFE NOW....
                  surely u know from your religious studies
                  IS CALLED ................the life.

                  the person JESUS CHRIST.... says of HIMSELF

                  1] I AM
                  the way

                  2] I AM
                  the TRUTH

                  3] I AM

                  THE LIFE......

                  SO... when Spying and I say LIFE now.... WE CONSTANTLY are referring TO THE HOLY PERSON.... WHO IS KNOWN TO THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE AS

                  THE LIFE. NAMELY THE SON OF GOD.

                  perhaps IT would be a BETTER THING... to question your study and move into a more enlightened mode?
                  perhaps IT would be a BETTER THING... to seek divine manna, rather than accussing 'the brethren'' so un-necessarily.

                  What's the name of that being who likes to accuse again?

                  now as for Jesus Christ, JON, what type of life do u think HE WALKED IN here on this planet? what gift did HE bring to all mankind. HAVE U READ ABOUT THIS WONDERFULL GIFT....


                  as example....
                  did He leave ''THE LIFE'' hanging up in a warbrobe someplace and just use any old type of life WHEN HE WALKED OUT HIS LIFE HERE.?

                  for further information see and study MATH 17 = regarding the change on the MT of TRANSFIGURATION...

                  the devil would hate that type of life hey?
                  after all it is in his best interests to try to defile and mock such a revealed Truth.
                  he would hate it cuz IT IS THE LIFE THAT DEFEATS his power base.....
                  so what do u think he would do Jon? what ''trick'' would he use to defile a saint's testimony and divine revelation of immortal life?

                  ummmm.... interesting question dont u think?

                  WHEN people understand LIFE NOW, they are free from former bondages as they have heard the revelation of freedom from all the sin and death of their adamic nature.
                  do you think Jon, Abba leaves such saints in the lurch without HONOURING THEM AND THEIR WITNESSING?
                  their witness is their testimony of [rev 12 v 11]
                  after all
                  these people are HIS JEWELS....
                  better yet
                  HIS FAMILY JEWELS who can speak correctly about the reproduction of His Kingdom and of LIFE NOW to other stones, made for His temple.

                  umm again.

                  BTW never ''take on'' a saint who has been equipped with the finest war machine in the does not pay and falls flat every time. The Holy Spirit will put an unction in the saints mouth that will always bring discredit to satan's work. amen

                  remember that as a lesson~! and i do realise it is difficult for the carnal mind to understand.
                  The devil KNOWS of his defeat and SO DOES death. amen
                  now it is UP to the new creature to walk in such freedom and living truth amen


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                    I didn't judge your teaching one way or the other. I approached it with caution. For we all know that Satan can appear as an angel of light. So, I stated my concern and asked one question of you. A simple yes or no is all that I was looking for...... However, I must say that my question has been answered, in looking for discernment.

                    I already know Allen's answer to my question. Because he has made it known.

                    So, I have to say that I know to step away from all of this now.



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                      To all ...

                      ... An answer that I earlier posted {on another site} seems to say what I want to say.


                      ...It makes it simpler when the blood of "YHWH's" Name is asked to be accounted for {in understanding why christians are here being singled our for justice when all the world's people have innocent blood on their hands as well}.

                      --> This is just a, "he did it too" used by a christian trying to exempt their faith from the blood it shed.


                      5 And surely your blood of your lives will I require; at the hand of every beast will I require it, and at the hand of man; at the hand of every man's brother will I require the life of man.

                      6 Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man. Gen. 9: 5, 6


                      ...Yes, the image of GD is owed justice, but also the Name of YHWH owns justice here as well. Who shall pay for this blood if not christians {including all who are guilty of any of the blood that belongs to YHWH's Name}. Isn't this what the day of {"YHWH"} is all about?

                      ...What happened to Moab when it refused to let Israel pass through its land on the way to the land promised to Israel?


                      3 An Ammonite or Moabite shall not enter into the congregation of YHWH; even to their tenth generation shall they not enter into the congregation of YHWH for ever: Deut. 23: 3


                      ...Compare Moab's sin against the sins that justly should be allotted to christianity in this same vein of justice. YHWH wouldn't want to charge the innocent who did no evil to the JEWish people.

                      ...The Moabites are Abraham's decendants, the children of Lot. Still GD asks justice against Moab, disallowing them from ever becoming a part of his own people. The ripples of Moabs sin against Israel hardly is noticeable against the roaring waves of christianity that cover the pond of misdeeds, the spilling of innocent blood attributable to christianity that is the blood of YHWH's wife here upon the earth.

                      ...Compare justice here with the words written in Joel's third chapter {KJV}. With this same zeal, would YHWH skip over the sins of christianity? Can christians just kill another innocent JEW to cover their sins?

                      ...Rome must pay its debt to YHWH. Romes faith is christianity. If not for Rome, there would be no surviving christian faith in this world. Already by the time of Constantine christianity had chosen conflicting beliefs about who {Jesus} was and what happened in his life. This is seen in the surviving christian texts that didn't get canonized by Rome. Rome is christianity and this faith is how Rome mannaged to survive to this day. But Rome does what Rome does, and the JEWish people are slaughtered by it as either a city-state or a faith.


                      ..Rome canonized the christian faith and stopped this.

                      ...But it wouldn't stop this.




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                        Persecution And Death!

                        Hi Thummim,

                        I am against causing the death of innocents and against all faith which promotes the death of innocents. So I am against Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc.

                        You claim to be against persecuting Jews, but you seem to me to be more than willing to live you own life and then meekly accept you own personal death. This tells me that you are more than willing to kill at least one Jew even if that Jew happens to be yourself. The Scriptures are very clear, Thummim, your death will be because of your lack of repentance. Why be so stubborn? Why persecute yourself so? Why not repent and live? Wake up! It is time to wake up!

                        Sins kills, and sin killed Messiah Yahushua. Just because I believe that I killed Messiah through my sin does not mean that I am promoting Christianity. Christianity does not profess to have anything at all to do with the death of Messiah if you pin them down on this issue. They are all substitutionalists at heart. Christianity believes that Messiah died in their stead so that they might have life after their own personal deaths. Why should I believe in such a puny savior who only has the power to save me after I die? I believe that Messiah is alive and that Messiah will save me now because I am alive in HIM! I don't know what that makes me. This certainly does not mean that I am promoting Christianity. I guess it means that I am a proponent of LIFE NOW!

                        Welcome to LIFE NOW!

                        Sincerely, Ab
                        The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                          Keeping ONE'S WORD!

                          Hi Jon,

                          If you would have shown this scripture to your brother, he would have had a chance for life:
                          Ezekiel 18:21
                          21 But if the wicked will turn from all his sins that he hath committed, and keep all my statutes, and do that which is lawful and right, he shall surely live, he shall not die. (KJV)
                          Now, I am going to ask you a question! Why did you not show this scripture to you brother so that he would have an opportunity for LIFE?

                          Was YAHWEH ELOHIM a liar? Is the Son of YAHWEH ELOHIM a liar? When did THEY revoke this WORD or do THEY still keep their WORD?

                          Wake up, Jon!

                          Sincerely, Ab
                          The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                            I see what you are saying about Isaiah's children being given to him as signs and symbols. And it is worded that the child would be living during the time that he speaks of. So, I stand corrected on that point. However, the virgin birth is a sign and a symbol of what is to come. I know that Isaiah wasn't standing in the position of himself being God, when he prophecied. It is a picture of what is to come. As he mentions in chapter 9. Unto (US) a child is given. Unto (US) a child is born.

                            So, I stand corrected on that point. However the message is the same. The Son of God has come into the world, born of a virgin, and dwelt among us.



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                              Whose repentance is enough for YHWH to bless with his forgiveness?

                              ...Spying posts;

                              You claim to be against persecuting Jews, but you seem to me to be more than willing to live you own life and then meekly accept you own personal death. This tells me that you are more than willing to kill at least one Jew even if that Jew happens to be yourself. The Scriptures are very clear, Thummim, your death will be because of your lack of repentance. Why be so stubborn? Why persecute yourself so? Why not repent and live? Wake up! It is time to wake up!


                              ...Are you still preaching at me? You assume that I am unrepentant of my sins. You are hung up with Rome's promise to you that if you obey it, your own life will be spared {forever}. But Rome has no such authority to aquit anyone from their own encounter with the grave. Rome {christianity} is misinterpreting the tanakh. There is not a single lamb brought to the slaughter for any individual's sins. It is Israel that is cleansed {for YHWH sake} with kaphar'im. Why do you assume that you have eternal life and that the JEWish people who own the tanakh and have writen it are damned by it? Is it because of what Rome canonizes in their own addition to the tanakh {the NT}?


                              He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. Mk. 16: 16


                              ...Rome has decieved you. This is how it avoids death itself. Rome all but died, but choose the christian faith as its own faith to extend its life. Through christianity Rome lives on and recieves power over people. You are its subject and must obey Rome or it will take away the eternal life that it has promised you. It says "live or die" to you and then you turn around and say it to me. I know Rome's cup of poison that it made you drink. You lapped it down to the very bottom. But christianity isn't the faith of YHWH, his Name {YHWH} is his faith along with the Name written on the kethubah of his people {YHWH}. Yah doesn't ask for innocent blood to cover anyones sins. Innocent blood always defiles all that it touches. The new covenant text says that no one can die in our place for us. Rome likes to reinterpret this text for you to read "{Jesus} only can save you and give you eternal life by dieing in your place". YHWH does ask for the repentance of those who have offended him. This is preferable to believing that anything or anyone's death can save you from GD's wrath. The text of the tanakh says in its concluding text {Mal. 4: 6} that the world is not cursed {yet}. There is no curse to overcome from YHWH with the death of {Jesus}. It is this reasoning that Rome wants to get beyond to show that it is not a thief and that the salvation that the tanakh promises to we JEWs belongs to it. But Rome {and its faith, christianity} is a thief!


                              2 For thou art an holy people unto YHWH thy God, and YHWH hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto himself, above all the nations that are upon the earth. Deut. 14: 2


                              ...So how does Rome and christianity {its faith} end up constituting a particular people for YHWH {to replace his own people in gaining their own salvation from him}?


                              10 That innocent blood be not shed in thy land, which YHWH thy God giveth thee for an inheritance, and so blood be upon thee.


                              ...The christian faith tries to get you to look past the inhibition of shedding innocent blood and rather tells you that this is GD's plan for salvation through the slaughter of his son.

                              ...Ab, you dont have to save my soul. I already bear the Name of "YHWH", the breath of YHWH breathed into his own image which his people are created in. This is what the tanakh is all about. It is about Hashem {the Name of YHWH that exists in all of the tanakh's books except for the one that is about the plot to distroy the JEWish people}. Believing in the damnation of the JEWish people is a little like cursing us, wouldn't you think? Why not instead believe that the Name of "YHWH" saves us from death {GD's spirit and Name returns to him}?

                              ...Moses, Aaron, David, and Manasseh had no offering they could make to bring any of GD's forgiveness to them. There is no offering that a priest can make that would clear these men and cover over their transgressions. Why do you suppose that this was so? They didn't need a kaphar, just to turn their hearts towards righteousness and seek forgiveness. But for Moses and Aaron, both righteous men before YHWH, it was to late.

                              ...All righteousness counts towards the world's health. But a little unrighteousness does a whole lot of damage. Moses and Aaron made themselves the deliverers of YHWH's people rather then sactify the Name of "YHWH" as Israel's sole deliverer. This kept both of them out of the promised land. Rome, through {Jesus} commited this same sin denighing YHWH the place of being his own peoples deliverer {its Jesus or else!}. Wood, stone, metal, then human flesh, the world just will not quit making themselves their false gods which they honor with their own faithfulness to the point of damning all other peoples like you are damning me to death.



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                                Preach your message if you like. I do not stand between you and God.

                                I'll say to you now, what I said to Lucy. That I know to step away from it.