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    hello Ab

    i have read and re-read your info....
    i understand what u are saying and i do thank you for your posts. I really do~! i learn from them all the time amen

    today i found this...
    we can learn alot from art for creative art comes up from the heart of man.

    [Boris Vallejo is the artist and he is 65 yrs old.]

    what i want to explain here is how THE ''DUST" [the devil] is made to look so attractive.

    This time and space realm is the ''dust realm''... and not the ETERNAL life realm....

    see the 2 rocks? and the devilish dust spanned between these 2 rocks.

    the next Pic is

    deceived Eve
    our soul/carnal mindedness... eating the dust....
    see how she really looks~!~!~
    the carnal minded dust eaters, co-joined with the roaring lion.

    we are to walk away FROM dust and eat from the tree of life....
    let us~! please.
    here is my Fav. pic...
    to me
    see how this beautifull woman is redeemed and NO LONGER A SLAVE nor AFRAID~!
    see how she is now surrounded by green and gold lights...
    the glory of resurrection LIFE.
    LIFE NOW~!

    perhaps the perfect Picture!
    brethren united in one accord.... and well able to hold back all death as they have been REDEEMED and made whole again in Messiah.


    hasten the Day Lord... amen

    just a few pics to explain some bible truths.


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      ABBA'S Kind Affection!

      Hi Lucy Smith,

      Yesterday, while driving around, I prayed to ABBA with considerable tears seeking HIS approval! You see, we all have a tremendous capacity to deceive ourselves, and I take thought about that hoping that I am not deceived.

      Thank you for your pictures. I view them as an answer from ABBA for my prayer. ABBA is exceedingly gracious and kind towards me to view me as anything other than how I look in the physical. It is comforting to view how ABBA looks upon HIS saints despite our imperfections.

      I have been seeking to understand the FLESH and BLOOD of Messiah Yahushua for a long time. How can we eat without knowing what these things are? I have started and stopped many times. I have flip flopped and backtracked so many times that I hardly know where I have been, but like Abraham, I desire to know that I know.

      With your wonderful insight and teaching and encouragement as well as the same from others, I fully expect to cut through all the deception and find the truth about the FLESH and BLOOD. When we find them, we will see that ABBA has already allowed us the privilege of eating. I suspect that this is how we see them. We see them by doing them! It will be like ABBA asking again, WHO TOLD YOU? Only this time HE asks with a big grin on HIS face.

      Sincerely, Ab
      The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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        let us count the ways HE blesses us Ab

        none of us are as yet perfect perfects... none.
        what we are learning is HOW TO HAVE A PERFECTED HEART...
        remember king David aka ''a man after God's own heart'' image that...

        Was King David perfect?
        His songs were a wonder, even today, 3000odd yrs later some are still sung.... His rulership... Jews still talk about it and long for it to return so i have heard...RULERSHIP AND HEARTS for others, ways to bless others, ways to help others and care about others. = THATS what is needed to bring us all into PERFECTION under the divine direction of our Holy Teacher.

        have you ever considered, you are a big man for a reason and perhaps u cannot see it yet?
        Everything about His living temple stone is planned down to the finest detail... just as that wonderfull artist conveyed his thoughts on a canvas,[ in the pics above] so FATHER fashions us too,
        WE ARE HIS CANVAS and He has ''painted you'' a big man~! for a time.
        that's so you can have a huge heart for others and contain all spiritual blessing to flow out to other people in need....but inside your'e learning to be a lean mean fightin' machine.
        when finally you manifest as His Glory you shall be one of the most beautifull of all creation.

        When your'e driving around in your truck.... dont have tears BLOW THE HORN AND SHOUT OUT TO EVERYONE,

        ''Christ Jesus LOVES ME, I am Blessed~!''

        OH Spying ...aint that the real truth. amen

        We are learning how to look thru our veils of carnality and learning to FOCUS....FOCUS....FOCUS... on the full lordship of Christ-in-us.

        focus....that is how we are changed by the twinkling of an eye...

        WHEN Peter LOOKED AT THE WIND AND THE WAVES [ his tribulations] he sank.
        Father has ''allowed'' our tribulations... just like Job, we too are HIS JOB'S.
        NOW WHAT DO WE THINK PHIL 3 V 10-14 IS?
        write 1,000 times on a chalk board... ''THE HIGHEST CALLING IS MY HEART'S DESIRE''
        stop those tears and make them cheers.
        Allow the real man to appear In you and let us all STOP HINDERING His divine work in us amen....We are HIS CHILD.... HIS CHILD
        we have forgotten our heritage- WE BELONG TO HIM ALONE AND HE TAKES CARE OF HIS CHILD amen.
        WE ARE TO EXPECT THE BEST, and we grow up under His anointing and He will open our eyes even to His smallest whispers amen

        NOW what do we see... what do we see.... what do we see.... what do we see...


        the weakest link BECAME TO STRONGEST CHAIN... amen

        whatsoever we face, has to do with LORDSHIP AND RULERSHIP AND BEING ALLOWED to REIGN OVER....


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          Hi Lucy Smith,
          ''His people the earth is being cleansed and a new day is dawning. HIS people do not get to this place of heavenly bliss by dying a physical death and going back to the dust of the earth, they get there by eating His flesh and drinking His blood which is a process of passing through His death and coming out into His resurrection life.''
          You former signature line appears to be a quote. I rather like the part that I have underlined. Could you tell me whom you are quoting, please? There is understanding expressed here!

          Sincerely, Ab
          The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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            hello Ab..

            This is from a site called ''raysofsonlight''....
            i just found their site and when reading thru this page i found this quote and loved it and put it there as a signature. Thats all.

            I dont know anything about them as i only read this one page.... but now i shall read more...maybe we have found other saints like us.Ab.. who knows?
            let us hope they are~!

            Ab, have u ever thought what it would be like to physically fellowship on a regular basis with such folk?
            oh my... the 'roof of the house ' would blow off hey~!~!


            ROLight ministry say...

            ''the earth [ the earth is the adamic nature spiritually speaking as a metaphor] is charged with new life'' see this?
            That is me Spying...
            that is IN me and I feel it and know it IT IS LIKE AN ENERGISING power overtaking all the old bits in our human frame...
            and i guess this is all because our carnal mind is changing inot the Messiah mind or = renewed = revitalized.... or just being in the act of restoration.

            Then they say
            ''like a river of healing life''

            YES AND AGAIN
            YES SIR...everything this 'river' touches... TURNS TO LIFE....IT IS NO LONGER DEAD AND STAGNANT.
            notice when we fellowship here we turn to 'life' too...
            that is so amazing.. I know u do i can feel it IN you from 20,000 miles away
            your one big LIFE BULB.

            what's John 6 v 48-58 say? [i have NOT got my bible with me i am on a mini-holiday]
            they said.
            These people who will walk out from the darkness of this age into the shining new world of His presence, are a special people.
            They are a people who are predestined, chosen, and ordained and ' CONFORMED' into the image of the Son of God.
            Yes thats the truth amen

            everything this 'river' touches TURNS TO LIFE IT IS NO LONGER DEAD AND STAGNANT.
            i shall cont reading..


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              Which Comes First?

              Hi Lucy Smith,

              Things are starting to become somewhat clearer in my mind.

              Eating the Flesh (the Bread of Life) of Messiah Yahushua is therefore the work of putting to death sin in our lives. Obviously, when sin ceases, death has no power over us. So each believer must work to overcome his or her sin! How is this accomplished?

              If drinking the Blood of Messiah is the equivalent of living HIS resurrected life, what does drinking the blood really mean? Obviously, the Blood of Messiah is the Water of Life (John 4:14, John 7:38) that enters, wells up, and flows from each of us, and, yes, everything this water touches turns to life. What is this work? What is the manifestation of this life that becomes in us LIFE NOW!

              Can we eat the Flesh of Messiah with its Blood?

              Which comes first: Eating the Flesh or drinking the Blood?

              Sincerely, Ab
              The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                a clearer mind.

                hello Spying I trust your;e having a wonderfull day amen

                from your quote above

                Eating the Flesh (the Bread of Life) of Messiah Yahushua is therefore the work of putting to death sin in our lives.
                Obviously, when sin ceases, death has no power over us.
                So each believer must work to overcome his or her sin!
                How is this accomplished?
                by living in THE FAITH OF THE SON OF GOD and walk as HE WALKED DAILY.
                we all have little woes...
                allowed woes by Abba,
                allowed so that we learn from them
                what do we have to learn?????

                HOW TO WALK BY FAITH the same faith [rely, cling too, trust in, have confidence in] as Messiah did.

                ELOHIM is a FAITH-GOD... that is how HE FORMS WORLDS.
                you are 'a world' Spying.
                HE IS FORMING YOU, so that you shall be His expressed image and likeness and UNDERSTAND His FAITH and how it works so that YOU CAN BE LIKE HE IS.

                see the 3 smilies - they are for your spirit, your soul and your body that shall be fully redeemed. amen

                have u noticed the more you enter into His presence the less your'e inclined to sin?
                infact our sin becomes abhorent to us.
                Slowly but surely HE will remove that inclination to sin from us, as we yeild up our lives into His powerfull hands and we become like putty for HIM to recast into His own desired pattern for us as part of His living temple.

                consider this plx
                Think of all those past sins we have all given up?

                again consider this Plx~!~!~!

                did they go by themsleves?

                Did they just puff off into the air by some magic wand and we waved goodbye to them as they floated away ?
                were they removed from our lives for a holy PURPOSE, as our 'death' is being removed from our lives for a divine purpose,
                all because we cry out for our deliverances from all evil.?
                We get a GUT-FULL of our own fraility and WE DESIRE HIS STRENGTH RULING OVER US...

                WHY WHY WHY WHY?
                ASK WHY! THIS IS SO?

                CONSIDER yourself,
                why not write a list of your ''former sins'' and former ''bad habits''
                and then
                why not Praise Abba, FOR HIS MIRACLE over you and for HIS LIFE FORCE brooding over you, as He fashions you into His world of life.

                Do YOU THINK He shall stop, WITH YOUR CLEANSING, when the job is yet unfinished?
                no, remember we are HIS WORKMANSHIP and all shall be FINISHED IN us as we are taught how to yeild up our will into HIS LOVING POTTER'S HANDS.


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                  Hello all. It's been awhile since I last visited this house.

                  ...Spying writes;

                  Messiah Yahushua is the Red Heifer! His suffering on the Cross is a burning. When the Red Heifer was reduced to ashes through burning, the ashes were then pulverized to create a fine dust.

                  The burning of the Heifer removes all moisture. There is no water (life) in these ashes.

                  The ashes of the Red Heifer are representative of all of mankind! All men for all time died with Messiah!


                  ...Spying, I see that Antonio wants a private sitting with you. I must tell Antonio that nothing gets past your already screwed up perception of how it all works {but then Antonio would know this already}. For instance you again mention that {Jesus} is the red heifer. But I know that we hashed this all out before. Why do you suppose that these ashes are kept outside of the camp of YHWH in a clean place. Isn't it to keep them separate from YHWH? This is not an offering to be made to GD as a gift or a kaphar to separate GD from uncleanness {or to placate him in any way}. This ritual must be separated from YHWH because it is a "whole burnt offering" where the hide is also consumed. If you will search this out, you will see that nowhere in the text of the torah is any of an animal's hide burned upon YHWH's altar. In the same thought, YHWH says to Moses, "take of your sandals because the ground that you are about to walk upon is holy" {like GD's altar}. The soles of Moses sandals would defile the holy ground that surrounds YHWH. With a ritual sacrifice performed outside of the camp there is always this implication of uncleanness. These ashes impart "burning" to anything that death has touched. Thus death is cleansed with the ashes from what has been defiled by it. However the dead bodies are not touched themselves with these ashes. There is no resurrection of the dead being implied in the use of these ashes. Not once do the dead ever rise to compliment the use of these ashes. Your thesis forces YHWH to touch death. {Jesus} isn't a red heifer and missedm being burned in any way. I know that you, like all christians, are forever searching to find out which "kaphar'im} that {Jesus} fulfilled with his death. He fulfilled none of them according to the details provided by the texts of the torah in how they are performed and in which manor they are made. A crucifixion is not a burnt offering as all sin offerings are. Take the fire away here and you can't even make use of a pascel lamb properly. Fire must touch this memorial of the deliverance from Egypt by YHWH of the covenanted {the word used for "brit"} people of Abraham {Isaac's seed which is flesh}. The pascel lamb cannot be eaten raw and none must be left in the morning that is not "burnt" {Ex. 12: 9, 10}. Fire again must be used {the kind that burns flesh}. Fire is what makes the altar of YHWH, an altar. The kaphar {sacrifice} is given to the fire of the altar, the fire being more then the altar. A "strange fire" is like a strange god to YHWH.

                  ...Also don't confuse tending sin with tending to innocent blood and any defilement that could approach YHWH by whatever means. The priests of YHWH do not stand in YHWH's place in forgiving sins. They are disallowed from making a kaphar for "personal" sin unless it is specifically mentioned in YHWH's mitzvot {Nu. 15: 24 - 31}. Jeremiah's new covenant is a renewal of the old covenant that has a mention of the children being guilty for their fathers sins to the third and fourth generation {Ex. 34: 7} now removed from this renewed covenant. Now the guilty must die for his own sin {Jer. 31: 30} and nobody dies in his place {including Jesus}. By the way, the new covenant is about YHWH's decree to do "good" to his people {Jer. 32: 40 - 43} Why don't christians include the rest of what Jeremiah says about this renewal of his covenant in mentioning it to the pew? Chapter 31 doesn't end the words that Jeremiah speaks of this covenant. Just read on in chapter 32 to see what the new covenant addresses as "change" from the former troubles of the JEWish people.

                  ...I've been away, but haven't buried my head in the sand of the foolish during this time. And I would sure like to sit at the table with you and Antonio {Besedar}. But two to one wouldn't be fair. We would need Ricoel to balance the slate. Spying, we could always set up another table for the oldtimers to sit at after you and Antonio have your little talk. I sure have missed exchanging ideas with you on what it all means. It is a little like stepping into a strange dimention in entering your reasoning, a little like taking "spiritual, but GD'ly LSD".

                  ...Also I must add, I know of no one in the entire text of the tanakh that brings a lamb to the priests because he has sinned, to be slaughtered and then burned upon GD's altar. Not even Manasseh did this to cover his sins. The proverbial picture that christians present of JEWs carrying little lambs in their arms to be slaughtered for our most recently committed sins, just doesn't exist. A flock of suitable animal's is provided to the priests for all ritual purposes. Show me a priest covering any of Israel's specific sins recently sinned, with a slaughtered animal anywhere in the tanakh. When a sin is committed, the sin is not expiated then with a freshly slaughtered animal. Instead YHWH raises a stick with a stern warning if he doesn't actually use the stick. With all kaphar'im, all arrows should point away from the people of Israel and to YHWH to whom these offerings belong. They are used to maintain a wall around YHWH's holiness. Israel's faith is not slaughter, but Rome's faith is. One cannot trade an animal's life for ones personal sins.

                  ...Also, hello Lucy. it's been awhile since we last conversed.



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                    clean feet


                    I have to say that when I think of YHWH, that I always think of YHWH as one who is always clean. And me, of one who is cleansed by YHWH.

                    So, I believe that when YHWH spoke to Moses about removing his sandals, that it was for Moses sake to do this. I mean, who would have been defiled? The Holy ground or Moses. Truly, it reminds me of Jesus Christ washing the disciples feet and the announcement of the new covenant.

                    The YHWH that I worship, comes and washes my feet. Pretty humbling wouldn't you say. Then He tells me to do the same.

                    It is good to remember who is washing who.



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                      hello guys

                      it is always interesting to be able to see the perspective posters come from and if we are edified with new meat~!

                      ''meat'' to me is a divine revelation that changes my character for the better so i am die to my old ways of thinking...

                      i saw this quote here from Jon....
                      Truly, it reminds me of Jesus Christ washing the disciples feet and the announcement of the new covenant.
                      washing the feet....
                      getting the dust of our feet.
                      dirt and dust.... are on our feet.... notice this Plx as one never has a ''dusty face'' do they but these feet of ours are IN THE DUST.

                      they need to be washed by MESSIAH.
                      also this sentence reminded me of a revelation that came to this man.
                      Perhaps u would like to read it ?
                      found at

                      in part... let us enjoy ....

                      The Feet are Needed

                      Now we come to the crux of this message.
                      Verse 21 says that the Head (Jesus) cannot say to the Feet (a company of saints living on the earth);
                      "I have no need of you." Col. 1:18 and Eph. 1:22 confirms that Jesus Christ is "the head of the body."
                      In a normal birth, the head is the first and the feet are the last to be born.
                      So it is with this Manchild, the New Creation Man.
                      We have come to the hour when the feet are being brought forth into the fulness of His glory.
                      But it must be done to a company of saints still living here on the earth.

                      "We shall not all die," the apostle tells us. There is a change coming, and something is going to happen to us right here on the earth.

                      It is this feet company that I want to write about today.
                      The Word is full of this truth, giving the nature, characteristics, and activities of this great people If the scriptures had so much to say concerning John the Baptist, Judas, and the first coming of Jesus, is it strange that there would be so much written about the people who come to the end of the age and bring forth the manifestation of the Sons of God?
                      We have many times read over scriptures that spoke of the Feet, and never gave it a thought.
                      We never realized that God was speaking to us of a company of people that we were to be a part of. Now let us open our hearts for divine revelation, and look into God's Word to see what He has to say about the Feet of this Body of Christ.

                      Washed from all Earthly Filth

                      The great need for those who live here on this earth is that they come to a life of absolute perfection and purity. There can be no true and full manifestation of His glory out of a people who are loaded with sins and bad spirits. The feet must be washed. In chapter 3 of Zechariah, we see Joshua the high priest standing before the Lord in filthy garments, and the devil standing there to accuse him. But Joshua is cleansed and made holy and able to properly minister. He is a type of that "Branch" (vs. 8) that shall come in the last days, and (vs. 9) God says He will remove the iniquity in one day. Did not Jesus say: "I am the vine, and ye are the branches"?

                      "I have refrained my feet from every evil way, that I might keep thy word." (Psa. 119:101).
                      There cannot be a full keeping of His Word until a people living on this earth have refrained from every evil way, and are walking in perfection.
                      Someone may say: "But that is impossible." Impossible with God? He has promised it.

                      Jesus commanded it: "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." (Matt. 5:48).

                      The picture is given in John chapter 13 where Jesus washes the feet of His "church."

                      Jesus warned Peter that if his feet were not washed, he would have no part in the glory of this Kingdom.
                      He also told him that it was only the feet that needed washing. For it is just the people who live on this earth that need cleansing. There is no purgatory for the dead. The saints who have already gone on do not need a perfecting work done on them while up there in heaven. It is the ones here on the earth, the Feet, that we are concerned about getting cleansed.
                      He will wash them, by the Word, until He refrains His "feet" from every evil way.
                      Speaking of His church on earth in Eph. 5:26 he says: "That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the Word, that he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish." That sounds like a perfected company, doesn't it?

                      Washed by the Word

                      You see, there is to be a people in the last days who come into a greater knowledge of His Word than anyone who has walked this earth, except Jesus.
                      Even Paul said: "Now I know in part." The part shall be done away, and the perfect shall take over.
                      For if we are to be perfectly washed and cleansed, we need a perfect understanding of His perfect Word.

                      This New Creation Man shall be clean, perfect, no longer bearing the image of that earthy Adam.

                      And to bring us to that, we need a strong cleansing agent.
                      His Word, clearly understood, is that agent. Psa. 119:105 says:
                      "Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." Why not a "lamp unto my eyes"?

                      Because God is telling us here that the part of the Body of Christ that needs the light of the Word, is that feet company that is living on the earth at the time this Body is manifested in His glory.

                      In Nehemiah chapter eight, we see a tremendous picture of Israel being brought into a knowledge of the Word of God. Now notice several importance things: First of all, it was taking place in the "seventh month" (verse 2), on the first day of the month. This was the time for the "blowing of the trumpet" for the Feast of Tabernacles.
                      This is very significant.
                      Since Passover speaks to us of Justification and Regeneration experience, and the Feast of Pentecost is symbolic of the Holy Spirit coming upon the church, the Baptism in the Spirit, gifts of the Spirit, etc., then this last great Feast of Tabernacles in the end of the year speaks to us of another great realm of the Spirit for His Church. It is the time of the fulness, the "ingathering."

                      its' good Hey~!~!
                      and YES His people have to be washed from satan's dust......
                      for some ..... eating dust is coming to an end. amen,


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                        Yes, Thummim, It's Been Awhile!

                        Hi Thummim,

                        I think of you often, and I am delighted to see you here again. Sometimes you seem as an Immortal to me!

                        Lucy Smith has been helping me to change. She knows and lives more about removing the defilement of death than anyone else that I have met, and, yes, we are kinda like on a spiritual G-dly LSD. This drug is called LIFE NOW, and just even thinking about LIFE NOW gives me a rush that is beyond compare.

                        Can spirit be defiled? It sure can. The Days of Noah teach us that. Spirit can give itself over to evil and thereby become unclean. So, death comes because of defilement.

                        In order to live, we must be cleansed from everything which causes death, and Numbers 19 and the Red Heifer is all about purification from the defilement of death. What else could purification from death mean other than the possession of LIFE NOW?

                        Spirit is life. So in order to possess LIFE NOW, our spirits must be cleansed from all sin. In a spiritual sense, you are old enough to know that real change takes place in our lives through suffering. We learn through suffering. The greater the suffering, the better the lesson learned.

                        Fire and burning are therefore symbols for lessons learned. What lessons have you learned since we last met? Are you more alive now, my friend!?

                        Sincerely, Ab

                        P.S. You know better than to paint me with the brush of Christianity. Have you not learned yet in your life that Christians do not believe in LIFE NOW?
                        The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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                          The kaphar'im belong to YHWH and not to his people.

                          ...Jon writes;

                          I have to say that when I think of YHWH, that I always think of YHWH as one who is always clean. And me, of one who is cleansed by YHWH.


                          ...You are right, YHWH is clean and to be kept clean. The priests are janitors. The idea the the priesthood stands upon is mentioned by Haggai.


                          12 If one bear holy flesh in the skirt of his garment, and with his skirt do touch bread, or pottage, or wine, or oil, or any meat, shall it be holy? And the priests answered and said, No.

                          13 Then said Haggai, If one that is unclean by a dead body touch any of these, shall it be unclean? And the priests answered and said, It shall be unclean. Hag. 2: 12, 13


                          ...Would YHWH become unclean? No, I doubt it, but he is likely to be offended if him and his altar is defiled. Does YHWH ever choose to touch death? There is a barrier maintained here between life {and YHWH} and death. The janitor's {priests} tend this barrier. All arrows point to YHWH and not to the JEWish people when assigning value to the kaphar'im {Levitical sacrifices}. These Levitical rituals are not to be confused with giving YHWH an offering. An offering is only a gift presented to Yah. Cain and Abel did this, Abel offered YHWH the fat of his offering that passed through the fire, cleansing it. Cain offered Yah that which YHWH had used to curse Adam by, an offering taken from the ground that was Adam's curse. Didn't Cain then curse YHWH without him ever realizing it?



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                            How do we get a man through the fire without burning him?

                            ...Lucy, Moses is not told to remove his sandles because they are dirty. I once believed this but have come to realize that leather {the hide} is never burned upon YHWH's altar. It then would touch Yah. Moses didn't just approach YHWH's altar {the burning bush}, he approached Yah himself. He was about to stand on the other side of YHWH's altar, on Yah's side of it. The fire was burning and kept burning, consuming nothing. The fire was YHWH. If Moses didn't take off his sandles, it would have been the equivilent of burning the hide of an offering upon Yah's altar. Whole burnt offering is not done in the camp of Israel and certainly not upon YHWH's altar. It would be burnt outside of the camp in a clean place, but away from YHWH. In the case with the red heifer {a female}, the ashes are the product of burning the unclean. These ashes represent the fire used against the defilement that death presents. Because one cannot burn a man that has touched death, or his posessions, the defiled man instead touches the ashes of the burning of the profane things. This is the place that the red heifer's ashes occupy in ritual. All other things that can pass through the fire must do so.



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                              clean priest's


                              Thanks for the respect that you have shown me. I'm not used to that.

                              One question arises from your post. If a priest is the janitor, to keep YHWH clean. Then who cleanses the priest? In Malachi, it is written; But who can endure the day of His coming? Who can stand when He appears? For He will be like a refiners fire or a launderer's soap. He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver, He will purify the Levite's and refine them like gold and silver.

                              Who is the one that is coming that is being spoken of here?



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                                LSD, Spying's drift.

                                ...Spying posts;

                                In order to live, we must be cleansed from everything which causes death, and Numbers 19 and the Red Heifer is all about purification from the defilement of death. What else could purification from death mean other than the possession of LIFE NOW?


                                ...Spying, it is not that which causes death that is treated with the ashes of the red heifer. The problem is how to pass the things we would prefer not to burn through the cleansing fire that cleanses from death. A ritual was created for this. It is the red heifer {a female} that is burned, consuming whatever is defiled with its own burning. Then one allows the prescribed time to pass, leaving the defilement in the past also. We are still alive even though we have touched death, but are we still able to be holy as YHWH is holy? The red heifer's ashes also can cleanse anything that has touched death {a man's posessions} with its own burning. These things are not alive, but still defiled by death and needing to be separated from their defilement. It is not the children of the goy'im that are cleansed here, only that which is to come into YHWH's own space and holiness. The outside is still the outside where defilement resides all of the time. All of Israel is to be kept clean. The dead here never rise to live again through any contact with these ashes. The ashes do not give life to anyone. You are wrong here in assuming that the ashes are about giving or maintaining life. Your own spiritual interpretation of Levitical matters to get them to conform to your ideas about {Jesus} is the spiritual LSD that I am refering to. But then one would expect a tree to bend in the direction of the wind that blows upon it. You definately do bend the way that christianity blows.

                                ...I am so enjoying talking with you again. I absolutly love to disagree with you and it brings me great pleasure to do so. But I've been warned against taking any of your spiritual LSD unless I want to see strange things happen in ways that they just shouldn't happen.