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WHY, do you want to go to heaven ?

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  • WHY, do you want to go to heaven ?

    this is an interesting question hey?
    why do you want to go to heaven?

    do would want to rest,
    be happy, not die,
    see plants and flowers,
    angels with harps,
    millionaires castles as your new abode in streets of gold...
    you want peace, explore the universe, no wars, ummmm...

    what else...

    do you think HEAVEN WILL CHANGE YOU, when you ''get there''.

    WELL... consider this...
    most people want peace..... so ask....
    do you have peace within your life? and are you a PEACEMAKER.?
    if we say NO to this question, what makes us think, we shall be snapped-changed when ''we get to heaven''?

    ''heaven'' is not necessarily a place BUT A CONDITION OF OUR HEART...
    A ''BE''ING OF HEAVEN....
    His ''be''ing produced heaven here, HE WALKED in the condition of heaven here on earth.
    we have to ask
    what is available 'in heaven' that is NOT available here?
    consider this
    JESUS MESSIAH, had everything HE LACKED nothing.= He was HIS OWN HEAVEN.

    again consider this
    IF suddenly you were whisked off ''into this heaven'' would you be IMPROVED any?

    well.... 'heaven' NEVER IMPROVED satan hey ...see Job 1. v 6.
    do you think, your temper would improve and a ''sweeter spirit'' would appeare within..... well... it never happened to satan did it?
    would your fears and unbelief and distrust cease to be in ''this heaven people want to go too''.
    well satan still remained the same. fear/unbelief/distrust remains in him.

    do you think Abba ''changes you'' when you get there?
    satan was never changed.
    If the creator of the whole universe is to change people ask... how long do u think it shall take?
    Infact, it took just 3 and 1/2 years for Messiah to change His disciples from ordinary men into spiritual giants.

    DO YOU KNOW, heaven, only APPEARS IN ONE WAY.
    MESSIAH APPEARS, in us.....we 'BE'COME heaven here.
    we can 'improve' in no other place but here and now.
    IF you have not got 'it' here, you can bet your life savings you wont get 'it there'.
    you want 'heaven' to GIVE YOU SOMETHING, you wait in vain.

    WHAT YOU DO NOW, is as good as it gets....=......You can choose to give yourself over to The Word and all of its commands [John 14.v.21-24]. .. CHOOSE LIFE or choose death... HERE AND NOW CHOICES.

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    if you consider you have 'hell here'', you have to now consider YOUR CHANGE now.- Heaven we think of SHALL CHANGE no one.
    for where 'hell is'' you are.... see this?
    where 'heaven is' we are.... see this

    we carry the seed of hell or heaven within our heart..
    a hellish heart produces a hellish life
    a heavenly heart, produces a heavenly life.

    i have a friend who calls me 'heavenly heart', she has done this for years. ''hello Heaveny Heart'' she would say to me on the phone.... i always smiled at this phrase [thinking sheez~!~!~! that's a far out aka] till one day I TOOK IT REAL SERIOUSLY and said to myself..
    ''now i know I NEED A HEAVENLY HEART'' IN this life now,
    I need it desperately here and now
    I need TO LEARN HOW to have this heart placed within my life....
    now i am learning to give up all my hellish ways and to enter into a heavenly heart realm. amen
    I am learning to THINK TO BE FREE, rather than 'injected thinking' that makes me its slave.

    what people don't understand fully is
    it is all ABOUT LEARNING how to realm change.
    nothing ''moved Him'' here, cuz HE WALKED in heaven... His heaven walked with HIM but He went no place.... it is a CONDITION of realms.

    On the few occassions i have entered into the realm of the Spirit it is the SAME AS HERE... EXACTLY... BUT EVIL DISTRESS ETC IS ALL MISSING.... and perfect peace is present and perfect stillness this 'stillness' seems to be a very prominent thing... but i am still here i can ''see'' the 2 realms but the peace realm DOMINATES this realm~! It is like an overlaying of here.

    Instead of fighting the Word AND trying to act accordingly in a self way, we rest IN the Word as a LIVING sacrifice.
    the Word rules~!
    so this is where ''take no thought'' comes into us, as we rest our mind from the seed-sperm of satan. Sin cannot manifest here.
    that ''heaven'' the dragon lady tells of DOES NOT EXIST.

    only a REDEEMED soul has heaven, meaning she [ the eve in us all] our soul that was deceived as been SAVED to become a help meet for her spiritual man who lives within,
    they have been re-joined -made one.
    it is not a male and female earth thing
    a spiritual male spirit rejoined to the saved/redeemed/purified soul inside of one person either male or female here.
    It is a marriage so that HEAVEN is within...meaning... a strong spiritual man with his soul redeemed to be his help-meet.= MESSIAH IN HIS TEMPLE OF LIVING STONES.... /GODS/.. WHO WILL NEVER DIE AS MERE MEN.


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      cont what is 'heaven'

      when WE AWAKEN
      our eyes SEE LIGHT OF revelations of TRUTH [Math 16 v 17]
      be yeilded up to that TRUTH, and rest in THIS TRUTH TO BE MADE FREE.
      Heaven has Father IN it and the FATHER IS IN US... [see John 17 v 21-23]
      we have changed to receive OUR FATHER.
      ''The kingdom of God comes not with observation: neither shall they say, Look here! or, look there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.''
      Luke 17:20-21.
      bible no, 17 - victory
      bible no, 20 - redemption
      bible no, 21 - sinfullness of sin.

      we can make this sentence to say

      '' we are awakened to victory in our redemption over the sinfullness of our sin to enter into our heaven''. amen

      in describing heaven Abba gave me this word..... MELLOW..

      mellow description
      ripe, rich, full-flavour, happy, mature, soft, perfected
      BTW i found this quote of Mark Twain's that's so funny and cute.....[wow that carnal mind.]

      Mark Twain raised this same question on heaven
      and from the viewpoint of
      Lucifer in his "Letters From The Earth."

      Paraphrased, it went something like:

      "And furthermore, you should hear what man thinks about heaven!

      He thinks it will be full of praising God and playing the harp and singing and totally and absolutely without sex.

      Your average man hates church.
      He doesn't play any musical instrument, nor does he want to, and he doesn't enjoy singing, infact he hates singing.

      And somehow, he thinks that when he makes it to heaven, he'll enjoy doing these things!

      What's more, the one thing he reveres above all, sex, is nowhere to be found there!"
      oh~! thats so sad...
      but so funny.
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        'heaven' is a condition not a place.

        ''The Kingdom of God is within you; which is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Ghost''.
        what is heaven

        ''IN'', the Holy Spirit.

        not in ourself but IN the anointing.= Holy Spirit, who is the CREATIVE POWER of the Most high God. amen

        'Heaven' is a condition of CREATIVE POWER- that is why it has to be ''IN'' you.

        Do you think, in your wildest dreams this huge power force - the creative power of Elohim shall be given to some bad tempered old pew sitter just cuz he died. he sat on the pew for 50yrs and the only thing that got changed was his clothes.? ....
        it's The CONDITION OF THE SOUL, that shall determine the place and while the soul remains deceived it shall die like mere men.
        Messiah NEVER HAD a deceived soul.
        now, thank God for His Mercy......
        we are to live in HIS HEAVEN here, or the same 'condition' here as He walked in.
        Math 6 v 9
        "which art in heaven''.
        the word 'heaven' means to lift up.[heav-en was the old word used that became heaven]
        "Heaven is My throne, and earth is My footstool" (Acts 7:49)
        bible no 7 - perfection
        bible no - 49 freedom, liberty jubilee.....where u find these - you find His throne in heaven. Heaven is height, pre-eminance, elevation.
        meaning a CONDITION AND A POSITION. or a state of ''be''ing. When CHRIST becomes our true life, we have found heaven amen
        Something we have to understand..Abba says that men enter His heavenly Kingdom by being born into it (Jn. 3:5).

        notice do NOT DIE to receive it.

        'Heaven' is 'be'coming the same type of 'be'ing as Messiah.
        why is Abba called THE MOST HIGH?
        because He is the highest ELEVATED POSITION AND STATE OF ALL BEINGS.

        This postion is FAR ABOVE, principalities and powers amd dominions and rulers etc. and so is the quality of life and eminence of the highest natures and AUTHORITY.


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          cont Thurs....

          ''Heaven has to be..... our present reality''
          our ignorance has to be washed away as we forget about those old lies that say ''in the sweet bye and bye we shall meet on that shore'' etc.
          All of His sons are to FIND THE SOURCE of His reality by be-ing in the Spirit meaning = We are to arise to that Heavenly life NOW,
          again meaning = " we live and move and have our being in God''.
          Church always tries to separate us from HIM.... it is so amazing when we have our eyes opened to this lying factor as they misrepresent the whole divine Goodnews future..... when IT IS NOW...
          ASK THIS
          DID MESSIAH.....WALK IN THE FUTURE... ever waiting...more waiting...still waiting, never good enough, so He waited and waited and waited.... NO
          A NOW LIFE
          A NOW LIFE
          HERE NOW.
          THE TROUBLE IS the church [aka the lady of the dragon] has the earthy consciousness rather than a heavenly one.
          She is a carnal manifactured 'thing' that is dead useless.

          We have forgotten Heaven is His nature of glory, wisdom, authority and power.....heaven is a condition within.
          Let us understand this now...
          Messiah says "The words that I speak unto you I speak not of Myself: but the Father that dwelleth in Me, He doeth the works" (Jn. 14:10).
          ... SEE HEAVEN.... A CONDITION...

          IF, WE PUT HEAVEN INTO THE FUTURE.... we have signed our own 'death warrant''.
          Most people understand this ignorant statement...
          when we die, we go to heaven....

          however this is the Truth
          IF.. you had heaven here, you would not die.

          Messiah was unable to die, death was NOT in HIM, as He is LIFE..
          He sacrifice His life for us.
          WE DONT REALLY UNDERSTAND THIS FACTOR....BUT...HIS LIFE WAS ALWAYS LIFE, DEATH WAS NEVER APART OF HIM.... and when we begn to think correctly it sure was a HUGE SACRIFICE He gave.
          we have the Holy Spirit within we are as dead men walking. Jesus, the man was filled to the brim with the anointed Christ, walking in the Spirit and that is what Enoch learnt too.. HOW TO MOVE AND WALK DAILY IN THE SPIRITUAL REALM OF LIFE IN CHRIST JESUS....IN THAT PLACE [right there] IS now NO COMDEMNATION amen and it is only in this place a saint becomes 'heavenly minded'