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The Many Hopes

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  • The Many Hopes

    God first
    The Many Hopes

    Beloved friends in the Christ of the world wide internet here I sat Roy William Perry III written to you on the subject “The Many Hopes.” May the God of love reach your heart with his pure love as you live your life.

    We all know of the hope of glory but have many hopes is this one hope made up of? The hope that Jesus was the son of God. The hope that Jesus lived his life without sin. The hope that Jesus did not die in vain.

    The hope that Jesus rose from the dead. The hope Jesus went up in the air to be with God. The hope that Jesus is the Christ. The hope Jesus is coming back for us. The hope that we will get up from the dead because of the acts of Jesus. The hope that Jesus will met us in the air to give us a new body.

    There are many hopes of glory of the Old Testament times too. The hope Jesus would be born the son of God. The hope Jesus would win over death. The hope that Jesus would get them out of the grave. The hope they could live by the law or they could be clean.

    Yes the many hopes are without number but I want to talk about one basic that we can hope to walk in love by loving our neighbor as our self. But what does it mean to love your neighbor as your self.

    You understand your neighbor is flesh as you understand you are flesh. You understand that your neighbor can make mistakes as you do daily. You do not judge your neighbor as you do not want to be judged by another.

    You do not think of your self greater than your neighbor as you do not want some one acting like they are better than you. You do not call you neighbor names because your neighbor does not understand in the same way you do.

    And the list goes on but most churches of today think they only have the truth but all other churches use the same word of God the holy bible. Why their understand of any given part of the bible may not be the same as your understanding they are bringing the same bible.

    So can we hope to love our neighbor yes if we do not get puff up thinking we know more than our neighbor or our church is better than our neighbor’s church. Yes we are flesh like our neighbor and we doing our best like our neighbor.

    I will end here walk in love, thank you with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.