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Patters of the Creation Days

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  • Patters of the Creation Days

    God first
    Patters of the Creation Days

    Beloved all

    God loves you all my dear friends lets talk about the period of time known as the beginning. The Beginning is just a period of time before God turn on our sun and made our earth turn in a circle diving day from night marking time as we know it.

    In this study we will look for patters in all eight time periods beginning with the beginning a time before time could be mark which we will call 0 day and to each and every day from day 0 to day 7 the last day of creation.

    0 = the beginning the time before the first day
    1 = day one
    2 = second day
    3 = third day
    4 = forth day
    5 = fifth day
    6 = sixth day
    7 = the seventh day

    Now that we have all the period of time we are talking about lets look at the main subject of each time period.

    0 = creation
    1 = light
    2 = firmament
    3 = yielding seed
    4 = light rule
    5 = life or soul life
    6 = mankind
    7 = rest

    The next thing we look for is a action to each time period.

    0 = created
    1 = said let spoke into being
    2 = said let spoke into being
    3 = said let spoke into being
    4 = said let spoke into being
    5 = created
    6 = created
    7 = rested

    The next thing we will look at is a division of two smaller subjects in each time period.

    0 = heaven from earth
    1 = light from darkness
    2 = waters in the firmament below from water in the firmament above
    3 = grass seed from fruit seed
    4 = greater light from lesser light
    5 = great whales from every living creature
    6 = male from female
    7 = rest from work

    Now lets look at the out come of each and every time period.

    0 = it was without form and void or had no reason or purpose
    1 = it was good
    2 = it was good
    3 = it was good
    4 = it was good
    5 = it was good
    6 = it was very good
    7 = blessed it

    Now these are patters we can use for anything we do. Let me tell you an ideal,

    building a house

    Our first subject will be the plans or blueprints, next our action will be to draw them or have some one draw them and then we will have to divide the plan into differ kinds like electoral plans to pluming plans and so on and last we will have the finish plans.

    Then we can plant the next step of building our house.

    Thank you I hope this blesses you

    with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy