God first
wrote 05-13-2006
1. Here I sat written to my friends of the world wide internet may my God bless your life my dear friends. Grace of God and Peace of God unto each and every one of you personally.

2. For the day will come when the son of God will come down as a light of truth in the form of spirit but the image that you will see is the image of a men and that person will be Christ the son of God.

3. Every eye will see this light some will cheer with joy but others will hide in fear but this day will come unto us while most of us are still living that will read this today.

4. For I tell you to watch and be ready by living the love of God to the best you can do because love can hide a multitude of sins not that we should sin but that the love of God is greater than sin.

5. Because when you live the love of God you will not steal nor will you do any harm to another but if you live by what you can take then you will steal even if it harms another.

6. This is why I bring up the love of God more and more because I believe with all my heart its better to love than judge one another by words wrote some many years ago.

7. While I love the words of old but I love living love more and I believe they point to living love over all others things. Did not God love us first?

8. Love is why God created the heavens and the earth, love is why God set things in motion so he could created life on this old earth, love is why God made plant life, love is why God created animal life, love is why God created us, and love is why Christ die for us.

9. So lets live the love the bible some must tells us about, the love we see in our love ones, and the love from above.

10. Now we could be like the devil who wants to rule out of wants but I say lets be like Jesus the Christ who loved us so must he gave up all, his very life.

11. What would you of gave up for another I might give up my shirt or a little money but do not ask me for my car while I might drive you some were I will not give up my car but Christ gave up his life.

12. While its hard for us to give up things we need, our Savior gave up his life just for each and every one of us personally. I going to end here with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.