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  • This world is CHANGING

    AS the old ways are crumbling,
    the religious-church is crumbling,
    our society is crumbling,
    the earth is crumbling,
    lives and institutions are crumbling,
    even our sun is manifesting great change.
    The whole worldly perspective is changing.

    Daily we hear of ''grim specters of terror and death''.
    The daily news is about some form of death, death is magnified and is 'god'.
    OUT FROM changes and death always COMES NEW LIFE.
    WE ARE in a transitional period, the ''1/2 betweeners'' - the changing-overs~!
    As this darkness gets ever deeper, so the light gets ever brighter... now thats the GOODNEWS.
    A newer species is to be birthed out as we receive an ever - increasing knowledge of full redemption - salvation.
    The old religions are being lost, as they fall into ruin as a NEW DAY is appearing BY His servants being made ready.
    We have to enter into a divine learning process, like Joshua and Caleb both experienced.
    THEY KNEW how to enter into... all others did not.

    we are to learn
    how to love,
    how to be walking the Spirit of Life
    how to have the vision of the Kingdom by having the inner Strength of Messiah developed within us.
    We have to learn how to pass out from 'time' and enter into 'eternity' correctly.
    The law of 'time' does not match up with the law of 'eternity'..they are different laws that is whyWE NEED A DIFFERENT SPIRIT
    ''Passover'' takes us out from the realm of time [visible] so repeating again~! Joshua and Caleb KNEW how to passover, as we are informed that THESE 2 MEN HAD THIS ''DIFFERENT SPIRIT'' than all the rest OF THIS RELIGIOUS NATION.
    As this human society staggers from one crisis into another, His sons are receiving an ever increasing amount of faith or the same faith/confidence Messiah walked and moved in. THE WORD RULES.
    His people are having the veil of ignorance removed from their eyes and they are learning how to ''see'' this whole miracle called LIFE.
    That fiction our human mind believed in, is ceasing its rule over us, as a new way of thinking is being revealed = every aspect of 'human belief'' is faulty, it is abnormal, it is deformed so this old mind has to stop living.
    Those seething undercurrents of an abnormal nature of rage and hate, lies and cruelity have to be removed and this can only happen as a saint is trained to pattern their life on Christ Jesus = His walk manifested inside His to be ours... as we are taught only to ''FOLLOW ME''.... as He asked from us.
    We are to learn how to love.
    LOVE [agape] is the highest standard from which all things can be judged.
    We are to learn how to love the unloveable.
    It is human to love the pretty, the nice, the kind, the little child, but it is divine to LOVE OUR ENEMY.
    IT IS A WISE MAN, who can even make an enemy into his friend.
    IF all men practiced this ONE THING, this world would become a paradise.
    Did you know that with this form of love, every form of ''justice'' would never even be needed. The vendettas, the wars, the self-justifications would cease.
    Actually if we can 'see into TRUTH '' this world acts ON VERY FORM of lovelessness. LOVELESSNESS rules over this world.
    love is based on ''what can u do for me, AND WHEN U DONT DO IT RIGHT, i dont love you and so i walk away to live to love another day''~! wars, raising children, governments, all society is an eros form of love meaning a LOVE that only provides for self.
    When i think of agape love i always think of raising up our children on this divine form of love. I have found NO other type of love really works on them, but when we use this agape love they bloom like roses in the dessert.
    I only wish i could have birthed out 20 children, just to see them blossom and grow up IN Messiah.
    I love children, i am passionate about them. I love raising them to me they are like heaven on earth.,They reflect love you know, they are like a mirror OF who WE are inside.
    cont... changes
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    ribbon of blue that turns to gold

    SPEAKING out the Truth, that CHANGES THE WORLD.

    numb.15 v 38,
    THIS RIBBON, is like lace.
    This is like a garment that HAS to be put on, or a lace ribbon garment.

    In the invisible realm this ''garment'' is OUR SPEAKING out the Word.- It could be likened to a lace ribbon.
    [IF u wish to delve into the natural meanings of Moses there in Numbers is lots of revelation on the fringes and the lace ribbon]
    i wish to write on THIS BLUE LACE RIBBON that will turn to gold when we speaketh forth.

    If we had eyes to see we would ''see' a long lace ribbon without end.
    It is blue to begin with but turns to gold, so that the overall appearance is a golden ribbon.
    This ribbon is about 1 " wide and when we look closely at this cord we see down the centre it has little holes closely woven together, and as we look towards the edges these little holes occur in a pattern but in different spots, but the main holes are down the centre. The edges of this ribbon look like they have been cut, with a scissors especially used for edge trimmings, so that these edges dont fray.
    To the eye, this ribbon looks a bit like those old pianolla roles, [if u can remember ever seeing one] that played on a pianolla without using the hands... scrolls of dots pressed into paper or metal that made a sound.

    the WORDS WE SPEAK OUT, called the TRUTH, activates these ribbon roles so they ''PLAY A TUNE'' LIKE ....[ singing a song].......this sound goes forth from one end of earth to another. It could be called ''the sounds of Truth''.
    This is streams of light =truth~! waves of truth
    When this Truth [the word of God] is HEARD/RECEIVED it scatters the darkness and enters in like a life-line
    The Holy Spirit created the WORDS OF TRUTH [ colour blue] and FAITH comes by HEARING the Word of truth and applying this word .... so GOLD is the product of FAITH and this type of Faith is even more precious than Gold we are told.
    Now if we look at Revelation 3 v 18 we are COUNSELLED [ strongly asked to, ordered too] to buy Gold that is tried by fire, that we maybe rich.
    THEREFORE when we speak, our faith [gold] has to be so FILLED WITH TRUTH, we are considered to be rich.
    This ''rich word'' clothes our nakedness, in a white raiment and allows us to ''see'' by divine eye-salve,
    what are we see-ing u may well ask?

    we shall now see HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD....

    if you notice,
    the people who do take the Word of God very seriously shall heed this advice by Messiah and shall do as HE SAYS.
    They get this eye salve
    They get this white robe
    They get this gold.
    3 things THAT TRUTH SHALL SUPPLY... as the sound goes out to chase away all darkness.
    these 3 things are necessary to change us ..... and then... this world.
    because it is ONLY BY HAVING THESE 3 DIVINE items OF TRUTH, that a saint is even ''allowed'' to sit on that DIVINE THRONE as a CO-SHARER.
    Revelation 3 v 21.= it is the overcomers REWARD.
    and this only happens as a reward in the church of Laodicea age- that end time monstrousity [ something that is hideously deformed] that needs to be come away from.


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      opposite to TRUTH is fear.

      fear is everywhere,
      the media feed fears,
      people are afraid.
      Fear is huge.
      Fear comes from the lowest element of darkness. DARKNESS FLORISHES upon all fear, it eats it for dinner, for when the masses fear, evil's strength increases. Wickedness encourages fear to stalk. Therefore there is INCREASING darkness.
      Again, fear is a the lowest frequency, as it cuts off all clear/sound thinking.

      The Truth is a higher frequency that is far above all fears. King David said ''He delivered me from all of my fears''...basically, that is why he was the man that he was. He must have been DELIVERED from the lowest frequency. If we could ''look'' at fear, we would see a dark energy, an black ooze, that smothers TRUTH~! and freedom.
      People who are filled with fears, generally cannot break down that barrier into THE TRUTH, fears are like mud.
      The Kingdom is within you, so basically it boils down too.. live in fear or live life IN HIS KINGDOM where fear is no longer a problem.
      It all depends on our choices.
      consider this Plz
      ''like'' attracts ''like'' so if u fear, you will attract other fears.
      Do u understand this.
      It is a law of sow and reaping. Fear never belongs in Holy relationships.

      We need to vibrate IN THE TRUTH.


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        cont. again back to THE TRUTH WAVE/RIBBON

        After the overcomer is told to get the 3 elements [Rev 3 v 18] that defeat the darkness, and the reward is revealed that is '' to co-sit the Throne'' v 21.
        That person has been made responsible for Kingdom Authority - all the power of the well beloved is now at their disposal.
        ''that person'' the Holy Spirit asks ABOUT, WITH this question
        3 times ''WHO IS THIS"
        [S OF S]

        consider this?
        If Messiah gave unlimited powers to a human leader, what horrific hurts would they inflict upon mankind?... leader ship without the divine element is a horrible disaster.... their ego [ruled by satanic flesh] destroys.
        PLX REMEMBER THIS- no Gov. leader escapes the devils rule, no matter what they claim. ASK JESUS CHRIST~! He knew and did not deny that boaster's claim.[ math 4 v 8-9]
        Next we see 'John the Revelator', looking to see an opened heaven,...
        ask this?
        is it up there,
        round there,
        over there or
        on that planet?
        It is NO place at all = it is simply reaching a higher frequency pattern that allows the revealing to us of the realm of the Kingdom of God TO OUR MIND and then to our sight [ 2 king 6 v 17],

        We can stand here and see and ''be'' there.

        [ Tis a rent veil experience that no longer can separate]
        that is why IT is opened....
        heaven has been opened from within us. The key turned so that the house of knowledge is revealed.
        That is why John now is asked to ''COME UP HITHER''.
        [ do u think he just drifted off like some balloon, or on a moonbeam, gasping for air as he ascends?]
        he was being translated, meaning still here but entering into the ''''promised land''' LIKE JOSHUA AND CALEB KNEW how.
        SO he is entering into the higher realm frequency energy... to be shown things......
        This man !this great Apostle has LEARNT HOW TO HEAR THEN ACT ON THE TRUTH.
        he has learnt well.
        he is able to translate by obedience to the sound of the Truth, cuz if u study this whole verse u will see the 1st voice, which JoHn HEARD was LIKE A TRUMPET talking.
        WE have to learn the same as what John learnt and if u are sitting inside a babylon Laodicea pew-pit you have got Buckley's chance.
        To mature and grow up really means, to grow out from standing still
        Pew people stay still in a church setting,
        and no-one is going anywhere,
        when we come out from pagan lies, and begin to learn correctly [Follow Me''] we begin to grow and OUTGROW all others from an apostate setting.
        That is what Joshua and Caleb did..
        THEY OUT-GREW their whole nation. @ holy men OUTGREW millions of religious people. A whole nation of rebel religious.
        Their nation went from simply standing still to even moving backwards...
        [she looked back]
        we are all warned by MESSIAH himself NO BACKWARD looking = move on, stop standing still MOVE~!~!~!~!
        ITS the days of Noah = NO BACKWARD THINKING plz
        cuz that is turning back into the lies that will make us perish NO MATTER HOW MANY CHURCH SERVICES AND TITHING we gave to.
        Just Get out, rush to the nearest exit and flee for your life.

        When we practice listening and obeying Truth, we shall be taken INTO THE PRESENCE OF GOD = Rev 4 v 2...
        THE THRONE...
        THE SITTING...
        THE KING.... all there alive IN TRUTH~! amen
        CHANGE is happening


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          how to change IS HOW TO love.

          PEOPLE in this world say ''It's love that makes the world go round'' never understanding agape love and its affects upon others.
          LOVE WILL.... change the world.
          LOVE WILL.... remove evil, BECAUSE love IS A HIGHER VALUE [1 corn 13] than evil and real Love comes from a higher realm.
          IF i am changed into the real value of love, I change others AS Messiah changed other's lives BY HIS LOVE~!
          LOVE IS A LANGUAGE... called the language of love.
          truth and love are partners.
          we cannot have truth alone nor love alone.
          When we speak Truth WE SPEAK in LOVE~! so all those dots in the lacy ribbon are LOVE'S NOTES, GOING FORTH... to CREATE... life.

          If we can understand this, WE WATCH HOW WE SPEAK... because when we open our mouth... we have to understand WHAT SOUNDS SHALL GO OUT~!

          when we speak the Truth we see LOVE AT WORK.

          When we move into THE Truth, we move into THE LOVE and then we move into THE FREEDOM.
          truth, love, freedom..... freedom loving truth.


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            a navy and red cloak....

            i saw a movie last night that had a man in a navy and red cloak. It was a very attractive long cloak and swirled around him as he walked.... as i watched this film, i remembered i had stored a 'vision' from 2000.... iwent and found it... so here it is presented...
            THE MAN IN THE CLOAK.

            Finishing the Race - The Great Move of God

            By Peter Martinez

            Hebrews 12:1 "Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset [us], and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, "

            This is an open vision given to me by the Lord to help me and those called to join with the King in the final quest to bring home the bride.
            I sense the Lord communicated this to me for the purpose of clarifying and directing me and those who have committed their lives to finish their course in the Lord Jesus Christ.

            We begin in a small company.
            The Lord Jesus Himself is leading through what appears to be a thick forest. All that we can see is the back of His head.
            Long smooth hair.
            He is slender and swift and sure of His direction.
            There are just a few in this company. 12 or so, I could not count.
            All eyes were on Him as we moved through the forest. Thick underbrush covered a path that was barely discernable. Were it not for the King knowing the way, getting lost in this jungle would be very, very easy.

            Slowly yet steadily the King picked up the pace. I could see His crown and
            He was wearing a cape.
            We kept up with Him as we glided through the brush. All of us silently moving in unity with our leader. Communication was not necessary, we were one.
            He moved left and each would instinctively follow. No questions, we just did it.

            After some time we come to a part of the forest which opens up a bit.
            The path is move visible here. Not quite a clearing but a lot wider than the other parts of the forest. Something isn't right. We can all feel it. Still no words. None needed. We can feel the danger. The King slips behind a tree just off the path. We all imitate Him. Each of us with our backs to a tree waiting. Something is coming up the path behind us. There is no fear. The King waits like a hunter awaiting his prey.

            Suddenly through the brush come beasts which look like pigs and one large black one which looked like a bull. As they pass the King they are killed by the sword that is suddenly in His hand. One after another. We seem to participate to some degree although I mostly am observing. Finally the last one, the black bull, passes and stumbles to his death. His body is pierced with several arrows. He dies.

            Immediately we resume the journey with the King at the head again.
            The path widens a bit more and again we sense danger. Ambush. Men which look like savages with paint on their faces and spears begin to emerge from the bush.
            They are too late.
            Their timing is off.
            We were past them as they came down and they begin to pursue. The King never turns. His just increases the pace. One of our company is in the back. "Keep moving, stragglers get killed."
            We all heard it in our hearts. We all knew, this is one race where you don't look back. The last of our company pressed something in the middle of what looked like his breastplate and suddenly he was propelled up with the rest.

            The pursuers fade away as this little band led by the King simply outrun them. They cannot catch up. We move too swiftly staying right behind our King. The forest begins to recede away and we appear to be coming upon a river. I can see the King better now. His crown upon His head. He never breaks stride and does not look back. He knows we're right behind Him. We all instinctively trust Him with our lives. He will take us through.

            Without breaking His stride or slowing a bit, He runs right over the edge of the cliff.
            It's at least a 100 foot drop to the water. I can see a rope tied to his legs. I wonder if He will make it to the water. Splash. He is in and up on the other side and fastens the rope to the other side.
            Now I see what He is doing. We all follow. We climb up the other side and follow again. Again, He runs. Instinctively we follow. We should be tired. We are tired, but we can't stop. Why not? It is not clear why, we just know. He is setting the pace and we must just follow.

            We finally arrive at a vast clearing. It is massive. I am doubled over catching my breath. The King is not even winded. My hands are on my knees as I just try to catch my breath. That was a long run. That was a great distance. All of us are tired.

            "Now that you know the way, you must go back!" Said the King with absolute certainty that we would. It was not a request. He already knew we would do anything He asked. "You must go back and lead the people back here, then they can all rest." He said it and that settled it. I instantly thought of the river. How would we get them across the river. The rope. The rope now spanned the river. We could construct a bridge. I began to just understand.

            At that moment, after that long run, I understood the responsibility of an apostle.
            We would always go twice.
            Once with the King to train us and then again with the sheep.
            It brought new meaning to being "out in front."
            None of us were concerned or nervous. We were made for this. This is what we do and who we are. We were called to serve and serve we will. I understood. The greatest shall be a servant.

            We make our way back to the river. Together we string the bridge across the water. It will hold. It will work. While He is not visible to our eyes, we can sense the King's presence guiding us as He did before. There is no difference. His fragrance, His essense is still there. Silently directing our every move. Without thinking or reasoning, we just work together. There is no conversation. None is needed. We are one.
            We know what we must do.
            We must return to the sheep. Back through the woods. We knew the way.

            We arrive at the other side of the forest and suddenly I am alone as I come through the last stretch of woods to see the company assigned to me.
            The other apostles were gone. I knew where they went. T
            hey were with their companies. I came through. The leaders of our company instinctively run toward me expecting news of the road ahead.

            "Prepare to move out. We must go through."
            The words come out of my mouth with absolute assurance and authority. Instantly they began to prepare. A shepherd is there and comes up to me. He has been crying over one of His sheep. It is wounded and He has been praying for healing. I touch the sheep and instantly it is healed.
            The shepherd is overjoyed. Whatever reservations or doubts he had were dissolved as he saw the healing. He immediately goes to join the other shepherds working with the sheep to gather them all together. We must travel together.

            Remembering the dangers ahead and that we will not be able to move as quickly and swiftly as the first time through, I order the commander of the archers to take lead position with me and to form a phalanx formation with archers on each side of the path.

            Before we begin, I walk through the flock. They all seem to see something in me. They seem to know who I am and who has sent me.
            They are very calm. I find many being taught and instructed on order and obedience. Some of the younger ones being trained over and over again. Their teachers showing such patience. The shephers move with me.
            They do not say a word but they beam like a proud father as I survey their little groups. Each one in order, ready to move. You can see the love they have for their little flocks. They would give their lives for them. They can be trusted to stay with them no matter what.


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              to change the world - a man in a cloak.

              Arriving at the rear I find those with the task of catching stragglers.
              They are grim as they look about. They each have a staff with a hook at the end.
              Should any stray from the rest, they will meet these lost sheep gatherers who's only commission is to catch and return all stragglers that none are lost.
              Today they scour the lanscape looking for anything that moves.
              They are always hungry for stragglers. They are ready at a moments notice to retrieve any lost sheep and return them into the arms of their shepherd...and a long discussion with the teachers.

              As I move back to the front, I have a new understanding of the five-fold ministry
              . I understand the trememdous responsibility of the Apostle.
              The Prophets are commissioned with guarding and protecting.
              They head the archers, the intercessors, who offensively destroy all ambush and attacks.
              Then there are the shepherds and teachers who tend the flock and keep them clean, strong, and well fed. Then there is the Evangelist who pounces on stragglers and gets them back to the shepherds. It is not separate as I once thought.
              They are not independent of one another.
              It is a family.
              They are one.
              Each serving in the role for which they were designed and given.
              None envious or jealous of another.

              All in one accord.

              There is such unity among all of us as we move out.

              The follow me like the apostles followed the King. I can feel His essence in front of me again. I can almost see Him.
              The Prophets are looking out for danger.
              They fully trust that I know the way.
              That I will keep following the King through.
              The Pastors and Teachers keep the sheep in order. They comfort and exhort them to keep moving and that all will be well.
              They warn them not to leave the flock and that they protected while they stay together. They answer the same questions over and over again. "Where are we going?" To be with the King! "When will we get there?" Soon, very soon. The Evangelists are spread out in the rear. Not one should be lost. Not one! They will not tolerate even one lost sheep. No matter what, none will straggle on their watch.

              As we come to the place where the path widens, the procession stops.
              The archers take position. "Clear the path!" I shout.
              To one side they all go. In just moments the path is clear. As though right on cue, the beasts I saw the first time come through. Foolish beasts. They were easy picking for the archers. "Let's keep moving." I say to the Pastors, and again the procession continues. I know what is next. The ambush. We will not be able to outrun them this time.
              This time they will BE ambushed. I instruct the prophets who have already smelt the danger. They line up the archers and again, right on cue, the ambush arrives...only to meet their death at the hand of archers that don't miss. All the savages are dead. Not one survives.

              We move through the rest of the forest without incident and arrive at the river's edge. The bridge is there. It is secure. No one knows and no one needs to know how it got there. It's not important. The apostles know and the King knows. That is enough. We all pass over the river.

              Finally we arrive into the clearing where the Lord our King spoke to us and commanded us. From every direction, Apostles are bringing their companies into the massive valley. Each in order. All the sheep well cared for and altogether beautiful. The valley is quickly filling with company after company. I realize that there are thousands upon thousands of apostles leading groups large and small. All in formation. All in order. All spotless and beautiful. The quest is over. The King and His herds are united. All the danger is past. From here on they will be with their King!

              As I reflect on this powerful panarama, I realize the tremendous responsibility of each part of the family of God. None are less important than others. None can be left out. They are all needed. We can't live without any of them.

              As I look out on the church, I see Pastors trying to be Apostles and vice versa. I see Evangelist getting lost sheep together but not sure what to do with them after that. Shortly thereafter, they are lost again, only to be corralled by another evangelist. I see teachers trying to teach but they are not being listened to. The Intercessors shoot as many arrows at one another and at ministers as they do the enemy. Almost all of them are wounded.

              Ministers of Miracles and Healings start going their own way. They just keep marching around and around, going nowhere. Helps and Administration ministers are trying to help but they just keep getting frustrated and keeping moving from place to place, hoping that the next "herd" is going to be better. "The sheep are not in order" is all they keep saying.

              I see Prophets hollering at everybody and chasing after wolves and other predators who are able to devour at will. Massive chaos. Tremendous pain and bloodshed. Disorder and petty fighting among leaders. My heart breaks. They cannot travel like this. They cannot reach the other side like this. No, we must have order. God's divine order.

              This cry comes from my heart.
              The Spirit of the Lord, the essence of our King, would lead us to safety.
              We must submit ourselves to the word of the Lord and the will of the Lord or all is lost.

              Ministries must be lead by apostles again.

              Apostles must be willing to go the route twice.
              Once with the Lord and once with the brethren.

              Romans 12:1-2, "I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, [which is] your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what [is] that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. "


              this site is no longer available.
              [i stored it from 2000.]

              This whole vision reminds me of Spying's spiritual S.A.S. team amen

              i rather liked this quote....
              "God has given them eyes that cannot see, and ears that cannot hear - to this very day."
              You don't give the battle plan to the whole army... you give it to the officers... those who are part of the "HIGH COMMAND."