God first

wrote 05-08-2006

1. Here I sat in my living room at my computer as I begin to write unto you my dear friends of the world wide internet.

2. As I reach up to God and his beloved son the Christ for the very words to put in this note of love from me by the guidance of the spirit within.

3. May I ask you that read this were is the spirit leading you today? Are you still trap in the past or are you in the here and now?

4. Is there and special thing you are doing to move the love of God because if the love of God is moving than the word of God is moving.

5. Have you been hurt by things that every day life living on these old earth has throw at you. Let me tell you if so my God and his son alone with me and many others are here to help.

6. Can I give you money to pay your bills? No! But I might be able to direct you were to get help or give you some advice on how to make it last longer.

7. It all depends on your needs but if my advice can not help there is some one out that advice can help, while I do have most of the answers they are out there we just need to go to God in pray.

8. But enough about money at this time, lets get to greater needs. What does it take to help to come closer to God’s love if there is any thing that can help.

9. Let me stop and say sharing the word of God has nothing to do with pushing the bible or any other book on people but it about loving people no matter what they believe or do not believe.

10. Lets look at Jesus Christ when the devil tempted him, Jesus did not yell at the devil but he in a loving way reminded him what was written but the third or so time he just told him to leave because the devil did not want to receive the love of God.

11. Jesus could of ran the devil away without even given the devil a chance to even speak but Jesus let the devil try.

12. Or the time the Pharisees brought Jesus a women taken in adultery to see what Jesus would do. But Jesus did not get mad but Jesus used great wisdom to convicted them by their own conscience to leave.

13. Jesus Christ walk in great love here on this earth and with God’s help we can learn to walk in love like Jesus did so many years ago.

14. While God has all the answers I do not but I can go to God and reach for truth but God can only give me as must as I can handle at a time.

15. O how I wish we could receive all of the knowledge of God by talking a pill but we must be taught it.

16. But how can we be taught unless someone teaches us, but I tell you the comforter the holy spirit the Christ in you is there to teach us alone with hearing others speak on the word of God or reading for ourselves.

17. For what they do not understand the spirit is there to help because we all have differ parts of truth that come easier than others.

18. While you may understand the science view of the bible, I may see the simple view of the bible but there are many view points we can look at the bible with.

19. The words of God old or new were spoken or wrote in a way that they can help all men kind of all ages if they just reach for truth they can not see.

20. For the bible and other books of God have many hidden truths that only the believer will see but there are things to help all of mankind.

21. One may find history to unfold but the believers will find great mysteries hidden out in the open for all that come with a heart to received spiritual things will see.

22. For I will end now, thank you with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy