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seeing....thru words~! seeing another way.

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  • LucySmith
    as we mature IN Christ

    He is giving His saints extra-ordinary power of observation.
    His people are learning how to 'see and how to listen', and not just on the surface either.
    Yesterday i was looking at some art-work and this picture showed 2 round worlds, side by side like 2 coins on a table. Our world had trees and houses and people drawn in it and the other world had clouds and glory rays, and in the middle was a man, crawling out from the side of our world and grabbing hold to the glory rays world, so he was 1/2 in and 1/2 out of the 2 realms.
    Father is lifting His people OUT FROM the realm of death and into HIS PRESENCE OF LIFE.
    it is called SET APART.

    Being ''Set-Apart'' is to have the training of the Holy Spirit to LIVE in the PRESENCE OF GOD continually.

    In this set-apartness, we become RIGHT WAY UP, and not upside down.
    We learn how to view things backwards rather than forewards.
    We learn to know IT IS FINISHED IN US, and walk out from that higher revelation.
    WHEN the bible says '' the devil is defeated' we view our walk from that truth.

    beat, and
    vanquished and subdued,

    While we are walking thru our tests, we view backwards... knowning all is well and EXPECT THE BEST.
    We cannot view from a forewards angle cuz that we are forever battling and this causes UNBELIEF, that is why, we view backwards by THANKING FATHER ABBA FOR OUR DELIVERANCES, AS HE has [past tense] ANSWERED OUR PRAYER.
    We are re-born destined to live inside another realm - therefore WE ARE TRAINED UP, from a higher form of teaching. We learn HOW to fully mature and in this growing up we learn stuff that is not taught from this realm.
    bronoculars ... if we put the big glass to our eye we see things close up and magnified...
    if we turn the bronoculars the other way ROUND we see things afar off... and this far off viewing seems to make a HOPE DEFERRED. The church suffers from a long distance viewing and a hope that is ever deferred.
    Messiah is always to come., in their view.
    WHEN IN TRUTH HE IS always 'coming and appearing IN us''.
    If u are in a trouble dont look at the trouble, view it as finished and then in your mind it becomes.... IT IS FINISHED,
    BECAUSE, you are thinking THE TRUTH, THAT TRUTH IS CREATED thru u.

    It may take one moment a week or a year, never stop thanking for deliverance....... the power is in the patience....CUZ PATIENCE PERFECTS
    Patience is a divine law u see
    Impatience is a human fault,

    When we have the Holy Spirit's bronculars, we suddenly ''see'' things differently.
    Magnified things that come into view.
    Things that once were hidden, are revealed.
    how people speak is revealed.
    how prayer is answered is revealed
    how we progress into His realm and LIFE is revealed.
    the invisible things do become visiable as that deceptive veil is removed.

    what has happened.????????????
    the religious ''ever-learning but never arriving'' has been removed. amen
    A 'set-time' shall come, when we find out all religions do man-kind NO good. They fail to manifest, their manifesto.
    Talk is not the walk


    how we walk is HOW WE TALK~!
    that way THE TRUTH IS experienced and not a 'wish' only.
    We have to learn correctly HOW to put off all old things, those things that habitual mark miss and those experiences of being NEVER GOOD ENOUGH for ourselves and never for others either.
    We have to learn to yield up our lives to THE HOLY NEW PATTERN.... and then allow the vision from the bible NT to overshadow us, telling us THE TRUTH and then soaking it up.

    We can no longer CLING TO THOSE GARMENTS of yesterday, we have to realise

    ''those garments are OLD and also filthy = dirt rags''

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  • LucySmith
    the rules

    like all games, the game of life has rules.
    when we discover those rules WE LIVE IN LIFE, and when we fail to observe the rules we die in death. It is that simple.

    so it is a WISE MAN who learns to rules, and plays the GAME TO WIN.
    there are winners and loosers is all games.

    one rule is............................... HAVE THE MOOD - HAVE THE LIFE.
    IF we live in the ''LIFE NOW'' mood, everything we face is faced with life and joy = that is our future, and a hope that inspires us. HOPE CALLED THE HOPE OF GLORY~! because
    This Strength breeds confidence so that JOY becomes so JOYFILLED it becomes unspeakable.

    That is so opposite the human condition and that is why all humans perish.

    If your'e angry, your world is angry...
    you have allowed others to effect your world, they entered in angry and gave it all over to you, and so becuase your'e unable to get rid of this anger, it remains... to ruin your world so that you perish.
    You were never wise enough to discover the rules.

    Those who are depressed, remain depressed,[or take pills] they never understood the RULE that will break depression. Their inner world affected their outer world.

    POOR people attract poverty - it is their mood~!
    they never knew the rule that will allow them to escape poverty~!
    Poverty is a circle and even if they won $$$ money, they would return sooner than later to being paupers.

    why not begin to be very aware of what you are thinking~! get new thoughts and put them into practice and then watch your life change.

    notice the English prime Minister Churchill during WW2 always was in the VICTORY mood, he spoke out VICTORY words. He put all his words into practicing them.
    By simply changing our mood we can change our life.
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  • LucySmith
    name calling, by others

    Name calling over us, by others is = the devil's whispering his ''desire'' over us.
    He is trying to create his life IN us.

    as example
    A woman who worked for me, had an ex-husband whose mother always called him from when he was small ''Neville-the-devil'' and that is how this guy treated her... devilishly.
    It was his own mother WHO HAD PLANTED the devil's designs upon this child's life, by sowing seeds to grew up and bore fruit.
    how ignorant we all are as we sit back and ''accept'' the deception out from the mouth's of others.

    The way we speak is the way we create our life.

    WE ARE ''creators'' and other people can fashion our destiny with the devil's lies spoken out and ''accepted'' by us.

    If u have young children, speak words of Godly beauty over them...
    I do, they are grown now but i still speak beauty over them and tell them exactly how beautifull and handsome they are.
    It makes such a difference, try it~!

    DONT EVER NEVER EVER AND EVER AND NEVER... allow any person to ''hiss'' at you with some devilish SPITEFULL detrogatory SLUR over you~!
    saying as example
    dumb, and idiot, useless, hatefull, dull, you little devil,
    ugly, lazy, etc..............

    rebuke it immediately turn the hiss back, by the Blood of Jesus Christ.
    do not allow the devil to vomit over you.

    get tough.
    get into a WARRIOR STANDARD

    you shall not hurt their feelings by a stern rebuke... do u know why?
    for the devil is simply using their mouth and the person is being used as a battery of evil.

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  • LucySmith
    repressed dislike from someone in our early days

    often matures into many adult negative attitudes.
    '' I CANNOT''
    '' I CAN'T''
    are just some words/phrases that are spoken out from A REAL negative crushed heart attitude.
    People who speak like this, suffer in some way from a ''broken/wounded heart''.

    As we saints mature in Christ,
    our ''ear'' is PITCHED to such words coming out from others.... for these crushed hearts need divine TLC.

    A person like this, can never give of themselves freely.
    They have been WITHERED FROM INSIDE~!
    This word WITHERED,
    the Lord EXPLAINED to me is like a dry word,
    a word that smothers life.
    Like a dessert where nothing can live.
    A ''withered person'' is always a 1/2 hearted person
    ONLY with A LIFE that is 1/2 LIVED.

    However ~``
    some of these type of feelings are never taken away,
    unless confessed out and forgiven for, then our burden is lifted [math 11 v 28-30] and we are able to return to normal IN Christ where ALL THINGS ARE NOW POSSIBLE notice it does not mention a few things but ALL things.
    A woman used to come into the shop and she would speak to me telling me her troubles and suddenly great tears would flow from her eyes like gushing rivers, as if a tap was turned on. I used to look at her and was fasinated by how much water would pour from her eyes. Till one day, she told me her sad heart story and i wanted to cry too FOR HER
    She did this to me for a few months, and she would pour out her heart to me, but i never knew what to say... till.. out from my mouth i said ''you have a wounded spirit, let us pray for it to go'',
    so we did.
    I actually never saw her again after that but another member of my family saw her and she was great~!
    I guess it was time for that negative horror to depart FROM her life.
    Actually i think we all need this to tell the truth~ somehow someone shall minister to us and we can be released from all those evil spoken death-words others have said over us.

    never receive[ into your heart] those idle words spoken over u.

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  • LucySmith
    when a saint speaks

    it can never be in those dull overtones of a ''look at me I'm a martyr''
    Let none of us ever have the speach patterns of '' look at me in my self -pity overcoming''...
    Our overcoming
    has to be laced WITH JOY, and as I have said before it is the JOY, that is the STRENGTH.

    a WEAPON of Warfare = Joy.

    Many people, have had 'lost childhoods'' as the ART OF PARENTING is mostly non-existant.
    It happens in the rich and poor homes alike, good parenting= is an ART-FORM, like some exquisite painting being created.

    So, adults grow up into ''an lost adult'' and they pass their own ''lostness'' to their child and so it is an never ending circle.

    Thats is why this world is like it is.
    The ''carers'' are in control rather than PARENTS.
    I have read, that under these conditions 20yrs time from now the mental homes shall be filled up, with the mentally lost.
    That lostness is there not matter what the ages are of people,their unconscious mind will reveal their state to a keen observer.
    I guess that is why, the bible talks about THE LOST.
    seek the lost.... I guess means so much more than we all thought.

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  • LucySmith
    started a topic seeing....thru words~! seeing another way.

    seeing....thru words~! seeing another way.

    We take what we say for granted, all people speak and we listen we hear what is said, we read what is written, never to understand that another way of seeing and speaking is there to understand...
    Jesus said ''HE KNEW MEN'S HEARTS''...
    ofcourse He did, but He also knew HOW TO LISTEN AND HE LEARNT ABOUT MEN'S HEARTS by what was spoken...but.. it was hidden from others.

    it is like 2 languages side by side...
    One saying one thing everyone understands!
    the other saying another things hardly anyone will ever understanding.

    But it is like 2 realms
    one real
    the other
    under a shadow that hides the real thing..

    here are a few examples i what i am writting about............................................................................................... ..

    say for-instance a person shall say to you '' I am cold''
    that is so,
    but it may not be so cold for you, but they are cold.
    seeing into their heart we see them saying this to us

    ''i am in a hopeless and a despiring situation.,'' = i am cold.

    it is like the SPIRIT INSIDE is crying out, but the SOUL cannot recognise its sound.
    JESUS CHRIST KNEW MEN'S HEARTS,= takes on a whole new meaning as HE LISTENED TO WHAT the people said.

    ''being cold'' is most of our life experiences....

    I can say ''I HATE THE COLD'' AND MEAN IT CUZ I DO...i cannot live in cold.
    now i know why.~!~!~!~!

    I have been in many despairing and hopeless situations in my personal life...
    I HAVE BEEN SAVED all, thru them.

    to cont
    people can say ''what a dreay time winter is''., and in fact it can be so ~!
    right away the Spirit man within is saying '' lonely, abandoned, detatched from others.''

    people can say very sincerely '' i love being alone'' and thats true for them
    [ personally i hate it]
    but that saying is the spiritual man being punished by the soul as most times ''alone'' means to be PUNISHMENT
    i.e. solitary confinement.

    it is the inner hidden realm that no-one really hears that is hidden away BY unawareness and preconceptions.

    As we mature in Christ, hidden things become revealed to us, the veil is torn.
    it is there in the natural..... BUT WE JUST DONT RECOGNISE IT.

    there are millions of examples here to be explored and understood about our inner man, our real man, speaking but we cannot hear HIM...
    IT IS REVEALED.... and the door opened for our understanding...
    We are SAVED YES indeed we are
    AND MOVING UP INTO THE HIGH CALLING....revelation from the Father takes us into this place amen