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this picture is called THE VEIL REMOVED

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  • this picture is called THE VEIL REMOVED

    it is my picture i found some years ago, while i was reading the local news.
    It was a full page colour advertisement so it really stood out and caught my eye.
    it is a pic, of a man lifting up the blue sky and peering into the 4th dimension and what he sees is the same picture as here...
    it takes about a min. to load. I hope it explaines what words sometimes fail to do. amen

    hugs Lucy~!

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    cont. the LIVING STONE.. the new creation

    i am not really interested in other paintings from this site nor much of what it has to say
    but this one pic. caught my attention and the revelation it contained.
    The Father Abba is continually speaking out, describing with symbols, what is very hard to explain spiritually.

    1] look at the blue surrounding this man = the Holy Spirit
    2] Look at the green rays coming out from him = resurrection life = new creature with new beginnings.
    3] the golden colours swirling around his head and into his mind = putting on the mind of Christ-.the glory cloud- the very nature of Abba in and around his head
    4] Seeing inside him = transparent before all men, as the truth is sown on the inwards parts, so he shines forth the truth.
    5] The crowd of faces in the sky = the great cloud of witnesses, waiting for us, to hasten the day of HIS APPEARING, so that they too maybe made perfect.
    6] Painting the life/light onto canvas.= telling and preaching the Truth the goodnews of the Gospel,[2 tim 1 v 10,] so all men can be saved, amen


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      i feel inlove with this pic... when it was shown to me

      actually it was to do with the Morning Stars = His daughters....
      also to do with
      ''WHO IS she'', the Holy Spirit is asking..

      ''WHO IS she'', that looketh forth at the morning, fair as the moon,clear as the sun, and terrible as an army with banners.. ''from S of S. 6 v 10.
      I just loved her stance.... her submission to her Messiah and her brothers called the 'sons of God'.


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        feeding of the baby eaglets

        This was a revelation picture
        showing HIS BABY eaglets in the nest...
        and His food and hands CARING AND SHARING OVER THEM...

        can u rest and realise LOVE IS IN CONTROL of your lives...can u sit back and REST inside His love....
        IF a person knew the WINNING RESULT of their favourite football TEAM, would they be restless and doubtfull if at 1/2 time the other side looked like winning?


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          the morning stars

          this is a famous William Blake.

          and when i was studying the morning stars,[Job 38 1 -7] this pic is what i found...
          I loved it too... it has so much revelation there.
          so much 'meat' to eat about HIS STARS. amen


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            see into SEE-ING

            just as the Messiah shows us bible-verses that completes the whole theme of the bible so shall He give us 'signs and wonders' to view.
            somehow HE GIVES His saint the ability to understand very precious Truths.

            here is a WONDER verse.... to go with a WONDER picture.


            I think that is extraordinary beautifull....
            ''He restores my soul'' - takes it out from deception
            understanding, the divine romance
            understanding how our spiritual man has to be wedded to the soul
            understanding the POWER OF THE RESURRECTION... the power to escape INTO the power of love.

            Math 16 v 18.

            in bible numerics... no 16 is love
            in bible numerics... no 18 is bondage..

            So i could make a sentence that said this...................
            '' DIVINE LOVE, SHALL TAKE US OUT FROM, evil bondages.''

            ''And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build My church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it''.
            the ''gates'' shall not prevail.
            now, LETS US LOOK at ''gates'', which are, openings, entrances,
            we find in the Psalms. 9 v.13 the real meaning of these 'gates'.

            ''Have mercy upon me, O Lord , consider my trouble which I suffer of them that hate me, thou that liftest me up from the gates of death''.

            THE GATES OF DEATH....
            here we can make a sentence that said this.

            and I say also unto thee, ''Thou are Peter, and upon this rock, I will build MY CHURCH, and the gates of death [the opening, the entrance to] shall not prevail against it''


            the entrance into death, shall not prevail against HIS CHURCH

            now.... we have to consider what is the meaning of 'upon this rock'.
            what rock?.
            now we all know ''the rock is Christ'' THE ROCK OF OUR SALVATION.

            ''Because I will publish the name of the LORD: ascribe ye greatness unto our God.
            He is the Rock, His work is perfect: for all His ways are judgment: a God of Truth and without iniquity, just and right is He.

            A God of Truth = THE ROCK...
            Jesus asks Peter a question. ''whom do people say I am''?
            Peter answered ''Thou art the Son of the Living God''
            Jesus then said this...'' FLESH AND BLOOD HAS NOT REVEALED THIS TO YOU, BUT MY FATHER''.
            the FATHER gave Peter THE REVELATION who Jesus Christ was.

            so.. joining the dots.
            we find

            but notice...
            IT HAS TO BE REVEALED.
            THAT DEATH/grave shall no longer prevail against the living stones.- His church~! amen


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              ''open the gates,and let the King of glory in''

              Job 38:16-17,
              Hast thou entered into the springs of the sea? or hast thou walked in the search of the depth?
              Have the gates of death been opened unto thee? or hast thou seen the doors of the shadow of death?

              "The gate(s) of Heaven" (Genesis 28:17)
              bible no 17 -victory
              bible no 28 - eternal life..
              ''and the gates''....can mean THE VICTORY of ETERNAL LIFE.

              full deliverance according to His PROMISE.


              "Open up, ancient gates! Open up, ancient doors, and let the King of Glory enter Psalm 24 v 7."
              I ONCE READ a story of these ancient gates...they had to be opened you see, for
              ''AN INNOCIENT MAN, JESUS MESSIAH CHRIST, '' had been sent here and because He was Innocient, these gates had to ''open up'' for Him, TO LET THE KING OF GLORY IN...
              but where was ''this place''?
              It was to the realm of hell and death, and only the guilty were permitted entry...
              apparently Death said to satan's hell

              ''LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE,
              LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE,
              NOW WE ARE DOOMED realise we are doomed, WE NOW HAVE TO GIVE UP OUR VICTORY, as the rule was only the guily find their home with us, Now we are defeated''

              God's presence HAD ARRIVED OFFICIALLY at the gates of the realm for judgment on that realm.. so this realm had to now obey the King of Glory, for by death's and satan's insane guile, they had outwitted themselves.

              referring to Psalm 24 v 7
              bible no 24 - the elect, the priesthood
              bible no 7 - perfection
              no 24, this word priesthood refers to the order of Melchidezic, the order of everlasting life.

              so if we connect our dots here..
              even the numbers tell of Messiah's living temple = His church, gaining eternal perfection, in the immortality of the Royal priesthood, The Melchidezician Order of endless life.
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                this pic holds revelation


                in imagery

                beginning at the top we can see the sun/THE SON~! around the sun is many fragments, like cut glass, that is reflecting the colours of light .
                [the 7 Spirits]
                Also it has 32 'rays' coming out from this sun and bible no 32 - covenant.
                so we could ''see'' the COVENANT OF THE SON...
                the 2 circles... the 2 realms
                heaven the outer realm, earth the inner realm, they overlap each other and are only divided by the 'veil' of seeing.
                iF U LOOK on the LH side we will see a crack, that is the renting of the veil of separation.
                Meaning our eyes are closed to this higher realm see 2 kings 6 v 17.
                however we shall ''see''.
                4 white doves/birds...4 is the bible no. for man /earth.
                'dove' is symbolic of the Holy Spirit.
                2 is for a witness.
                2 are carrying a gold wedding band/or one golden crown

                one crown for 2 people.
                2 joined the male spirit to the female soul only need one wedding ring and one crown..
                and the crown lies upon a red ribbon.
                The red ribbon is the cord of the passover blood, from Moses in the O.T.
                the cross, examplified in the escape of Rabah the harlot.
                the No. 3 - the spirit the soul and the body ESCAPING, passover by the Blood and the teaching of the Holy Spirit typified by the 'dove', then to RECEIVE THE CROWN/WEDDING BAND.-passover from death to LIFE.
                The dove nearest the man seems to be shedding 3 feathers
                meaning of feathers - Ps 91 v 4
                '' He shall COVER THEE, with His feathers, and IN Him shall we trust.''
                these lovers are 'kissing''
                this is a special meaning for it means SAINTS ONLY WILL SPEAK OUT HIS WORDS... his lips/word press onto our lips so that His word is what a saint will speak see S of Songs 1 v 2
                the man with the white hair, is dressed in a white robe, tied with golden bands carrying a lily.
                each one of those things is a aspect of perfection
                white hair - rev 1 v 13-14
                white lily - s of s 2 v 16.
                the woman is dressed in the royal purple and blue carrying a red cord and a wreath of flowers for her hair.
                See her hair is BRAIDED... that is a very important feature this BRAIDED effect.[ i shall have to look more into this braiding]
                coming down to the lovers feet we see many things of interest..
                compared to the overall size of the couple, see HOW SMALL the snake is
                the perspective is a small asp...with its apple of temptation...

                compared to 'the lovers' the snake has become insignificant and never even noticed

                also 2 imps, who seem to be cowering.
                12 lilies are arranged around their feet
                bible no 12 - divine government,
                one heart - love
                and many roses - the rose of sharron,


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                  NEO - 11thmay 'THE PASSOVER'

                  the comet is breaking up and passing-over.

                  from death into life.

                  do u feel the change over.... it is happening all around..
                  CHANGE is in the air... even in the heavens - new heavens....

                  our sun is saying LOOK AT ME..
                  and thus speaketh Sol.


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                    cont...............NOW this is a GREAT picture


                    look where the ''mouth' is in the tabernacle of Moses.

                    see ....

                    where is it?
                    in the holy of holies - its the ark of the covenant.

                    ''let HIM kiss me, with the kisses of HIS mouth...'' s of songs 1 v. 2

                    His mouth is to cover our mouth.... what do we find in the 'ark'.


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                      12th, may.......the fast growing rock


                      Explanation: A new rock slab is growing at more than one meter a day on the Mt. St. Helens volcano in Washington, USA. The rock slab, growing since last November, now extends about 100 meters out from one of the volcano's craters. A recently made time lapse movie shows the rock slab growing. Pictured above, a helicopter examines the steaming hot rock slab late last month. Mt. St. Helens underwent a spectacular eruption in 1980 but has been undergoing a comparatively serene eruption since 2004 September. A new volcanic dome has been building which is now about 100 meters above the 1980s dome. The rock slab is visible from the Johnston Ridge Observatory on the erupting volcano.
                      what can we learn from the natural...
                      the rock~! the fast growing rock = math 16 v 17
                      the growing revelations from Abba Father, about what to do, how to do it, and how to overcome.
                      Saint Helen's name meaning ...The light of the sun.
                      so we have
                      ''the growing revelations from THE FATHER, showng forth - the light of the Son/sun.''
                      that is the message from this mountain.

                      the measure 100 mtrs . bible no 100 - children of promise [likened to Isaac]

                      we can write
                      the growing revelations, from THE FATHER, showing forth- the light of the Son/sun are being given to '' the children of Promise''.


                      yes yes yes yes ... IT SURELY is amen


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                        a dying star


                        the hour class....
                        but notice the figure 8 surrounding this dying star system..
                        in bible numerics No 8 - new life = resurrection life, new beginnings.
                        there looks like an eye in the middle of the 8.
                        and also the 2 circles looks like 2 worlds.... being watched over.


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                          called SEEMLESS pictures [ Takes a min. to load]


                          the universe real
                          the universe in shadow.
                          the 2nd picture down under the child flying....reminds me of you....your'e a builder
                          a ''setter of stone''....showing the true PATH, for others....
                          see how clear it is,
                          see how ordered it is,
                          see how there are no mistakes.
                          the path is yet incompleted, yet, the vision is ''aye before ye''.
                          i am so happy to have your acquaintance.....


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                            the reality and the shadow.


                            the shadow is the drawing.....
                            the reality is the hands.........

                            this world is like that drawing
                            our real world is our hands

                            CAN YOUR MIND SWITCH tracks?
                            can your life come out from these shadows that breed death?

                            this example shows these 2 realms and the bible is filled with divine information as to these 2 aspects

                            our choice is????


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                              simply stunning seemless pics 'the collection'

                              Joyfull.... here is the whole collection on seemless art...

                              i love each one, as they seem to SPEAK to me on godly revelation..
                              here is one
                              the blue sky
                              the white clouds...
                              the 3 ships
                              the sand
                              the water
                              the man looking up for help
                              the wilderness.
                              3 small bushes

                              what can u see 'represented' here?

                              what can u see spiritually represented here?
                              the blue sky
                              the trees
                              the waterfall
                              the rock faces
                              the houses
                              the white robed people seeking

                              what can u see spiritually?
                              the blue sky
                              the white clouds
                              the people in the white clouds
                              the circle
                              the 7 dancers
                              the strings
                              the small child.

                              Messiah IS EVERYWHERE, everything is Him, we just have to notice HIS CALLING CARD. He is always there,- side by side we walk thru the day, He is continually instructing... saying ''look Lucy, look and understand this''...

                              and also
                              for bible numerics do a google search on ''bible numerics''...
                              it shall help u ok.

                              btw... to me this Painting had a 'wow factor' of 10
                              i love it
                              called IDENTY.
                              by an artist John Pitre.

                              i love such beauty ---- so can you SEE the greatness OF what is being revealed here?.