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  • 05-03-2006

    God first

    1. Here I Roy William Perry III sat on May 03 2006 written unto you my dear friends of the world wide net. As I sat thinking about being forty six years which if your were into number could be many things.

    2. The number forty is association with a period trial plus six which you know is the number for man. And there twenty three times two which would be twenty which is two times ten which means perfection of Divine order by two establishes and being twenty by four means perfection of Divine order over the world with six adds for mankind or something like that.

    3. Then we got the date 05-03-2006 or 05-03-6009 if depends on whether you add the four thousand and three years to the date for what is off. So we have grace that complete by two Godly days by man or grace that complete by the sixth Godly day with judgment.

    4. Enough of that for no matter how I use number I am just a man reaching for spiritual understanding and no matter what I do with number I still have a long way to go to be more like Christ.

    5. Its time to get peaceful has I reach to see what Christ will say unto me to help me grow in my spiritual quest for God’s love and truth.

    6. Its not about what I know but how I love you my dear friends. Yes its not about what we know but how we love each other.

    7. I could ask to write miles and miles of words for you to read but I spend my time better telling you of the love I have for you all.

    8. God was the first person or being to love me for he loved me before my parents even dream of making me and the same goes with you.

    9. Christ was the next person or being to love me because he love me when he gave up his life for me and you.

    10. My mother and father of the flesh loved me next enough to make me and raised me with love.

    11. You know how the list goes on and on and because so many love me I am blessed to love all of you I see or meet alone life’s way.

    12. Some may make it harder but how hard have I made it for God for I sin and then I sin again and again but God just keeps forgiven me.

    13. After all Christ gave to me you think I would not sin but thanks to God who knows I am flesh and forgives me for my weaknesses as he does you.

    14. Thank you my dear friends with a holy kiss blowing to you from my God first, my Savior Christ second, and from me Roy third of flesh like us all Roy.