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Never Die? Sounds good, but I am not convinced yet

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  • Never Die? Sounds good, but I am not convinced yet

    Dear Lucy,
    Your posts are very intriguing, although many times they are difficult for me to understand. I never watched the Matrix movies and I am not acquainted with Bible numerology. Some of what you write goes against what I have always believed, but it is good to rethink our beliefs and test them. Ultimately we all have to work out our own salvation and not depend on someone else's or a denomination's set of doctrines. I want to know truth and act on it. I do not want to believe falsehood or be deceived. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth. That is what I long for and pray for.

    I love your humble and loving attitude and your desire to overcome your flesh. I agree we are to fight the sin in our lives. It seems to be a never ending battle, at least for me. :-( Sin always makes us and others unhappy and it certainly does not please our father in heaven. I believe that no matter how hard I try, I will always be flesh and will sin - even though it is not what my heart wants to do. Remember Paul saying that he did not do what he wanted to do and that he did what he did not want to do. And he was taught by Jesus himself! "O this body of death" he called it. Our flesh is emnity against our heavenly father.

    If the wages of sin is death, how is it that we can never die a physical death? If Jesus, being sinless, died, how can we, who sin, expect to live forever without dying? He died and was resurrected to life. Is that not what will happen to us also?

    The ONLY way I see that we could never die, is if Jesus returns while we are still alive, before we have a chance to die our physical death. Also, how bad is the physical death? Sometimes it is a great blessing. It is like going to sleep and then we wake being arisen by our Lord to live with Him forever in a changed body.

    Thank you for taking the time to explain your position to me. If you could use scripture to back up your belief in living forever and never dying that would be helpful to me. If you would be willing to carry on a dialogue using scripture as our guide that would be more helpful to me than the Matrix comparisons.

    Joyful (At least most of the time!)

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    Hello Joyfull...

    thank you for your kind words.

    I have to set the record straight...before anything else is written
    and that is

    I CANNOT CONVINCE anyone...
    I can only TELL... that is all i have to do, that is my part... the rest of this work is up to the HOLY SPIRIT TO GUIDE.. amen.

    I dont believe in ''scripture wars''...
    that means.. as example
    If I write one verse on LIFE NOW, you can find another on death Now...because the bible can mean anything to anyone that is why there is unholy-divisions. TRUTH is TRUTH but we have to come and understand a bible paradox, that only the Spirit can reveal... as an example
    i had a church man come into the shops to tell me how he was able to have more wives than one.
    He brought out the bible and read to me a few verses to say.. it was all have more than one wife... and prove me wrong.
    he was a church hopper, and one of the rudest men i have met.
    From that day i never warred with others over scriptures for somehow i knew UNLESS the spirit of life opens them up, THEY ARE JUST WORDS on a white page and can mean whatsoever the heart wants.
    I shall tell you what happened to me.....
    then you can reject or believe, depending only upon the Holy Spirit.

    i am not a church member and non demoninational for many years, so i dont have a hidden AGENDA, nor wages, no-one to please, nor a seminary background.. it is JUST me...alone.. thats it.
    I saw John 11...all of it in 2001... and the Holy Spirit OPENED UP to me the LIFE OF JESUS CHRIST and how He lived in the supernatural real world, but still walking here on earth.
    It was LIKE A WHOLE NEW WORLD OF REVELATION for me and I knew only a very few would believe about...His temple made from LIVING STONES, a temple not made with hands [ listening to men's apostate teaching] but by the SPIRIT OF LIFE [ ROMS 8 where there is now no condemnation~! His living stones are in the Order of Melchedezic, the order of endless life [ no death as ever touched]....thats how HIS SAVIOURS come out from Zion , all cuz HE LIVES AND LOVES TO EVER MAKE INTERCESSION for them = saved to the uttermost.

    i never knew till i came back and saw what he had written on Lo-ammi... i could not believe it...
    i am so glad HE DOES...
    it is one nice thing to find another person, even if they are 1/2 way across this world, who does not think your'e weird.
    I am so gratefull for his friendship and his spiritual maturity.
    We learn together.
    I love what he writes as he makes me think.
    He takes me out from 'my' box and into a new line of thinking and that is what growing into maturity means.
    We are not stagnant like some smelly old pond but alive with the flowing living waters.
    SPYING, knows my heart as I know his, for we are IN THE SAME TRAINING PROGRAMME..thats the real beauty of
    ''life now''. It forms a brotherhood /a fellowship, a love that was always intended...the oneness of unity and not the barreness of division.


    I saw that THE LIFE FORCE IN MESSIAH WAS TO BE HIS SERVANTS LIFE FORCE TOO... there was to be no difference.
    we are to reflect HIM, = HIS LIFE AND CHARACTER AND HOLINESS... in this life...CALLED going on into perfection.

    THE LIFE FORCE, is the power of Abba to reveal the invisible to the visible.

    He then took me into all the other verses scattered thru the bible to show me this hidden truth that was in plain sight YET religious perception made it barren and lifeless.
    Religion is barren to is fake...
    Jannes and Jambres are in the pulpit.
    now I HAVE LIFE.. HIS LIFE being reflected into my life as i am learning to die to my own enemy - namely me, and move into incorruption...
    But we have to hear...this hearing brings faith needed to overcome. The more we overcome our death qualities the more LIFE He will pour into us... HE RAISES US UP AND OUT FROM THE DEAD.
    i could write a 1000 pages on revelation and mysteries but i shall not...
    but.. i ask this from you...

    and learn how to become alive.
    that is what I am learning and i have NOT got all the dots right-on.
    I have much to learn and it is hard. My flesh wants to break out but the HOLY SPIRIT HOLDS ME TOO HIM and says'' hush lucy... just trust in Me.''

    as for the matrix,
    [the first film only not the other 2],
    is a movie that will reflect very hard spiritual things to explain.
    BUT, our eye has to be opened to its understanding otherwise it is just a film.
    I wish i could show u personally, each revelation from each scene.. it is awesome in content. Some scenes are so revelational, they are just BURSTING, with resurrection life.

    now, Joyful
    Plx, go learn for yourself...BELIEVE JOHN 11... LIKE HE TELLS IT... and move out from there,

    i can help you no further~! i cannot as i am not able as i wont do it well enough.

    May Messiah become alive into you...that is my prayer for you.amen


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      Hi Lucy,
      THANK YOU for your quick reply. I appreciate that you shared your story with me. I must admit, however, that I was disappointed after reading your reply.

      You may have misunderstood me... I do not want a scripture war with you either, but only want to learn the TRUTH. I know that you cannot CONVINCE me of what you believe and I cannot CONVINCE you of what I believe. That's not what I want. I do want for both of us to be in the TRUTH. Messiah said that He is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE.

      AND I certainly don't want to CONVINCE you that the Bible says it's OK for me to have more than ONE husband, because ONE is MORE than enough!!! For me, at least! Chuckle-Chuckle!

      When men have made the remark to me that it was OK for men to have more than one wife, e.g. Solomon and David, I always ask them how many wives did God provide for Adam and how many wives were the elders or preachers to have in the NT? I think we have all met people who try to prove by the scriptures what they want to do in their life. When my husband joked with me and said it was OK for a man to have more than ONE wife, I told him that was fine with me, if he wanted more than ONE, but if so, I would NOT be one of them! :=)

      What I want to do, with Christ's mind, is His Will. What my flesh wants to do is please myself. I am constantly in battle against my flesh, just as Paul was. But don't get me wrong, I am not putting myself on the same level as the Apostle Paul. I think he was light years ahead of me!

      You asked 4 things of me:
      1) to ask questions
      2) to not follow man
      3) to seek the truth
      4) to follow Messiah.

      I agree with all those requests. My first question is for you. Will you please share the scriptures that you saw scattered throughout the Bible that showed you the hidden truth of LIFE NOW? I do not plan to follow you or any person, but I know we can learn from others when they share what they have learned and have been shown. If you choose to share these scriptures, it may also help others that are reading this thread.

      I did as you suggested and read John 11 (thru 13) and Romans 8 (thru 9) and prayed for the Holy Spirit to open my eyes to the truth and to guide me, but I was not hit between the eyes with any new revelation today.

      John 11:25-26 says:
      "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?"
      Today, I understand this to mean that if Messiah returns to find me dead, He will raise me to life. If he returns and I am still alive, then I will never die.

      Romans 8:6 says:
      "For to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace."
      I don't see that it means LIFE NOW (that I would never die). I know that the life we have is the one we have in Christ, b/c we have put on Christ, that our "old man" died when we were baptized, but we still have a fleshly body.

      When I read what you wrote about Jannes and Jambres in the pulpit, I was lost... had never heard of them... so I looked them up and learned they were Egytian magicians in Moses' time. So, see I learned something knew from your reply! :-)

      Please have patience with me, Lucy. I desire so much to be brought into all truth as I know this present life is but a shadow of the real life we will have in the future. The physical is just a shadow of the spiritual. We are to learn in this life to hate sin and overcome it (our sin is what caused Messiah to suffer and die) and to love God and our fellow man (an action kind of love, not just lip service). I see this life as our training ground for our future life with Messiah.

      Lucy, Have a lovely day!

      "This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it."

      I am trying to live in the moment as you suggested; there is great freedom in being fully in the moment with no thoughts or cares of the past or future. No worries, no regrets... just doing the best we can at this very moment!

      Joyful :-)


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        i am so sorry i cannot help u further

        unless John 11 is opened up by the Holy Spirit and BELIEVED,
        WITHOUT any pre-conceived religious ideas,
        all other 'life-now' verses, themes and chapters written, yet hidden away, shall be in vain.

        actually these verses are not hidden at all,
        they are staring at us in plain sight, but, what hides them from us is pre-concceived ideas, that religious men have brought to life as satan's fertile seeds.

        John 11 is the KEY THAT OPENS THE BOOK... into RESURRECTION life.. and true believing.
        The key into the house of KNOWLEDGE, has to be opened up by the Holy Spirit not me.
        Jesus has the KEY TO DEATH and hell NOW, IN HIS HAND...[ rev 1 v 18].
        HE HAS TO TURN THAT KEY AND SNAP, our mind suddenly UNDERSTANDS.

        I can only tell but i am not supernatural enough to change minds-sets and then lives.
        That was never my job.
        You have to seek for yourself,
        you have to seach-out for yourself...
        that is part of ''KINGS'' MISSION.. to search the scriptures and discover secret things.
        do u know why?

        THEN U KNOW THAT U KNOW, and no-one can take that knowing from you.
        i think that is what makes it so special and why we believe that revelation is easily.
        It is a GIFT from the invisible realm made visible so we can just believe.

        not one person in this world would ever convince me that
        the full Messiah's life,
        the fullness of HIM,
        everything HE REPRESENTS,
        HIS KINGDOM AND HIS CHARACTER AND HIS WAY into all truth and freedom from the bondages of satan
        is not available for any true believer as a full on experience in this life time, moving into eternal life now,[called putting off all corruption and moving into perfection] that has been made available.
        CUZ HE TURNED THE KEY, against hell and death for me
        showed me how to escape, = pray to be worthy to escape is a theme of the whole bible...[escape the adamic mark missing]
        i prayed and now i know... rev 12 v 11.
        i just have to act faithfully on my knowing and that's the hard part [overcoming my flesh and this world of bondages]
        i have my divine Intercessor who loves and prays over me so i shall never fail and my salvation shall be to the uttermost amen,
        If i was the last man standing on this issue i would never give it up.
        I am like a pillar and a fortress over this whole issue of resurrection life made available to all true believers in this life time, as His true servants and true ambassadors of His divine kingdom.

        ANY OTHER idea,
        is totally misunderstanding of the work of the cross and also utter wickedness and folly~!

        why so few = because the religious lie is so easily accepted.
        The GOODNEWS of the Gospel is too good to be believed for most people [ 2 tim 1 v 10]
        brought immortality to light [ as a revealed revelation from above]
        immortality -

        so.. off into your seeking and ..
        happy hunting my prayers are for you.
        the end.


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          Not what I wanted but maybe what I needed

          OK Lucy,
          I get it. I need to search this out for myself and you are not going to make it easier for me! :-( Maybe you are right... even though I sure would appreciate a list of scriptures I could delve into. Just in case you change your mind... :-) I will pray for the Holy Spirit to guide me in this study of LIFE NOW and into all truth. I will start by rereading the gospel of John. It has always been a favorite of mine. I will try to read it in light of LIFE NOW, without any preconceived ideas. Do you have a recommendation on what book of scripture would be good to go to next after I read John?

          There are verses that come to my mind that seem to contradict the LIFE NOW belief. I will quell them for now. Did you also have scriptures in your mind that contradicted the LIFE NOW belief when you first saw it? How did you find a way to reconcile the contradictions? I assume you did not always believe in LIFE NOW.

          I have a question about your last reply. What do you believe is the gospel and the good news of the gospel? I just read 1 Cor 15. In the first few verses Paul talks about the gospel that he first preached to the believers at Corinth... that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures and was buried and that he rose on the third day according to the Scriptures.

          Do you believe that the good news of the gospel is that we can have LIFE NOW? And that the LIE is that we will die a physical death? And, BTW, why do you think that King David died? And Abraham? And Paul and the other disciples? Why did they not make it into perfection? I can see that maybe the OT people could not achieve it b/c Christ had not died and arisen yet, but what about the NT believers?

          I fear I am being a pest to you, b/c you ended your last post with "the end". So I will end this post. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Thank you for your prayers. I do believe in it's power. I pray for good things for you, Lucy.



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            thank you

            I CAN today, now, this second, LIVE INSIDE HIS INCORRUPTABLE LIFE.
            the power of God [ THAT annointed./.enchristed power] I am trained up to walk this life today, by overcoming my own incorruption by His death giving me HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, if i accept His conditions by Faith...then walk out those conditions.

            THIS STANDARD is now available to true seekers.
            [Roms 8 -walking in the Spirit of life]
            HIS LIFE + HIS POWER = HIS alive in His kingdom
            TODAY IF U HEAR ''MY VOICE''...
            moment by moment
            TODAY..LIFE -NOW....POWER NOW...= life in the Spirit.
            THE SAME LIFE FORCE, that Messiah lives in....the real goodnews,[2 TIM 1 V 10]

            john 3 v 16.. what's that say, what GOODNEWS does it bring to mankind?

            1]the word description for perish is...
            to destroy, to die violently, to be ruined, subject to decay, to completely destroy.

            2]everlasting , word description is...
            forever, perpetual, continous, enduring endlessly,always continuing.

            3] LIFE, word description is...
            A LIVING BEING.
            NOT DEAD BUT ALIVE, FULL CREATIVE LIFE POWER. animated by the power of life.
            ARE U ALIVE today...
            THAT IS WHAT LIFE IS..
            you are alive now, when u die, your'e dead. your LIFE HAS finished and perished,

            now go and understand John 3 v 16 and think of it as YOUR LIFE TODAY, understand the english words, not the religious preacher man who has been sowing the seeds of satan.
            read AS A LITTLE CHILD.................

            ''For God
            [the creator of everything]
            so LOVED the world
            [ he made it he loves it]
            so that He gave
            [ as a special divine gift]
            His only begotten Son
            [ His everything]
            that whosoever shall believe
            [ as John11 requires]
            IN HIM, shall not perish
            [ be subjected to decay as a decaying body is subjected to the grave,]
            but shall have
            [be given under certain conditions of faith that FEW FIND]
            everlasting life
            [a life that has no death, no dying, no perishing within IT.]

            think about these verses THINK ABOUT JESUS LIFE, KINGDOM POWER TRANSLATED INTO U... forever now.

            i feel u have been most gracious to me in your replies...
            this means you have a lovely heart
            i appreciate your posts very much and this leads me to the conclusion = YOU WILL FIND, WHAT U ARE SEEKING...
            when u have Please come back and we shall REJOICE TOGETHER IN ONE ACCORD.

            i want you to do the work, the bible says KINGS DO THIS-remember He is KING of kings... what do His kings do... seek, search, find..
            So~!~!put in the hard yards...
            that is the only way, you shall become a pillar of TRUTH.
            Yes, i could tell, blab away for hours, but i would be telling MY revelation-you would be hearing it 2 nd handed....
            dont be afraid of revelation...remember also the children of israel always wanted Moses to go up that mountain for them.. the bible says ''they were AFRAID''.
            when Moses went up alone and heard revelation for himself HE WAS THE ONE WITH THE SHINING FACE, not part of the afraid crowds.

            now find till u do... and then BECOME A STALWART FOR HIS TRUTH.
            so much so no man shall move you from your perfecting truth amen


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              Off to seek and find, it may take a while

              OK, Lucy.
              I will do as you suggest. I may come back during my study to ask you some questions, if you don't mind, but I will depend on the Spirit to lead me to the truth. Thanks for your time and help. You have given me things to think about and ideas to ponder. I look forward to talking to you again, hopefully soon.
              Take care,


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                It's on the mountain Joyful

                Shalom all:

                I'll intervene here just to say to you Joyful. If you want to see "life" now then go and read the story about the mountains of choice. There are only two. One is the mountain of "Life' and the other is "death". Joshua (Yahushua) stands on one, the one of "life". There is no shareing of the two except for the valley of decision. So to be with Him has no death on it. If you have truly choosen "life' then death is on the other side and doesn't have anything to do with the mountain your on. To say you will die and then get "life" is a direct contradiction to these mountains that you must choose from. If you are on the mountain of "death" then you will live the curses, on the mountain of "life" then you will recieve the blessiings. No where does it say, don't worry if you choose "death" then you can come over to the other mountain after you have "lived" that life and choice.

                Has anyone made that choice yet? I don't see anyone not dieing. I do believe we stand on the edge when someone will stand with Yahushua and show that "life" is available. Do I have any thing that indicates this? Why yes I do. It's the story of the flood. The pouring out of the water from heaven caused all men to die. When the flood stopped then we had signs to watch for. The important ones were the two doves. One dove came down upon Yahushua, but without a branch. Next will be the second dove that will descend upon one with a branch. At that time we recieve the promise that not all men will die from the "water" again. In other words, some will recieve "life" now.

                It's a path and that path takes, oh about 7 years. It always starts with giving up all you have. This is physical as well as spiritual. Believe me giving up all the "spiritual" stuff you have learned is just as hard as the physical and for some impossible. Yahushua showed the "way", but it's not a way that you will do anything but "hear and obey" for Him to lead you. If you are doing anything yourself then you have strayed from following. I find it that simple.

                Oh welll just thought I would interject for you. Seek the kingdom, it will be given unto you if you truely seek it.

                May YHWH bless you and keep you in His Word


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                  Thanks for your input, rockywhy!

                  Shalom, rockywhy,
                  Thank you for your post and yes, I am confused by some of it! What's new? First of all, where in the Bible do I find the story of the mountains of choice? Or did you make it up to illustrate the point?

                  Please understand that ALL of my questions are genuine. No sarcasm, no ridicule. They are posed ONLY so I can learn and so I can understand where you are coming from. I am not being argumentative, but I just don't see LIFE NOW. May Messiah open my heart and mind to it, revealing it to me, if it is the truth. I have only just begun to study the topic.

                  I am not CHOOSING death. I have believed and still do believe that we die because we are sinful and then we are raised to LIFE, just like Jesus DIED and was raised up from the DEAD. He died and was RESURRECTED to LIFE. Do you believe that? Paul talks about the HOPE of the RESURRECTION. I can look up the verses later to support it. What about the dead will rise first, when Jesus returns? In my little and sometimes, feeble mind, I can accept death knowing that I will be resurrected to SPIRITUAL LIFE. Our physical life is just a breath. Again the physical shadows the spiritual and the spiritual is what's lasting. I am thinking of verses that support these beliefs, but cannot rattle them off right now. I can see, I need to have my Bible next to my computer!

                  I do agree with you that we have to be willing to give up the physical, as well as some of our spiritual beliefs. I do like to get everything all in order, so it all fits together so THERE'S NO CONTRADICTIONS. Do I think I know it ALL? Hardly...I need to prove all things just like the NT says somewhere and if I look hard enough, I'll find it. I believe that we must take ALL scripture and make sure our beliefs are based on ALL of His Word.

                  I agree we must hear and obey him. Hearing comes by the word and doing comes after the hearing. The way I hear his word is by reading the Bible. He does not contradict himself. Sometimes things are very difficult to understand, but I believe that the Bible is all true. It is just our limited understanding of it that causes us problems.

                  I have a very logical mind that wants to have all my ducks in a row. Including what I believe. I left organized religion, b/c I saw fallacies in their teachings, so I want to put the pieces of the Creator's plan together and understand it. The LIFE NOW (EVERLASTING) just does not compute with me yet. I pray that it will, if it is true.

                  I'm sorry to say that I did not understand your paragraph about the flood and the doves. I know the dove landed on Jesus at his baptism. And the dove came back to the ark with a branch, but I do not understand that you take from that account, that our physical life can go on into the spiritual one without dying.

                  Why do you say the Path takes about 7 years? Do you mean it will take me 7 years to understand LIFE NOW? I'm a very patient person, but I hope I don't have to wait that long!

                  Thank you again for your kind and caring response. Time to go check out some Bible verses...



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                    Where do I start

                    Shalom all:

                    Joyful said: Thank you for your post and yes, I am confused by some of it! What's new? First of all, where in the Bible do I find the story of the mountains of choice? Or did you make it up to illustrate the point?

                    No it was not an illustration but is actually in the Word. One of the stories is in Exodus and the other is in Joshua, if your reading the KJV. It is the decision who you will follow, or upon which mountain you will stand.

                    Joyful said: He died and was RESURRECTED to LIFE. Do you believe that?

                    Why yes I do. I just understand the story different then you do right now. He was showing a completion to a path which He came to show. I don't believe in worshipping the ashteroth pole (cross), but in pulling it up. I don't believe in the fish god (dagon whose symbol is a fish), nor do I believe in any symbol that represents the Father. I also understand that Saul means death, lent, ditch and Paul means small or little. So to follow Saul is to be led into the ditch (think blind leading the blind into the ditch) even if you change his name and do it a little bit at a time. It also means to be led to believe in death, a small or little bit at a time. Sorry that's part of the wrong mountain. Saul is an interesting study and when compared to Saul the first king of Isreal it reveals why he was chosen to be the first "king" of the "gentiles". Not a king I wish to serve.

                    Joyful said: I believe that we must take ALL scripture and make sure our beliefs are based on ALL of His Word

                    I do too. I also believe we must be able to discern the truth from the fiction that was included to decieve us. It is all part of the path that we must live to become the Word made flesh. I can't direct you nor teach you how to do this only He can. He said He would do it all. I'm just trying to give you some pointers to look at. Also keep in mind that all interpretations are just that. Interpretations given by men. There is more in the "spirit" then their interpretations.

                    Joyful said: I agree we must hear and obey him. Hearing comes by the word and doing comes after the hearing. The way I hear his word is by reading the Bible. He does not contradict himself. Sometimes things are very difficult to understand, but I believe that the Bible is all true. It is just our limited understanding of it that causes us problems.

                    Actually hearing and obeying is much more then just reading or doing what is written. This falls into the crux of faith. If you are trying to do anything then you are not allowing Him to do it all. The only righteousness you can hope to have is by haveing it be accounted unto you by faith. You can only have faith which is hearing (that still small voice) and obeying what you hear. I caution you here as many are decieved in this part as they hear from the side of death and obey it wrongfully. Hence our learning to discern the messenger.

                    Joyful said:
                    I'm sorry to say that I did not understand your paragraph about the flood and the doves. I know the dove landed on Jesus at his baptism. And the dove came back to the ark with a branch, but I do not understand that you take from that account, that our physical life can go on into the spiritual one without dying.

                    I realize that may not be a time for you to hear that yet. To know when the flood is over and it is safe to exit the protection of the "ark" requires the second dove to return with an olive branch. It is the completion of when all men must die. As the promise afterwards is that never again will He "kill" all men this way. If all men still die then we are still under the "flood" and have not had the second dove descend with an olive branch yet. I'm sure you will know it when it happens.

                    Joyfull said: Why do you say the Path takes about 7 years? Do you mean it will take me 7 years to understand LIFE NOW? I'm a very patient person, but I hope I don't have to wait that long!

                    Actually in believing the Word from the beginning to the end I see multiple layers of it hidden and apparent that must be fullfilled in your life. In the beginning I see that as a start of the journey to make a man. Why? Cause I have lived it. It tells us that He takes 6 days to make a man and the 7th day will be rest. Each day is a year in prophecy or in things that will take place in the future of your path. If you take it as part of history then you see that He said that He will not make a man till the 6th thousandth year. The 7th thousandth year is the years of peace. We know by the Word when this time line started for it tells us, through Moses, this will be the beginning of your days. It also tells us that this is the path that one must endure to become a man. Seven years of purification to learning or being made a man. Only after the 7 years will you recieve life, if you complete the journey. Yahushua just came to show the journey another way or to confirm it in flesh. It didn't change or distort it, just made it's understanding a confirmation of the path you are led on. It's a Way not a "religion".

                    Setting your heart to Him is the first step. When your heart is truly His He will call on you to start the path. Just as it says His "spirit" searches for a heart that is truley His. Hope this helps.

                    May YHWH bless you and keep you in His Word


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                      Rockywhy, Thank you very much for your reply!

                      Hi Rockywhy,
                      Came home tonight very late and VERY tired. Read your post, but need to read it again when I am more awake. Thank you for caring enough to try to help me understand. That is very kind and loving of you and I do appreciate it. I look forward to reading the accounts of the 2 mountains.
                      Thanks again,
                      MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE UNTO THE LORD