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''something'' IS MISSING.

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  • ''something'' IS MISSING.

    We have known from when we were a small child......something illusive is MISSING from our lives.

    Something SO small and so illusive, keeps calling us to hear, to listen, then obey....
    it is like another world wishes us to be a PART of it, rather than, TO BE a part of here.

    consider a mirror Plx

    a person ONLY sees their reflection, in this mirror
    what is THEIR REAL IMAGE..??????
    notice, others ''see'' us, but we cannot ''see'' ourselves.
    WE cannot look upon our own faces... unless we see a REFLECTION...
    it is as if the real image is not able to appear.
    could it be becAUse
    We are a spiritual being have a physical experience = and that is what it is all about....for NO-ONE CAN ''SEE'' SPIRIT.

    Our spiritual being needs to be 'awakened' so that they can be connected to the redeemed soul, that RE-connection, is the making of a NEW CREATURE.

    The soul that is deceived CANNOT FIND her redemption UNLESS, the power of God apprehends her and guides/draws her to her spiritual man....
    that is why
    Most people are ever learning, ever seeking for they know something is missing, YET, most fail to find their full redemption.
    When we are ever searching, we live upon empty promises and THIS is a hope that is deferred, and this type of deferred hope makes the heart sick.

    what is this missing link?
    it is called
    THE POWER OF GOD~!.= The Word of God = Obeyed. produces POWER.
    This embuded power is the ONLY THING, that can change us into this new form of being.
    it is our food, to make evil vanish from us,
    our diet, to make us walk in victory,
    our manna that is hidden from other's eyes to make us ABLE TO RULE AND REIGN, in the KINGDOM OF GOD.

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    IF, you LONG TO SEEK AND SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH... Abba will open our eyes to so many natural settings so we can see, so THE TRUTH.
    IT can be highlighted/revealed as a lesson in understanding...
    i can name so many Truths i have studied from the natural world about us..
    The main one...i a feel the first film of
    the movie MATRIX...
    the old fashioned movie called
    This is the picture of the unredeemed eve, the inner soul deceived in all manner of wickedness.


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      consider a mirror Plx

      a person ONLY sees their reflection, in this mirror
      what is THEIR REAL IMAGE..??????
      If I look in the mirror
      and I don't see HIS HOLY BODY
      who in this world will?

      When the world looks for me,
      they look for my body and they will find me.

      When they look for GOD YHSHWH,
      the world should be able to FIND HIM
      in HIS HOLY BODY here on earth,
      WHO IS HIS PRESENCE here on earth
      and is CALLED by HIS NAME.

      The BODY of MESSIAH Ministry

      I did not CREATE YOU for a certain time.
      I CREATED YOU for ME.
      That is why I SAVED YOU.
      For ME.



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        amen RicoEL.. i do take your point to heart..

        if we look in a mirror, we only see a reflection of our own self ....
        we dont ''see'' our real image FACE ON, so we can say 'this is me'......
        That is THE TRUTH.....
        if we did not ever have a mirror we would never know what we would look none of us can see our own faces.
        We can only see a reflection of ourself.
        this reflection is not real it is a mirage....
        that is what this world is A REFLECTION ONLY...
        a natural reflection of a spiritual realm.

        it is very difficult to understand a reflected realm, that is not a real realm... It is as if, WE SPENT OUR WHOLE LIVES IN A MIRROR, or rather, trapped inside a mirror...
        meaning WE ALL ARE a reflection that is trapped....
        rather than FACE TO FACE that is real.

        Therefore Abba does make this easier for some people to understand the REAL WORLD, by, reflecting it thru natural things...
        THAT IS WHY, we are WITHOUT EXCUSES.. as per Roms 1 v 20.....
        IF we see and understand natural things as a reflection of so many spiritual things Roms 1 v 20 says we are without an excuse....
        i do...
        that is why i decided some time ago, to look for these natural things so i could really understand spiritual truths.

        When the real presence of the Lord, overtakes us, we are so overwhelmed we ''disappear'' from this worldy realm and ''appear'' in His spiritual realm.
        I have confirmed this ''appearing'' with others and they have said the very same things as I am posting now.
        It does not last a great length of time, but, enough to be VERY AWARE, we have been translated [ for want of a better word] and in this place...HEAVEN... it is the SAME PLACE EXACTLY AS WE ARE in here.

        There are no golden streets,

        no angels with harps...

        nothing out from the ordinary at all...
        it is just THE REALM CONTAINS NO EVIL AT ALL in it...
        it is a hushed realm and filled with perfect peace and when we look around, everything is the same as this world - like a mirror image... but... a totally different atmosphere.IT is like we have walked thru, the other side of that mirror and escaped.
        Everything is EXACTLY the same as here, but evil and slavery to sin is MISSING and we feel it is missing. no!!!!... WE KNOW it is missing.
        3 times the other day, i was IN this place.... but.. i may go many days without this realm change over.
        I dont know when it happens it just does and it is mostly when i am out in a natural surrounding., and never from in an enclosed place like a house/building.
        You first ''SEE'' THIS PLACE, the eye is opened to ''see'' IT AND then the mind thinks '' OH I AM HERE'' and I ''feel'' it......IT is when the hushed-ness and silence and overwhelming presence occurs...
        when this happens, it is like some very special ''event'' has happened.
        like the most wonderfull thing u can think of occurring to u.
        And you never wish to come out from this place.
        if u try to ''go back in'' you cannot it is if the door has been shut and there is NO way you can re-enter.
        What i do feel is happening is the spiritual doors are opening, and we can only bear a small amount at a time.. but.. a time shall come when we shall be able to 'stand'' His APPEARING IN US... so that we shall come and go.. into and out from these 2 realms, in harmony.... but first, we have to get into full harmony with His spirit here....amen.
        That is why, THIS ''SOMETHING'' IS MISSING from us... this something is that special place called OUR REAL HOME, and we all know inside us, we need to get back TO OUR REAL HOME.
        part of this journey, this spiritual re-MEMBERING, is sign posts along the way and these all point to the real thing....
        IT IS HIDDEN, yet in plain sight, that is why, our eyes are becoming opened TO HIS CALLING out from our natural world.
        LOVE SONGS... are PART OF HIS CALL... tunes that ''catch'' our HE WOOS us into His heart.... amen
        We can get a love song on our heart and have the words to it in our minds all day... this song will repeat itself over and over and its tune shall capture us and our attention
        that is HIS VOICE, telling His bride of His is His voice to us BREAKING OUR MIRROR, and bringing us to life.... amen
        Dolly Parton sings...
        ''I will always love you''....
        once u get this song and tune into our mind... IT WILL NOT GO.... TILL YOU ''GET THE MESSAGE''... and understand HIS VOICE.
        cont... seeing spiritual things in natural things.


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          cont.... natural facilitators

          facilitators - are people TRAINERS...
          They are expert at training people not to understand or realize the Truth.
          The TRUTH IS HIDDEN, by the work of every facilitator who is training people to perceive a different perception, away from the Truth, called deception.

          description of a
          facilitator - expertness and readiness in the use of psychology...making freedom of thought difficult.
          Facilitators will manipulate into a certain mindset.
          Facilitators join many different arenas, to push their wares...
          Facilitators are TRAINED UP in the ART of all deception with the main arenas being the Religious and the Political.

          that is why ABBA KNEW, saints would have a hard time, so HE PLACES very natural things before us, so we can understand, and THEN divinely OUT-GUN, all these satanic facilitators~!~!.


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            'speaking'' in many ways...

            last night i was viewing Quantum maths for chem...

            if u look you will see that some math has a ''special language'' and those ''outside'' this group of Math grads, will never understand the speech of this study.- me being one of them who could not understand the message.

            So it is, for Messiah's remnant-group.
            HE SPEAKS and His people can understand HOW AND WHY He is speaking.
            His people are choosen for HIS purpose.=THE SHOW FORTH HIS GLORY.

            A singer named Lauren Hill told a group of very religious people this.

            “I did not come here to celebrate the birth of Christ with you but to ask you why you are not in mourning for His death inside this place…
            God has been a witness to the corruption of His leadership, of the exploitation and abuses done by the clergy,” she said.

            now did those people she was speaking to UNDERSTAND her?
            My guess is MOST WOULD NOT~!
            but those with ''EARS TO HEAR''........... would understand her message loud and clear.Those who had been called out from an institution would CLEARLY understand.
            She was POINTING TO natural and ofcourse great spiritual apostacy.

            these religious folk more than likely, did not even know what her 'fuss'' was about, nor why she was so ''harsh''
            Cuz they had been spiritually-trashed themselves and it was like same chain re-action in progress.
            The organisers of this show, said that her comments and her song would BE CUT from being aired [ from NZ herald.]
            Then ofcourse these ''cutters'' come under that awefull heading of an ''unrighteous judge''.
            The Voice of Messiah is continually going forth...LIKE A TRUMPET...SAYING
            LISTEN, LOOK, UNDERSTAND, even in the natural...
            He will get our UNdivided attention simply just to '''HEAR his VOICE''



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              something 'interesting'' that is 'shrouded' in a mystery

              is a story from many years ago...
              is there TRUTH to this whole story?
              umm....we dont know~!~! but what is interesting is where DO immortals live?
              where do all those saints, who are 'put on hold' till the full number comes in.. = zion the city of God....reside?????
              no-one was really interested in ''immortality' till a few years some from the rat-races are trying to make 'immortality possible'.

              here is the old story.. about the disappearance of 'GLORY' CONWAY
              I heard of it in the 1960's.. but it was well known long before this time.
              Ebook story,

              comments on.

              Some trivia...
              The name Conway... means holy water .. so the name is ''GLORY'' holy water''~!
              He is 37yrs old - 37 is the royal number of Messiah.
              Glory Conway - has been hand-picked to be the new leader.
              Some missionaries had gone before Glory to ''convert'' others to Christianity.
              The legend goes something like... TO BE A WARRIOR, in ancient goodness.
              the main actor was Ronald Coleman
              Coleman - means - like a dove
              Ronald - means - wise a powerfull ruler
              the female actor was Jane Wyatt
              Jane - means -God is gracious
              Wyatt -means - from the wood and water.


              for the record
              I'm not into the dalalama's opinions nor tibetian gurus...
              but..the outline of this story is interesting....
              immortal people alive.
              Some times there is clouds of smoke... but a small fire, has to be there first.
              When we pull away the shrouds of new age and gurus, what can we find??????????????who knows ummm]


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                seeking...hidden away things...

                The Truth is in plain sight.
                The Truth is hidden and we have to seek it.
                The Truth is buried under perceptions.
                perceptions rhyme with deceptions...
                PERCEPTION-Meaning = an awareness of, intuition, to mentally grasp,
                DECEPTION-Meaning = misleading, an illusion, fraud, cheat and ruse, trick.

                [ just thinking out aloud... not written in stone.]

                These immortals, in the holding zone, hidden away, out of view.
                These immortals, in the holding zone, have PASSED over.
                the death angel saw the blood on the lintel.... and PASSED OVER.

                1 corn 15.
                Apostle Paul kept harping on his PET SUBJECT.. over and over and over...
                nag nag nag....this great TEACHER is stressing this chapter.
                Passover Nisan 17th.-BTW No17 - victory.

                'The sting of death is sin; and the strength of sin is the law.
                But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
                Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord''.

                ''ye know that your labour [ working out our salvation in fear and in trembling] is not IN VAIN, in the Lord''
                WHAT IS NOT TO BE IN VAIN?
                our real salvation/freedom/liberty from the sting of death that is sin...
                Rom 8:11
                But if the Spirit of Him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, He that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by His Spirit that dwelleth in you.

                JOHN 6 stresses, THE BREAD FROM HEAVEN...but notice the OT manna fell for the last time on Nisan 16th the last day before crossing into the promised land. Joshua had them eat THE FIRST FRUITS of the land on Nisan 17th.

                what i saw was
                some OT resurrected saints PLUS the first fruit company NT saints who had eaten the manna and crossed over PASS-OVER into the promised land.

                so what is this bread from heaven, this heavenly manna..
                IT IS BEING TAUGHT
                to be successfull
                at putting OFF ALL OUR CORRUPTION.


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                  new info, i find interesting is.....

                  on a forum called wingmakers..
                  Found on a "Wingmakers" forum:
                  Lucifer's failed rebellion in heaven
                  is soon to be a major motion picture

                  John Milton's 'Paradise Lost' To Be Adapted Into Film

                  April 24, 2006 4:45 p.m. EST

                  Joanna Wypior - All Headline News Staff Reporter

                  Los Angeles, CA (AHN) – Familiar to many college students across the country, John Milton's classic 1667 poem, 'Paradise Lost', is about to be adapted as a film.

                  According to Variety, the epic, which tells the story of Lucifer's failed rebellion in heaven and his role in Adam and Eve's fall from grace, is to be directed by Scott Derrickson, of 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose' fame.

                  The live-action feature film, developed by Legendary Pictures, will be based on an adaptation by Phil DiBlasi and Byron Willinger, writers of 'The Crossing'.

                  Thomas Tull of Legendary Pictures says: "Given the gravity of the source material, it's really important to get it right. It will be ready when it's ready."


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                    the 'SOMETHING' that is missing is 97% of our mind

                    working in the range of 3% verges on almost brain dead + virtually retarded.
                    This percentage is not much to work with so, the missing 97% holds the key to our saving.
                    That is why, the NT bible order/recommendation is ''PUT ON THE MIND OF CHRIST''... this act of obedience, makes us MATURE into the rest of the 97% where we go into the full mind Of Christ and into HIS UNLIMITED PERFECTION.

                    The Kingdom of Heaven appears IN us, when we find the way of breaking out from our controlled mindset and into a new mind that releases us from all bondages of this 3%.....or..... going into the 4th dimension = the Kingdom realm.
                    The bible says that saints shall be well able to break down this barrier and escape. They shall learn how to DEPRIVE this world of their ''life force''.
                    If we had eyes to see, we would see the law of sin and death FEEDS off our mindset of ignorance and sinning perceptions.....We have to learn how to stop this diet of perishing and eat the hidden manna that brings us into TRUE AND REAL LIFE in abundance.
                    [John 10 v 10]
                    or put another way...
                    satan Needs our sins to survive.
                    He lives off our sins, he feeds from them and maintains his life-force thru them.
                    WE are to stop this FOOD CHAIN.
                    block it off~!
                    so it no longer has a hold upon us.
                    To be restored we have to enter into this NEW DIMENSION.. salvation lessons shall show us how amen.

                    We are to learn how to return to our body of light, our natural body
                    [Math 17] and escape out from BEING BRUTISH.
                    We do this thru a new way of thinking.

                    When the 1st parents sinned and fell into gross deception,
                    they lost their light body,
                    their lost their minds
                    and then
                    they lost their lives.
                    Their DNA system became perverted into WE HAVE TO LEARN how to reverse these effects of the curse....THRU MESSIAH'S WISDOM, POWER AND BLOOD... and no longer be ABNORMAL.

                    This world's dimension is based on a LIE OF AN ILLUSION.
                    This world portrays itself as the REAL WORLD, when it is a shadow and false.
                    Unless men are fully redeemed they have become ''the illusion of a dead shadow'' thinking they have life when infact they are dead.
                    Dead men walking as everything about them is MIS-SEQUENCED to produce death.
                    THERE IS A WAY OF ESCAPE... It's called re-programming = TO ascend into our true life and into a high realm.

                    Separation has come to divide the LIVING from the dead.

                    SOME are being re-'gene'-rated back.= they have left the base-level and are now into mountain-top experiences [Math 17]
                    on this Mountain Jesus messiah was transfigured.

                    lets us look that this word TRANSFIGURED.

                    trans - to move, to go forth, to go beyond limits!
                    figure - shape or form
                    IN PLAIN ENGLISH... Messiah WAS MULTI-DIMENSIONAL~!

                    We have to understand, that this showing-forth in Math 17 was a display for saints who ascend the mountain to be with HIM.

                    Messiah DEFIED, the laws of biology, physics and dimensionality
                    in plain english THE LAWS OF SIN AND DEATH HAD NO HOLD UPON HIM.
                    we are to be like HIM, otherwise it is in vain,
                    WHO SAID ''we can't have it all?''



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                      RE-'GENE'-RATED back

                      gene... genes~!
                      As we mature in Messiah and develop a NEW WAY of thinking.. each cell inside of us is being changed back to normal...trillions of cells are BECOMING ALIVE... AND ENTERING INTO ETERNAL LIFE.. so our cells are having a sign put upon them ''made for eternal life''

                      our ''missing'' something is being restored to become....perfect.~!
                      It is like our cells are ascending ...
                      Our body is being effected BY, how we think.....
                      We think 'death' like all men... we have the death covenant bequethed TO US...
                      IF WE THINK with the mind of Christ, we have LIFE... real life flowing thru us, = a spark at first but growing into a bush fire that rages.. amen- tongues of fire.
                      As we surrender up to overcoming, LIFE is birthed into our cells...


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                        real life TRUE LIFE is birthing

                        so over time shall take us into the unlimited realm.
                        The separation is taking place... limited people - unlimited people.
                        meaning limited soul that is deceived stay in this world...
                        meaning Unlimited spirit moves into the 4th dimension... the KINGDOM dimension/realm where NO flesh is permitted.

                        The training now is to REMOVE ALL OUR FLESH,=i.e. our will and our emotions and 5 senses become FULLY GOVERNED by the standard of THE WORD.
                        The 5 senses have to be controlled by the Spirit, so when this happens we are entering into a world of untold opportunity and wealth.
                        We have entered into that state of ''LET GOD ARISE''....
                        ''THE ENEMY IS SCATTERED'' , - this stage DEFIES THE law OF LIMITATION.
                        Jesus Messiah was UNLIMITED, as He went about hearing and then doing His Fathers will.... this has to be His Living people too.. the exact copy, working and manifesting kingdom glory.
                        We need not be afraid~! never allow fears to stop our progress.
                        Never allow evil imaginations from overtaking us, so let us all STRICKEN them and cast them out and think of things ''alltogether lovely''... why? cuz the new creature leaves behind all their EXCESS BAGGAGE.

                        When we are naked, we are afraid we make excuses for our fears... we rush to find all those fig -leaves [flesh ways of escaping] to hide the shame of nakedness.
                        When we are entering into the Kingdom, we are being clothed with LIGHT/REVELATIONS, CLOTHED in white linen that will keep us on that narrow path.
                        We have to be converted to think straight and not deformed...
                        In Adam all die
                        But there is grace and hope that says!!
                        ""In Christ all shall be made alive""
                        There is a power in TRANS-'FIG'-URATION...the power that moves us beyond all the laws of sin and death... We have to learn how to enter into such a power and not die.
                        We have to learn how to move, with the ABILITY of the Wind. amen learn how to pass thru time and space.


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                          most people miss JOY...

                          JOY is a great part of overcoming the last enemy death..
                          Joy is HIS STRENGTH [Neh 8 v.10]
                          bible numbers no 8 - new beginning and resurrection life
                          bible numbers no 10 - the responsibility for the Word of God.

                          can i make a sentence to say

                          ''our joy will come, from being responsible for the Word of God, in fully understanding resurrection life''

                          We miss nothing when we have His joy.

                          can i ask DO YOU PERSONALLY HAVE JOY?
                          i often wonder if others feel such joy as I do? NO -ONE HAS EVER TOLD ME THIS, and i love to understand how other 'overcomers in training' feel.

                          is JOY catching,?

                          I THINK IT IS, because JOY is a POWER THAT CONTAINS STRENGTH.
                          do u think we can have joy in the presence of other overcomers, or, do u think JOY is so strong it draws people.... like love draws.
                          Are we Joy givers?
                          that could also mean
                          ARE WE STRENGTH GIVERS.
                          I feel JOY [like Love] radiates out. IT is from His Presence, and where HE is changes life all around us.