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In the Beginning to the very End

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  • In the Beginning to the very End

    God first

    In the Beginning to the very End

    wrote 04-23-2006

    1. In the beginning there was nothing and a maybe but this nothing and this maywas mix together in the outer space of emptiness the very darkness of space itself.

    2. The mixture became the very seed of God who grow in the outer darkness until he was born into spiritual light a being that would learn to the point he - she knew how to create life part in his - her image or part another way.

    3. But being a wise loving God as he is, he knew that this life kind must earn their place as spiritual being as powerful as he - she has become understanding what true love is.

    4. But to teach this life kind he - she must give them free will to either follow him - her without question or not following which brought about sin.

    5. While God knew this life would look for power of his - her own thinking his - her power would be as great not understand our God has earn his - her power and our God was willing to share it with this life kind.

    6. But our God did not give up on mankind the life kind God created in his - her personal image for our God sat down and look for a way to repair the image of mankind that die that very day sin came in the world.

    7. After thinking for a set amount of time God told mankind that he - she would send his son to repair the image of mankind.

    8. But over time the image of fleshly power tried to stop God from having a blood line that reach for the love of God over showering them by trying to kill the any hope that their may of been.

    9. But our God send help from creatures that fly in the heavens far above the earth know as angels but this were just great animals that live in the open firmament of heaven.

    10 Because were there is water there is life whether this life is soul life in animals or growth life in plants, dust, gasses, water, or whatever kind of growth life there may be.

    11. The first to lose in this war of fleshly power against spiritual power was Abel who die by the fleshly power of Cain.

    12. Over the years Cain and his children made war with the children of Adam after being cast out of the great city of Adam were Adam ruled as God guided him until Adam set Seth as ruler of the children of Adam that reach to have the power of God ruling them.

    13. When the children of Cain was not able to over power the children of Adam ruled by the children of Seth Cain send his female children to entrap the children of Adam that were ruled by the shower of God love over Seth.

    14. God look down over the great city of Adam and found it full of fleshly lust that did not obey the ruler of the city the man who had the power of the love of God over showering him Enoch the seventh from Adam the fourth great grandfather of Noah.

    15 But God found love in the heart of Noah who had a wife from the daughters of Cain so God over shower Noah with the power of his love.

    16. Because the children of Adam that lived under the rule of a man with the love of God over shower him as their ruler they were called the children of God but because the children of Cain fought against the children that lived in the city of Adam they were called the children of man because they reach for fleshly power.

    17. This is were we got the saying the children of God took wives from the children of man but the truth is both are part of mankind while one is under the power of God’s love the other is under the power of flesh.

    18. Because the children of fleshly power would of destroy Noah and his family. God look down and had Noah tell them they have a hundred and twenty to repent of their evil ways or they will be destroyed.

    19. But the catch they did not know was because of the things they did to the earth to make differ ways of fleshly power they were bringing a flood unto themself but because God could foresee what their actions would bring he told Noah to build a boat.

    20. So Noah was able the save a pair of animals of every kind the purest blood line of each kind so they grow into all the differ breeds of each kind over time alone with his wife and his three sons and their wives.

    21. There are many stories of the children of God being attacked by the children of flesh but the children of flesh were never able to wipe out all the children of God a blood line with God’s love over showering then lived until God could send his son Jesus.

    22. This Jesus was born from Mary of the blood line from Mary to David to Abraham to Noah to Seth to Adam but the seed in Mary was not place there in a fleshly way but our God fertilized the egg of Mary with his love making a child in his very image.

    23. So this Jesus was like the first Adam who was born without sin but sin anyway while God knew he done wrong and repented of the sin he done but this sin brought death and it was spiritual death.

    24. But when Jesus the second to be in the image of God lived without sinning to be killed by fleshly power it made it possible to raised all that have die reaching for the day that the second Adam Jesus would win over death to rise from the dead.

    25. And them that were alive at the time and that came after could become children of God with the living victory of our risen Savior living in us Christ in us the hope of glory.

    26. Mankind to this very day is fighting to see who will rule their lives the power of flesh against the power of God’s loving son Jesus the Christ ruling their lives.

    27. Just like the children of Cain and the children of the city of Adam who look for fleshly power and walk away from the man who had the love of God over showering him destroy themself in a hundred and twenty years so will fleshly mankind do again in due time.

    28. For the first time the world was clean by water but a cleaning is coming by fire while the some the first time were saved by a fleshly boat the next will be saved by a spiritual boat Christ Jesus our Lord.

    29. After all have been saved either by grace or by judgment of good works all that have not repented of their evil ways will die the second death.

    30. Then Jesus the Christ with the power given to him by God will recreated all things in the form of spirit destroying death forever and so shall it be with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.