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  • habits/customs/suddenly i found this verse interesting

    "Therefore what God has joined together,
    let not man separate" (Matt 19:6 NKJ).
    notice... it is what ABBA, has joined together.....
    the carnal minded joining.

    it is only from a spiritual perspective, that the real comes into view and not the lower laws of carnal desires.

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    God said 'marry him/her'

    2 interesting cases... i have come across...

    1] a mixed race couple met at 'bible college'' both told me they were ''full on'' for the Lord and only ever desired to marry and have a ministry.
    An americian evangelist told them ''they would rise the dead''. Well they married [as told to by the Lord,] had 2 small boys, went to the Islands and after 2 yrs she was back, without the 'GOD TOLD ME TO MARRY HIM husband' nor the 2 boys and doing the night club scene.... from where she originally came from..........................

    2] Older couple, both very self-orientated, 3 children ''and God told me to marry him''.
    "HIM" infact was one of the rudest and crudest men anyone would meet. They had to church hop, cuz of this mini problem. The time came when she came into the shop in dark glasses and a black eye-shinner crying how she fell off the toilet.i MIGHT ADD ''HIM'' was about 6'4'' and heavy and she was about 5'5' and very thin.

    Both these people stressed to me HOW GOD TOLD THEM.. to marry...

    how did they know for certain and why IF these marriages were arranged in heaven, so to speak.... WHY DID THEY COLLAPSE AND ALLOW ''MEN TO PUT THEM ASUNDER''.

    what GOD HAS JOINED TOGETHER... to me....
    suggests other spiritual adventures,
    that of being on the same spiritual vibration and growing up from that basis...
    ascending instead of descending.

    My mother told me to marry my husband NOT God... I never heard HIM say anything to me ever about this. I prayed for a ''nice'' husband...was it him?
    My mother said it was.
    WE seemed to work up thru the grass roots of simply being ''saved'' at the age of approx 15.
    BUT were we saved?
    but somehow not in the same salvation as the bible will say and desires, we were saved in our own minds.
    SAVED.... ACCORDING TO my exprience.. i have been walking into salvation for 16yrs only...i am a teen-ager saved person.
    alot lot of 'God said marry him/her'' is not a God said perhaps more like 'god' said carnally..


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      IS it so?.................. YES or NO~!

      if some worldy apostate religious group, join together a man and a woman in marriage is it THE truth of ...... WHAT GOD HAS JOINED TOGETHER?
      Would it simply be, a 'wife or husband of this world'
      ''a habit and a TRADITION'', THAT ALL PEOPLE ACCEPT AS SO.
      rather than
      a divinely ordered marriage making one flesh that no man SHALL PART.
      In the values of the Kingdom of heaven apostate and worldly religious traditions mean nothing..
      and what men bind together in their own accord, without the power of God, is not complete nor truely genuine.
      Most unions are not born thru the eyes of our Creator,
      based upon carnal desire.
      Most people, entering into marriage cannot have that vital and POWERFULL- LIFE- FORCE, that is so needed.
      Unless the path is walked in spiritual harmony and into the very nature of THE new creature, the 2 forces of male and of female shall negate perfect harmony that leads into perfect-harmonious- union.
      look around, let us smell the coffee.
      THERE IS can deny this...
      It's Venus verses Mars so the books tell us.
      Most married women DO NOT make themselves a part of their man
      Most married men, DO NOT, make themselves a part of their lady.
      Very few people understand the sacredness of marriage-union.

      We all live in a world that is deceived....
      we put up with ABNORMAL AND then MAKE IT appear as NORMAL....
      MARRIAGE should never be ABNORMAL, BUT, a divine union and NOT like the beasts of the fields, who have their desires too.

      "I said, 'You are gods, and all of you are children of the Most High'"
      {Ps 82:6 }

      What is your ''perception'' of ''gods marry-ing goddess?

      "Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, You are gods?" {John 10:34}.

      Do you think for one moment 'gods/goddesses'' behave like beasts of the fields?
      Most marriages bleed each other dry.
      That male is confused,
      That female is upset, the power of their union is voided.
      why? Because all
      Society/cultures, ruled over by men, is outta tune with ALL spiritual reality.

      OH~! that reptilian mind, it makes prisioners for the snake !

      Someone should have told us hey....
      but no body did....they never knew either.

      dont u hate that....
      a deception so vast the rabbit hole never seems to end.


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        just as 'the church' is so out of tune so is

        most marriages............
        the myth of ''happy ever after'' is simply that... a myth.
        Now, that is not to say some people find happiness, they do, as marriage is a paradox....we can see 2 sides and point to the plus and minus.
        The church is great deception.
        So let us ask
        what is a ''BELIEVER''?
        are we to marry an 'apostate believer'?
        IF you look, most 'believers' are the same as the world...
        there is NO difference.
        To me a Believer is a person living as in John 14.21-24.....and going into the perfection of Christ..............
        not a church hopper,
        a church squatter
        nor a church dater....
        IF you marry a ''believer'' as directed?
        is this ''believer'' the same ''creed''...
        as example
        a male RC marries a female RC = they are joined together by God cuz they are BELIEVERS?


        this is the ''accepted'' norm our society accepts this myth and
        this is what people BELIEVE...
        that is why, most are unhappy and simply put up with the standards of ............. that's how it is.
        The deception comes because, most people are rebels and this allows satan entrance into their lives thru disharmony.

        The 'church' is outta tune and so is most of their 'marriages'.
        What's that song say...........

        You light up my life
        You give me hope
        To carry on
        You light up my days
        and fill my nights with song

        How do we light up our husbands day?
        how do we light up our wifes day.....
        WHEN IT FEELS SO RIGHT.....ummmm...
        just like that special ''something is missing'' within the church,
        so is that ''special something missing'' in most marriages.

        oh~! that rabbit hole runs deep.- deception...We all need such divine help, to just survive so great a deception.



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          Oh ~! The Lies

          OF ................SOCIAL ENGINERING.....
          that ''acceptable'' human mass consciousness....TO MAKE abnormal seem normal .
          This takes AN EXPERT TOOL well advanced in the art of LIES,
          to deceive the whole world...
          MOST will say ''OH Not me, I am not deceived'',
          that is why the MATRIX exists because people cannot tell a lie of the perceptions, to the Truth.

          We do not even BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND... the power of a divine marriage of ''what God has joined together let no man put assunder''.
          We do not even BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND... the role of the male to the female and the role of reproduction.... Most are far too busy with carnal lusting and infighting.
          The 2 who become ONE FLESH, enter into HARMONY....that is what ONE FLESH ONE... IN ALL THINGS...THIS HARMONY ENTERS INTO THEIR WHOLE HOUSE....EVERYTHING IS HARMONIOUS...ONE flesh has created this harmony.
          Father has called us to LIVE IN HARMONY AS ONE FLESH..... ofcourse we dont do it... I dont do it, so i am preaching to myself... BUT.. i am having a revelation of what is the stupid matter with most of us... and I want to change~!
          When we are IN this harmony of one flesh....physics then plays its role...those invisible laws come into play, as HARMONY CREATES...PEACE...
          WHO? is the Prince of Peace?
          THAT IS WHY.... IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND things we are so ignorant about.....
          Peace/Harmony STRIPS away the negative law of rage and anger and disharmony.
          Peace is when EVIL has been taken out, bound, made void....and in this a hushed silence of ALL PERFECT THINGS.
          are u getting my drift here?
          What's that song say...........

          You light up my life
          You give me hope
          To carry on
          You light up my days
          and fill my nights with song
          IT IS LIKE THE TRUTH IS THERE, we even sing it yet FAIL to understand
          ''to light up another's life''.


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            Unique, Simply Unique.

            Messiah lived OUTSIDE this realm.
            Messiah lived in the reality of Truth.
            Messiah has not SOCIALLY ENGINEERED.
            Messiah was not socially acceptable in many ways

            He brought forth the real life facts, that, this world is NOT HIS WORLD.
            i ask this~!
            WHY DO WE WISH TO find.....acceptance... to most abnormal things?
            dont we have a MIND...
            THAT SAYS
            ''HEY...stop!....that is so wrong.. HEY.. stop telling me wrong is right''.
            Truth should be ours from birth, then trained up INTO ALL TRUTH, what a different world this would be.
            IF, people married BELIEVERS, i.e. like the apostles....then...this would be a different world.
            The today ''believers'' are married into their own style of church creed, that is now
            an APOSTATE junk yard OF HIDDEN AGENDAS,
            that contains 1/2 truth to make it ''acceptable'' to the masses.
            and none are even capable of ''lighting up their own lives'' let alone the life of another.
            A 'believer' today is NOT a ''believer'' as the ancients.
            This world is DEFICIENT of THE TRUTH....
            We cannot go anywhere and sit at the feet of great ancient TRUTH SPEAKERS, as the Apostles and Paul.....NO-ONE is there to take their place, nor, has there been this type of person for thousands of years.... that is why, we accept the abnormal and pretend it is all ok and normal... and then wonder why, after the first flush of love has gone, no-one is there to ''light up our lives'' and we cannot be bothered ''to light'' up theirs.
            WE all NEED TO BE CHANGED out from all abnormality and
            no longer to be like trained seals to creeds and man made religions... and learn correctly via the Holy Spirit
            just what A BELIEVER IS
            HOW A BELIEVER ACTS,

            The truth echos out....
            it fills this world as its sounds travel forth..
            if only we have 'eyes to see and ears to hear'...

            why dont we CATCH, this truth and make it ours.....

            What's that song say...........

            ''You light up my life
            You give me hope
            To carry on
            You light up my days
            and fill my nights with song''
            we do, we begin to become UNIQUELY DIFFERENT.
            Imagine the purity and one-ness and of this lovely song, being lived out within our own life.
            there would be such security and love in that house.


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              cont, wed @ 8-52am

              I was thinking this.
              IF WE DO NOT LIVE IN HARMONY... and have a home of harmony we live and dwell in DIS- ease.
              SO! now i ask this question

              how much sickness do people bring into themselves thru disharmony living.?????

              we could pull down the veils of darkness over our souls and begin to really understand TRUTH, much of the DIS-ease would cease.
              We should fight all impulses within us, that agree WITH this weird world of altered dimensional conditions.
              if this became truely possible
              WE would become SUCCESSFULLY UNIQUE like MESSIAH. amen

              then i got to thinking
              [this is a little deep here... oopps]...

              this oneness inside of a marriage is a type/pattern/ rehearsal for our soul, being fully restored to our spirit, and this one-ness pattern inside a marriage is this Truth being played out, so that, we advance into a new creature condition more easily.

              The male spirit is awakened to woo the female soul into the fullness of SPIRIT.
              so, this truth is in the act of oneness in a marriage of believers.
              can u 'see' this?
              There is truth and patterns in many things, so we dont miss TRUTH'S IMPACTING INFLUENCES.
              What's that song say...........

              ''You light up my life
              You give me hope
              To carry on
              You light up my days
              and fill my nights with song''
              i know we are in stages of learning and new thinking is always difficult and so many regrets hang around us..
              Messiah knows this, that is why HE IS OUR EVERLASTING INTERCESSOR, to save us to the uttermost, even when it appears too hard..I KNOW HE SHALL MAKE A WAY. somehow it all shall be accomplished and we will COME OUT FROM THIS ALTERED DIMENSION and into His perfection. AMEN

              THEN ofcourse the reverse could be truth too...
              The song MAYBE the MESSIAH... singing to His well beloved...ummmm.


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                my comment...........................
                We cannot go anywhere and sit at the feet of great ancient TRUTH SPEAKERS, as the Apostles and Paul.....NO-ONE is there to take their place, nor, has there been this type of person for thousands of years....
                i saw that this Truth was infact very simular in meaning to what Mary HAD SAID to The Messiah about her dead brother Lazarus...
                "Lord, if only You had been here, my brother would not have died.''

                LORD IF! YOU HAD BEEN HERE......
                [ perhaps most of us could say
                ''YOU COULD HAVE SHOWN ME THE LOVE OF MY LIFE to marry to be ''happy ever after''].
                two letters FILLED with meaning.

                NOW, the next issue was this
                ''when Messiah saw them weeping, He was moved with indignation and was deeply troubled''.

                now, I COULD UNDERSTAND there are many SINCERE people weeping over their marriages, their failures, their distresses.
                went my mind,- IT IS ALL ABOUT Restoration.
                restoration, we have everything available for all things.
                but, so did Mary and Martha.....they lived in the presence of the Messiah.
                Then i saw this happened ON THE 4th day,
                in bible numerics no 4 - the world, man...or....the world of man.

                He said ''REMOVE THE STONE''. v 39

                no 39 in bible numerics - is weakness, infirmity, dis-ease.

                He said ''take away THE STONE'', -
                -can i make this sentence Plx...

                ''when we remove the world of man from our marriage, it takes away our weakness and dis-ease.
                That is THE STONE that needs to be removed''.

                When we remove the world of man from our thinking, the resurrection power is available to restore.

                We have been buried in the graves of religion, a religion so far removed from the real life force and power of the real world.
                A religion, no matter what's creed name, it is devoid of power.
                THIS STONE.... has to be removed for real bible life experiences to flood in.

                according to Gen1, it was the sun, the moon and the stars who were created on the 4th day.

                WHO ARE
                THE SUN,
                THE MOON AND
                THE STARS?
                and their funcion is to ''-govern the day and the night, and to separate light from darkness''.

                The goodnews is
                '''LAZARUS'''........................ IS COMING OUT FROM HIS GRAVE.
                Some people, are being drawn out from the graves of man,
                wrong thinking is ceasing,
                wrong beliefs corrected,
                doubts and fears removed, and into the full restoring life of MESSIAH, as He ever interceeds on their behalf by being, moved to weeping and great indignation over His entombed people.
                It is time to come forth and PRESENT ourselves before the Lord of all Glory.
                Messiah is RECLAIMING our promised land for us, by His indignation over us... and HE SEES WE DIE to the thoughts of self and also too religious habitual teaching of all evil men.
                HIS SPIRIT is brooding over us, and directing our paths into HIS RESURRECTION TRUTH.

                The Creator of all things told Brother Abraham - that his descendents would be “as the stars of the heavens.”
                what was ABRAHAM'S TITLES...
                5 times the bible mentions him as - a FRIEND OF GOD.
                Abraham is the father of faith
                These are His people, His stars = a faithfilled FRIEND OF GOD.
                those people who have left the altered dimension of confused babble, and who are entering into the realm of THE TRUTH.
                He cried out with a loud voice, “Lazarus, come forth.”

                can u hear HIM SHOUTING FOR YOU?

                that STONE...................
                WILL never teach you about immortality,
                about true grace and righteousness,
                about being ALIVE AND REMAINING...
                for how can dead things TEACH 'LIFE'?

                NONE are BELIEVERS,

                ''fake IT TILL WE MAKE IT'',
                OVER HIS REMNANT SAINTS...
                HE WILL ONLY ALLOW
                What's that song say...........

                ''You light up my life
                You give me hope
                To carry on
                You light up my days
                and fill my nights with song''
                the next question to ask is
                what song is to FILL OUR NIGHTS?


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                  the next question to ask is
                  what song is to FILL OUR NIGHTS?
                  -------------------------------------------------our nights.....
                  our nights need LIGHT....
                  People are given words to bring light to is one such a
                  song for the nights.

                  two letters FILLED with meaning.


                  IF you can keep your head when all about you
                  Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
                  IF you can trust yourself when all men doubt you
                  But make allowances for their doubting too;
                  IF you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
                  Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
                  Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
                  And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise;

                  IF you can dream - and not make dreams your master;
                  IF you can think - and not make thoughts your aim,
                  IF you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
                  And treat those two imposters just the same;
                  IF you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
                  Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
                  Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
                  And stoop and build them up with worn-out tools;

                  IF you can make one heap of all your winnings
                  And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
                  And lose, and start again at your beginnings
                  And never breathe a word about your loss;
                  IF you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
                  To serve your turn long after they are gone,
                  And so hold on when there is nothing in you
                  Except the Will which says to them "Hold on!"

                  IF you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
                  Or walk with kings - nor lose the common touch,
                  IF neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
                  IF all men count with you, but none too much;
                  IF you can fill the unforgiving minute
                  With sixty seconds' worth - of distance run,
                  Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
                  And - which is more - you'll be a Man, my son!

                  - Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936)
                  that 'song' has the qualities of ..................a BELIEVER....


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                    your'e a man...MY son...

                    the way
                    the new path
                    whatever the name....
                    whatever the belief .......
                    we have a welcome to receive at the end of our journey
                    IF, we dont hear these 6 words... IT IS A LIFE, that has never been lived.
                    DONT LET ANYONE
                    DONT LET ANYONE
                    DONT LET ANYONE
                    tell you how to think.... think for yourself... and if you can.... you will discover that all around us is THE greatest of all deception...
                    dont be blind to it...

                    We have to actually learn that we are not classed as BELIEVERS...
                    we ARE LEARNING HOW TO display the very same life power and character as Messiah....
                    this image, this picture of His divine living has to make us ''believe'' HIM.
                    Only HE has the way opened for us and no other way is ever''''THE'''' LIFE

                    when we actually begin to BELIEVE HIM, we become like HIM... the more we believe the more HE APPEARS IN US...
                    IF i believe Him 5% of my life - i receive back 5% of His faith...
                    MEASURED OUT ...
                    WE ALL NEED to have the FULLEST MEASURING OF HIS LIFE IN OUR LIFE.
                    We sit in our comfortable homes, mediating on the Kingdom, and that is so good, but, what of tribulation....
                    WHAT of the greatest tribulation, that is now well in progress for the whole world.
                    we shall need to have a divine infilling to pass out from tribulation and into LIFE, where all tribulation is no more.
                    This means we are changed,
                    pass-over has happened to us

                    11 times it is recorded in the bible ''they'' tried to KILL JESUS, but, HE PASSED THRU THEIR MIDST.
                    HE PASSED-OVER... where evil was NO more.
                    PASS OVER.
                    PASS OVER
                    PASS OVER.
                    That is what we have to learn to come out from ourself and into another... and that is what this 'believer's marriage' is showing...
                    It is a union, that leads into perfection and in SUCH perfection becomes joy, and in THAT JOY, IS FOUND.... HIS STRENGTH AMEN

                    what is it LIKE TO DWELL, in that place where no evil can florish?umm.

                    i DONT know how to explain it, but the whole process of union in a marriage is to bring us into that mystical union of Christ and His church.


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                      while the ''ideal'' is before us all...

                      i sometimes find it very difficult to be married....i confess that,, and the ''nearer to the Lord'' the harder the marriage~!

                      sometimes it is like sand-paper..and then i know it is me that has to be changed...somehow and in some way, the evil of sandpaper-feelings have to mean NOTHING TO ME because it is a part of the law of sin and death, trying to dominate.[sigh]

                      I think, what most people would like is

                      '''to be loved just for WHO THEY ARE''
                      that simple.

                      it would be so wonderfull, to have a married life that said
                      '' not subjected to any changes, perfect as they are''.

                      so we cannot complain i guess.. for who is interested anyways .
                      after all none are suffering in some concentration camp hey?
                      now That would be cause for grumbles...
                      and we all know that...
                      = the tests are hard, and the mountain is high,
                      as we die to our 'wish-boxes' and begin to live within His ideals....
                      We have to be changed.. so that no matter what is going on, we are ABOVE, THAT situation.... we enter into His realm and then look back, as it all FADES AWAY. amen

                      I wonder how it really turns out..
                      'tis a pity we cannot read the last page of the drama to see how the reality of dying to ourself really works out IN FULL ON REALITY.


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                        The highest ideals

                        to be free~!
                        to be free from all manner of oppression. No matter what, it takes, even in sacrifice~!

                        The bible has ideals, that point to the highest standard and how the highest should be obtained.
                        I was considering this yesterday.....
                        we have to learn HOW TO BREAK THRU ALL OPPRESSION hovering around us...IT IS A BELIEVER'S ''DUTY'' to do this.
                        We have almost come into the end of time, time is running out and one day time shall be no more. Not many people can climb this last hurdle, the last leap of faith KNOWING Messiah is with them every step of the way.
                        AS friend Spying says
                        ''its standing alone''
                        and there are no crowds of well wishers standing by....

                        Have u ever heard of Schumann's resonance.?
                        It is about time and how electro-magnitics work etc...i have read where some people believe this 'resonance' is changing and rising from the normal
                        7-8Hz to approx.13Hz.
                        do a goggle search, heaps of info there....
                        some comments
                        The resonance of Earth (Schumann Resonance) has been 7.8Hz for thousands of years.
                        Since 1980 it has risen to over 12Hz.
                        This means that 16 hours now equate to a 24 hour day.
                        Time is speeding up!
                        IS this true?
                        IF this is true, there shall come a 'time' when time is no more...WE ARE BEING CHANGED, even now CHANGES ARE HAPPENING, in our lives and in our body.
                        Newness of life is occurring inside some remnant saints and this RE-NEWAL, effects their thinking and they begin to THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX of deception

                        Therefore with this DIVINE NEW-NESS occuring , evilness of OPPRESSION ABOUNDS., not only around Believers but others as well.
                        I have to ''see thru'' my sometimes oppressive atmospheres to understand HOW TO CLIMB that spiritual mountain alone~! I cannot allow other people to influence me so badly i fall to bits....
                        THAT IS DEATH and its law.

                        The people who oppress us are not at fault, they are unable to ''see'' or have real understanding. The small remnant believers are moving up into higher freguencies [ as they are coming into harmony with the divine] and this higher standards ''grates'' upon others of a lower frequency.
                        IF we look at Elijah a little deeper here, we will see him CLIMBING, this hill/mountain, and the Captains telling him to ''come down''...
                        [2 kings 1 v 9]
                        this was not an exercise in mountaineering but reaching SPIRITUAL HEIGHTS, hardly anyone achieves.
                        At the end of a dispensation, we will find mixtures...BELIEVERS, who call themselves believers are not necessarily BELIEVERS, that Abba said ''let no man put asunder''....BELIEVERS JOINED the bible way ARE PEOPLE ON THE SAME FREQUENCY... and growing ever higher. THEIR MINDS are thinking MESSIAH's ways, and this CHANGES their body into LIGHT BEINGS... the faulty DNA is being replaced with divine DNA and all corruption is being put off.
                        but I do know one thing..
                        DONT LET ANYONE, no matter who.. STOP U from achieving God's best.
                        He only has a small remnant people, at least dont let them play the role of a Judas.

                        What is written in the bible is divine, but what is practiced today is nothing short of religious deception in most lives.
                        I was reading yesterday of a mega church with 19,000 people attending each week.
                        there was 2 pages published in the newspaper - full of gross deception like some vile nest of vipers.. YET.. 19,000 people would possibly consider themselves ''believers''.
                        IF you were a 'lost' person you would no more join this group than fly.
                        These are the things we have to face...look them in the eye, fair and square and then CONSIDER HOW TO ESCAPE.
                        THE ONLY WAY... is... for that oppression FROM OTHERS to have no .........hold........... on us EVER AGAIN.
                        it would be so wonderfull, to have a ''married life'' that said
                        '' not subjected to any changes, perfect as they are''.


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                          believers verses believers

                          the Believer of the 1st century of Christ is [mostly] a different 'believer' of today.

                          The religious believer of today is ILL-EQUIPPED, as ravenous teachings of man, have taken away THE POWER OF THE REAL WORLD and replaced it with a 'seat of satan,'

                          ''oH, Lucy'', some shall say ''that is so cruel , so harsh how dare u judge us.''

                          I dare, because the system, the corporation, this institution DOES NOT WORK~!

                          In Another post Spying wrote
                          about this ''abomination of desolation''...
                          and everyone looks here and there, and over yonder for it never thinking THEY ARE SEATED IN IT.

                          AN ABOMINATION - standing in a Holy Place.....
                          the church is supposed to be HOLY...THE HOLY PEOPLE AND THE HOLY SPIRIT = HOLINESS.

                          this abomination, [ 1 corn.1.v.10] is ''standing'' as some HOLY PLACE~!
                          and now MOCKERY of the real thing.
                          Abomination word meaning - detestable,hatefull,foul, abhorent,loathsome,odious,nauseous.

                          what is a BELIEVER and the REAL THING?....
                          let us consider some bible examples of
                          the real believer's church in action
                          the introducion of the new creature
                          the kingdom they now represent as IT'S Ambassadors.
                          1] Peter and John - trained up by Messiah, full of the holy Spirit heal a crippled man. [Act 3] This is to be a trained up disciple's work... it is to be THE NORM.
                          see acts 5 v 16....healed everyone there.
                          healing the sick as Messiah did - if they fail this workload and still say '' i am a believer'' they are a bad reporter and a BAD ADVERTISEMENT for a kingdom.

                          2]Acts 5,
                          talks about a TRUE CHURCH MEETING, that happened and 2 liars fell dead at the Apostles feet, when they LIED OVER MONEY.... and what happened to the rest of these BELIEVERS...ummm. v 11 says ''great fear came upon ALL THE CHURCH .... and.....UPON AS MANY WHO HEARD OF THESE THINGS.''

                          3] Acts 5 v 12
                          [notice '''many'' word description = numerous, a large infinite number, an extreme multitude, the masses]
                          signs and wonders were wrought among the people and they were ALL IN ONE ACCORD
                          [notice this very special feature -one accord - brings down the glory]
                          in Solomon's porch.''
                          NOT MANY today are in this ONE ACCORD, satan moved in and caused divisions very early on, so that one accord was lost and the house of division accepted by the masses as Normal... but.. what of His word....
                          see 1.Corn 1 v divisions.... if the division comes in, the power goes out... DULL, STUPID, BRAINDEAD MEN.. SO FILLED WITH SELF, CREATED DIVISIONS AND all THE HOLINESS AND all THE POWER MOVED out.

                          part of this word ABOMINATION is described as Nauseous...=
                          sick to the stomach, ill, vomiting, reaching, disgusting.
                          it is interesting to see this descriptive word used for the CHURCH OF LAODICEA... that end time abomination that makes MESSIAH SICK,
                          the 'believers' in this SUB-STANDARD place of abomination, are so bad they made the Creator nauseous with their acts.
                          rev 3 v 16-17.
                          rich, and increased in goods
                          need nothing
                          not knowing, they are wretched, miserable, poor naked and blind.
                          Like i said yesterday, that newspaper article about a modern day church, catering for 19,000 per week, was an UTTER ABOMINATION to read about YET these people think they are believers... when... they are no were near the critera needed as biblically recommended.

                          BELIEVERS MARRIED TO BELIEVERS,
                          is a far different thing,
                          than fake-believers married to other fakers.

                          but, we have all been ''conned'' as deception rages all around us and even traps us into it's foul system.
                          The IDEAL BELIEVER, MARRIED TO THEIR IDEAL BELIEVER....means so much MORE,= such a divine flowing CREATES a holy household.
                          it is like 2 parts joined together in full working order.
                          that is how it is all meant to work... but.. there has been a right royal stuff up...that has been ''allowed'' to happen.
                          Everything that was to be so creatively marvellous has been substituted by a mockery and a fake.
                          A true believer married to a true believer would become the expression of that song and
                          What's that song say...........

                          ''You light up my life
                          You give me hope
                          To carry on
                          You light up my days
                          and fill my nights with song''


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                            cont 10-40am monday..1st may

                            i will again bring this beautifull spirit-filled song to our attention.

                            What's that song say...........

                            ''You light up my life
                            You give me hope
                            To carry on
                            You light up my days
                            and fill my nights with song''
                            do u think for one moment ANY man, COULD SEPARATE THIS believing COUPLE, THESE 2 DIVINE BELIEVERS JOINED AS ONE, under the unction of the Holy Spirit?
                            this is the whole point....
                            that is why i am such a 'nag' over this whole message....
                            i am like a parrot that only can repeat over and over about DIVINE LOVE AND A DIVINE ORDAINED MARRIAGE...

                            these so inlove BELIEVERS are the HOLY picture of the divine assembly in ONE ACCORD = The ONE ACCORD [john 17] = THE GLORY SHOWING AND BROUGHT DOWN SO ALL MANKIND WILL SOMEHOW BENEFIT.
                            These believers are our picture of that group that cross that finishing line and cuts the tape. amen

                            can u see this??????
                            here is a quote i love, from the movie lord of the rings..

                            The world is changed.

                            I feel it in the water.

                            I feel it in the earth.

                            I smell it in the air.

                            Much that once was, is lost,

                            for none now live who remember it.”

                            ~ Galadriel, Lord of the Rings

                            yes, we have LOST, what once was, = that divine meaning and understanding
                            under grace alone some saints are having revelation by the Holy Spirit to come into the bible understandings of
                            HOW LOST THINGS CAN BE FOUND.. amen


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                              cont. tues 2nd

                              i was thinking ABOUT OUR 'LOSS'.
                              ALL ''LOSS'' IS A GHASTLY EVENT...
                              TO BE LOST,
                              TO LOOSE means the heart is so badly affected..
                              there is TRAUMA in loss and lost.
                              NOTHING can replace that ''lostness'' so often a SUBSTITUTE is taken in as a comfort and a security..

                              The world is changed.

                              I feel it in the water.

                              I feel it in the earth.

                              I smell it in the air.

                              Much that once was, is lost,

                              for none now live who remember it.”

                              ~ Galadriel, Lord of the Rings
                              THE world has changed = YES, IT HAS, now all abnormal things are accepted as normal.
                              This has happened gradually so that mass acceptance happens more gently so as not to disrupt the flow of deception.
                              The poem says
                              ''I feel it in the earth'' - We are the earth, the dust, that needs to become a quickened LIVING SPIRIT...
                              Is your Spirit becoming alive, Are you changing, and is this change accelerating? It should be as we grow and mature from glory to glory.

                              Much that once was, is lost,

                              for none now live who remember it.”
                              now.... HERE IS THE SADDEST THING,
                              THE REAL SADDEST THING TO IMAGINE, to lose something so real and vital, and
                              now to have a vile substitute in REAL'S place, that even has the vile hide to pretend to be ''THE REAL THING'.


                              for none now live who remember it.
                              OUR expectations have become so based, so brutish, so hideous, we have forgotten OUR ROOTS, = of a BELIEVER AND EVERYTHING WONDERFULL that comes with BELIEVING.

                              we have BECOME A HYDRID.....
                              a SPIRITUAL DEFORMITY.

                              We have to come out from false ''believers'' and their kind, they are on the wrong LIFE frequencies....
                              THEY are death.
                              They marry each other 'to death do us part'.......................
                              yikes that should be a clue

                              if u have taken this religious oath...
                              repent of it NOW,
                              cancel it out NOW
                              cast out NOW
                              null and void NOW
                              such a covenant from your heart~! IT is a DEATH-Wish in a fashionable disguise..DECEPTION is there

                              that is why, they basically die...
                              they die in their religious married belief of friction all because THERE IS NO LIFE, only a religion.
                              WHEN TRUE BELIEVER'S marry ~!
                              a whole new life realm opens up, like some ancient divine church assembly where the experiences of GATE BEAUTIFULL WHERE EVER PRESENT and happening daily~![book of acts]

                              Father is to JOIN male and female together as BELIEVERS and DO-ERS of His word, in the same manner as the true church is married to their Saviour, who saves them from their own mark missings.
                              when MARK MISSING fades and ceases ONLY REAL LIVING LIFE REMAINS AND DEATH CAN HAVE NO HOLD... amen