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The Box I was once in "The Way Box"

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  • The Box I was once in "The Way Box"

    God first
    wrote 04-16-2006
    The Box I was once In
    1. Here I sat to talk about some of the many boxes I was once in. Have you ever been in a box in your personal life?

    2. The first box I was in was the box of a baby and in this box my loving mother and nature made up all the rules I lived under and these were very happy years.

    3. The Next box I was in was when I went to grade school were teacher made up all the rules but I love to try to break out of the box and because not all teachers are good but thank God for the good loving teachers.

    4. Yes the next box was high school were I got into many others boxes that the teachers or my loving family had no control over. The box of drinking, the box of wild wood weed, the box of lust, and many other boxes that had there own special rules.

    5. I had one box while I was home, another box when in school, another box while in church, and another one around my friends.

    6. But the box that I want to talk about the box of religion of the church of the Way Ministry which today I call a Cult or just another men made church.

    7. They used a group of books to set the rules that we found out we were to live by and if we did not we were cast out of their so called loving hands.

    8. Guess up I was cast out because I learn that they did not have any monopoly on loving God and understanding his words wrote to us in the bible and I did not need their books to understand the bible.

    9. Most say boldly any church, membership, school. group, race, country, or any other that if some one does not think, act, look, live, or believe like they are evil .

    10. But that is not true there are many churches out there that give to the poor better than I, and that teach love better than I but if I do not welcome them I will never be blessed from what they can teach me nor they what I can teach them.

    11. Now I know most of the boards I will post this on love all churches but I wrote not to say any one group is wrong but to help us teach the world that the only box we need is the box of the love of God.

    12. Were Jesus sats with us as the head of our box that we are proud to be part of. Now if you have ever been in a evil cult’s box like me and my many friends from the X Jehovah's Witnesses board.

    PS these people are very hurt so they may say things evil because some are mad at God but all we can do is pray and be there friends.

    13. Now it a group of people that were cast out of the Jehovah's Witnesses box like a old shoe and I can understand their pain because I was cast out of the Way Ministry like a old shoe that they beat before throwing away.

    Ps these people are very hurt too but most have over come the pain and they stop evil attacks but they are only a group of people who were hurt so if they say things you do not like just love them too but they were at one time no less hurt than the X Jehovah's Witnesses or no more and some may still be because each board has differ rules .

    14. Now there are many boards out there of people that were cast out of many group while some for a good reason but most because they ask the wrong questions.

    15. But all this is life in a group but we must help people see that most churches are reaching for the same goal in life to be more like Christ. So lets not be in any other box but the box of Christ.

    16. Thank you all for taking the time to read this and I hope the two adds for the two differ boards do not mind with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.

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    Badge Of Distinction!

    Hi Year2027,

    It seems to me that getting kicked out of religious boxes for asking questions is a Badge of Distinction that is all part of our Currahee training.

    Sincerely, Ab
    The Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!


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      God first

      Beloved Spying or AB

      God loves you my dear friend

      If its a Badge of Distinction I am happy to wear it because I am happy to be out

      thank you

      with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy