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words from the spiritual heart 04-16-2006

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  • words from the spiritual heart 04-16-2006

    God first
    wrote 04-16-2006
    The Three Circles we Travel on
    1. Hi all my dear friends over the world wide net. I Roy William Perry III reach to my Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ to help me write as we learn about the three circles of life.
    2. You may say what do you mean by a circle of life? The path we travel in more in a circle than a line and I am about to try to show you.
    3. The first circle of life we will talk about is the circle of growth life this circle moves in two directions clockwise and counterclockwise as do all circles and it has many lanes like a super highway.
    4. There is the right lanes and the left lanes to travel in the right go clockwise and the left go counterclockwise.
    5. That said to make it easy clockwise is the direction one travels to be healthy and counterclockwise is the direction one travels to be unhealthy.
    6. Now there are many lanes because one may reach to eat right but not give his or her body the work out it needs or one may eat the wrong food but not over do it.
    7. Yes some of us all trying to travel on more than one lane at a time like in a boat for every foot it travel forward the waves push it back two.
    8. The body was made to travel clockwise on the center line to good health as it grows older and older and then after a set time and its worn out began to travel counterclockwise until its death.
    9. While this is just life by the way we live we can either show down the set time we are to change directions or speed it up.
    10. I have made it speed up in my life I eat wrong and to must of it but I must deal with that and even because I am trying to changed my health habits it a long and hard road.
    11. But I am thankful that there is a growth life that is must better and I have found it the spiritual growth of having Christ in us.
    12. But before we talk about this growth lets talk about soul life which works side by side with growth life. The soul life is that which lets us think, talk, walk, and all things we do that plants can not because plants only have growth life they grow then they die.
    13. But we can control how we grow while plants are either in good ground or bad ground we can do good or do bad.
    14. You see we can either travel clockwise on a road of what is right and just or we can travel on a road that has no heart or very little.
    15. But most people are trying to travel on two lanes here too they want to good while at the same time if they would get less by it they may cheat.
    16. As there is a lever of good doers there are lever of evil doers. Like the person who works for his money but if he see’s a way to get more money will take it even if it hurts his friend.
    17. Or the person who will do good even if it cost him his or her life. The kind of person Jesus the Christ was fleshly.
    18. For Jesus the Christ live only to help us, for even in death he help us received forgiveness of sins.
    19. But we must talk about the third circle which is Spiritual life which is a life that has Christ to lead us into if we just ask for him to come in our lives.
    20. When we are traveling clockwise we are on the road to being more like Christ but if we have received the gift of Christ in us and we turn away from Christ we are traveling counterclockwise.
    21. Now there are many roads traveling clockwise like the person who will love only the people who believe as they do but we are told to love all so this person is trying to travel two roads.
    22. As for the roads counterclockwise it would be like the person who once believe in Christ but now does not.
    23. While not getting on the spiritual circle brings the second death I do not know what only traveling counterclockwise on the spiritual life circle will bring.
    24. For I am thankful it is God who will judge not me. With spiritual love and a holy spiritual kiss blowing your way Roy