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  • The Judas book

    God first
    Beloved friends
    God loves you all my dear friend

    Ok lets talk about the book called “The Gospel of Judas”

    We can thank these men for translated this book but these men did not write these book so to copy this book they have no rights. Or they copy it and so can I because this is not a new book as they say.

    First no revelation was wrote to be keep secret but to be send unto the world.

    Lets begin “The Earthly Ministry of Jesus” yes Jesus Christ did miracles and great wonders but the twelve were called to reach out to the good and bad about the coming of Christ to lead them into truth.

    “Scene one” this is wrote like a movie and not book I ever read was wrote like a movie but stories, history, and teaching of what is truth or what is the love of God.

    Now Jesus Christ would of never laugh at anyone but he may of laugh with people about some thing like we may. For he could not of laugh at a person and still be with out sin.

    All so no book of the bible was wrote with sub titles so this was either added or this book was wrote differ than most.

    Why Jesus not be able to name of who send Judas? Look Jesus is the son of God so he could say any name and he had to be able to call them be name to cast them out if needed.

    Jesus may have told Judas he would be replaced for what he about to do but that would not of changed any thing Judas might do because what Judas does is what Judas wants to do.

    Look “Scene two of the movie” Ok Jesus went to other generations maybe so maybe not I just do not know.

    From the book of Judas
    no one born [of] this aeon will see that [generation], and no host of angels of the stars will rule over that generation, and no person of mortal birth can associate with it, because that generation does not come from […] which has become […]. The generation of people among [you] is from the generation of humanity […] power, which [… the] other powers […] by [which] you rule.
    No one born of this image Look this is talking about “No one born of this life will see fleshly the generation were Jesus went the holy generation because this generation will be spiritual and can only be seen spiritual and you have not become spiritually yet because you have not been born again yet.

    More or less what this is saying which was either poorly translated or recalled poorly by Judas or who ever wrote this book

    His disciples would be trouble in their spirit upon them but not in because they had not received Christ in them yet.

    Dreams and visions for they saw when men who use the word of God and the name of Jesus to get riches on earth with love. Yes people with out the love of God will be put to shame at the last day.

    Look a truth

    Judas said to [him, “Rabb]i, what kind of fruit does this generation produce?” Jesus said, “The souls of every human generation will die. When these people, however, have completed the time of the kingdom and the spirit leaves them, their bodies will die but their souls will be alive, and they will be taken up.”

    Yes the spirit will leave the body of flesh and put on a new body in the air.

    Then we see another truth

    Judas said, “And what will the rest of the human generations do?” Jesus said, “It is impossible [44] to sow seed on [rock] and harvest its fruit. [This] is also the way […] the [defiled] generation […] and corruptible Sophia […] the hand that has created mortal people, so that their souls go up to the eternal realms above. [Truly] I say to you, […] angel […] power will be able to see that […] these to whom […] holy generations […].”

    Another truth Jesus die for all but some are like sowing Christ on a rock because the seed of Christ can not be fertilized with believing

    we read

    When Jesus heard this, he laughed and said to him, “You thirteenth spirit, why do you try so hard? But speak up, and I shall bear with you.” Judas said to him, “In the vision I saw myself as the twelve disciples were stoning me and [45] persecuting [me severely]. And I also came to the place where […] after you. I saw [a house …], and my eyes could not [comprehend] its size. Great people were surrounding it, and that house a roof of greenery, and in the middle of the house was [a crowd—two lines missing—], saying, ‘Master, take me in along with these

    Judas had a dream of what could happen but he hang himself first

    Another truth

    [Jesus] answered and said, “Judas, your star has led you astray.” He continued, “No person of mortal birth is worthy to enter the house you have seen, for that place is reserved for the holy. Neither the sun nor the moon will rule there, nor the day, but the holy will abide there always, in the eternal realm with the holy angels. Look, I have explained to you the mysteries of the kingdom [46] and I have taught you about the error of the stars; and […] send it […] on the twelve aeons.”

    Yes no one is good enough to be saved but Jesus told Judas about the coming grace that we are saved by faith but no one is good enough and that he has been led astray

    Yes Judas was led astray and he sin and sin brought about more than he would deal with because he loved fleshly Jesus as a brother and he was trick but Judas was not all bad just a another sinner

    The two lines missing are the part Jesus reach out to lead Judas back into truth and yes Judas has been curse because he was a sinner like we are.

    Jesus teaches about the spiritual realm.

    First aeon was the spiritual image Adam was born into and the second aeon was the spiritual image Jesus was born into

    Yes Seth family line was of God and from his family line David was born and from David family line was Mary born and from Mary Jesus was born the human side of Christ.

    Jesus never told Judas to give him up but he did tell him he has been led astray from what is right. Jesus talk with Judas about many things in this book.

    Do I believe this book is real I do not know Do I believe it was wrote spiritually I do not know Who wrote it I do not know is it all bad No

    Would of Jesus talk to Judas about these things why not.

    Thank you

    with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy

    For all quotes of the book of Judas I take all blame Roy William Perry III 1501 North Dixie Lot 45 Radcliff Ky 40160