Hi Everyone,
Blessings to you through the resurrected Messiah Yahushua, the Renewed and Restored YAHWEH ELOHIM!

Shabbat Shalom!

My family and I have not celebrated Christmas since my wife and I were baptized on December 7, 1977. Indeed, it is very difficult to separate oneself from the celebration of Christmas if you yourself were raised celebrating Christmas. While in a Christmas Eve service with my future wife, I grabbed her hand and slipped an engagement ring on her finger. No words were spoken because we were in a church service, but I at the time could not imagine a better place or time to become engaged to the woman I loved.

This woman and I were blessed to have six children together. The three oldest were baptized as babies into the Lutheran Church. Our two oldest children may have some memories of celebrating Christmas especially the oldest who was born in 1971. Our three youngest children were born after we left the Lutheran Church so they would absolutely have no memories of celebrating Christmas.

How is it that something which seems so right could turn out in the end to be so wrong? Both Christmas and my marriage were based on lies. Today as far as I am aware, all my children and my former wife celebrate Christmas.

Sometime after my divorce, I began to meet with the Jehovah's Witnesses on Christmas Day. We engaged in a bible study together, and then they graced my table for the best meal that I could make for them. You see, my ELOHIM is very much an ELOHIM of hospitality. Always do you very best for your guests, and I surely did do so for the Jehovah's Witnesses despite their lack of knowledge concerning the truth.

Yesterday, on Christmas Day, my table was blessed with my Brother, ImAHebrew, and his son as well as the son of my departed Brother, Roger. We enjoyed a wonderful meal together. I served them roasted prime rib, baked potatoes, white corn, and a delicious spinach salad. We also shared a special bottle of 2018 C&A McMinn Cabernet Sauvignon as a compliment to our meal and good company.

Please do not begin to think that we were celebrating Christmas by taking advantage of the occasion to get together with each other. We are aware of all the lies surrounding Christmas, and if you yourself are not familiar with them, then you have need of investigation. Hoping the very best for you all, I am,
Sincerely, Spying