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the SACRIFICIAL CULT - the teaser questions/CONTRADICTIONS

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  • the SACRIFICIAL CULT - the teaser questions/CONTRADICTIONS

    WELL TRUTH SEEKER is it for real, or, have we all been duped
    are these stories from the Hand of an Honest pure true loving Father as Jesus represented or a group of posers or simply man made up?
    lets discover.....

    the story told by 1 eye witness aka - Moses
    - yet we are told to be a bible witness is 2 3 or more.
    but who is counting....

    i could begin at the beginning but i decided to begin at the center of all things Moses-ish.

    NOW WE CAN SEEK AND SEARCH OUT from many records and theories for the truth -
    here are some interesting stats recorded from the text of the O T BBL

    the Tabernacle
    A movable shrine, weighed a whopping 7.5 tons!
    2,200 lbs of gold;
    7,585 lbs of silver;
    5,340 lbs of bronze
    And that number does not include the massive curtains which covered the entire structure.

    this camp was the responsibility of the Kohathite and Merarite families to carry the Tabernacle equipment, and the frames and bars, etc
    that yields a total of 5,900 Levite adults made up from(2,700 Kohathites and 3,200 Merarites
    (Num 4:34-42)
    These men had to carry 7.5 tons of gold, silver, and bronze—across the hot Sinai peninsula!


    Golden Calf story
    , Yahweh commands them to divest themselves of their jewelry and to leave it behind
    . “And the children of Israel divested their jewelry from mount Horeb”
    (Ex 33:6).

    Was the people’s gold used for making the Golden Calf
    for the construction of the Ark, Menorah, Tabernacle, and Altar of incense?
    (Ex 32:2-4, 32:23 vs Ex 25-26, 35:4-24)

    the golden calf was made and then Yah's divested them of their jewels
    - so where did 2,200lbs of gold come from?
    [2200 Lbs of gold would convert to 4 409 ft.. almost a mile long of gold]

    where did it come from
    now it is all sweet and cute to read this story sitting in the lounge chair
    - but - in true reality - where did almost a mile of gold come from once the jewels were all divested.?

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    to truthseekers = the journey of discovery
    there is a sad truth we all must recognise straight off

    The first and most obvious proof that the so-called 'Five Books of' Moses were not written by Moses, but dated from a time many centuries after his reputed life and death, is very simple and indisputable.
    This proof consists of very numerous instances of what are called post-Mosaics, or "after-Moses" events, related in those books under the name of Moses as their inspired author;
    =events which Moses could not have known or written, as they occurred long after his death.
    with this in mind there are NO divine revelations personally recorded by Moses. but by others many centuries later

    In this light we will read a record which will totally destroy the theory of personal divine revelation.

    mistake of Moses."
    The events of the forty years in the wilderness are supposed to have been written in the wilderness where they occurred.
    Yet in Numbers 15 v , 32 it is recorded:
    "And while the children of Israel were in the wilderness, they found a man that gathered sticks upon the sabbath day"; and he was brought to Moses, and "they put him in ward, because it was not declared what should be done to him.
    And Yahweh said to Moses, The man shall surely be put to death" (15, 33-36).

    The writer was not "in the wilderness" when this was written, or he would never have added that phrase to it, as everything that occurred at all was "in the wilderness."
    Moreover, the "law" had already (it is alleged) been declared at Sinai,
    "whosoever doeth any work in the sabbath day, be shall surely be put to death" Ex 31 v 15."
    if we are brave and do our own seeking after the truth of this story we will find many ''MOSES MISTAKES'' RECORDED - too many to post here - seek for yourself

    finally it is revealed Moses did not write the records
    Several of the Five Books abound with the provisions of the priestly code of sacrifices attributed to Moses in the wilderness, and are full of accounts of the manifold kinds of sacrifices made during the forty years in the wilderness.
    But all this is denied by the later prophets:
    "Thus said Yahweh the gods of of Israel:
    I spake not unto your fathers, nor commanded them in the day that I brought them out of the land of Egypt, concerning burnt offerings and sacrifices"
    (Jer. 7 v , 21, 22);
    and a chorus of them join in this refrain
    : "I hate, I despise your feast days; though ye offer me burnt sacrifices and meat offerings, I will not accept them"
    Amos 5, v 21-26;
    Hosea 8,v 13;
    Micah 6 v 6, 7;

    All this shows that Moses never received or wrote the laws attributed to him and did not write the Five Books which relate all these things; and it confirms the view that this elaborate and intricate code of sacrificial and ceremonial law was
    a late priestly invention,
    unheard of by Moses
    , impossible in the wilderness
    , and
    unknown in all the intervening history of Israel,

    question everything


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      hello to truth lovers

      this elaborate and intricate code of sacrificial and ceremonial law was impossible in the wilderness
      as it was a late priestly invention, unheard of by Moses

      DID you ever LOOK INTO THE logistics OF THE sacrifice system when the tents of the congregation were set up

      did you study this concept to BE APPROVED
      or simply read it = passed over it and moved on - without stopping by to fully comprehend the true facts
      DID YOU NOTICE there were 3 men priests to minister out sin sacrifices for 2 million hebrews+

      some logistics
      Forty-two times the camp was pitched - Num 30 v 3
      There must be suitable space found for some 250,000 tents, laid out -Num 2

      facts according to the O T
      If 241,420 tents were set one against another, with no intervening space or separating streets, they would occupy 9,656,800 square yards, or over 1995 acres of ground;

      The desert was vast and empty
      There was no need for such impossible crowding;
      Ample room was available for spacing of tents, for streets
      And areas, for the great central tabernacle and its court, and for the 22,000 Levites,
      Not counted in the soldier-census, who must "pitch round about the tabernacle," as well as space for the rounding up of the millions of cattle.

      These allowances for order, decency, and comfort would extend the circuit of the camp,
      This encampment is computed to have formed a movable city of 12 miles square," or an area of 144 square miles,
      [ a population equal to that of Chicago.]

      The tabernacle stood in the center, 7 miles from the outskirts of the camp in either direction.

      truly amazing


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        hello to truth lovers
        do we read facts or fantasy
        consider some logistics

        Whenever a sacrifice of sin-offering was made by the priest, a daily and constant service, "the skin of the bullock, and all his flesh, ... even the whole bullock shall he carry forth without the camp unto a clean place, where the ashes are poured out, and burn him on the wood with fire"
        (Lev. iv, 11, 12).

        This was the personal chore of the priest himself, of whom there were oddly three, Aaron and his sons Eleazar and Ithamar.

        And there were thousands upon thousands of sacrifices, for every imaginable thing and occasion; and the carcasses and offal of the slaughtered cattle must always be taken "without the camp" and burned, by these three poor priests, and Father Aaron was over 80 years old.

        So these chores would keep them going, time after time, 7 miles out and 7 miles back, lugging heavy and bloody carcasses and offal through the main streets of the camp, incessantly, and leave them no time for their holy, bloody sacrifices of myriads of animals, as described in Exodus 29 and all through Leviticus.

        The entire garbage, refuse, ashes, and filth of every kind of two and a half million people and millions of cattle must be constantly and with extreme care carried outside the camp,

        "Yahveh. thy God walketh in the midst of thy camp, to deliver thee, and to give up thine enemies before thee; therefor shall thy camp be holy: that he see no unclean thing in thee, and turn away from the
        (Deut. 28, 12-14);
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          i post to the RELIGIOUSLY DISABLED.


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            to the few truth lovers who have been removed from BBL idolatry

            have you ever wondered over this
            fires and fuel.

            . The myriads of sacrifices and burnt offerings at the tabernacle, besides the wasteful burning "without the camp" of practically entire animals, and that too when the children of Israel were straying and rioting for "flesh to eat," required many fires and hence much firewood.

            Where, there in the "waste howling wilderness," did they get so much fuel?
            —a burning question nowhere answered by revelation.

            In the Arabian wilderness at certain seasons, and always at night, when the fiery sun had set, the cold was fearfully intense; the Chosen must have been grievously beset to find firewood to keep themselves from freezing, and it is never once recorded that stove-wood was miraculously provided either to keep them warm or to cook manna, to say nothing of the big quail feast.

            The inspired Word tells us much of the fires and of the ashes, but nothing about the immense forests which must have been required to supply a population like that of modern Chicago with firewood for heating, cooking, and burning hecatombs every day for forty years.