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words from the spiritual heart 04-13-2006

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  • words from the spiritual heart 04-13-2006

    God first
    wrote 04-13-2006
    1. Here I sat thinking about the love I do my best to live while I love my God with all my heart, soul, and spiritual seed within me and how I love his only begotten son Jesus the Christ with all my heart, soul, and spiritual seed within me with he made possible by coming into my life.
    2. But my love does not end there for I love all believers of my God and his only begotten son but not just them, I love all that do not believe in my God and his only begotten son too.
    3. I love all of mankind no matter whether they love me back or hate me, no matter whether they are alive or dead, no matter whether they live here or somewhere other than here and no matter what it may be because my God tells me to love all and all means all.
    4. Now you all may not believe every doctrine of the word of God the way I do or I may not believe all the way you do but we must love each other no matter what.
    5. I know the bible has a part that reads stop the gainsayers but I am not one of them because I do not tell you how to believe but that we all need to walk in love.
    6. I do not stand against God and his only begotten son Jesus the Christ but I stand with them in love and as Jesus said in Luke 9:49-50 .
    7. “ And John answered and said, Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name; and we forbad him, because he followeth not with us.
    8. And Jesus said unto him, Forbid him not: for he that is not against us is for us.” So if I live love as you do I am with you not against you.
    9. I am well blessed with many that are with me and who love me because I love them as they love God and his son but some do not so I have to write this.
    10. For I post these notes of love on many boards not to changed any one but to get us to build up that love we have for God to others even if they do not believe the same and for the one are loving all kinds like me so they can thankful that what they been saying is said by another.
    11. So I say lets build love more and more and recalled when by what we knew we may have fought over small things in our life.
    12. Churches have broke apart over the smallest things and lets put a end to all the bitterness between churches and walk like brothers and sisters should walk.
    13. Now because I talk about churches I must bring up the biggest thing that breaks up churches in this world and that is money.
    14. Churches need to depend more on God and less on money I like to say to many stop asking for it and begin loving God bigger and the needed money for the poor, lights, gas or what ever will be there.
    15. I all so say stop the sale of books wrote to help others understand what God taught you and begin giving them away free asking for nothing and the money will come because of love and not because you put a value to your work.
    16. God love is free so my notes of love must all ways be free to copy and share with any one you believe they may help.
    17. You see I say this so some to not cross the line from loving God to loving money because it’s a thin line and we all see what money can give us.
    18. But what more do we need than our God’s love, his only begotten son’s love, the love of each other, and a place to live, food to eat, water to drink, air to breath, and all of this does not take a lot of money.
    19. Yes food and water are not free and some of us need med’s but how nice of home we live in should depend on how big we love God and not how must money we can get from our brothers.
    20. Now my riches are mainly in heaven but God gives me a lot of special things here on earth to help me live a better life so I can get more peaceful while I talk to him.
    21. I call on all churches to live God’s love bigger and bigger has they grow together with all other churches of the world.
    22. I will end now with Godly love to you and a holy kiss of Christ unto you from me Roy William Perry III known as year2027.