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words from the spiritual heart 04-11-2006

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  • words from the spiritual heart 04-11-2006

    God first
    wrote 04-11-2006

    1. OOOOOOOOOOOO how I love my God the creator of the heaven I live in and the earth that is in heaven that I walk on the very father of my Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ who won over sin so I and others could live forever more.
    2. OOOOOOO how I love Christ for all he did so I could have life after death by making forgiveness of sin by his blood he gave up for us over 2,000 years ago.
    3. Life would just be temple without what he did for us so many years ago just because he love us enough to help us at mankind darkness hour.
    4. For I know that if he had of ask God would of send all the angels of heaven to stop them from killing him but he trusted his father that it would be for the best.
    5. But who was it the best for not Jesus the Christ because he needed no forgiveness for sins? It was to help mankind past, present, and future to make a way so we could received forgiveness of sin by his loving act of love.
    6. This was a act of love greater than we could ever measure its value because we can not even go a year without sin but Christ went many years his whole fleshly life.
    7. That is some love and that is why we are baptized in the name of Christ and not some other name like the name of Judas, Paul, or whatever name there is out there.
    8. Many have reach to write books over the years to help us understand what they have began to understand by reaching for truth from above.
    9. Now even Christ did not teach from fleshly thinking but my asking God to give him every word to speak because Christ all ways did the Father’s will.
    10. So he spoke what God told him to speak, he acted like God told him to act, he loved like God told him to love, he went were God told him to go, and many others things.
    11. When I was a child I did not speak all ways as my parents wanted me to, nor did I act in a way that would of blessed my parents all the time but Jesus the Christ did has would blessed God his father all the time.
    12. Now we can only try to ask God what to do as we live on this earth but we are of mankind who is running for what looks good to our fleshly eye and spending little time asking God what to share by saying this to them or that, shall I go there or were, and the list goes on.
    13. How many of us even say grace to every meal we eat, for there is the seed that the food grew from to be thankful for, the person or animal that planted the seed, the person or animal that raised the food to the point it was ripe to get, the person who ship the food, the person who got the food ready to eat, the person who served the food, but most of all the God who created the heaven and earth so the food could be there.
    14. Yes there a list of things to be thankful for when it comes to the smallest thing. For I say we need to even be thankful to the plants and God for every breath we take.
    15. For if there was no plants there be no air to breath and if there was no earth there be no place for the plants to grow and if there was no God there be no earth.
    16. So lets be thankful to God who created all things because he looked forward to loving us with only hope we would love him back as many of us do.
    17. As I move on what might I hear my Christ tell me in a hour I am down and out. I would hear Jesus the Christ bright smile of love telling me he loves me as does his father my God.
    18. I have been down and out many times in my life and every time I open my heart up and ask for help I can feel myself being hugged by my God and his son.
    19. I just hope you have enjoy a loving hug from God the spiritual father who created all things of the flesh and all things in his image the spiritual things.
    20. For Adam was created with a living image of God but that part die because in a living spirit there can be no sin but God send Christ the second Adam to plant a spiritual seed of his love in our hearts that could be fertilized by us giving a act of love back which is believing that which we read about spiritual things past and present which builds faith.
    21. Now God is the giver because God is the one who send his son to help us and Christ is the gift because Christ is what made forgiveness reachable by asking with believing God will forgive us.
    22. Now by this gift of Christ in us we can know what it takes to heal the sick, raised the dead, cast out evil ideals from us and others or any of the things Christ did or that were done after Christ went to the Father.
    23. If Paul, Moses, or John did it we can do it but we must build our trust in God that with the help by the guide lines of Christ directions we can do it too.
    24. In the last days the bible reads believers will walk by the spirit as the apostles did when they received what to write to many other groups of believers to help them grow.
    25. By these letters of old we learn more and more about our God’s gave love and his son Christ the very basic of what is truth and of God’s love.
    26. For I find myself reading these books over and over as I look in them for what to talk to God and his son about.
    27. But as for all of us I had to all so work on my personal relationship with God like I did with my earthly father I got to know my earthly father by talking to him as I must be to know my heavenly father.
    28. As I got to know my earth sister by talking I must get to know my heavenly brother by talking to him too.
    29. God is a very personal God as son the Christ is a very personal Lord and Savior. Now I do not worry about small things like whether God is Christ or not I just love them as I see best for my growth.
    30. But I will say Christ is of God like we are of Christ but we can leave it there because I do not tell others how to believe nor do I know which path God is leading each person on.
    31. But I do know all paths are of Love because God is love the brightest light there is the light of pure spirit while we are part flesh still living on this earth that has light and darkness mixed.
    32. Now I say when we are walking by the spirit there may be fleshly darkness around us but we light up as spiritual lights brighter than the brightest star.
    33. Spiritual light will cast out spiritual darkness which lack of Christ in some people around you for they will either reach for the light of truth or run away.
    34. Just like the fire in the woods bugs will come but animals will run away from the light and stray away.
    35. I am sure God made it that way to help us see the difference but I just see only part of the understanding God is getting to but I am still young in the word of God.
    36. But I see that green grass stands for life but brown grass stands for dead and my understanding this we can see live -v- death and because this brown grass turn brown out of lack of rain.
    37. This brown grass can be healed if rain comes we see the grass at point of death but we see by the love of rain coming life is restored again and again.
    38. As Christ has come to restore God’s image in us like the rain has come to restored life in grass. God image was in Adam before he ate of the tree of good and evil which killed his spiritual life the image of God.
    39. For Adam still had a second image to live by for a short time the image of animal life the image of flesh and bone.
    40. But we know Adam die this very day because God can not lie so if his fleshly body lived on then another image of life must of die that day the image of God spiritual life.
    41. For my eyes are getting tired and my fleshly heart is beginning to try to speak without having Christ tell me what to say so I will end here.
    42. With the very love I have for God and his son reaching to love each and every one of you personally with spiritual love and a holy kiss Roy.