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the Riddle of the ''STARS''

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  • the Riddle of the ''STARS''

    what IS a 'star'?
    IS star, a star?

    yes and no!~!~!~!
    there are some STARS AND there are other STARS..
    there are STARS
    there are stars.


    ''He made the 'STARS' also to GIVE LIGHT TO THE EARTH''
    ''He gave the 'STARS' also, to separate the dark from the light''.

    ask.. what are stars?
    then ask
    WHO........................ARE STARS?

    "He telleth the number of the stars;
    He calleth them all by their names.
    Great is our Lord, and of great power: His understanding is infinite." (Ps.147 4, 5)


    "A woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars." (Rev. 12. i)

    12 stars?
    are they stars?

    but who is a STAR?

    "They that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament;
    they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever." (Dan.12 v. 3)

    how long are ''the wise'' the ''stars'' for?
    ever and ever.

    movie stars
    sports stars
    WISE STARS - who are filled with His knowledge, goodness and Truth.

    Rev1:16 And He had in His right hand seven stars

    Phil. 2:15 “Do everything without grumbling or disputing,
    that you will be blameless and honest,
    faultless children of God
    in the midst of a crooked and perverse age,
    in which
    you appear like '''stars''' in a dark world,
    offering men the message of

    LIFE ''

    what message were these wise stars offering.... THE MESSAGE OF LIFE.

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    lets plough into this perspective of -the wise stars

    Can we learn together, PLZ
    cuz i am having this revelation NOW
    so i don't know how it shall work out...i am just flowing.....
    i am subject to changes over it, should the need arise...

    These ''stars''- wise people shall SHINE....
    look at MATH 17... transfiguration chapter.
    The wise shall shine in transfiguration [ in type] happening to them.
    THE ''''LIFE'''' THEY SHALL BRING IS found in...
    2 TIM. 1 V 10.
    what does this verse say again?
    but, is NOW, [present tense] made manifest, by the appearing of OUR SAVIOUR Jesus Christ [ who interceeds for us to the uttermost, so we can obtain His personal endless life] who hath abolished death, and who has brought life and immortality to light [By His own life as our example before us to copy and admire] thru the Gosepl.. [ all the verses that preach to us LIFE NOW'']
    is the Gospel THE WISE SHALL PREACH, TO TRANSFORM THEMSELVES FIRST AND THEN OTHERS... SO....''THEY SHINE'' meaning to have that same inner man as Christ the power of God has.

    now before us here...we have a war..
    but we dont see it..
    We just see the words on the page in the book of Daniel.
    But of all men mentioned in the bible pages, nothing bad is ever mentioned over Daniel.. nothing is listed as a fault nor mark missing character trait in him...
    on this bible recommendation.. we have to consider this man for our learning.. and he was in the middle of a great spiritual war and this man KNEW HIS WEAPONS...
    S.A.S spiritual team shall know them too.
    let us look here at Daniel, THE WISE MAN...see what his spiritual S.A.S. learning taught him.
    The 1st thing i saw was THE 10 DAY TEST...
    Dan 1.v.12...
    bible numerics has no 12 as the governmental order of God..

    I DONT WISH TO GO INTO new ager 'rats fodder' here regarding diets and fad-foods etc... [they couterfeit the truth.] but to earnstly study Daniel and his food and what happened as a result.

    In this verse it used the word ''pulse'' - zeroim = seeds + vegetables and pure water for 10 days
    [ bible numerics for 10 is fullness of responsibility]

    Daniel requested a vegetarian diet from Melzar and also declined to partake of the king's wine preferring pure water instead.

    the result was..........
    v 15
    their countenances appeared fairer etc...

    but notice this in v 17
    bible numerics for VICTORY...

    V 17 says
    '' as for the 4 children God gave them KNOWLEDGE AND SKILL and ALL MANNER OF ALL LEARNING AND WISDOM........................
    and to DANIEL...

    i do believe this is a part of our transformation into SHINING progress.

    if it worked for Daniel as a strategy in warfare.. WHAT OF US?


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      we READ, in v15 ''their countenances appeared fairer''

      and this observation seemed to go with
      S of Songs
      2 v 14..
      ''arise up My love, My fair one and come away
      ''O My dove,thou art in the clefts of the Rock,[Spying's revelation ] in the secret places of the stairs, let Me see thy countenance, let Me hear thy voice [could this be the preaching of 2 tim 1 v 10?] for sweet is the voice and thy countenance is comely''.

      THEN notice this...............

      verse 15 in S of Songs.. it is the LITTLE FOXES that spoil the vine. ...
      could it be... that all the king's danities are in reality LITTLE FOXES, that spoil...

      have we ever considered our ''diet/foods=kings dainties'' may hinder us from that ''shining process ONLY the WISE HAVE and we need to review it.... so that we become blameless EVEN IN BODY...
      Does our GUT, rule over us as a habit so that we are secretly controlled by the enemy and rather ignorant of it?
      ummm again??????????????
      DO YOU consider that IF we are ''the wise'' we shall be alerted to all evil- tricks.


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        verses that contain LIFE...

        john 8 v51
        in bible numerics
        no 8 - new beginnings, resurrection life
        no 51 - divine revelation..
        in JOHN 8 V 51 =we have a divine revelation on resurrection life - our new beginning.
        ''Verily, verily, I say unto you,If a man keep my saying, he shall never see death''
        note the CONDITION = keep My sayings.
        now the many shall try to ''spiritualise'' this verse...
        what is ENDLESS LIFE actually mean... and ... why? is there an Order called ENDLESS LIFE, remembering, NO death has ever passed thru this life.
        {Hebrews 7 v 16] no-one who is carnal can understand this verse nor the meaning of an endless life... it has to be BY DIVINE REVEALTION..
        do you think ''the wise stars'' shall keep His sayings?
        another point
        dont you think, that IF this Wise stars kept HIS sayings, they would be considered to be ''WELL PLEASING TO ABBA''????
        so we ask this~!
        Who else was ''WELL PLEASING''.....= Enoch was.... SO WELL PLEASING INFACT he never saw death but ''was not''.[ Heb 11]

        we are also to remember it is MESSIAH, who will keep us alive thru ''our translation''-meaning- a progress of overcoming all the power of our enemy, even the last one death.


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          Enoch..THE WELL-PLEASER.

          Daniel and Enoch..
          can we consider them as ....WISE ANCIENTS... can they tell us anything today, when this world lacks moral fibre and personal integrity
          integrity - personal wholeness, entire and untouched, a state of being complete, a perfect condition.
          Hebrews 11:5:

          By faith Enoch was taken from this life, so that he did not experience death; he could not be found, because God had taken him away. For before he was taken, he was commended as one who pleased God.
          what made these 2 men -Daniel and Enoch = the S.A.S... spiritual warriors~!
          ENOCH'S name gives us a CLUE... Initiated, dedicated, disciplined -- commencement, teaching

          DO U SEE... THE ..S.A.S. qualities NEEDED TO BE ''THE WISE STARS'"?

          1] the food change.....
          2]the dedicated change.

          word meaning ...dedicated
          devoted to, hallowed, set apart...
          word meaning..disciplined
          trained, to form, educate,instruct,drill,correct,

          COULD i make a sentence that said this..

          ''Enoch, the set-apart disciple, taught us, how to be a ''was not'' by his dedication and well-pleasing life lived out before ELOHIMS.''

          He was a DISCPLE OF THE SPIRITUAL S.A.S. warrior TEAM, dedicated and well pleasing to his Commander. amen


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            NOW~! i found this little ''snip'' awefully interesting.

            maybe u will too... I DO HOPE SO....

            now it says here Enoch walked with God 300yrs...and ''was not''.. we all know this.. but look at this

            every word is worthy to notice ok.. here goes.
            "By FAITH Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him" (Heb. 11 v 5).
            WE ARE TOLD IT WAS ''BY FAITH''.
            FAITH definition = The absolute dependance upon, yieldness to, and reliance only upon the WORD OF GOD..
            .=this is the energy that drove Enoch.
            Plx look at this revealing it is so good.. amen
            Enoch was TRANSLATED so that he SHOULD NOT SEE DEATH.....
            so was ''death'' around him?.
            Was the reason Enoch walked by FAITH with God is because death needed to be DEFEATED by him? or WAS he threatened somehow by death?
            now have a look here to see Enoch LIVED 365 yrs...[very young by that dispensational standards.]
            but NOTICE....
            all his contempories LIVED 900+ YRS... so... why would Enoch only have approx 1/3 rd of their lives?????
            Enoch's father lived 962 yrs and his own son was 969yrs the longest lived man.
            It says ''again he was not found''...
            ask... was ''he sought?''
            The S.A.S WARRIOR has to have this same type of divine faith.. so that no death can overcome them.. amen Death could NOT touch Enoch with its withering hand.


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              ''wise star'' Elijah...

              Had the message of ''LIFE'' EVEN INSIDE HIS OWN BODY..
              ELIJAH WAS WALKING LIFE... no death overcame him. amen
              a very wise ancient star, IS our brother Elijah.

              Who, had faith, so much so, he walked inside the Minsitry of TRANSLATIVE faith.
              Don't u think these ''wise stars'' re Daniel 12.v.3 will be the same ''type''.
              They shall SHINE, - arise and shine etc...having the Faith that all corruption to be put off and immortality put on. amen
              CLOTHED FROM ON HIGH.

              we can ask this question...
              Do I believe Abba for my salvation, or Do I believe I am 'saved'.?
              why not believe IN Him, for that final act of overcoming that last enemy.

              understand this Plx...

              How you have been taught, is the perceptions you will die with..
              dead IN sin
              dead TO sin.
              requires a personal answer.
              ''King David wrote that "I have more understanding than all my teachers" (Psa.119:99).
              answer this for yourself... and you shall overcome all Things in Christ and ALL THINGS shall be possible for you

              another "life ' verse says .
              "He that believeth in
              me though he were dead yet shall he
              live; whosoever liveth and believeth in
              Me shall never die!" Jn.11:25
              by considering the whole context of this chapter and verse Jesus Christ was speaking of a physical death.... not a spiritual one.
              After all who actually cares about some ''spritual death'' when they cannot even understand, nor come to grips with, their own physical death, let a alone some goggly-gook talk of a spiritual one = sheeez~!

              So Since Messiah ACTUALLY ..ABOLISHED DEATH... who has come forth to CLAIM freedom from the laws of sin and death.
              have you?
              :"Fear not, i am the first and the
              I am He that liveth and was dead,
              and behold i am alive for ever more,
              amen; and have the keys of hell and of
              do u believe this?
              Why not ask LORD MESSIAH.... ''TURN YOUR KEYS ON MY LIFE AND MAKE ME LIVE YOUR LIFE''....and believe it and walk in that faith of believing.
              DONT GIVE YOUR WILL... over to death.. its an enemy.
              have u ever considered this verse from the OT saying
              For I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth, saith the Lord." (Eze.18:32).
              bible numerics for no 18 - bondages
              bible numerics for no 32 - covenant.

              people have made a covenant with bondages...
              even the numbers reveal the cursed slavery.

              When someone dies ''they say'' God took that person....
              is this true?

              We have to wonder.. did Abba plan for me to THROW MY BODY AWAY...

              the ''wise star'' shall understand


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                each 'star' is one of God's Elect

                shining IN HIS UNIVERSE. amen or shining in His ''spiritual heavens''.
                Each 'star' is appointed to be in a ''fixed position'' as a luminary.
                We have to remember GREAT-LIGHT dwells where real darkness is = teachers of the truth, who lead others into that truth, so all can be free. amen.

                Then shall the righteous SHINE FORTH AS THE SUN in the Kingdom of their FATHER. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear" (Mat. 13v43).
                These 'wise stars' are the conquerors of the flesh -meaning they were able to overcome and died to the power of their flesh.

                The 'wise stars' are a raising glory and shall DRAW away the captives, from their darkness of religion and worldy perceptions.
                Abba has a small remnant, called His Hidden ones, who are gathering together for that last great battle of the ages.
                These saints have been given much unction[ the power of God's anointing] so that they know all things as their Messiah knew.
                Abba reveals His secrets to them [ John 7 v 10]

                bible numerics for no 7 - perfecting
                bible numerics for no 10 - responsibility for the Word of God and His kingdom.

                The 'wise stars' are His Hidden ones, and like their Messiah only seek to do His will and They are learning to put away the 'glass darkly'' to see ''face to face''.
                To see this 'face to face' the 'wise stars' teach how the soul has to come into subjection to the Spirit.
                We are to remember that ''the soul [eve] that is sinning shall die''.
                That is why THE SPIRIT has to be 1st. so he can control his soul... then .. his own body.
                The Spirit has to be the soul's covering.

                It is rather interesting that people refer to this passage as a ''SOUL-WINNERS'' referrence....
                THOSE 2 WORDS.......SOUL-WINNER.
                HOW CAN A ''SOUL '' WIN?
                WHO CAN ''WIN A SOUL''?


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                  i was thinking ''who can win a soul?''

                  so WHO CAN WIN A SOUL?

                  Who, can be a SOUL-WINNER?

                  Who can snap the bondages of the soul to evil and set them free?

                  We Know Messiah can, He is ''soul-winning us'' and when we WALK IN THE SPIRIT OF LIFE... we too... become soul-winners IN Christ.

                  the SPIRIT [ the higher realm] wins The Soul [ the lower realm] over.

                  the secret is to LEARN...
                  'wise stars' shall understand this~!

                  They shall minister out from the realm of life, where the freedom of the Spirit lives.

                  "Verily verily I say unto you, He that heareth My word and believeth on Him that sent Me, HATH EVERLASTING LIFE and shall not come into condemnation but IS PASSED FROM DEATH UNTO LIFE?" Jn 5:24.
                  the bible numerics for no 5 is grace
                  the bible numerics for no 24 is the Elect of God, the Royal Priesthood.

                  Can i write a sentence that could say..
                  ''By the Grace of Hearing and Believing the Word of God, I shall pass out from condemnation and into everlasting life amen''
                  Grace - unmerited favour
                  hearing - knowing instructions.
                  believing - acting on my instructions...

                  when i do this.. I PASS OUT FROM condemnation.
                  let us now consider.
                  why do we find it rather difficult to obey these instructions.... when.... angels DELIGHT, to do the will of Elohims...
                  one is a route to escape death
                  the other
                  have no need to escape.
                  THEREFORE, the route to escape is very difficult.
                  THE WISE STARS, shall understand this.
                  NOW AGAIN CONSIDER..
                  in the natural.. the S.A.S. have an extremly difficult time in personal training and it is NOT for the fainthearted.
                  WHAT IS THEIR MOTTO...
                  ''DARE TO WIN''.
                  seems like if you dont ''dare you will notwin.

                  the description of dare....
                  to have great courage,
                  to face great opposing forces,
                  to have great boldness,
                  a test of courage,
                  to oppose and defy,
                  to challenge.

                  the description of win....
                  to gain,
                  to succeed,
                  to prevail over,to be victorious,
                  to earn
                  to attain,
                  to triumph.

                  now.. the WISE 'STARS' understand, that this has to be THEIR POSTION, to be able to believe and the follow the Word of God's instruction so they are now under NO condemnation....this has to be a description of their standard.
                  TO BE ABOVE REPROACH.
                  Even in the natural realm these GREEN BERETS, are well respected, for the community knows how hard their training is and what they have gone thru to achieve their green beret
                  [notice the colour is GREEN, if we have 'eyes' to see these men have LIFE NOW, on their a spiritual fact POINTING OUT = THIS IS HOW YOUR'E TO BE]

                  John 17:3 says, "THIS is LIFE ETERNAL to KNOW THEE the only true GOD and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent."
                  bible numerics no 3 -completeness of divine perfection
                  bible numerics no 17 - victory

                  can i write a sentence Plz.
                  ''to have eternal life NOW, we shall walk in the VICTORY of DIVINE COMPLETENESS''

                  IS THIS ALL


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                    cont.... the secrets

                    People shall come and say
                    ''what is the secret of your success.''
                    People shall never come up and ask
                    ''what is the secret of your failure.''
                    for they are simply NOT interested.....

                    'Wise stars' know ONLY DIVINE SUCCESS. why?
                    they have learnt from their failures.

                    Messiah UNDERSTOOD, THE deep things of this universe with its diverse nature. He understood spiritual things that PROVED HIM A STAR...

                    People want to know HOW HE DID IT......they said these words
                    about Him.
                    Mark 4:23, "if any man hath ears to hear, let him hear."
                    what are we gunna HEAR?
                    how to be


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                      Point of Interest...Enoch the wise 'star'.

                      i was wondering about Enoch today.
                      He has been on my mind all because I could not understand why he became a ''was not'' at such a ''young age'' when compared to the Patriarchs of his time.
                      All his contempories lived from 777yrs to over 900yrs.... so here we have a ''kinda contradictory'' fact staring at us that says ''NOTICE ME''
                      [well it does to me ]
                      Enoch was the 7th from Adam and He walked WITH GOD [notice the ''with''] for 300 yrs.
                      Prior to this he lived 65yrs [without walking with God] and then had Methuselah.... whose name means DEATH-SENT.
                      Can we do, some imagination here... and think....Enoch is living his life till he is 65yrs old and has a son, whose name means death-sent, and then Enoch ''changes'' and walks with God for another 300yrs.
                      ENOCH CHANGES his perspective on his life...
                      Because of the name and birth of this son....
                      Let us put ourself in Enoch's place here...
                      all these Kings [Patriarch's] are all living long lives all around Enoch, everyone is happy living long....long ..long lives... AND not TOO MANY are dying cuz they all seem to overlap each other because of the length of their lives....
                      One would ''expect'' to live well over say 800 yrs... and not be carried off at 365 yrs... thats TOO YOUNG....
                      today.. it would be like a person knowing ''death-sent'' was to arrive at 25yrs, would not be a great thing hey?

                      so~! Enoch gets the prophecy of ''death-sent'' in naming his son and so DOES SOMETHING ABOUT IT AND FOR THE NEXT 300 YRS... he walks with God... and.... becomes a ''was not''.
                      we further think about this whole scenario here.... this time peroid was the greatest lot of wickedness that was ever happening IN fact so bad, Elohims destroyed this world by a flood....
                      gone... everyone GONE....
                      except for 8 people who were ''saved'' to live another day, IN A VERY DIFFERENT WORLD/realm... that they had not experienced.
                      Noah and his family are type of ''born again resurrected saint'' and we are reminded that NOAH'S DAY, will arrive again.
                      The 7th from Adam is to be noticed... no 7 - perfection...
                      SO because Enoch did this walking with God this ''perfected him'' to become a 'was not'. = he escape this ''death-sent''.
                      down to NOAH - THE WISE 'STAR'.
                      He is the 10th from Adam and no 10 means responsible for the Kingdom of WALKS WITH GOD too...
                      ONLY 2 MEN, Enoch and Noah, are mentioned in the bible as WALKING ''''WITH''' GOD = relationship...

                      now... its our turn.
                      THE DAYS OF NOAH ARE ARRIVING POST-HASTE... we all know it,....
                      Tribulation is IN the air and moving in faster and faster... we all know it....
                      WHAT ARE THESE WISE 'STARS' NOW DOING....
                      walking with God...
                      THEY ARE RECEIVING THE MESSAGE OF ''DEATH -SENT'' AGAIN, and are ''doing something about it''... AS THEIR great, great....great.....grandfathers did.
                      These wise 'stars' are learning how TO ''WALK'' WITH GOD, IN THE SAME TRANSLATIVE FAITH AS ENOCH...
                      LEARNING........................TRANSLATIVE FAITH..........................[Pray to be worthy to escape] amen


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                        300 yrs can be divided into 3 sets of 100.
                        in bible numerics no 100 is = election unto grace, children of Promise
                        i also noticed in Gideon's army the 300 men were divided into 3 sets of 100.
                        Judges 7.
                        divided the men into 3 companies.
                        [3 sprinklings? ]?????
                        so we get
                        the ''action'' happened...on the.....
                        woch ('ashmurah, 'ashmoreth; phulake)
                        A division of the night.
                        The night was originally divided into three watches (Judges 7:19),
                        the 100 men blew the trumpet in the ''middle watch''.= middle watch
                        a watch during the night (as from midnight to the cock-crow.)
                        = graveyard watch, midwatch, night watch.

                        We also notice these men were outside the camp -meaning- not in a religious corporation....but outside of it.

                        The wise 'stars' are like Gideon and his 300men...they are weak [humble/meek] people to be USED in very difficult circumstances BY MESSIAH. These 'stars' turn the situation into GLORY. amen
                        right from the start it was never going to be ''an ordinary'' fight.- the enemy had 135,000 men... odds against 300 men.
                        450 men to 1 man.
                        The wise 'stars' -with spiritual understanding faith all things are possible. amen...
                        They have to be trained up knowing God's word so well, They stop calling HIM......................... a liar.~!~!~!
                        That's what our lessons are all about - to have the same confidence in Abba as Messiah did.
                        Wise 'stars' are to be placed in that place of utter weakness


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                          Nice thread Lucy

                          Shalom all:

                          Sorry I haven't kept up with what you are writing here but thought I would comment on this thread. Since the "stars" thing is important to me, I appreciate your information.

                          The fast Daniel went on is the fast to recieve the tongues like unto fire. I don't believe you will do it with out His calling but it is interesting anyway. It allows you to "properly discern the visions and dreams of men". Now to me I don't care about other mens visions and dreams. But when you realize that the Word is written in "visions and dreams of men", this is the fast required to properly discern it. The other two witnesses to it's purpose is in the story of Joseph, and the Upper room of the disciples.

                          It is interesting to recieve and enjoy them. Alll the Word opens up at that point.

                          May YHWH bless you and keep you in His Word


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                            a photo of STAR-CLOUDS...

                            THIS photo was in Oct 2002.

                            here is one taken yesterday.
                            24th april 2006.
                            NO. 24 is for the elect royal priesthood....''STAR CLOUDS''.

                            Got me to thinking about all those SPIRITUAL STAR clouds. amen


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                              there is a programme called QUANTUM,[about science things etc] here and last night this programme had a section that was called

                              STAR POWER

                              The scientists were considering a way to
                              harness the power from star-light, as an alternate energy force....

                              the first thing i thought when i heard this was.. imagine that, it seems impossible to

                              CATCH.......................... STAR LIGHT