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  • 04-06-2006

    God first
    wrote 04-06-2006

    1. Here I Roy William Perry III sat thinking about every thought or ideal I have whether good or bad and how I line them up with truth while I cast out the bad thoughts and give more detail to the good ones.
    2. We all have thoughts as I do over and over and this is what we try to plant in others as we walk alone in our every day life with simple words like “God loves you or God bless you” to ones we met in our path to the differ places we go.
    3. These simple words plant ideals of what God love is to them which can plant differed ideals in people depending on their personal background even if all receive it with love.
    4. Just the word God will draw many differed picture in people hearts, like the Jew may see God as the God Moses, God of Abraham, and so on but we may see God as God the Father a more personal way.
    5. There are a endless ways people will receive the word God but I am sorry that some will received God as a controller or in a bad way but let me say God is to be received as one who loves you.
    6. But we can not tell people what kind of ideal to received into their heart out of the love we are trying to plant but all we can do is plant with hopes they ask for more details.
    7. Now I will never stop loving my brothers and sisters of the household of Adam because there ideals do not line up with my personal ideals of love has people many have over the years.
    8. There have many brothers and sisters of the household of Adam who used a household they have not walk into yet to control others lives or to even kill.
    9. Yes we have become members of the household of God but we still live on this earth because we have not yet changed in the clouds to have our new body which will happen in due time.
    10. We are still in these fleshly body and have not been born from flesh to spirit yet but we are only flesh with the seed of spirit planted in our heart to be born at the return of Christ for us.
    11. This seed grows with the image of God which is the image of Christ inside our heart until it breaks out to live as the lights of this world but not fleshly lights but spiritual lights brighter than the brightest star.
    12. Yes it Christ who planted that seed in us but it was our believing that fertilized our seed of Christ in us making this a seed that can be born at the great day of birth when we that were fertilized by faith put on a new body.
    13. But until that day we can only feed our seed with truths by reaching for that which we can not see nor hear with our fleshy body but once we have feed our seed image our seed image can help our flesh image see what is right and just.
    14. We reach to live by books that were wrote from others spiritual seeds in people that are no longer living in the flesh but alive in the spirit to see us face to face in due time.
    15. But we need to be written our own personal books today received from our seed image helping us either share the heart of the old books or a new book in our own words talking like we talk to each other in love.
    16. Now can we say anything new I do not know but I do know we can make it more personal to the hearts of the readers.
    17. Not because needs changed but because word meaning have changed or the way we talk has changed over the years .
    18. We find our self trying to get back to the way they used words and phases but why not make it more simple have the teaching come personally unto us from above for I tell you if God and Christ talk to them he will talk to you.
    19. For God loves you the same as he loves Moses, Paul, or any others of before we were born and what he did for them he will do for you.
    20. Look Adam had a living spiritual image for a while before his spiritual death so when the Spirit of God over shower him he knew who it was and he taught his children about it.
    21. So there was teaching about God by holy spirit upon them teaching to help most hear from God and when some was not taught how God share with others images like a burning bush image who past the words alone.
    22. You see all animal, plants, elements, or whatever has the knowledge of God planted in their DNA who God is and that why they do his will from time to time.
    23. Now I do not know if they have free will or not but I read and saw they obey his wishes even the wind.
    24. I long to see others more and more reaching to share what God has taught them one on one as some do and there own personal way at first I had God help me make teaching using the bible making it seem to be alive.
    25. We all have seen things or done things that can help us reach to the very heart of a another person we may met in this life better than another person may reach because I how we live our life.
    26. For the shop you talk will be differed than the shop I may talk, for I may be able to talk shop to a farm helper because I have done that while you may be able to talk shop to a nurse because you have done that .
    27. I may become friends to the farm helper to the point I have share Christ with them but not the nurse but you may become friends to the nurse to the point you can share Christ with them but that does mean I do not share Christ with the nurse nor you with the farm helper.
    28. You see there are people you are more suited the help them me and even some that will never hear from me but may listen to you and that why God put so many differed kinds of people in the body of Christ to reach all that can be reached with love.
    29. Its not how many you or I bring to church but how we share our love of God with all that we see because we both may talk to nurses in our life but you may live in a city were there no farms and never talk to a farm helper like I may.
    30. I leave you with these words walk in Love as the great book of 1 John tells us they were told to do and if it was truth for them its truth for us with love and a holy kiss blowing your way Roy.