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  • LucySmith
    '' a smooth beach hides the reality of a million footsteps, that i never saw''.

    WHY.. did i not see the million footsteps?

    ''I was not there'', can be my reply...
    ''I did not care to look'' can be another reply from me.

    A million+ footsteps have been led into the grave, that i never saw....
    but now...
    JESUS CHRIST calls forth ''LOOSE HIM'' and HE LOOKS ''TO THEM '' to unwrap the man in the grave clothes.
    How am i going to unwrap a person just called out from the tomb of their death and into Life filled with Christ...
    How am I to unwrap that person... if i am '' the them'' called to unloose.

    coming out from their tomb... they shall not be ''attractive''.
    How do i preach/teach - unwrap an unattractive person who has been called By Christ, INTO THE REAL WORLD?

    There is AN ART to teaching and that is


    To be a witness I have to be passing thru divine lessons, so that i can teach the unloved and the unloveable.

    I was once in their canoe.

    I have to be able to look back at my own unattractive state and remember MY Saviour fell inlove with me...enough to call me out from the grave.
    He becomes MY BEAUTY and with HIS BEAUTY reflected in me, i have too reflect His beauty to others despite their grave-clothes.

    I have to have HIS ABILITY..................TO WOO.....................too.
    AS HE IS............ so I become.

    so HOW DO I WOO.... the unloveable, the unattractive who have been sent into my arena of living?

    we have to learn................. the divine art of ''wooing''.
    Jesus knew how.
    HE SAID ''FOLLOW ME'' and 12 very ordinary men simply did that....
    that is not a ''normal'' everyday thing for men with responsibilites and committments to do that.
    JESUS WHOLE NATURE.... WOO-ED them over. THEY LEFT and followed HIM.
    Love and caring woos people...
    kindness and gentleness caresses peoples souls...
    people are changed over from fierce and cruel and ugly by woo-ing by the divine hand.

    never let us presume we can unwrap anyone UNLESS we have His divine beauty of woo-ing stamped like a tatoo on our heart.
    When WE WALK In His presence, and talk with Him, and follow Him wheresoever He leads... our invisible friend BECOMES VISIBLE THROUGH US to others.

    It is like His OUTSHINING, affects others around us.
    People ''feel'' it.
    Others shall feel His care, His love and Hope, His kindness outraying upon them.
    They begin to feel comfortable in our presence ONLY BECAUSE HE IS PRESENT .
    Only then can ''them'' unwrap grave clothes on others. amen
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  • LucySmith
    in the natural story, we can wonder over...

    look at the results of kindness meeting kindness..
    what would this world be like without these 2 kind events happening.
    we cannot imagine the results~!
    this is in the natural realm... a miracle of kindness.. to be in awe of.
    let us go to acts of kindness in the realm of the Kingdom of God.

    let us ask this question..
    WHO ARE THE UN-WRAPPERS of Lazarus, Messiah was not.
    See john 11 v 44
    Jesus said to them ''LOOSE him, and let him go''

    HE CALLED FORTH LAZARUS out from the tomb, so who unwrapped Lazarus grave clothes, when Messiah said ''''to them''' unwrap him.

    LET US not consider the natural world, as the spiritual world is OUR real world where we are to learn how to live there.
    We are to be born again and birthed into a REAL LIFE.
    dont u feel that 'them'' knew HOW to unwrap people who were coming out from their own tombs?
    the unwrappers-''them'' would have to KNOW FIRST how to do this unwrapping,
    if we read between the lines here Jesus knew that these unwrappers KNEW how to unwrap other's grave clothes.

    As the story above is amazing, can we ask this..........................

    what of SPIRITUAL kindness and learning how to unwrap others, who are coming our from their own deaths and tombs?

    This is that 'band of Brothers', Spying has had the revelation on = of working in ONE accord. amen.
    meaning.... BONDED PEOPLE MOVING INTO REAL resurrection power over the sting of death by bringing real true LIFE to others in Christ the power of God.
    THIS BAND of soldiers are spiritual brothers who are learning how TO WALK IN THE SPIRIT OF LIFE... for.... the unwrapper WORKS WITH MESSIAH [the anointing power] in a co-joined operation.
    one raises one unwraps.
    As i am typing this post in the background my small grand-daughter is learning about rainbows... who are His rainbows? = BUT men and women who are changing into being as ''I AM''...
    The grave CANNOT HOLD people who are walking in the Spirit [Roms 8] for now there is are NO condemned any more.
    They are eating the hidden manna, from the tree of Life and this makes them DEATH-LESS as His spirit obeyed eats up their own personal death.
    Expect the Best. - His band, as Spying tellsThe Currahee Band Of Brothers Are Beginning To Arise In The HOLY PLACE! Listen to them!!!
    are learning how to

    rescue others out from the bog, of a horrible death.

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  • LucySmith
    started a topic helping never know~!...

    helping never know~!...

    what goes around comes around.
    His name was Flemming and he was a very poor Scottish farmer.
    One day he heard a cry from a bog nearby and rushing over found a young boy waist deep in this black muck.
    He reached in and pulled the boy out and saved him from a slow and horrible death.
    The next day a very fancy carriage pulled up to Mr Flemmings door and a nobleman got out and came into the humble cottage.
    ''I wish to re-pay you,'' said the nobleman to Mr Flemming ''you have saved my son's life''.
    Mr Flemming would take no re-payment, so the nobleman said
    ''Ok then, i will spend the same amount of money on your boy's education as i will spend upon mine '' and with that Mr Flemming agreed.
    Mr Flemming 's son went to ST Mary's Hospital medical school and graduated as Alexander Flemming and later became Sir Alexander Flemming the founder of Penicillian.
    Years afterwards, the Noblemans son was stricken with Pneumonia, so who saved his life... Sir Alexander Flemming and Penicillian~! and who was the patient, why it is Sir Winston Churchill. He was that Nobleman's son, old farmer Flemming saved from the bog.